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Sandy Bhasker - Burrp User

Sandy Bhasker

June 29,2013

Give it a try

This place is known for its ambiance and the way they serve their food . Yes, Copper utensils which just take it to the next level . Its a great pale to be out with your family and the food is expensive but the food they provide matches their prices . Not a great place to hangout with friends . Service is awesome and valet parking available .
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Veda Vyass - Burrp User

Veda Vyass

March 16,2013


As the name suggests all the dishes are served in copper utensils and the cutlery is beautifully designed. the service is wonderful and the meal i had here was sumptuous! being a vegetarian i loved this place totally!!
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seethaks - Burrp User


November 15,2012

Vethakuzhambu, Urulai roast

Amazing vethakuzhambu and urulai roast at copper point. I loved the appam and stew as well. The bisibellebath has so much of flovour in it.. Amazing hospitality.. love to be there everytime.. Special thanks to Sathish from Coppen Point for the lovely hospitality..
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Srinivasan Rakhunathan - Burrp User

Srinivasan Rakhunathan

September 30,2012

Agree with the previoius post - no value for money

How can south indian thali be 600 Rs ? I dont understand that and oi dont understand the portions as well .
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venky_iitm - Burrp User


July 27,2012

Value for money sucks

Group of our friends went to dinner here last night, food taste is very pretty average and yet price is very high. We had three course meal(soup, starters, main course and of course all of them are shared), at the end cost per head came out to be 800 bucks. If you are willing to spend this much amount you can better go for buffet in barbeque nation, mainland china or sigree.
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coooolguy_tdh - Burrp User


January 08,2012

Three stars is under rating!

Copper point..! The moment you enter the door, are greeted by the widest smile you hv ever seen (Reshma) and then the service.. Oh wot to say! It fills in for the lack of space ( i feel that a smile can make you comfortable even in a cramped up space!) Thats wot Abhisek did the best! Thanks dude. Your service was as good as i hv seen anywhere else!. Just a word of caution/advice... The table offfered to us had little leg room. Pls see into this!. Food was awesome.. Although u might find some of your fav dishes absent from the main menu but all you hv to do is to ask the staff.! you name it and they will prepare it all according to your taste buds!
Oh and it will be a crime if i bid adieu without mentioning the range of wines thay got.. amazing.. my 'SULA" was just as good as i ever had it anywhere else.. and not to mention the kebaabs that i had..! cooked to perfection served with the best chutney i hv ever had! Guys.. looking for a cool evenin with a relaxed atmosphere conjoined with a live performance of classical music.. This is the place you gotta be..!
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Chennai Ramblings - Burrp User

Chennai Ramblings

June 27,2011

Love Affair

I just love this place; where else can you get really good food and wine for lunch?
I have been here a total of three times (wallet doesn't allow us to go too often) and each time have ordered the sepankazhangu varuval, mor kuzhambu and rice and a bottle of their Chablis (their wine collection is divine).
I must also say I am very impressed by their service standards, the first two times I went there with a friend for lunch and we had the Chablis, the third time saw their manager come up to me with a bottle of Chablis and a query as to whether I wanted my favourite drink.
A definite first for any place in Chennai! And just after two times of being there on crowded weekends! Good food is easier to find that good service and the combination of the two at Copper Point has made it a firm favourite with me.
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ggprasad - Burrp User


March 10,2011

Bengali Festival

We, my husband and me, visited yesterday to enjoy the Bengali Festival. The starters and the main course were ok. We had varieties of milk sweets. The Shreekand was awesome.

- The interiors
- Deserts
- Service
- Soup

- The starters were too oily.
- The main course was not so tasty
- They try to accomodate more seats. It was very uncomfortable to move around.
- Can improve the food quality.

Overall... this is not worth the cost we pay...
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endofdarkness - Burrp User


November 28,2010

Pretty good

Good service, excellent menu to choose from, sumptuous food, prices are crazy but you really have to expect that.
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Sneha   - Burrp User


August 09,2010


We really enjoy the hospitality of the staff here! The food is good if not excellent but the whole feel of the place when you walk out is good, which is the most important factor i believe when dining out! The entire experience as a whole should leave one satisfied!
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Chella  - Burrp User


July 04,2010

Long hair in Butter Naan

The food is great in this place and almost everything else is. The other day I was about to complete my Butter Naan and ordered another and waited for that. My last bite had a long hair in it and it was all in my mouth. I dont want to explain beyond that. I cancelled my naan and went out and my wife waited to pay the bill!
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fabwrite - Burrp User


May 20,2010

Endless Waiting Time

Anytime GRT is one of our favourite restaurants – especially the buffet. But this time we thought we’d try Copper Point as we didn’t want a heavy dinner. So on a Sunday night, we booked a table as we had a guest too.

Dinner was a test of patience. The food took ages to arrive – and that too in bits and pieces! The sea food platter (which was supposed to be starters) was offered to us a full one hour after we had ordered it! Not to mention the Appams that followed in installments – so when one of us was eating, the others had to watch and hope it would be their turn next. The gravy, stew were all just ok, and in modest proportions – in spite of the rather steep pricing. Dessert was equally lack luster too. All served between anxious alternating glances between the watch and the clock as it was getting rather late by then.

The whole experience did drive home a point though. As the Tamil proverb goes, one morsel of rice is not (or is it?) a sample of the rice in pot – or something like that! Sorry about the poor transliteration. What I meant to say is, if GRT’s Anytime and Kebab Factory are worth their salt, should Copper Point also follow suit? Well, why shouldn’t it?
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grub_hunters - Burrp User


August 14,2009

heart-warming hospitality....

After a whole day of shopping at T.Nagar we reached the Copper Point at GRT Grand after getting lost in the lanes and finding it after reaching out frustration threshold....but the moment we stepped into the courtyard of the hotel, it felt like coming home...everybody right from the door-greeter to the lady who welcomed us at the entrance of the restaurant in the lobby, to the staff inside Copper Point was just so warm...we were given a banquet style seating on the upper level as we had a baby with us...the dinner ware and the linen on the table was rich and felt like we had stepped into some sort of avadhi royalty home. The waiters were very patient as we struggled to decide our order while struggling with our cranky and tired son at the same time...hats off to them! the menu is not too varied but whatever is present is quite well selected and caters to almost all palates. The menu itself is very attractive with a thin sheet of wood as a cover and the items written in an invitation-like font. For a drink we ordered a Calypso Punch which was a mix of many juices (non-alcoholic) although they had a very good selection of international and domestic wines and liquor mentioned on the menu and I could see it on their very well stocked wine rack too. We had a drumsticks and lentil soup which was unlike any other soup I had ever tasted. I used to think Indian soups would always taste like dal, sambar or rasam, but this one was fulllll of flavors! Felt really good going down the throat on a rainy evening.For starters we had prawns (Akbari Jhinga) which were jumbo prawns made in some kind of yogurt marinade and were the biggest juiciest ever (and i have tasted prawns in a llllot of places)! There was a vegetarian kebab platter (toufa-e-kebab) which had a cheese filling in the center. totally melt-in-your-mouth! they were so soft that it was hard to lift them from the plate. Before they got our orders they brought us our drinks and a basket of assorted papads and munchies which was a really nice touch. For main course we chose Murgh Patiala, Jodhpuri sabzi and Sangar ka saag ( a spicy rajasthani dish which we really happen to like and were surprised to find on the menu). The waiter was nice enough to jovially suggest that it might be a lot for just the two of us but we said it all sounded so good that we couldn't help it, in fact we wanted to try the dal too but that would be waaaay too much. He immediately asked us which dal were we thinking of and when we said dal makhani he totally swept us off our feet by saying that "no issues, i'll get a small bowl of it for u!" and believe me that bowl was NOT small! I have never experienced this anywhere before and I was mighty impressed especially to witness it in a high-end hotel like this where prices are always on the higher side and portions on the lower! To be offered something free like that was a wonderful surprise and put them at the top of our list for hospitality! All the main course dishes were just right in flavor (being north indians we would know), and suitable for all palates....not too bland, not too spicy. None of the flavors were overwhelming...just gently swirling in your mouth to let you enjoy the dish in its totality. One more sweet gesture we noticed there...there was a family celebrating a birthday...after the staff brought a small cake with a candle, they clicked a picture and there and then printed it on the laptop and gifted it to the family! a very touching gesture for someone celebrating their birthday for sure. They even brought a balloon for our son and never once got irritated when he was running around. After the food was served and we had eaten a few morsels, our server Senthil personally came to ask if we liked everything and whether the food was the way it should be in north india...very humble and once again impressive that they are not arrogant about what they are serving in such a lavish setting. All the while there is live indian music playing on the ground floor level and other customers especially international ones seemed rapt by the music. The decor overall is tasteful and warm and very traditional. In conclusion, a very successful evening thanks to Copper Point and we walked out with a wonderful warmth in our hearts, making sure to visit again!
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prashant.83 - Burrp User


June 01,2009

Great place 2 be!!

i liked Copper Point a lot, n i happened to go there for lunch..the place itself smelled good of tandoori chicken and and the ambiance is very good. The food served was very yummy and i was seriously happy with the place and the food. I ll keep goin to the place to have more of biriyanis and Great Tandoori dishes!!! yummyyyy...;)
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suminair - Burrp User


June 01,2009

A good Indian fare

I went to Copper Point last friday for lunch, hoping to have some really good North Indian cuisine. I was not disappointed at all, i was in for a scrumptious feast on good mughalai food. The biryani what they serve there is one of the best I've had so far, so i reccomend the mutton biryani to everyone. Am definetly gonna visit this place again.
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Nikhil Menon - Burrp User

Nikhil Menon

September 09,2008


Utter dissappointment.My 1st visit happened to be in the year 2004 and it was an awesome place.Presuming the same,I happened to pay a visit last month only to see that this wasn't even half as good as it was in 04.Over priced,and the chicken curry that they served was highly salty making the whole experience SALTY....
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Harish Anand Thilakan - Burrp User

Harish Anand Thilakan

April 07,2008

More than just a facelift

Copper Point and GRT have really got their new act together and the place now sports a much more welcoming look and the food has improved by leaps and bounds. Full review on - http://thesharck.blogspot.com/2008/03/chennai-copper-point-old-wine-in-new.html
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