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Vijay Singh - Burrp User

Vijay Singh

May 27,2015

Never want to visit this horrible place again...

Pathetic food...nothing organised...
One of most unhygienic place I have ever visited.
Price is too high in compare to quality of food served by them.
Parking inadequate and dingy. The edifice of the building is not at all appealing to the eye.
Even I saw bedbugs and some other insects on table.

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Shyam Sundar - Burrp User

Shyam Sundar

February 05,2015

Very nice place for North Indians

Ruh is a very fashionable restaurant to visit and this place is becoming popular with the young and elite crowd. The menu card boasts of a wide variety of dishes ranging from the Mediterranean to North Indian. This is a must try place for the crowd looking for a good time, a great ambiance to settle down and enjoy sumptuous meals. Everything on the inside of the restaurant is fascinating except the outside of the building which looks scary and dingy. No proper display boards either to make your search for Ruh easy. My wife loves the place, so do my kids and insist on Ruh on all our outings.

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Edwin David - Burrp User

Edwin David

January 25,2015

Great Food and Service

Very Good Food is served here. This is the place to be if you are really hungry and want to have a great Evening.

The staff is very professional and very attentive in taking your order. We were there last month, had been here before a year back too, I had always liked their theme.

We sat and waited for 10 minutes after which a waiter came to our table with their paper menus. After we ordered the food was on our table after 20 minutes but was hot and looked freshely prepared.

We also met their manager and she was very polite. Nice

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rpiyush - Burrp User


January 11,2015

Bad quality food, poor service and very costly

One of the worst place I ever visited in Bangalore. Hardly anything from the drinks menu were available, food quality was way below average (not fresh), service was pathetic. I visited there for Dinner with 2 other families and I came back disappointed.
I found the behavior of one of the service staff very weird, he didn't add some of the items in the receipt and later on told me that credit card machine is not working properly so I can pay him cash and I ended up paying part of the bills in cash as the machine didn't work the second time...
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Radhika TK - Burrp User

Radhika TK

December 15,2014

Bad taste in the mouth

Having lived in the same locality for more than 4 years, never heard about this eating place.
Went to the place with ,my colleagues for a lunch. Was shocked to see that this was scrammed between two buildings. Parking inadequate and dingy. The edifice of the building is not at all appealing to the eye.

Too much of decoration and anointment in the insides... No subtlety and too much in the eye. Food was bad and did not taste fresh. The desserts were limited and did not excite anyone.

A big no-no for anyone wanting to explore this
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Prem Kumar - Burrp User

Prem Kumar

November 28,2014

Bangalore’s Best Food Restaurant

This place is the only one is Bangalore which reminds me of Spain or Italy. The food is great especially good with its freshness and flavour. By far it's the best Mediterranean restaurant I have been to in this city. Weekends are mostly crowded so its good to book your table in advance or end up waiting. Love the Arabian music with the beats sets your feet tapping. Nice to visit on a Sunday evening with family.
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Ajay Mishra - Burrp User

Ajay Mishra

November 28,2014

The worst place to go to.

My team went here for lunch yesterday, but only after we'd discussed our meal plan with the manager. The manager told us that he'd be happy to customize the lunch as per our needs. However, their service and food disappointed us a lot. Their staff lacks absolute knowledge, including the manager too. We were not at all pleased inspite of spending so much money. I'd suggest nobody to go to this place. I wouldn't have given them even a single star.
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Sagar Kumar - Burrp User

Sagar Kumar

June 25,2014

Get Good Food here

The right place for you to enjoy a meal, the food out here is excellent. The Murg Dum Biryani is really tasty here. The Dal makhani is also very nicely prepared by their chef. Also try dishes like Mutton Biryani, Peas Pulao, Ghosht Rara, Special Dhaniya Kheema Mutter.

Going there in a group too is very nice, I was part of a team outing there and I like their buffet meals too. The down side is their service is a bit slow and sometimes you just have to keep waving at the waiter. The inside sections are well set with sofas for a comfortable time together with family or with friends. I really enjoyed chilling out with my beer and their really enjoyable music.

The managers are very helpful, they suggest the best dishes to try out. Go to Ruh for a good time.
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Ramesh Kumar - Burrp User

Ramesh Kumar

December 07,2012

Tasty really Tasty

You want to really yourself and have great yummy food just go to ruh on bellandur outer ring road and you will get the best of indian and mediterranean food along with great cocktails and mocktails. we were a team of 45 members and booked prior to going and found the place really packed on a thursday evening. Really quick service, easy place to park, kind and polite waiters, everything was on our table. This was the best experience, compared to the pathetic restaurants we had been to earlier.
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