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The Biere Club

Vittal Mallya Road
20/2, Vittal Mallya Road, Lavelle Road Area, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore
Open now and till 11:30 pm

Note : (Friday & Saturday- 1100 To 0100)

Price: Rs.2000 for two

Cuisine: Fastfood

Known for: In-house brewed Beer

Large Group Friendly
Serves alcohol
Bar area
Valet parking
Air conditioned


Aayushi Sharma - Burrp User

Aayushi Sharma

November 06,2013

Chilled Saturday Brunch

Biere Club appears to be the ideal place for brunch on a Saturday morning. It isn't overflowing with people and it's nice and chilled out.

The food here though was the cherry on top of the Saturday morning cake. We ordered the grilled bacon wrapped sausages with salsa verde, which were pure inspiration! The salsa verde was a creative touch to the heaven that was the bacon and sausages. The American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup were decadent; the pancakes were thick and generous, yet fluffy with oodles of maple syrup topped off with good bacon. The pizza (I cannot recall the name) and an oozy egg right in the middle, true to its description as a breakfast pizza.

The food is a definite thumbs up, the Sangria however was passable. I'd suggest sticking to the beer here. The service can be slightly unenthusiastic sometimes, and that is probably something they need to pick up on. That aside, this place is definitely worth going to!
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daehgge - Burrp User


March 02,2013

Biere Club is awful

Here's what you will go through if you ever visit this place (I suggest you might as well spend your money somewhere else) -
1. Once you go in, if your stars are favoring you, you will manage to grab the attention of the waiters otherwise might as well decide the order and convey the same to the chef / kitchen.
2. This is such a pompous place where the waiters think they are doing a favor by listening to the customer's orders.
3. Also they don't know what menu to display when - when I went here Pizzas / Pastas weren't available but apparently the waiter did not want us to know that. It was only once we asked were we told "hey you village folks this menu ain't available so go take a hike".
4. The tables aren't set up with cutlery so once the food comes its when the waiters realize "Hey how the fuck are the customers supposed to eat?" they give the cutlery (You could request them but hey good luck catching their attention). The fork comes first and then after an inordinate wait of 10 minutes comes the knife and spoon (Sorry we weren't offered any spoons because they did not think we required spoons).
5. If you are there - please drink the beer and come out. The food is beyond pathetic - one of my friends was fed an undercooked omelette which he had to vomit because of the same reason because it was undercooked.
6. The final straw - them waiters dont know what is a feedback form. When we asked for one we were given a fucking birthday details card. How presumptuous of that waiter to assume "hey we love this place". What the fuck guys - are you uneducated or simply unmotivated to work on a saturday. If no please don't wait on my table - go take a hike somewhere else.
7. FYI to all future customers - when we asked for a plain glass we were given a stained old unwashed glass and sorry they serve beer but not water (apparently they don't want to).

End word - Pompous, presumptuous, bad food and extremely disgusting and repulsive waiting / ordering experience. What a colossal waste of money, energy.

Thanks but no thanks Biere Club : your restaurant experience is like getting kicked oneself shot twice in the head and still not dying and living to tell the tale.

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