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  • Most people would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: vegetarian pasta

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upto the mark
but none can match 10 D for their quality, ambienc
ecently priced during lunch, very tasty food the a
The lunch combos are awesome and at a very standar
sammienatorr 5 - Burrp User

sammienatorr 5

October 10,2015

must try!!

10D the first ever pub i visited in India, even i turned 20.. I did not drink back then I do not drink now. But I certainly enjoy good food, no matter where it's served! Been a regular at 10d for years now, especially for their awesome combo lunches. Priced at 190+tax for the veg combo and 240+tax for the non veg ones, they are light on the pocket and yummie on the buds.. One can choose from the Indian/oriental/continental cuisine and the portions are very filling. My all time favorites - makhanwala murg with naans and shredded chicken with Schezwan rice.. Music is good.. Wooden paneling, plush sofas and rotating bar stools, colored glass panes on the booths, old English knick knacks, tinted mirrors and big cushions on the top of speakers all together, add a very niche and comfy touch to the pub.. Lovely.
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Nascimento Pinto - Burrp User

Nascimento Pinto

July 25,2015

Good food and Great ambiance

I went there once for a karaoke night with friends and we had a really good time.

We ordered a few beers and the food was pretty decent, nothing great.

The service was good though I think because we were a large group.

But the place is quite expensive on the whole and if you are looking to go there on a Friday night and if you like drinking, then it is not the place to go.
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pronita-barua - Burrp User


March 09,2015


The party was organized for me on the performance for last month. I always knew that the place is filled with crowd and also for the amazing American Interior with cozy furnishing. But when I actually explored it, I loved it more than what I knew. Had an amazing combo meal with amazing liquor. For me a amazing place with decent price if you party often. 10 D thanks for making my beat up party successful. Lots of Love Pronita
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hkmurali - Burrp User


October 30,2013

A Loyalist

Ever since I discovered the 200 Rs lunch meal at 10 D, I have been a major regular almost every alternate week or so at 10 D . Its a complete value for meal ,and no compromise on taste or quality.
The must trys include the spinach corn lasagna combo, Butter Naan Paneer Butter Masala combo and the Thai Masala curry combo ( pretty much everything) . Their service is great and you can spend an eternity during lunch with some great music and awesome crowd !There might be several lunch places offering competitive priced food, but none can match 10 D for their quality, ambience and crowd
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SurajMajee - Burrp User


July 03,2013

A Fun Place To Hangout With Friends

I have been to this place a million times. Its a very good place to hang out with friends though they don't have much options in Beer. The lunch is very delicious and my all time favorite is Shredded lamb in the Thai section. The service is normal but sometime if you are lucky you will have a friendly waiter. Heard the evenings are good. Probably will try it out soon.
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hkmurali - Burrp User


June 19,2013

A Wonderful Pub In T.Nagar

10 Downing street (true to its name,ironically) is a wonderful and a delightful pub(it serves a complete four course meal too,like a restaurant) located in the heart of T.Nagar , near Pondy Bazaar.
Its one of the very few pubs which is always brimming with people , be it a Monday or Friday or a Saturday night . The key feature in the pub is the lunch combo ( 170 for Veg and 220 for Non Veg) and a definite delight for any value meal hunters.
Don't miss out on the Friday , Saturday nights, though I'd argue that the Rs 1500 couple entry may be a bit steep.
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markdult - Burrp User


June 17,2013

Enjoy The Bar Experience

The place is kickass! The ambiance is very good and the food is pretty good too. One of the very few places in Chennai where you get quality booze. Though it is pretty expensive, it is a good experience.

Wednesday nights are ladies nights and they get free beers!
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Timothy Mathews - Burrp User

Timothy Mathews

April 17,2013

Missing this place..

This used to be the place I used to party at, good music, good crowd, the best budgeted place in town.. I'm coming back soon..

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Deepesh Tarun  - Burrp User

Deepesh Tarun

April 08,2013

The Real Deal !!

There are two sides to this place. One is the lazy dine in place for lunch and the other a loud happening place at night.

The lunch combos are awesome and at a very standard price. The drinks if ordered properly are cheap ( not trying the cocktails and foreign liquor ), The ambience is also perfect. Very good for a relaxing drink or two and good food.

The nights have variety. Each night has a different theme. The Retro Fridays are relaxing. The Karaoke thursday are different and one of a kind in the city. The Ladies Night on Wednesdays and Club Nights on Saturday are extremely loud and noisy. The crowd is huge and the dance floor is absolutely cramped. And the bouncers will not let you in without a girl ( no escaping that). So if you do not like noise and the crowd, its definitely not advised to go on a Wednesday or Saturday night. But otherwise its a decent place for some good music and good food.
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nikhilsebastian  - Burrp User


March 31,2013

Awesome lunch combo!

Visited this place after coming to know of their lunch combo.

The place is really well done. It has a good feel/vibe to it.

The lunch combo was really good for the price (around 200 if i remember right). You are given a main coure, a dessert and an option between a soup and a beer.

Not being a drinker, opted for the soup.

For the main course went in for the pasta which was cooked perfectly and the sauce was good too.

The service needs to improve.

Will I be back? Oh yeah. If not for anything else, atleast for their combo meals.
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hkmurali - Burrp User


March 24,2013

Reopened with a bang

10D had a minor closure after a fire accident recently a month back
however they have opened up in style and has made the decor really well just like old times
The place was already packed yesterday and the DJ was spinning some great tracks
i am sure its' gonna take a few months time to get back the old flavour but if they seem to maintain the service and quality standards it should be in the leading club in no time.
and for lunch do try out their combos.. very reasonably priced and contains a set meal of a pint(or soup and dessert), main course and a side dish
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reaper1577 - Burrp User


March 23,2013

Absolutely Biased !!

A group of 3 guys and 1 girl went on a saturday at 7:30pm and we were denied entry !! what sort of club rules are they running despite a girl being with us ?? Will never step again and will never suggest anyone to go !!
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meghamookim - Burrp User


March 21,2013

Nothing great about it

Each visit to 10D Chennai has always left me asking myself (and others) - "What's so great about it?"

The first time I went there was the only time I was entranced by the decor and the yummy butter garlic prawns. The music wasn't too bad either. Follow it up with second visit, and I make the mistake of ordering a cocktail pitcher. Now I'm not much of a drinker, so you can understand how amazed I was at the light taste of the cocktail and how non-drunk I was even after finishing it. Conclusion - seriously watered down drinks. The bill was the other shocker, making me wish I'd gone to a 5 star hotel pub instead which would've had better drinks and a much better crowd.
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Vinoo Thomas - Burrp User

Vinoo Thomas

March 19,2013

Cool place with a punch!

Located in T.Ngar, it's known for its laidback atmosphere and great ambiance.
Sufficient parking available and the service is swift and the waiters are friendly here.
They have a vfm combo offer for Rs 200 .
Maybe they can improve in variety, but overall good standards for food.
The food is really tasty and of good quality.
Go there to have a good time !
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Veda Vyass - Burrp User

Veda Vyass

March 16,2013

Average bar-restaurant!

Wednesday ladies' night and women get free liquor. Me being a teetotaler was not a great experience although the food was great. A bit on the costly side but the ambience was wonderful! the service is swift and the waiters are friendly.
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hkmurali - Burrp User


December 20,2012

10D !

One of the best and happening discs in chennai , 10D is always a reliable place for a night of food,drinks and dance. They are pricey and actually much expensive than most of the clubs in chennai , but they do maintain their standards.. They have a decent amount of space and attracts a decent crowd too..
P.S. Dont miss their lunch combos.. Best value for meal ever !
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Abishek Chandrasekaran - Burrp User

Abishek Chandrasekaran

November 17,2012

Nice place to hangout with friends!

The highlight is their combo offer for just 200 bucks! I love the au-gratin they serve! the shooters are good but the drinks arent strong enough, dunno why! the beer they serve is of good quality but its not the same with the cocktails! Waiters are a bit haughty but yeah a nice place to hang out with friends because they dont make a big fuss about dress code and stuff in the afternoons. I suggest they serve the delicious main course too during nights and not just the starters so that we can come for a full dinner with drinks at the side!
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Jerusha Margaret - Burrp User

Jerusha Margaret

November 15,2012


Don't go there just for the alcohol. The lunch is a great steal at about 250 bucks, you get to choose from a fixed Indian, Chinese or Continental menu. Really worth the money, they give you either a beer or a soft drink free. The food is really filling and very tasty! The waiter could really do with a meeting with the Joker from the Batman series as a it would really be good if they could have a smile on their faces. Decently priced during lunch, very tasty food the ambiance is also a lot of fun with very young and vibrant people coming in daily. The service could definitely get better though.
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seethaks - Burrp User


November 15,2012

Full of fun

It was so much fun and lovely food.. Amazing hospitality and good starters. Would love the try the lunch menu..
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dineshvjain  - Burrp User


November 10,2012

English Pub Feel

1st look - Enter this place and it reminds me of a pub in the UK.
Been to this place quite a few times, so this review is a mixed bag of all those experience. One of the happening pubs in chennai, if you are looking to just have a good time with some great music and good crowd, this is the place to be. Beware - Couples entry only most of the nights after 8pm.
Food - Must try is their Spinach lasagne. The tandoor food is also great - Paneer tikka, dal makhani, Paneer tikka masala.
Service is a bit of issue since this place is busy in the nights, else its fine!
Ambience - 4/5
Food - 4/5
Service - 3/5
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Nikhil Venkatesa - Burrp User

Nikhil Venkatesa

November 09,2012

A Recent Favorite!

I simply love going to this place for lunch. It has a very laidback atmosphere and the ambience separates it from the rest of restopubs in the city. The lunch offer that they give you is substantial given their portions, which are massive. One dish and you’ll be set for six hours straight. I had the Spaghetti with Minced Lamb and I can say that it was definitely worth it because I couldn’t get out of my seat for half an hour and kept delaying my friends from leaving. It can get pretty crowded up around 1 to 2, but the service remains quick, which is another thing I like about it.
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garyadhers - Burrp User


October 01,2012

“Sticks to the hype”

Most ppl would say that this is place that is like really happening in Chennai. i don't think i would disagree much. yes this place has gr8 ambience. go there mostly on weekends for dinner. during weekdays its less drama there. the food and drinks are costly and on the higher side but i guess it gives us a reason to spend on a weekend and enjoy with friends. but do not expect good service. your orders will take time and u mite have to wait for a long time before you have a grab..!! Enough said..this place is good..!! but certainly not the best...!
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giriprasad - Burrp User


April 06,2012

Such an unfriendly service

This place has some mean and rude waiters who doesn't care a damm about you. Those waiters attitude is like "Dude, you can walk away if you don't like the service I don't give a damm about it, cos you are not the only customer, as we have plenty of other customers waiting"
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Divya  - Burrp User


March 01,2012

Worth a shot!

Total worth the money!
150 bucks for a veg meal(that includes a soup and a dessert) which tastes good is pretty darn good! !Loved the soup! The vegetarian pasta was really good! Kulfi wasnt great, but pista scoop was niccee!
The pub special mocktail was exquisite!
Was quite in a dilemma to visit this place (being a veggie and not a beer-type person).
But wasn't too bad! Loved the decorations and the interior designs & colours!
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magikals - Burrp User


February 27,2012

Nice place

Love the karoke nights n thr kebab varieties.. even if they r priced bit higher good ambience..
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gabbar_critique - Burrp User


February 18,2012

A place for all your dull days! :)

It is truely an amazing place with very nicely done interiors and service. The manager and waiters are also friendly and ready to help at all times.. Thi splace has never failed to disappoint me till date!!

Crowd is fun and happening.. totally worth a visit on ladies night and weekends.. it will definitely cheer you up after a hard weeks work! DJ plays some real good contemporary music.. but for all the people who want a quiet place .. i suggest you stay away.. cos this place is full of people.. all live and kicking! :)
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Hansdeep Singh - Burrp User

Hansdeep Singh

December 29,2011

mixed bag ......

was there in may....for ma friends birthday bash .... everything was okie jus was too smoky and over crowded ......requested a song for bday girl her fav one but sadly dj ignored .....
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Priya GP - Burrp User

Priya GP

December 08,2011

The Powerrrrrrr Lunch

I possibly cannot count the number of times I have bin to this place for the power lunch. Pocket friendly for a student like me..
To start with, I like the ambience. I generally prefer dark settings to bright, extremely well lit places(though they are good once in a while).
I also like how there are so many books aesthetically stacked. I usually reach the place early, grab a drink, take a book and just enjoy the nice music until the chaos of college friends arrive.(so much for the dull lighted ambience ;) )
Regarding the power lunch, their white sauce pasta is probably one of the best things there, and irritatingly so, it is never available. Whenever we order, the waiter says"Can I get Red Sauce?" Hell NO!! where is the white sauce???
So if you are lucky, the white sauce Pasta is good.
Their black daal is also pretty decent.
We never ventured too much into their continental dishes but surprisingly, one of the fried rice with some cauliflower whatever, is mouth wateringly yummy!
Their spinach corn lasagnia is also good, though a tad too sweet..

Anyway, Love the concept of power lunch here.. its just 150 bucks for the Soup/Beer+1 main Course+ice cream..

ps- pathetic service. make sure yo keep catching the attention of the waiter atleast a dozen times for him to respond once!
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Mohammed Rawoof - Burrp User

Mohammed Rawoof

November 12,2011

Ripped the floor apart...

I had been to 10D somewhere in april... Of all the places I have been in chennai, this place lives up to its hype n popularity... The place offers really good choices in food, drinks, shooters and cocktails... Heading down to 10D to dance the night away and party like hell... U're on the right path mate...
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C L - Burrp User


August 17,2011


Heard a lot about TDS....Everyone said it was happening.. Went the first time as a couple. Got a corner table, had to beg the waiter for the food and drinks. Thought since we were in the corner , it was difficult for the waiter to see us :)
Went again with another couple, this time we hardly noticed the poor service as we ordered EVERYTHING on the first go...Hated the DJ..HE said no to every request we had, though we told him it was one persons bday...Wasnt obliging AT ALL..
I thought , this was it...Then i went there last weekend with 4 guys and me a gal...Went early and it was Sun nite so I guess we got in ok...We had fun..The music was good, the service was OK (we gotta beg these guys for our drinks and food) and overall the bouncers didnt disturb us a lot..
Overall guys, its good if you go as a group and there have to be girls, the bouncers are very fussy about stags and shoes...Parking is a BIG problem on Ladies nite..
I dunno why i like this place..prob cause i always have a good time, excluding the service
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Kenneth Dsouza - Burrp User

Kenneth Dsouza

June 12,2011

Epic Night!

This place was everything we had heard about. Food was good. The Dance floor a bit crowded and well priced drinks. The only problem we had was that there was some problem with our bill which we werent sober enough to realise until we had left the place.
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sdhrs - Burrp User


March 19,2011

10 Downing Street - always a pleasure!!

I've been to this place so many times and every time i come out with a more than satisfactory experience. The service is good, the ambiance is nice, the music is fine and the food is just great!! their non-veg tandoori platter is always beautifully done with finesse and their happy hours menu is very tempting!! one of my fav. places in Chennai...does not burn a deep hole in the pocket and great in experience for the mind and the tummy! :)
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cyborgsign - Burrp User


March 19,2011

10 Downing Street Rocking

Hai Guys after seen all reviews we went to 10 Downing Street for how they response but it's rocking guys we are 4 Guys & 3 gals went there nothing is wrong
& we got verry good response ( we expect Bad response B'cos of all reviews )
we can give 5 star nothing is wrong with the place check that profile people
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am170 - Burrp User


March 06,2011

Sub standard place

stale beer, re-heated awful food, rude waiters. This place has it all.
Strongly recommend not visiting this place.
Not worth a single star!!!!
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nshah83 - Burrp User


March 01,2011

Never again..

Visited this place 2-3 times earlier with bunch of friends and cousins but vow never again. The bouncers are very rude and have no idea how to treat customers.

On Feb 20 we visited this place along with friends and cousins just because it was a Bollywood night. On the dance floor the bouncers started abusing people stating that only couples were allowed and it didn’t matter if you were in a group or not. They started abusing females who tried to explain that there were no sign and that they shouldn’t allow stags if that was the case. On our way out he threatened us physically not knowing the consequences.

Bike & Barrel is lot better and worth every penny.
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triviaboss - Burrp User


April 10,2010

Rotten service

Had been a regular to this place for several years, but never again after today. Booked a table for 8 for their "executive lunch" well in advance. When we showed up on time, we were escorted to a table that could barely seat four. We insisted that they give us another table, they persistently refused. Mighty embarrassing, especially as two of the party were visitors from overseas. Go there if you like food and give two hoots about the service. If service is important to you, avoid like the plague.
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ad_an80 - Burrp User


February 23,2010

Below 1 star

Go to this place only if:

- you want to deal with rude bouncers at the entrance on a Friday evening at 6.45pm (which to me is early enough to be giving me attitute) itself

-rude waiters who will take 30 minutes to bring a peanut masala and yet if you try to cancel the order after 30 mins, he will say that you cannot cancel it since it is already been prepared.

- this is by far the worse chennai addition, and truly doesnt deserve it. I the management doesnt take note of this seriously, they willl lose important business, I assure you!

Absolutely no customer service and will bend backwards to entertain the foreign (white) customer and yet in all honestly I will be spending wayy more than a foreigner, but they dont realize or understand that.

DONT ever go to this place, it can be totally skipped. Go to Bike N barrel instead just down the road, and not pretentious like this place is, you are much better of having a good time, without being stressed out.
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Dilip Muralidaran - Burrp User

Dilip Muralidaran

December 24,2009

Just for the ladies

This is not the first time it happens but let me write it down here anyways, for the women who want to visit 10Ds on Wednesdays because its ladies night and you can enjoy a free vodka + orange juice, or rather you foolishly think so.

Here is what i recommend:-

1. Sit at home
2. Drink your own Orange Juice (without vodka) in case you don't have vodka.

Why? Because spending fuel, time & resources in planning to take your ladies here is a total waste because your vodka (the free one) will not contain vodka but only orange juice diluted to the point of not finding one atom of orange in the juice.

This is not just it. When my friend asked the waiter to bring the vodka and the orange juice separately so that she can mix it herself, he rudely refused and said that "we serve only mixed drinks".

Finally we worked around the problem with these pricks by asking for vodka on the rocks. Guess what? Water for most parts and a tinge of the kerosene smelling Romanov cheap ass vodka, diluted again!

My assumption is the bartenders (if there are any) have multiple Ph.D's in under pouring free drinks. While under pouring free drinks is not bad, over doing it to the point of serving water is totally lame.

If you are a guy like me and you don't want to feel embarrassed like hell, trust me on this one. Don't take your girl friends to this place. Instead be rude to them, they may probably not mind or take it to heart but insulting their intelligence by taking them to a bar that is serving shitty drinks on a ladies night is not a perfect idea of a nice evening outing with friends, i could definitely say.

It just doesn't stop there. If you order cocktails like me, forget it. It's shitty and probably mixed by a janitor the way Phenyl is diluted with water before washing the restroom. For the price you pay here, just pay Rs. 30 more on your drinks and walk 20 meters from where you are and get into Bike & Barrel at residency towers. They serve real liquor mixed by real bar tenders that are priced & served just right. Plus, bike & barrel does not have any cover charges for men.

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Abhishek Jain - Burrp User

Abhishek Jain

December 03,2009


the is food is just Excellent. the power lunch is worth every rupee u pay.
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brit_in_chennai - Burrp User


July 23,2009

Go to the bike and barrel instead!

I've been to 10D more times than I can remember ... every time I go I'm amazed how rude, dishonest and aggressive the staff are.

When you buy a drink at the bar make sure that you check you change ... the barmen like to 'tip' themselves. Don't go outside to smoke, you might find that the doormen won't let you back in.

I've asked to see the manager two of the times I've been there, the first time I was told that there was no manager there that evening, the second time I was pushed out of the door by a bouncer.

There are only two good things about the place. Relaxed couple rule, a group of guys can get in. Karaoke on Thursdays. Any other night of the week you will have more fun at the bike and barrel.
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hungryforever - Burrp User


July 16,2009

Cockroaches!! Help!!

Ok..the ambience is good..food is decent..music is awesome..but cockroaches? i'm talking abt the small kitchen variety..
i scrambled across my plate as picked up the last piece of honey chicken and another scurried across the wall behind me!!
So wat will i remember abt 10D? not the delicious salt and pepper prawns or prawn sesame toast..but the COCKROACHES!!
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Arun Krishnamurthy - Burrp User

Arun Krishnamurthy

July 14,2009

Super place to chill...

This is a great english pub to go with your friends and have a chilled drink with some awesome side eats!! The pub is quintessentially british and the ambience is simply perfect. I am there almost every thursday night when the 'karaoke' nights happen!! Quite simply one of the best days to be in the pub!! Theres lotsa singin, dancing and no one shies away from the mike after downing a few ones!! Its great fun to listen to people croon their hearts out and the pub generally has a gala atmosphere on that night!! I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to have a good stressbuster on thursday nights!! They have a good power lunch menu for the noons that is easy on the pocket and is good value for money. Wednesdays is ladies night from 7.30 to 9.30, so the fairer sex can be seen in abundance then!! They also have classic rock playin on fridays, so its great fun then too!! All in all a great place to hang out with friends and cool off!!
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Suseela MJ  - Burrp User

Suseela MJ

May 24,2009

Sing Your Heart Out

Went there on karaoke night! Wow, what a smart decision! We had a blast singing not only to the songs we chose, but also singing along with others who graciously and enthusiastically called us up to the front to sing along! The drinks were flowing, and we stayed till closing time. Awesome place to chill with a group of friends who know how to have a good time! Just wish every night could be ladies night ;)
Ps. Woke up with a sore throat and squeaky voice, but it was so worth it!!!
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Raj Bahadur - Burrp User

Raj Bahadur

May 22,2009

What the ???

I am here in India for a couple of months and just wanted to get a drink last Friday and someone suggested this as being near my place so I stopped by.
And the guy outside goes- sorry sir couples only..I said- I just wanna get a drink - I mean Seriously I was all well dressed and did go in a car- What are these guys expecting we go to a bar and do?
And then I walk into Bikes and Barells and they have only one variety of Red-wine! and seeing I am alone he asks me to go upstairs- where its all a bunch of guys standing...
Seriously- what are we??
Finally ended up going to Leather Bar- found some people to strike a conversation and some good beer!
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Rohit Kumar - Burrp User

Rohit Kumar

April 11,2009

Ambient Pub

I went out to this place on Ladies' Night and, boy, was it rocking! There were absolutely no problems in entering. Guys pay for entry. Girls enter for free. Drinks were on the house for the gals from 7:30 to 9:30 only though so be there on time if want to take true advantage of the night, for they set their clock 10 minutes fast.
The drinks are a bit on the expensive side. But the bartenders are good and will mix up whatever you ask them to.
The dance floor is pretty small. But that is to be expected for this is a pub after all. The ambiance is British comfort, with books on shelves and pictures and a sign of London streets.
They also offer a Power Lunch from 12 to 3:30 for 150/- and 200/- for veg and non-veg respectively. This comes with a choice of beer, soft drink or soup, a main course and dessert, in continental, indian and oriental.
Would definitely revisit this place soon.
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nautankey  - Burrp User


April 10,2009

Good place BUT

Have been here some 2-3 times. The booze is good and their cigars are also cheaper. The food can be ranked average. It's a smokey place though and has a good ambiance. I lvoed the music played whenever I had been there.

Being a chennai-ite I would have been expected to have visited this palce with so much positives more than 2-3 times. But it's something called self-respect [yeah some call it ego] which doesn't let me to. Their handling of stags is what I am speaking about.

If it's a couples-only night and you are there without knowing it...that's the end. The manager as well as the bouncers treat you like a serial-rapist on the loose. There are many pubs which do turn away stags but the most rudest [n obscene]way of doing it is here...It may have be a one off incident but then that overrides all the good time had o'er there.
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anu_d - Burrp User


September 27,2008

Not a good place for office folks!

Me and my pals went on a Wednesday night at 10 Downing Street (TDS), Chennai. It was supposedly a Ladies Nite as declared by the TDS. But guess what, ladies night is only from 7 pm - 9.30 pm Who goes to a pub this early on a weekday??? !!!! Its a smoky loud place. Definitely not a place to chill out after a hard day at work. Recommended for college folks!
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Jaydee001 - Burrp User


September 01,2008

Good place to chill...

I make frequent trips to Chennai, and 10 D is definately a regular on my Itinerary. There are many good reasons for this;
good ambience, pretty cool crowd (not only teeny boppers), fairly good music, good central location.

I do believe they come up with pretty good promos from time to time..eg. ladies night and then one night where you get a discount equivalent to the age of the oldest person on the table (eg. if the oldest person is 60..you get an amazing 60% discount on alcohol!).

Also, they have a good concept of retaining clientele... you can buy a bottle of whisky/vodka etc and consume only as much as you want. They'll tag your bottle and you can just request for it the next time you go there. This is cool because a large (domestic liquor) would come to approx Rs.300/- and an entire bottle is comparatively a lot more economical at Rs.1500/-.

As far as the food is concerned, although the non veg platter is decent... if you want to have a really good laugh, you must order the non veg club sandwhich. It is the biggest joke of a club sandwhich I have ever witnessed. I can't explain, you have to see it to believe it... at your own risk cos it's definately not worth it!
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swarna barath - Burrp User

swarna barath

August 06,2008

Now that's what I call a pub!

What a relief to dying chennai's nightlife! Something with class is here on offer, right from the entry where they make sure to check your ID, to real-time bouncers, to the dark typical classic-pub ambiance with secluded booths. I rem many places that opened up with class but went down the drain soon, losing sophistication. Somehow 10D seems promising enough to keep it going.

Perfect, is the word wen u look at the menu. An awesome lot to drink and eat. The cocktails don stop with the regular bloody mary, screwdriver and long island icetea like many other pubs in the city. They have innovative drinks and the cosmopolitan is to die for. They have specials everyday. Ladies drink most drinks on the house on wednesdays.

The service is not bad, but doesnt reflect the standards of the pub. The waiter was a lil weird n non-professional, also we never received an item we almost asked for 10 times. There is no snacks on the house! But for the food, the potato wedges and the chesse sandwich are awesome! Heard the non-veg is good too. They have a pub lunch and m guessing it shud b equally gr8.
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krishna  - Burrp User


June 17,2008

Bole Toh Britsh Sthyle

well...ten....is really a best place whn in comes to pub i went...i had been here many times...especially this place s so lively on wednesdays and weeknds..wednesdays wow the best ppl of chennai cums here damn good crowd which reminds me of shisha (kolkata) wic is the best place thr..where im regular since here i miss my nite life as still chennai lacks lot thanks to our govt.
but ten jus reminds me of so much v good music nice dj. ya the place is just 2 small that u gets bump in with a person ..its basically cosiest place.well starters are good and drinks are expensive but nothing comes 4 free so there is a saying all gud things cum in pakage ...but som bad exp also i had when i went there 1st time...as the bar tenders are really take advantage they make the rong billing but thanks to the manager things solved. over all the place is v lively lovely music drinks sexy babes and wat else..this place is to chill in.
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Shashank Aggarwal - Burrp User

Shashank Aggarwal

June 16,2008

not what I am used too

Went to this place over the weekend, however it over my definition of a pub or disco. Or maybe we were there before the 'time'. We actually went in around 8 or 8:30 pm and came out just after 10 pm.

It seemed to be a mixed bag to me, the are where we were sitting, seemed a bit tacky to me. crowds were just in extremes. Like on one hand, you had this group of 40 somethings, and on other you had good gatherings on 20 somethings. Food was just average, drinks overpriced (maybe its just Chennai effect).

And just wanted to comment on the review below, as the person has mentioned music was too loud, and they were not able to converse there, but I guess this place is supposed to this way only, can one cannot expect to go there and hold a conversation.
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Anjali Jain - Burrp User

Anjali Jain

June 14,2008

Keep High Spirits!!

Just been to this place with some colleague's, had a nice time enjoyed a lot.
I ordered Absolute with orange juice and tequila.
The music was too loud to even talk. The tables were too small and set up too close to each other..
The service was good and quick too..
Just Before we left we were made to feel like celebrities.. The Deccan Chronical reporters took our pictures, to be featured in the papers..
I would rate it as an evening spend well..
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Chennai Ramblings - Burrp User

Chennai Ramblings

June 05,2008

A true pub in the English tradition

10 Downing Street is a bit of a surprise when you first enter (if you can push yourself through the crowds thronging) - this is the lighting.
A more dim place I have yet to see at Chennai, but you almost forgive them the lack of lighting when you look at the decor - it's original in that they have not tried to "indianise" an essentially English pub theme. I really cannot comment on their cocktails - I have never had them here, but I can comment on their ladies' night - unlike the other places, here all drinks had by the ladies are on the house (every Wednesday) and you can see that they are quite popular with the ladies then (free drinks limited to certain brands of course).
I tried the Tandoori Platter as well as some corn and they were pretty good and music is excellent.
For those who want to do a pub lunch in Chennai, these people are open at 11 AM, so go ahead and indulge yourselves. They are the closest thing you would get to a real pub in Chennai as per the English definition of the word "pub".
Unfortunately, their parking leaves a lot to be desired and I had to get the manager to intervene and help us each time we were there.
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Divya Jayaraman - Burrp User

Divya Jayaraman

February 21,2012

good place on tue and wed

like the place. got to go on ladies night and karaoke night
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