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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

April 30,2015

Best Pizzas and Beer

Great place to chill with a couple of friends. Beer shots were good but I enjoyed their creamy chicken pizza more than beer. Pizzas in Toit come in varieties n you just have to explore your taste here.Apart from the amazing beer it serves really nice nachos. Service: Excellent, specially considering the huge crowd. very well managed. You can never have a bad experience here.
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nehapriya - Burrp User


January 02,2015


I had often been recommended to visit this place and finally decided to! It is a really nice place for a young crowd and because i love italian i simply loved the place.The ambience was good enough and so was the music.The starters were awesome especially fish fry.However the service was average as i found the waiters to be a little negligent. Overall a nice place though.
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TheGerman - Burrp User


October 08,2014

Bangalore Staple

If you are visiting, living in or simply driving through Bangalore and ask someone where would be a good place to drink beer, half of the time they will say Toit.

The Beer -
The Beer isn't the best in the city, but its good enough, love the dark knight - is my staple beer when I visit. If you have a picky palate you should hoof up to windmills in Whitefield for some of the best brewed beer in Bangalore.

The Food -
Must Try - The cream cheese pizza, the calamari rings and the lamb pie (I luuurve this - the crumbly crust is amazing)

What's not to like -
It is always full, so don't show up expecting to get a place to sit, once had to wait 20 minutes on a Wednesday afternoon :)

Good ambiance and they have expanded a month or so back, the waitstaff is courteous and recognize regulars.

All in all - a must try
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Dominic Coelho - Burrp User

Dominic Coelho

October 08,2014

Most Awesome Brewery in Town

Toit was one of the first Brewery's to open it Bangalore. Ever since it opened its a big hit in the city. The Brewery is so popular that it even draws crowds on Mondays and Tuesdays. The reasons I love this place is everything, be it their freshly crafted beer, delicious lip smacking food, amazing ambiance to their peppy music, everything rocks at Toit. As for food one should not miss their Pizza's. Its truly one of a kind. If you still not been to Toit you must be dreaming, so wake up and give yourself the Toit experience.
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vaishbhambri - Burrp User


September 26,2014

One of the Best Beers in Bangalore!

Ever since I have come to Bangalore, every second person asks me whether I have been to Toit or not. So finally I headed there with my gang of friends. On the ever so busy 100 ft road on Indiranagar, Toit is never vacant. Luckily, we managed to get a place for ourselves. I totally loved Toit Weiss. The medium bodies fresh brewed goodness was a perfect reason to visit this place again and again. For the ones who like their beer on a little dark or bitter side, they should go for Dark Knight. In food, the nachos are quite nice, they are baked and tastes quite different. A word of caution, don't confuse them with Nacho bhel.

A must visit place guys!
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Hrish Thota - Burrp User

Hrish Thota

November 19,2012

Nice microbrewery with amazing food

I like Toit for the amazing space it has though it can get pretty crowded during weekends. The beer which is brewed at this microbrewery is the best in Bangalore compared to Beer Garden or Biere Club. The food specially pepperoni pizza is to die for and you should not miss the other wood fried pizzas too. Only issue is they have a very good place for a band to play but hardly any events happen there!
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