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maverick89 - Burrp User


February 16,2014

Great Place to Have Breakfast!

Cafe Terra in Kormangala (Bangalore), is one of the quaint little places that will have your heart. Add comic books and an amazing Batman poster and you will definitely want to commit to this place. A tiny cafe which can seat about 15 people, Cafe Terra is famous as a breakfast hub. My friends and I went to this place at 11am on a Saturday morning and it was packed. After about 10 minutes of waiting, we finally got a table and got around to ordering the food.

Between the 5 of us, we ordered the following things -
1. English Breakfast (Includes toast, butter, scrambled/fried egs, bacon/sausages, roasted tomatoes, potato wedges and hash brown.
2. Ham Basket (Toast, butter, potato wedges, roasted tomatoes, basket made of ham and stuffed with pepper mushroom mix)
3. Spanish Omelette (Veg) i.e without the chicken
4. Ham and cheese sandwich
5. Tea, Coffee, Ginger Lemon Soda, Mixed fruit juice.

The USP of the food is definitely the homely touch to whatever they serve. The English breakfast and ham basket were quite superlative and the mushroom filling really took things up a notch. I personally didn’t try the Spanish Omelette or the Ham and Cheese sandwich, but those who did quite liked it.

Special mention for the tea they served. It was masala chai at its best! Invigorating and delicious. There are books that you can pick up and read but with the kind of popularity this place has garnered, it won’t be long before someone is waiting to take your seat.

Cafe Terra is quite friendly on the wallet too and that just makes the miser in me very happy. After all the hogging, I went back to my hostel a very happy and satiated person.

Damages – Rs. 250 per head.
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Big Foody  - Burrp User

Big Foody

January 10,2014

Good Breakfast

Nice little place for a weekend breakfast/brunch. The English and Belgian breakfasts are good.
Waffles with maple syrup is yummy.
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Defunct Serenity - Burrp User

Defunct Serenity

October 16,2013

Just Right

Here's a place which doesn't boast too much and serves too little unlike some place - et al : "hole in the wall"
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Aayushi Sharma - Burrp User

Aayushi Sharma

May 30,2013

Idyllic Breakfast

I finally made my way to Cafe Terra on a lazy Sunday morning and I had the most laid back and fun breakfast ever. I decided to try this place with 2 friends and since we were hungry, we pulled all stops in ordering our food. I had a mushroom and cheese omelet with toast and my friends had an english breakfast as well as a belgian breakfast and topped it off with waffles. The food was simple yet scrumptious. We had two rounds of tea and coffee which was lovely too, hot and made well.

This is the perfect place to head for a lazy weekend breakfast. The staff absolutely does not intrude and serves with ease. Must try!
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sashni - Burrp User


January 16,2013

No frills - decent place

A very cosy place with some bare minimum setup. Simple menu too.
Coming to the food -
Creamy tomato soup - tasted more like the ready to eat stuff we get in stores ... cream/cheese floating in the soup dint look welcome
Potato wedges - crisp and delicious
Pasta primavera - tasted pretty good
Brussels waffle with maple syrup - waffles were a little undercooked - had great expectations from this dish !!
Go with a very open mind and do not expect anything fancy either in the ambience or with the food. Dont mind visiting the place once again .. hoping to have a better waffle experience
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ak2810pj - Burrp User


November 27,2012

Belgium Waffles

Cafe Terra - Nearest to my home and well I consider myself lucky for that :D The Belgium Waffles with chocolate syrup are just out of this world...Even when your tummy is full, you cannot resist eating one of those! The english breakfast is one of the most frequent and best things to try in here. I love the Hash Brown served with the English Breakfast here and also the different types of Omlettes are just worth a try. All in all, this place serves amazing food for nominal prices. Do try it!
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Navodit Ravi - Burrp User

Navodit Ravi

November 17,2012

Best continental breakfast in town

This place serves the best continental english, american and belgian breakfast. I would personally recommend this place for breakfasts only. It has a teenage style themed with games and comics racked up so that u dnt get bored till your food arrives. The service is fast and good and a must visit.
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sharekhan - Burrp User


June 03,2012

Breakfast is good at this place

We went here for breakfast today. Ordered the Belgian, English breakfasts and a side order of pancakes. So we had waffles, a muffin, pancakes, scrambled eggs, baked beans, chicken sausages, grilled potatoes and coffee. Nothing was exceptional was overall it tasted good and was satisfying. I read some reviews about poor service, but considering the place was very crowded and busy, we felt the service was reasonable and polite.
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Rahul Dey - Burrp User

Rahul Dey

May 08,2012

Koramangala 3* Jayanagar 3.5 *

Somehow it so happend, that ended up visiting both their outlets within a span of 2 weeks, and here is how they fared:
Koramangala : Hole in the wall had a long waiting time so landed here.Ordered for the english breakfast which contains scrambled eggs/toast/grilled potato's/sausages or beacon and a nice mug of coffe.The quantity is sufficient.Though nothing in the meal really stands out , overall it satisfies.They also do have a collection of crepes which are average.

Jayanagr : This one is housed inside the food court of Jayanagar central mall.The format as well as the menu is completely different.The menu contains bits and pieces and from chinese/Indian/italian/thai cousines.They also serve fosters draught beer.
Our orders were :
a) Non veg platter : This did consists of 8 pieces of chicken, very nicely done.
b)Chicken and olives penne : I would rate it good.
c)Chicken fajita sizzler : Almost everything went wrong for this dish.For starter it was over salted.They did not provide tortillas.Confused, how can a fajita be served without the tortillas.The rice has a very strong flavour and taste to it , not in sync with the sauce.
The prices are decent , though the Jayanagar brach does impose a high tax of around 25%(vat+service)
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costanza - Burrp User


April 15,2012

Very nice place

Awesome pancakes...always grab hold of a Garfield and enjoy coffee on a lazy sunday afternoon.
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sumitguy - Burrp User


March 26,2012

Good mix of Indian, Chinese, Mex, and European!

Cafe Terra has opened an outlet in Bangalore Central (near Jaydeva Hospital), Jaynagar, 9th block. The restaurant comes as a welcome departure from the routine, mall-style food court that surrounds it.
The place was brimming with people when me and wifey went there on a lazy Saturday afternoon. The draught beer dispensers would attract any beer lover. Happy hours help too. :)
The menu is even more interesting: A choice of Indian, Mexican, Chinese, and European. We were very hungry, and skeptical that the service might be slow because of the crowd. But, surprisingly, the menu was on the table in no time, and the young, enthusiastic bunch of waiters were very prompt.
We especially enjoyed the veg Quesadillas, and the Chinese Chopsuey is to die for! Foster's Draught really helps enhance the overall experience, and music is not bad either.
Overall, a good place to go to if you need a quick fix, or just wanna chill.
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Mihir Tanna - Burrp User

Mihir Tanna

February 14,2012

Average fare.

My rating is purely based on the food and I've had better. I'm not sure if the hype is what makes everyone else rate this place so highly or the fact that it's in their rules to do so.
The pancakes was different and good, but not better than other restaurants around the city. It just wasn't memorable or special.
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redlobster - Burrp User


February 04,2012

Good waffles and omlette

You can skip the English BF and the juices but the waffles and omlette were pretty good... would come back just for the waffles... Small place about 6 tables...with a comics/magazine shelf where you can pick up something and read while they get your food ready...
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ecoprob - Burrp User


August 15,2011

Nice place!

Been there for a brunch. The pancakes were OK, but the waffles and Lattes were good.
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Foodaholic  - Burrp User


June 27,2011

Good place for Brunch

Ambiance : 35
Spacious: 2.55 (a very small place)
Speciality: Omlettes Pastas , Pan cake ,Waffles
Price: Moderate
Others: Books for reading available
Cousine: European,Continental

I went with my cousin brother: We had English Breakfast, Some spanish Omelette , 1 Railway station Omelette, 1 Waffles with maple syrup, Coffee(cappuccino and mocha) and another some omelette

Food was very delicious but service a little delayed but nevertheless delightful food.
Seats are wooden chairs( a little bit uncomfortable) and could be replaced by comfortable cushioned seats.

All in All beautiful place to eat. We spent close to 1.5hrs eating and reading. It was a pleasant experience.
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ipraman - Burrp User


February 06,2011

Decent Food, Terrible Service, Not very clean

Went here on a Sunday Morning with some friends for brunch.

The service:
We got a table immediately on a sunday morning, so that was good. There were 3 guys in the kitchen and one sleepy-looking guy waitering the tables. For that tiny little place with 6-7 tables, i thought the staffing was OK. This is what happens: We were there for around 90 mins and sometime around the 60 min mark the sleepy guy brings us the check. Where was my food??? He had brought food for 1/2 of us and totally missed the other! It was ridiculous! Finally when it was time to foot the bill, he gives me change of Rs.115 for the Rs.500 i paid on a Rs.485 bill. Ugh! ( it's probably not something to complain about....but still!!)

The Food:
The Crepes and Frittatas were quite decent. Not spectacular, but edible.

The Ambience:
Well, i didn't think it was great. it was just a bunch of moulded tables , very close to each other in a 200 sqft space. They could do better.

It would be great if they could pick up a larger space, train their people better ( or get more of them), add more interesting beverages to their menu. I don't know if i will go back here anytime soon.
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HealthyFatBoy - Burrp User


June 27,2010

This place rocks! Try the thukpa!

This is a little breakfast/lunch shop on 80-foot road in Koramangala, near Raheja Residency (on the first floor, diagonally above Natural Ice Cream). It's not an overpriced five-star hotel restaurant; it's not a hole-in-the-wall dosa shop; and it's not an overrated historical remnant from the Raj. It is what it is, and for what it is, it's AWESOME!!! They have an eclectic menu dominated by classic European breakfast items -- my favorites are the mushroom crepe, the English breakfast, and the waffles. They also have random items like thukpa, thanks to the Nepalese members of the staff (it's superb), and a smooth mango milkshake when mangos are in season. A quirky, but nice, touch is an array of comics and old issues of Mad Magazine. You can get stuffed on Rs. 150.

The owners bought the restaurant from the previous owner (when the place was called Lekkerbek), and have turned it around. (Full disclosure: I am a good friend of one of them, but the HealthyFatBoy is known for his unwavering objectivity. You can see this for yourself from the following comment.)

For anyone disapppointed with the ambience or the homey service... who do you think you are, a professional restaurant critic?! Quit whining, and enjoy the terrific food!!!
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bengaluruEats!  - Burrp User


May 08,2010

Is this place still open?

I actually wrote this some time ago (on November 21, 2008 to be precise)... for my album of FB called "Thirty things that absolutely suck!!!" errr... Just thought I'd share it on here.. is this joint still open??

Waffles... those soft fluffy checkered pieces of heaven topped with honey/sauce!! Ever since I ate them at some breakfast buffet, I couldn't get enough of them.

Finally I hear that Bangalore has this joint serving up the best Waffles in town.

The place is certainly not the easiest to find. One reason is that they're on the first floor on 80 ft. road, Koramangala... so you'll totally miss the place as you drive by (look for Band-box instead)

First impression - POOR. You walk in and you're greeted by the thick odour of not so digestible "boiled eggs"!! Its like they've been boiling eggs since morning, and someone forgot to open the window!!!!!!

The place itself is small and not exactly spic-n-span... they do however, have some rather nice comic books lying around.... and no they don't charge you unlike some other coffee shops in Koramangala (wait till I write a review about one of those whacko joints)

So anyways, I'm all excited looking for the menu card.. want my waffles & want them fast! Small menu card appears... me looking for waffles... instead find pork & ham in most of the things they serve. Appetite lost, mood off... screw the waffles settle for hot chocolate instead. Anyway, that's not the reason why I think this place deserves to be in my "worst 30" list.

My colleagues who I've forced to drive me half way across town order Belgium Crepes with chocolate sauce, banana and vanilla ice-cream.. Ever tried vanilla ice-cream with your Omelette?? What they're served certainly looked like a very thin crust omelette with lots of diluted choco sauce, vanilla ice-crean and banana (the waiter actually ran out to fetch more bananas and returned with two near-rotten apples, puny bananas and 500 ml x 2 packs of milk... some supply chain planning this).

Apple smoothie (I assume this is where they used the rotten apples) tasted more like centre-shock.. remember that disgusting chewing-gum?? imagine sucking up an entire glass of only the gooey stuff!

Someone orders Hakka noodles.. and for once they serve something nice!

Cafe Terra is totally hyped. The kitchen is cramped and the guys preparing the food look like they need a shower. The waiter disappears all the time either to get some groceries or to dig himself out of the mound of receipts that occupy the table next to you.

The momos perhaps are decent... didn't try them though and the blue lagoon comes highly recommended.

All in all it absolutely sucks... cause after driving all that way, looking for this one joint... its a let-down!
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tshantanu - Burrp User


April 25,2010

Avg. food, Terrible service

After hearing mostly good things, I thought we can have a relaxed late breakfast. I expected too much

We sat down, and waited more than 10 minute and called the single waiter-cum-manager-cum-helper many times, before I had to get up and look for a free menu card myself.
I could see the service was slow, and most people on all the tables were mummbling and grumbling, but I thought maybe the food is worth it. Boy was I wrong. Sausages were the most ordinary plain ones with a bit of onion over it.
Today's Special had 6-7 things, including Banana smoothy and Strawberry shake. After a long wait, I got a thin strawberry coloured shake with an overwhelming taste of Banana ! When brought to their notice, a replacement which was predominantly milk and a bit of strawberry crush( yeah the one you can pick up off the shelf in any supermarket). WHY WAS THAT A TODAY'S SPECIAL ??
The smoothy was just a thin banana shake.

The Ham and cheese sandwich was a saving grace.
But after dealing with an under attentive and over argumentative lone waiter-cum-manager, I don't see myself going back even if the sandwiches are nice. Definitely not for the Day's Special !!
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noname noname - Burrp User


October 14,2009

Cafe Terra: Entha Awesomeness

My friend and I decided to celebrate a surprise holiday by treating ourselves to nice breakfast. We got up at the break of dawn and traversed half the city to finally land at Cafe Terra in Koramangala Fourth Block. Some friends had been raving about this place for ages, enough to make my slothful self sacrifice a few hours of sleep and see what all the fuss was about.

The place is on the first floor, sparsely decorated and seats around twenty people. We sat near the window which offers you a view of the hustle and bustle of the road below and a residential lane from which a surprisingly large number of cute guys emerged. We were also happy at seeing the rates and were so hungry from our hour long journey that we ordered a huge breakfast.

We each ordered a Belgian Breakfast which comprised Belgian Waffles, Muffin and grilled potato (Rs. 110). Along with this we ordered a tomato and cheese omelette, pancakes, spinach and cheese crepe, juice and coffee. After much manoeuvring and adjusting all the plates on our tiny table, we dug in. The waffles were incredible. Nicely done, sprinkled with sugar and drowned in maple syrup. Heaven! The muffin avoided being oversweet and the potatoes were grilled nicely and provided the much needed spice in the midst of all that sugar. The spinach and cheese crepe was decent but taste of egg was a little too strong for me. Don't order the pancakes. It's the only thing I did not like. The pancakes were huge and served three in a plate but rather thick and the taste was biscuity.

The true star of the meal though was the tomato and cheese omlette. Just the right balance of salt and cheese, served with toast and grilled potatoes. It was soft and yummy and just the way god intended omlettes to be(sighs wistfully!). The bill came to around 170 bucks a person and was worth all the effort and money involved in getting there. I left the place with a contended smile and considerably tighter jeans. Such is the price we pay for good food.

For more reviews, visit : http://couchpotatoesonthemove.blogspot.com/
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Sid Iyer - Burrp User

Sid Iyer

September 10,2009

Good Place to Chill out

Cafe Terra is a very homely place and by that i mean the ambiance is very down to earth, there is nothing extra ordinary about it.But the food is godd value for money. The waffles and the pancakes with maple syrup is a must have. The egg preparations are also good. The best part about this place are books and if you love your Tintin's and Amar Chitra Katha's then you'll love it here.You Can also take your book here and order a english breakfast and chill out and read. It's good value for money and a nice cozy place to have brunch or even if you looking for a light dinner. the pasta also is good and worth a try.
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roopster31 - Burrp User


August 11,2009

Great waffles, crepes....But!

Cafe Terra is a great find for those looking to skip the weekend idly/vada/dosa routine. Ideal for a simple, wholesome weekend brunch, they offer some interesting options: sausages, Belgian waffles, pancakes, muffins, eggs to order, omelettes and more.....! The spinach and mushroom crepes are really nice and light, have it with sides (hash browns, sausages etc) if you are hungry. The English breakfast is passé; offers much but falls flat on taste. But the Belgian waffles are exceptional, ditch that calorie counter and have it generous lashings of ice-cream and maple syrup. As for coffee lovers, there is not much on offer here to go with your breakfast...all they offer is fairly flat coffee (instant?) without zing! It is also pretty surprising that they do have any fresh juices....a fresh OJ would really work well here.

Service definitely needs a revamp. Agree that the place is small and tends to get crowded, but the problem is that the staff are really unorganized and spaced out - they mess up orders, do not serve on time; your order just sits in the counter till you literally walk over and ask for it. Even on a quiet day the wait is a tad long. Like most places, they seem ok when the owner is around....but get really tardy otherwise.

The bottomline is: if you are craving for a good continental breakfast on laid back Sunday (dont get there ravenous, the wait and service will annoy you)......Cafe Terra is the place for you!
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ad_an80 - Burrp User


August 03,2009

Not so lazy sunday afterall..

We got there around 10am and were surprised to see the place packed. Its really a small place (not cosy, more like cramped for space and noisy) there were only 20 chairs very close to each, we couldnt even wait inside, because it seem like we were literally hovering over the person eating his meal.
There were abotu 5 people waiting outside.!!! so we decided to go to fabmall for a stroll and return back (they did not take our names to reserve a seat or any such thing).
we got back and were seated at about 10.45pm.
The service is dead slow, considering it was a sunday morning, i'm assuming one of their popular days, they had jsut one waiter, serving, taking orders etc.
We were at the seat right by the window of the kitchen. we ordered the english breakfast (more like a desi version of it) and hashbrowns and pancakes.
Tthe hasbrowns were pretty tasty, sausages (nothing great) felt like there were out of a frozen box from fabmall.
Eggs.. ok... toast... ok..!!!
- have to have options of bread (wheat/brown), needs to be buttered.
- what about bacon?
- deftly needs to revamp sausages, there are other version or it needs to be deftly changed.
- what about fresh juice?
- whipped cream, strawberry, blueberry relish options for pancakes or maple syrup.

The food was average (nothing that i cannot make myself on a lazy sunday).
The menu looks good, just the recipes needs to revamped and made better.

The crowd and wait cant really complain, coz the place is just small.
The CC machine was not working, i had a workout to the atm to get money.

Value for money - absolutely, which is one of the reasons
I'd be willing to give this place another try... also to attempt their lunch menu, which also looks pretty appetizing.
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madhatters - Burrp User


March 28,2009

Really not worth it

Okay so one sunday afternoon a lazy couple like ours wanted to find a good pancake shop! tadaa opened up the burrp site and read about cafe terra.
We travelled halfway across the town to be there only to find out the exhorbitantly priced pancakes! I mean 70 bucks for three pancakes was a little bit too much. Anyways we did take a chance but it was a dismal display of an attempt to shape a stack of 3 thicker than set dosas as a pancake.
Horrible, fat and fluffy burnt on both the sides, all we could taste was the burnt flavors and the weird dough.

And if this was not enough, we complained to the waiter about the burnt "nothing like pancakes" pancakes, he comes back with "If we dont cook them well, the pancakes wont cook from within" --- Whoa, dude the very reason to keep the pancakes thin and small is so that you dont end up burning the sides. anyways, while he was getting the other set of pancakes, we ordered the english and belgian breakfast.
Fine the waffles were ok (edible), but how wonderful would it have been if you could serve em up with some whipped cream!!?!?!??!
Oh btw, they serve two pieces of potato for the name of grilled potatoes!!!!!
Absolutely passable coffee...

Overall, not worth the money we paid for a not so great breakfast. The quantity could not match the price tags!

The only thing I would refer are the comics available if you are a fan! Some good collections for a nice sunday morning !!!
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highlydefective - Burrp User


January 15,2009


I'm giving this place 4 stars simply because they serve a highly edible version of one of my all time favorite breakfast foods - the waffle.

Now I love breakfast food. I could eat it all day if I could. However, I'm still to find a place in Bangalore that does an economical, yet stupendous Continental breakfast.

Having heard rave reviews of Cafe Terra, I dragged some very sleepy and unwilling girlfriends to the place early on Sunday morning. It's tiny, yet packed to the gills with quiet couples and groups of 2-3 friends occupying the few tables.

We ordered the English breakfast, the Belgian breakfast, scrambled eggs with toast and some baked beans with toast. The portion sizes are good if you're eating alone,but not what I'd call substantial. For example, the English breakfast with its double egg scramble, 2 slices of toast, 3 tiny chicken sausages and 2 tablespoons of baked beans, will just about fill your stomach. Wash this down with liberal doses of so-so coffee and you could just about call it a decent breakfast.

The waffles, however, were surprisingly good. Now if only I could've gotten some maple syrup on those babies....

Go check the place out though. It's got a lovely, laidback feel to it; the food is serviceable and more importantly, extremely wallet-friendly.
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Naytra  - Burrp User


December 18,2008

Great breakfast

Imagine a place IN INDIA where you can find one of the best Ham omeletes in town! Look no further. A word of caution - Ham is a pork product, so be aware.
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Jaydee001 - Burrp User


September 01,2008

simple but cosy

Though this place is small... it's never full and I'm quite suprised cos I found it economical and at the same time a nice place to sit back and chill.
Try the pancakes! they're suprisingly good.
Even the thupka is decent though they take very long to make it.. which in some way is good, cos you know they're making it fresh! And you don't mind the wait cos even if you don't have interesting company... they've got a good range of comics, right from Tin tin to garfield to some pretty whacked out Indian comics!
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Ren-C  - Burrp User


September 01,2008

Snug 'n' Comfy

I enjoy continental breakfast on weekends, and this is just one of the few places in Koramangala where it is served.

Situated on the 80 feet road, the view from the 1st floor honestly is drab. But being blend into the rhyme and rhythm of Bangalore, I actually find it comforting to watch the hurry-burry of vehicles at the Koramangala junction from the glass-wall of the cafe, on a Sunday morning. They play radio music and have a collection of comics and magazines, which are actually outdated and old, but makes a very pleasant combination when served with finger-licking, lip-smacking waffles, crepes, toasts and hot coffee.

They are not very keen on hygiene. I have noticed an occassional straying mosquito in the sugar jar or sometimes leftovers on the table from the previous customer's meal. Their hot chocolate is weak. Barely hot, barely chocolate. For the prices tagged, you could definitely find more quantity of continental food, but not in Koramangala.

Despite these drawbacks, I close my eyes and enjoy their omlettes, ham and cheese crepe, sauteed sausages, waffles with honey, their English Breakfast and Ham Basket.

Hmm... bliss!
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Jose  - Burrp User


November 29,2007

Pleasantly Surprising!

Cafe Terra is a 26+2 seater (yes I counted the chairs), small, first floor joint in Koramangla. Small enough to be comfortable. Big enough to have a decent number of items on the menu.

Sandwiches, waffles, bacon, muffins, omlettes, pasta, pancakes, toast ... and loads more. I sampled the Belgian breakfast which had waffles with honey, muffin/cake, coffee/tea, potatoes. It cost 110 INR and the 'yum' factor was really high.

One aspect that I think enhances your time here is the big shelf of comics and magazines. I jumped on the MAD magazine that I thought I hadn't read. The food ordered came quick too. Tintin, Asterix, Garfield, Calvin n Hobbes, DC comics and other magazines are separately shelved. How cool is that! It turned out to be one really relaxed and lazy Sunday breakfast.

Wifey enjoyed the Garfield which was a Diet special issue and was laughing throughout. She also loved the coffee. I had little trouble with the tea. The milk came in a teacup which i found hard to transfer without spilling. (Not because I was laughing hard at the Mad gag)

The decor is very basic and frankly not even important if you consider what’s on the table.

This place is womanned by a pleasant mannered lady. The smiling waiters compliment her style. A breakfast for 2 will set you back by Rs 250. Other items are reasonably priced.

Simply Terrafic!! :)

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Meenakshi Goveas - Burrp User

Meenakshi Goveas

April 30,2007

For lazy weekend breakfasts...

In the mood to hang out at a charming, little café on lazy weekend and indulge in some waffles or crepes? Café Terra, formerly known as Dek Lekkerbek, is hidden in the first floor of a building in 80 feet road in Koramangala. Wrought iron and rubberwood furniture, framed prints on the walls and a bookcase in one corner with Tintin comics work together to create a bistro-diner feel. The restaurant, which specializes in Belgian waffles, has a menu which includes breakfast items such as omelettes, sausages and crepes, lunch options including soups, starters, pastas, noodles and grilled and baked dishes, and a variety of hot and cold beverages.

Try the Belgian waffles with seasonal fruit. Our waffles came with sliced bananas and pineapples and decorated with chocolate syrup with a side of maple syrup. They were delicious. The ham and cheese crepes were good too although the crepe or the base could have been a bit lighter. The scrambled eggs which came with toast were fluffy and very well made. Coffee was passable.

Service is somewhat slow but friendly. Parking is available on the road. Breakfast for two is approximately Rs.250. Go there for breakfast on a weekend with significant others. Kids will enjoy the meal too.
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