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TheGerman - Burrp User


October 08,2014

Stairway to Heaven

If I had to describe the perfect place to go to if you wanted to satisfy your sweet tooth it would be spoonful of sugar. Tucked into the lane parallel to CMH road with just a small sign indicating its presence, spoonful is by miles my favorite pastry shop in the city.

The banoffee pie, the strawberry and walnut meringue (a favorite), the Mississippi mud pie, the oreo cake slice, the lemon tarts and the brownies and the other little bits and bobs they kept making will always bring a smile to your face.

The bad - it's sad to say but sometimes you don't want your favorite places getting too popular, taxes used to be lower here (4.5% compared to 14.5% + 4.5% elsewhere) so that even if their base prices were high the taxes eventually made the prices competitive, but they have now climbed into the upper bracket.

Also for some reason they have reduced the size of their helpings - the Mississippi Mud Pie used to be this huge slice of chocolaty goodness, but now it is this little circular tartish looking thing with no outer crust (Why? SOS Why?)

The owner and her family run the place and they are extremely nice and friendly. Chef Yuvna's blog which is printed and kept on every table is a great read!

It is a very personal place and you should try it.

Music -5 because there is none (or it is very low and I haven't noticed it) - which is perfect :p
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