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Vishal Joseph - Burrp User

Vishal Joseph

January 06,2016

For the hopeless romantic.

Ask for the balcony seating with the Sea View.
It's the ideal place for you to take your loved one for a special date.
The manager Mr.Hari was very accommodating. This place was suggested to me by my colleague. Had a lovely experience.

Their food is good but the pricing was really high. I appreciate good food for a good price, but I feel Kipling Cafe is slightly over priced.

Yet, a good experience.
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sudharshana15 - Burrp User


June 19,2013

My Experience

The food and the ambiance is amazing. They have given importance to every detail. It is the perfect place for you to go with your Family/ Friends :-)
Keep up the good work Kipling Cafe team!!....Great job!!
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Deepesh Tarun  - Burrp User

Deepesh Tarun

April 27,2013

Great Location Average Food

The place is brilliantly set up. Lawn in the middle and dining in Tents with a table. But that is the only good thing about the place. The food is very average and over priced. However on New Years eve this place was the place to be. The bar counter was nicely set up and there is huge lawn to dance on. The food on that night also was a little average. Worth a one time visit though just for the location.
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bobbie2013 - Burrp User


March 24,2013

Kiplings Food

My husband and I went to Kipling recently for dinner with our baby.The ambience is very good and the food great.Overall it was a lovely experience. They however need to get some high chairs for toddlers.They gave a low kind of chair and our Baby was so restless and uncomfortable and we could not enjoy our meal in peace because of this.They just need to correct this.I am sure they will do great
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Preethi Raghu - Burrp User

Preethi Raghu

November 16,2012

Not the place for vegetarian's

Place has a great ambience. You will be disappointed after seeing the menu card especially if your a vegetarian. Beware of mosquito's at night!! Considerably over priced for its quantity and quality.
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foodie2485 - Burrp User


November 16,2012

Over rated and snooty!

Ok, the best thing about Kipling Cafe is the location and ambience. That's about it. The place smacks of attitude and lethargy. If you are a foreigner or are with an ex pat, then you get royal treatment, else you are treated like you are the scum of the earth. We waited for over half an hour for a cold coffee. Now it takes a complete retard to fix a bad cold coffee, as there's no such thing as a bad cold coffee. trust me, this coffee, when it did arrive, was the most awful cold coffee i've ever had. It had no trace of coffee and it was sugary, with no cream or froth. And i paid more than 150 bucks for this. Hate the place. Hope it shuts soon.
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Lata Srinivasan - Burrp User

Lata Srinivasan

September 16,2012

Bad experience

Went to Kipling cafe a while back for dinner. Ordered a veg pasta and they served me chicken and insisted it was veg!
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matinkumar - Burrp User


September 09,2012

lovley place, great food, excellent service

I cant just belive it , lovley place ,best time to go in the evening , i took my family there for dinner two days ago, we had some pasta and continental stater, thai curry, food was excellent well cooked , dessert were amazing, service staff were very helpful,over all great place
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rajivimal - Burrp User


September 06,2012

best place in chennai

we been there on last week with my friends for dinner , the place is beautiful especially with the small huts and food amazing , we really enjoyed our dinner , the staff was very attentive and polite, we look forward to visit again and again ................
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wiredbeats  - Burrp User


August 20,2012

Beer in a coffee mug!!

Its an superb place. Nice ambience and decor. Except that their service is a turn off. No ketchup with fries and they serve beer in a coffee cup!. Thats such a turn off. The 'Cup' of beer is way too small to even qualify as a pint and they charge 150 rupees for that sip of beer.

I dont think they have a full permit to serve booz or else they wont be so.

Otherwise its ok. Decent place and a bit expensive.
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harshakoda - Burrp User


August 18,2012

How to destroy your restaurant with attitude!

2 days ago we had some guests over and so we ordered home some food from Kipling Chennai - a pizza and some starters.

Mind you, this was not the first time we have experienced Kipling. In the past we have been to the restaurant and eaten the international menu... and more recently ordered something from the Indian (Kipling Masala) menu for delivery.

The food is expensive, but the ambience is good, especially with all the little huts. Though they don't have a bar, last time I went to pick up some tandoori stuff I also noticed that they have started to serve some beer.

But they have a problem... a real big problem. If you complain about the food or the service... they throw back some attitude at you. I guess it comes from the fact that the staff think they are 'the happening place' because of all the foreigners who frequent the place. I wonder what the owners have to say about this?

Anyway, coming back to my story... the food arrived an hour later (even more actually) and it was cold - ice cold I would say. The delivery boy says "It got cold because the food was sitting in the kitchen and we were too busy to deliver it... we had lots of guests".

"Ok.... so why did you take the order? Call the manager I want to talk to him."

The manager, Hari, had an an even bigger attitude - probably in proportion to his pay scale, and he is even more rude. After some 10 minutes of nonsense on the phone where Hari, who is constantly in a hurry to collect his money, continues to justify the delay in delivery and makes it seem like things like this happen all the time. He offered to 'replace the food', but with the clock nearing 11 and we hardly had a choice in the matter... and with no guarantee of it being delivered on time... or being delivered at all.

All other restaurants would have already closed orders and the situation with my guests was getting more and more embarrassing.

I told Hari - "This is not the right attitude... come tomorrow morning and collect he money... and you please come personally, because I want to see your face... I really want to meet the person who has this attitude in the service industry."

The whole of yesterday there was no sign of him.

I called some friends to find out if anyone knew the people behind Kipling. After having lived in Chennai for so long and being one of the earliest members of the Chennai Food Guide I was bound to find someone who knew the Kipling owners and surely there was... Someone gave me Gomathy's number and I texted her that I wanted to mail/talk to her about the experience at Kipling. There was no reply but there was a call - not from her... not from the manager... but a nice gentleman who introduced himself as the "Inspector of Neelankarai"

Apparently the manager has lodged a complaint that we ate his food and did not pay. When I explained to the inspector what had transpired, he was surprised and said the manager had told him the story differently. He also said he will send the manager to meet me and apologize and collect the payment.

I wonder of Gomathy or Patrick read this forum? What do they have to say?
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Swetha Reddy - Burrp User

Swetha Reddy

June 17,2012

Good Food ! But hot on an after noon..no sea view

Biryani was good.. Service was nice .

Doesn't accept AMEX Card !!
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sezhian - Burrp User


June 02,2011

More boards please!!

Was there at Kipling last week for dinner.. best place for a romantic dinner.. awesome ambience, food is okayish, wouldnt say great.. but the place fills the gap.. nice music.. but there is one huge problem.. finding the place!! at night, the small sign on the ECR is really quite small, and one can easily miss the board.. and even once u turn into the road, finding the place is not easy, looks just like another one of the bungalows on that road.. I'd really suggest the management to add more sign boards on the road leading to Kipling, or a lot of people who wanna visit this place might never make it...
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justforcomment - Burrp User


January 03,2011

Great place!!!

was there on new year eve....superb place....well organized...
Best place in Chennai to hangout (also because less options are available in Chennai..)....
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M@sT@  - Burrp User


September 30,2010

Gr8 plaze..

Ambience superb.... I went there for dinner, food was good. Pad thai noodles was awesome..staff is also very friendly..
Nice place to visit, no hast less totally out of city.....
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kaushals - Burrp User


April 17,2010

Really bad service..

Went there for desserts, and were in for a rude shock. After initially enjoying how the place was pretty to look at, we sat down and immediately, there was a waiter on our head asking for our order. Asked for some regular cold water -- give us 2 minutes to look at the menu please!
5 minutes later, the waiter came back saying "we only serve you Qua". Umm.. first bad sign..
Then, I ordered a dessert, and *only then* noticed that there was a "Rs. 250 cover charge per person" snuck at the bottom of a page in the middle of the menu.

hmmph! Asked them to clarify, and the manager came by and just said "that is our policy, Sir -- this is common everywhere". When asked to name a place, he struggled to find an example.

Even though, after discussion with him (where he repeatedly kept saying "this happens everywhere"), he agreed to not charge the cover charge this one time (as if he was doing us a favour), we left fairly disappointed that they didn't as much as smile. I am normally all about the food, but to be insulted was quite shocking.

Having dined in many fine-dining places (and this certainly doesn't qualify for that; it is a super over-priced *cafe*), I am appalled at the unprofessional service at a cafe that's trying to be as nice as this. Mr. Ross Burden, the ball is in your court to try and actually want your customers to eat there.
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pavithrap - Burrp User


March 28,2010

Great Ambience!! Good Food!

Away from the city hum-drum, this place is truly idyllic for a perfect evening with family/ friends (even better if you happen to go with your guy/gal). Beautifully set in the garden area of a beach house/ bungalow, the place is lit dim, with mild music and comfortable seating, well spaced out.
The place offers a fine variety of Mediterranean / continental food. At least the ones I ve tried were delicious.
Do expect the service to be slow, but if you enjoy the ambience, the wait wouldn't matter...
A little expensive but worth it…
Not a good idea to visit early evening, considering the heat in Chennai.
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Ramki  - Burrp User


October 26,2009

Good Place, tad bad service

Positives First:
1. Pizzzzaassss..... mmmm This will come on top of the best pizza's i have had so far... Cheese was really soft and fresh..

2. The ambiance of the place is just too good, If you have a girl you like by your side, time will just zip away.

3.The starters were decent - A french onion soup (Rs. 250 bucks) with so much onion was so good..One strange thing about these soup thing is that we wanted the two soups shared between three people - bang came the reply - "there is no by/three business". I wonder whats that policy for - it sucks big time!

1.The pricing is over the roof - A Cheese tart (really small costs Rs. 450, not to mention the 10% service charge on top of that)
2. sub-ordinary service - One of the waiters showed a lot of attitude (rest of the crew were okay)
3. A horrible hot chocolate for Rs.130 bucks...
4. there's no way you could spot the signboard of this place, its nicely hidden behind a tree bush...

Over all a good place to spend time with your loved ones - Anyone throwing a treat here all alone - think again - at the end of the day you will definitely need a bail out!

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divyakrishnan - Burrp User


September 18,2009

nice place n not so nice food

been here twice. was told the chef was brit. hence the food is pretty bland.... desserts are sexed out....sans that, the place is like sooper nice... one will fall in love with the place for sure... the toilets are very nice..one star for that:) kinda reely heavy on ur pocket... defly not worth the money but a must see for the place. and yes, very difficult to find the place unless u have sooper eyesight to spot they micro mini board. kinda avg on the whole
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gastronomic20 - Burrp User


August 10,2009

Great place, good food, comes at a price!

Brilliant but for the hot and humid weather!
Much has been said about the ambiance- its lovely and very very cozy, same popular theme- a old styled bungalow with HUGE outdoor space.

The food is European and Medit. Starters, Sandwiches, Pizzas, Pastas, deserts.

Service is slow and at times annoying cos of the response time= another resto that is currently understaffed.

Pricing is upmarket- 600-800 per head. Levy 10% service charge.

Unlike someone mentioned, they dont allow BYOB/corkage- I asked specifically.

We were a five member group- had cream of asparagus soup, Bruschetta, pizzas, pasta and thai veg curry with rice. All the items are awesome. In fact, I had pizza at 601 last night and found the one at Kipling to be better- especially we had one pizza with goat cheese which was brilliant. Sadly we did not try the deserts. Limited options for Veggies but still worth a try.

Would go again but not with a group or family
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poojajain5 - Burrp User


July 12,2009


the lane l.jey ave.is not lit ,no sign board either so can easily b missed.as for the place its outdoor nice n breezy,service can take time. on sat its better to book.food is not something i would rave abt,a litle cold not much choice for vege.though the music at a pvt. party was keeping us spirited.a must mention is the bouganvilla boutique.pretty nice stuff.....
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sylvestersteele - Burrp User


April 10,2009

Nice place

Place is a bit far. Ambiance was good, except for the faint whiff of (I think) horse dung. Service was decent. The mushroom soup was very rich. Tasty but can't eat much. The menu says that the Chicken risotto comes with a chicken breast, but ours had bone in it, so I'm not sure if it was actually a breast. Anyway, both the rice and the chicken were sort of underdone. The margarita pizza was quite good. Not as hot as I'd like, but it was very tasty.

The Tiramisu was good too.

Overall, the experience was great: eating food in the open on low tables etc. But if you are an Indian foodie whose highest priority is taste, and if you are willing to sacrifice the ambiance, head to Little Italy or Cedars instead. For Europeans, maybe this is a better place over Little Italy and Cedars, because the food here doesn't have as much masala or whatever as the other two, but I'm not sure about that.
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shanky1 - Burrp User


April 10,2009

Lovely Place, great food, inconsistent service

You can't really go wrong if you decide to spend an evening here. An outdoor setting located in a large balinese resort style campus off ECR. Seating is in al-fresco tables or thatched huts - go for the huts if you want some privacy.
The menu is limited and light, and brings out the taste of the ingredients used - which means it would disappoint people who like food doused in masalas and spices so you can't make out if you're eating a prawn or something off the lawn. That said, though the ambience guarantees a great evening, the first time we went the food was heavenly (the best prawn tempura I've had outside of Japan) but the service was atrocious, with waiters playing a brilliant game of hide-and-seek, and the main course taking an hour and a half, and still arriving before our starters! The next time, service was much better, but the food had gone down a notch (the prawns were bland and the desserts so-so), but still decent enough. The pastas and pizzas use ingredients different from the barbeque chicken and arabiatta sauce you find elsewhwere, but are reasonably safe bets if you don't want to experiment too much.
Existing laws make this a No-liquor place. A glass of beer or wine with your food would enhance the value of this place many-fold, but....
Prices are high - a notch below the 5-star hotels, with soups around Rs.175, main courses around Rs.400+ and desserts around Rs.200.
Overall, a great place to take your significant other/friends/family to, in that order. You're unlikely to be disappointed.
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