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shafismd - Burrp User


July 14,2013

Naam Bade, Darshan Chote

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C D - Burrp User


June 13,2013

Never Again!

Nothing Arabian about the taste. If someone hasn't tasted real Arabian food, they may like it. But having eaten shwarmas and fatooshes all my life in the gulf, this is not a place I'd visit again. even though the hummus was pretty so so!!
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madhavchandra - Burrp User


December 24,2012

Good food

Good food even for vegetarians. Looks like a family run place. service is extremely tardy. post 11pm we were being literally being scoffed for ordering than they being happy about it. Still a good VFM place. Must visit.
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Tithi Ghosh - Burrp User

Tithi Ghosh

December 16,2012

Pathetic food and service: Stay away

I couldn't rate it zero as burrp doesn't have that option. The food is simply unpalatable. Kababs are under-cooked and there were blood stains in the chicken kabab. The bhatkali biriyani was atrocious and it seemed they had just mixed some plain rice with half-boiled chicken and gravy. Chicken gulgul seemed just a bowl of tomato puree with some shredded half-boiled chicken. We could not eat a single bit of the food there and left after paying the bill and not eating anything. It was a total waste of money and time.

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senguptas - Burrp User


July 14,2012

Okay, nothing special, no repeat value

Went for a dinner yesterday with high expectations. The place did not quite live up to it. There was a terrible smell outside the restuarant, the staircase was badly lit and we had to put on the mobile torch to climb up. The look of the place was a put off but as we had heard of the food we went in. The light was too and i mean too dim to read the menu, so if you do not know the menu and the meanings, it would be difficult to know what to order. As we knew what we wanted, we placed the order for Sukke Maas Chicken and Kebab Koobideh of which the latter a must taste. We felt the salt was more. The kebabs were filling and spicy. The mutton and chicken was not succulent and that is what we did not like. We ordered Mutton Kasba (1/2 plate) and the quantity was huge but it was quite bland. We liked the food which came to around 700 INR but there was not a repeat value for which we would land up again.
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Rohit  - Burrp User


July 13,2012

Over Priced - Under Cooked

I placed a home delivery from this place. 3 Shawarmas, 1 Chicken Biriyani and 1 Chicken gravy dish. Total - 750/rs. The person who delivered it said he "forgot" to take the bill when I asked him for the bill. Food quality is pathetic and under cooked chicken. Total waste of money and an appetite killer. We later ordered from Zaks which delivered better value for money.
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abul lais - Burrp User

abul lais

May 27,2012

Open Sesame (A real surprise)

After hearing a lot about Alibaba, Rocky and Mayur raving about it on their show Highway on my plate on NDTV, we have been wanting to hit this place for a long time. We were amazed by the food and ambiance.Heavenly kebabs I would say. Sukke Maas chicken - A must try. The Prawns were quite amazing, fresh and deliciously marinated. Also being informed about their new outlet opened in Jayamahal, we gave it a try. Must say, "The Best Shawarma" i have ever tasted so far.
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raol g - Burrp User

raol g

November 17,2011

are they even bothered ?

No person to take your orders on a Saturday night, with one person constantly on the laptop.
Their pita with babaganoush and hummus still rocks. We had the mutton shawarma, a middle eastern grilled chicken which was half done and another veggie curry which had canned tomato's. Blah!!!!!
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Aperna Deb - Burrp User

Aperna Deb

September 27,2011

A Taste of the Desert

Summary: A delightful joint serving Arabian, Persian and Bhatkali cuisine. Food, decor and service are quite good, and the prices are reasonable. The place was a bit deserted during our visit; hope that was an off night, since I would love to go there again and try the other dishes at this place.

My first Friday evening out in the city saw me and my friends auto it up to Frazer town to try out this Middle Eastern restaurant. The joint is located opposite the mosque on MM road, on the first floor. One sees a big sign for the restaurant from the street, but the entrance at street level is dark and dingy. We were lucky to be helped by a gentleman who seemed to recognize our confused demeanor and guaranteed us that the alley we were supposed to take didn’t lead to an objectionable place.

The decor of the place is quite appropriate with the cuisine: most of the seating is along the walls with a divan on one side and a couple of cushioned stools on the other, the lighting is mellow, and if the Champions league twenty-twenty had been replaced by some Bedouin instrumentals it would’ve been quite perfect. We entered the place at 7:30pm, quite early given normal dinner times and unsurprisingly we were the only ones there. What was surprising (given the food that was to arrive) was we were the only ones when we left the place a couple of hours later.

As we got seated, the server offered us two wooden boxes. Unlocking them we found stitched to the inner edge around ten sheets of cloths containing the menu printed on it. The first page consisted of a history of the Navayath people; I wish I read that, but there were other more pressing alimentary concerns which needed to be addressed. We started off with the baba ghanoush with pita bread, and the shish khudar, skewered vegetables and paneer roasted over charcoal. The baba ghanoush was pretty decent with the nice musty smell of burnt brinjals still hovering over it, and the vegetables and paneer were pretty fresh as well. We then ordered the Al Faham Dajaj, which is barbecued chicken with Arabian spices, and Khudar Mushakkal, which was a gravy of mixed vegetables simmered with Arabian herbs. The chicken was a bit on the blander side, and it would’ve been nice if it were served with a tangy dip of some sort. The gravy was a much tastier dish, and it complemented the blandness of the chicken. Following these we got the vegetable biryani, and a chicken dish whose name escapes me -- a good description of it would be ‘Arabian tandoori chicken’. It comes in two sizes, half and full, and the whole bird is roasted after being coated with a middle eastern marinade. This was a much more livelier chicken dish and was served with an aioli for extra zing. I didn’t try the biryani much, although others in the table really liked it. Personally, I found it too be closer to a pulao then a dum biryani.

Since we all were pretty satiated at the end of the above proceedings, we decided to end our repast with Moroccan pot tea instead of a dessert. This is highly recommended. The server brought out a pot with four cutting sized glasses and we helped ourselves with the honey colored tea that came out of it. It was super refreshing, and was probably green tea prepared with mint and honey (or maybe sugar). We all helped ourselves to around three glasses, before we called it a night. The final bill came to around R350, which I think is very reasonable for the exoticness of the cuisine and the quality of the food. It was a bit sad to see the restaurant so empty when we left; I just hope they were having an off day. Or maybe it’s just that Frazer town isn’t too keen on Middle Eastern food.
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redlobster - Burrp User


August 26,2011

very good Kebabs

Went to this place after reading all the good reviews on Burrp and was not disappointed! Its a simple cosy place witha middle east themed ambiance as the name suggests. Had tandori prawns and chicken kebab , chicken biryani , Saudi Arabian champagne , sharvama roll and everything was really good and we cant wait to go back! Wish the restaurant was in koramangala! the place is reasonably priced as well so you can eat as much as you want without spending too much....
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sunilpadda - Burrp User


August 07,2011

Awesome fodd

Went here last night. It's a small place on the first floor. The staff look simple and polite, and not overly servile. The food we ordered came within 15-20 minutes as stated on the menu.

The food is simply awesome. We had a chicken kebab, prawns fried on a stick, bhatkali biryani. The meat in all the 3 dishes was marinated perfectly. This may be the first time I felt the food is tastier after the first bite. The meet was marinated deeply, so it becomes tastier as you chew it. The masala in the biryani was mild but has a unique taste, and the chicken was cooked perfectly.

In total, this is among the best places I have been in Bangalore. And, I am going to go there again definitely.
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Syed Shahabuddin - Burrp User

Syed Shahabuddin

May 01,2011

Navayte People - Good Show

After seeing the NDTV show wanted to go there very much. Could finally manage to drop in yesterday for lunch. The entrance is dirty and dingy. The ambience would have been good when started but now appears worn down and shoddy.
As the menu indicates this is all about navayte food. We ordered the platter besides Arabic Biriyani, hummus, babagnush, fattoush, umeAli and the mahalabiya
The platter was excellent - correct spices, nice marination, you name it. Pitta and hummus were dissappointing. Baba gnoush was passable. I did not like the arabic biriyani.
The UmmAli was excellent. All in all an ok experience.
The decor needs a change badly. Also the pickles need to be kept on the table and not supplied only on demend
Prices are a wee bit on the higher side
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cori87 - Burrp User


January 23,2011

1st visit - lunch review

I like the decor and the menus. The lamb & fattoush were great. The hummus was nothing special and the lime soda seems to have been made on premises and not as good as bottled. The chicken biriyani was very good though and the meal was enjoyable as a whole.
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tate.danielz - Burrp User


August 26,2010

Visited the place after checkin on Burrp

Fits well in the area, good falafel, humus, baba..... pita could be much better... the teas are also very comforting...the decor goes well with the area and pricing..
lastly u can get a shisha on the terrace....
surely a place to try out
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Sathwick T S - Burrp User

Sathwick T S

August 08,2010

good budget midEast option

Went there on a weekday evening through a group buy. Looked like an interesting place and had been a long time since i had Mediterranean and Persian.
There is parking space on the side road. Is a bit tough to locate as it is on the first floor, and you have to make your way thru some dingy stairs. The interiors are well done, but looks a bit old. Perhaps they have tried to recreate some old middle east house type feel. The place itself isnt too large.
The seating is low lounge types.
The menu is divided in to various sections - Bhatkal (costal Kar), Persian, Arabian, etc, but can get confusing flipping thru pages.
The soup was good and the starters were pretty decent. But i guess their hummus does not match the authentic taste. Still scope for improvements in taste and food quality.
We order the berry palav from Persian, but wasnt quite there (especially compared to some of the Mumbai parsi places...yumm!). Enjoyed the Pita bread and sides which were good. The dessert tea was good and it topped off a nice evening.
A good place to go try and the pricing is good and is well worth the money. (other good Mediterranean options are mostly in star restaurants, which is way too exp) The service itself needs to improve and the staff needs to get better training.
Would perhaps give a 3.5 stars.
If they can take their service and overall cleanliness to a slightly next level then it will be a great place.
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BloreFoodie - Burrp User


July 31,2010


I usually enjoy the food at Alibaba; however, today I was quite disappointed. I ordered the lamb kebabs which were too chewy to eat, and the rest of my order came to me cold. I used to recommend this place highly, but that won't be happening anymore.
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quayler - Burrp User


July 16,2010

Good Indian, bad Persian/Arabic

I went to this place a few months ago - having read and heard good things about it. The decor is interesting, but the place is a little too dark and a bit stuffy for my liking. They need to improve their ventilation.

We had some kababs, which were excellent, and then some Arabic vegetable dish, which was quite inedible and some Persian meat dish, which was unremarkable. I left there with the impression that while the Indian food was very good the foreign food was passable. The hummous was okay - not as good as some of the other places in the city - for example, the late lamented 10/11. All in all I suppose I am willing to go there again but cannot really strongly recommend it.
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Suraj Prabhu - Burrp User

Suraj Prabhu

July 12,2010

Arabia @ Bangalore

After watching You Don't Mess With the Zohan, I always wanted to know what the Hype behind hummus was! I finally found at at Alibaba. The Pita and Hummus was not only delicious but very affordable.
Don't miss the Arabian Biryani and the Doojh(aerated masala buttermilk). Sounds funky doesn't it? Yeah I know... Alibaba has a very Arabic feel to it and the menu cards look like the first edition of the khuran! The whole place smells of kebabs and the service is excellent. Must visit in Bangalore.
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Vinu Thomas - Burrp User

Vinu Thomas

May 20,2010

Authentic Arabic good

The first time I tried out this place was at a friend's recommendation, and ordered some Arabic food, since it's been a while since I had some.

The food was good and the taste was authentic. We had humus, Al Faham Dajaj, Gul gul and some Khubus. All the dishes were equally good. Don't expect 'indianized' recipes here. The Irani Tea was also very good.

One star less than 5 for the slightly shoddy service by the waiters, who seem to fumble around.
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joomaing - Burrp User


March 28,2010

Restaurant outstanding, delivery service very poor

I am a huge fan of arabian food, so I went to Alibaba Restaurant several times for excellent Arabian food. Humus and kebab are really good.
We wanted to get delivery service the other day and unfortunately, it took 1.5 hours instead of the mentioned 30min and then they were not even offering any goodie to cover up their poor performance. So, either you offer delivery because you are able to do so or you spoil your good reputation with this. Think about it...
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foodieforlife - Burrp User


March 17,2010


I've been looking for a place with decent Med food for a while now, and I must say Ali Baba comes quite close to authentic. I happened to learn about this place by chance, and visited the place for dinner last weekend. I was quite impressed by the range of their menu - bhatkali, arabian, persian - and decent options for a vegetarian too! We tried some items from the arabian and persian menus, and the food tasted very good. The pita bread was warm and fresh, and yes, quite authentic (unlike some of the fare they peddle at more high end restaurants in the name of pita bread!) The staff were very helpful - they guided us with the options and also with recommending what bread/rice would go well with a particular dish. The dessert options are also good, very different, i must say! They've stuck to their theme here and it's not the run of the mill chocolate cake, mousse etc.
The ambience is quaint and relaxed, with Arabic music playing the background, and the food, value for money! I definitely wouldn't mind the trip all the way to Frazer Town (which is quite a distance from where i live) for another meal at Ali Baba!
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anuvk6 - Burrp User


February 07,2010

Excellent food, good quantity & quality

We've been to Alibaba twice. We stay quite a distance from Frazer Town, but still could not resist visiting the place for a second time. Food is really good, good quality, quantity and value for money. Thumbs Up!!
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ashwinks27 - Burrp User


January 25,2010

Arabian delight

There is a similarity in thoughts and deeds of us reviewers for this place. And we arent even Alibaba insiders!! For what we had today ...delectable is the least I can start with. We blokes traveling all the way from Marathahalli to the by-lanes of Fraser town....we needed something extraordinary to satiate our appetite. I must say we got more in bargain. Right from the shahi ambiance to the exquisite use of space...from the narration on the dishes to the timely service..it was perfect to the T.
Now the food...the array of assortments...the Mediterranean delicacies...non dilution of quality over...forms its hallmark. A special mention on the machboos(biryani) amazing quantity...rice that melts...and the tender chicken just compliments the preparation. It doesnt even hurt your pockets at bout 300 per head on a saturday nite...U can take that anytime.

So heres a must go for the food connoisseurs
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Savio Dsilva - Burrp User

Savio Dsilva

November 05,2009

A hidden treasure in Frazer Town..

On a suggestion from a friend, to visit a nice quiet place for a good meal, I was recommended Alibaba, it could really do with a bigger signboard, but then I realized that this gem of a place is really worth the find.
The place does not have too many tables but from the moment you enter you know that it is a different world inside, the music is constantly humming in the background, ideal for a quiet and enjoyable meal. The menu was printed on a kind of parchment paper encased in wood, giving it a robust look and feel, it has a nice variety of dishes, ranging from Arabian, Persian to Indian, all in different sections, making it easy to make your choice.
The food was authentic, and a welcome change from the usual Arabian stuff doled out elsewhere, the starters were well done, a special mention should be the hummus, which was by far the best I have tasted. A big surprise was the vegetarian dishes, although limited to a select few, were well prepared and my friend who is on a vegetarian streak was quite impressed. As for the meat lovers, the choices were aplenty and the dishes were very well cooked. The pricing is OK and not too heavy on the wallet, for a sumptuous meal for 3 with basic non alcoholic drinks, I donâ??t think you would cross 1k. All in all, an excellent experience...and definitely worth a lot more visits...
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raol g - Burrp User

raol g

November 02,2009


Lovely place on MM road. Friendly staff, knowledgeable waiters and homely food. That’s the description in a nutshell
The hummus and babaganoush are very good, the latter having that super smoky flavour of whole roasted brinjal. The pitas were passé – soft maida ones that you’d get at the empire shawarma stall. Not being very picky, but would like to see some fresh wheat pita’s for once.
Try the custard with Dill leaves. That’s something that was very different

Bill came up to 500 for 2 drinks (yohurt soda, Iranian tea), 3 pitas, a half & half of pita & babaganoush, 1 chicken appetizer, 1 curry (cant remember its name) & 2 roti’s. very affordable & definitely worth visiting again.
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Azeemuddin Shaik - Burrp User

Azeemuddin Shaik

October 29,2009

Modern Antic

Food was irresistable and mouth watering.
on the whole service was very cordial and pleasant. The manager's smile is unforgetable. the ambience is very warm and cosy especially coming from bangalore's airconditioned weather.
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ashisam - Burrp User


October 15,2009

ali baba all da way...

i went in with ma husband n da ambience was supererb... food was delicious n gave us a new outlook for arabic persian n bhatkali food... we make sure we go ther atleast once in 2 weeks n get da alibaba feel... da place gives us a feelin of da arabic desserts...
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Hima Navarro - Burrp User

Hima Navarro

August 28,2009

Looked very promising

This place has been on my "Burrp's Must visit" list for a long time. So I took my office team for dinner here. The place was easy to find . Ample parking was available on the street. I had called ahead to make a reservation for 10 people, so finding a seat was not a problem.

The ambiance of the place is good, and seemed authentic. The service was also good, and sometime over-patronizing.

The place is smallish and little claustrophobic, but well decorated. We started with hummus, fatoush and kaboos. These were authentic and good.

Next came their platter, which was the highest point in our gastronomical experience there. Platter had various kababs and each of them had a different flavour, delicate and tasty.

we then moved onto main course with lamb curry, and pita bread. The lamb was a total disaster. No flavors, meat was hard. Seemed like lamb floating in a tomato sauce.

Next came lamb biryani. This too had uncooked lamb. Though the rice and its flavours were very well done.

The drinks were very ordinary, except for tea at the end. Overall, I hope they were having a bad day with lamb. The place is good value for money. Out of 10 people who visited, only two (including me) said that they would visit again.
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Karthik Shetty - Burrp User

Karthik Shetty

July 22,2009

Authentic, tasty, not over-priced...great

It's been a while, but this place is one of the few places that actually serves what they claim to specialise in, and it's by far one of the most authentic places I've come across in the city. The food is a mixture of Arabian, Persian and Navayathi (Bhatkal, coastal Karnataka) cuisine. Not just the Navayathi cuisine, but even the Arabian and Persian food served is about as authentic as it gets. And it's not all that expensive either (it's not like and Empire or Imperial - and they aren't authentic, but not where you'll have to shell out 600 or more per head).

As mentioned by a previous reviewer, the teas served here are fantastic. Try the Moroccan or Iranian tea. Simply superb, in taste and aroma. As for the kababs, you should try the shish taouk or the joojeh kabab if you want chicken, and the chebeh or the koobideh if you prefer mutton. All are extremely well flavoured, and soft and tender.

For the main course, if you're visiting on the weekend, you should try the weekend special biryani called machboos (available in chicken and mutton). If you prefer the roti-curry kind of meal, try their wheat paranthas along with the gul-gul, which is am Arabian chicken dish of chicken in a rich tomato gravy. Alternately, any of the mutton korma/lamb dishes under the Persian section can be had.

For desserts, unfortunately, they've only had a selected few items available, in spite of having a mouth watering array on the menu. Try the shaufa pana pudding, made from dil leaves. It leaves a fresh taste in your mouth, almost like an aftermint, without being over the top.
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rashmi mehrotra - Burrp User

rashmi mehrotra

July 18,2009

Authentic Arabian cuisine

The beginning itself was great as the manager was very friendly and explained the nuances of Arabic dishes to us patiently while we sat relaxed on the takht.

Nicely done up small and colourful place in the corner of MM road. From Its seating plan to its wall hangings, all have a middle eastern tinge. And lots of hooka models are visible. Walls have a crude look akin to a camp.

We just tried a few dishes but they were all superb.

The kebab platter had succulent Al Faham Dijaj (Chicken marinated with Arabian slices) and mouth watering Koobideh Kebab (ground lamb with Persian herb). The Kobideh Kebab was a mix between our Sheekh Kebab and Kalmi kebab but the spices were much richer in aroma.

The Dijaj Machboos (Middle Eastern Spiced Chicken served with Basmati Rice) had a unique aroma that triggered long lost memories (of a flavour that I had missed for a long time). And a half plate for Dijaj Macboos was good enough for 2 to 3 people. Even without any curry to mix with we found the dry rice good enough due to the aroma it had.

Don't miss the UmmAli sweet dish and the Iranian Tea at the end of the meal. The UmmAli sweet was a browned home made pudding that was reaaaaally delicious. We just ordered one sweet dish between our son, my wife & myself thinking we were full, but couldn't help scratching the bottom of the dish.

All in all, if you are a fan of middle east food, this is a place not to be missed.


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Raunak Kundu - Burrp User

Raunak Kundu

July 13,2009

Good Food...Scratchy Service

Good food ...a must visit for all foodies in town.3 cuisine - Bhatkali, Persian, Arabic. Kebabs are nicely marinated with Lime and Salt. A different ambience and decor. Bhatkali Biriyani was yummy. Portions are big. A meal for 3 came to 900. They charge a 5% service charge.

We couldnt spot any other family dining there.It is best to go with frnds than family. The food took 40 mins to get served. Service was slow and bad.
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Shreyashi Ganguly - Burrp User

Shreyashi Ganguly

May 17,2009

Excellent, Warm and Refreshing

Alibaba was the gem sitting right around the corner that i never ended up going to. However, raving hunger pangs and the zeal to try something new landed us in this delightful place.
The decor is traditional, if at all a little whimsical. though the overall tone is well maintained. The waiting staff is friendly, informative and can suggest a lot of alternatives based on what you originally wanted. Its always exhilarating to find a knowledgeable staff.
But the biggest draw should surely be the food. 3 beautiful cuisines are brilliantly captured and executed. The warm fresh pita (khubbus), the rich hummus, the hearty beautifully spiced dijaj machboos and their array of kebabs, make the place brilliant to say the least. And all of this in a reasonably priced set. There is also a hukka cafe to draw in the crowd looking to relax.
They home deliver too, which to the local people should be an added bonus. I am planning to go back this very week again.
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jungmd - Burrp User


April 03,2009

The Real Deal

Alibaba, despite the somewhat corny name, is the real deal. The food here is not the usual tandoori fare. This is authentic frontier and middle eastern food. The hummus was excellent, the baba ghanoush fantastic, the pita bread fresh and warm, the kebabs subtly spiced, the tea excellent, and the service was knowledgable and friendly.

I hope they do well , because I would hate to see a restaurant that serves authentic food have to change its menu to attract customers.
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Paras Gudka - Burrp User

Paras Gudka

September 27,2008

Great Tea

What stands out most at Alibaba is the decor and ambience. I loved the Moroccan hats that the waiters wore. The food isn't bad either. We tried the hummus and khubus combination which I found to be rather expensive for the portions being served. The cinnamon tea we drank at the end of our meal was probably the most unique flavoured I've had so far and it was delicious too!
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alibabacr - Burrp User


July 20,2008

Awesome Biryani

One of the best biryani's in town called Bhatkali dum biryani... Good Arabian and Persian starters. Located in Frazer town with an exclusive ambiance.. One of the few restaurants in bangalore who serve 3 mouthwatering cuisines under 1 roof...
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Rohit Singh Deo - Burrp User

Rohit Singh Deo

May 27,2012

Okay A place

tucked on Mosque Road a surprise for revellers.
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sammydam007 - Burrp User


July 20,2008

Authentic Arabian & Persian food

Must try arabian Kabsa (Biryani) and Persian Joojeh Kebab.
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