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vikasvarun62 - Burrp User


June 29,2014


Am I a fool, ordering food from MK, Adyar branch after the WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE last time? Ordered food at 7.30 pm, was promised delivery after 45 minutes, but did not know it stretched from 45 minutes to infinity. Food was ultimately delivered after umpteen phone calls, broken promises, et al, at 10.00 PM, would you believe it?

Ordered food at 7.30 p.m tonight (2 nos. HP3), as usual was promised a 45 minute wait, it is 8.10 pm now, PLEASE, PLEASE GOD, let the miracle happen!
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Abishek Chandrasekaran - Burrp User

Abishek Chandrasekaran

November 17,2012

Good on the purse. below average otherwise

We wanted a place to have dinner which was not so heavy on the pocket and came here. We regretted it as soon as we saw the way the service was done. The waiters know nothing about the dishes nor will they replace uncooked ones. The parathas were good. Many reviews had praised the dal makhani but there was nothing good to it at all! the dal was not boiled properly and yeah a dollop of butter doesnt solve everything! This is probably a restaurant to survive in a s/w complex canteen but not as a regular restaurant!
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hksrini - Burrp User


March 10,2012

Customer Service - Pathetic

I ordered for Paneer Tikka and got 6 bricks - was so bad. When I complained to the biller - he just told that he will let the kitchen folks know - did not bother to replace the same. I am very surprised by the 3 stars. I had ordered for HP 3 and they did not bother to server Chaas which is part of the deal. We are supposed to ask for plates, spoons and forkes which really made me decide - THIS PLACE SUCKS BIG TIME...No more Mast Kalandar.
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Sreehari  B. Nambiar  - Burrp User

Sreehari B. Nambiar

January 22,2012

some hits, some misses!

been here 4-5 times and there had been mixed responses all these times. last time when we visited the food was just average with under cooked rice and water mixed like panner butter masala. naaah! but before that the food was nice, with good parathas and curries, but the tandoor platter missed the mark. it was only the first two times that the food was on the spot. Is it so that as business grows quality suffers? request the concerned to relook at your service offerings.
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Chandra B.K - Burrp User

Chandra B.K

January 06,2012

More than Decent-ish place

We went for dinner today to the Mast Kalandar outlet at Adyar. Much in line with the other reviews, we found the food quite decent, more than just edible. In particular, the parathas were quite good; the side-dishes were so-so (the kofta was more like a sweet dish, the dal makhani was on the heavier side). I would definitely recommend the starters (veg. seekh kabab etc), since we definitely found it quite good. The dahi dish (cannot recall what it was called) again felt like a dessert, it was that sweet.
Mostly, beware of two aspects: the place is virtually soaking in paneer, which shows up in the oddest dishes (paneer-saag, anyone?), and many dishes which are somewhat sweet elsewhere tend to be like dessert items.
The service was ok-ish but note that since you first order at the counter and then take a seat, table service is not something you will notice (or is particularly important). What counts is service at the ordering counter, and that was quite all right (may be since the place was empty).
Overall, quite a decent experience, although on the expensive side, and I would definitely return to the place.
I would actually rate this place a 3.5, between "Average" and "good", but since that option does not exist, I round it off to the next highest integer!
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Reema Deo - Burrp User

Reema Deo

December 12,2011

Super dal makhni

This place is a heaven for those who want to eat North Indian food in the city of Idlis and dosas. their parathas have so many choices and halka phulka combos are something which have become our daily lunch. Their Dal makhani is out of the world and makes me visit and revisit . Thanks Mast Kalandar
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Divya Jayaraman - Burrp User

Divya Jayaraman

December 09,2011

Lovely combos... a delight for veg food lovers

me and my friends went to mast kalandar in adyar... it is a real nice place... we ordered some combos and found them to be very tasty and lip smacking delicious. i have tried this place in bangalore and found the adyar branch in chennai to be equally good... their gol gappas were equally... we had the great indian combo and it was awesome!!! hope to visit there sometime soon... the chaas is spicy rest of the food is too good!
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gottisingh06 - Burrp User


December 06,2011

Loved the parathas always

I have been to most of the Mast Kalandar outlets in Bangalore since they opened , recently shifted to Chennai and was more than delighted to see my favorite eating joint in Chennai, but being new in the city i did browsed thru burrp, which gave me extremely negative picture of Mast Kalandar that I was dreading to go to Mast Kalandar since last 1 week of my my stay here, but being tired of idlies and sambhars I ventured into their adyar outlet yesterday with 2 of my friends , we ordered the Achari Paneer paratha and 2 Maha combos, and when the order landed i was not surprised, the Dal makhani had the same awesome flavor and raita was great, Gulan Jamuns were just right and the chaas was wonderful . We were full stomach and happy at heart with feeling to back here soon, I m sure Mast kalandar is going to be my frequent places to be visited in my next 6 months stay at chennai !!
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Prem Shankarr - Burrp User

Prem Shankarr

December 01,2011

Worse than govt college canteen food.

Disclaimer ~ i dont have anything personally against this joint.

We went to this place new branch open in velachery and it was by far the worst food tasted like ever in my life. The place was ok looking no complaints about the interiors and stuff BUT the food was PATHETIC. The roti had like sand in it....the biriyani was like dog food....the dhal was like the paruppu we have with sambhar (tamil)....the paneer was like an eraser....i was like can any place be THIS BAD....

When enquired with the restaurant ppl we got to know that they actually dont cook in this place and they just heat already cooked food transported from some place....I was like in total SHOCK....and for 6 of us the bill came to 2200 Rs which is higly ridiculous for the sh*t they serve.....

If the management of this place is looking at this post you guys better do something about it.... IT WAS PATHETIC....DO NOT GOTO THIS PLACE UNLESS.....jus dont go however bad your situation is :D
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tanvishah - Burrp User


November 20,2011

Visit if you wanna fall sick !

I visited this place a couple of days ago and was the only customer (i should have some brains to get out being the only customer). Thought it was 12 30 and may not be lunch time yet. Ordered Rajma chawal and finished most of it as i was damn hungry. Came home and after a couple of hours had severe stomach ache and threw up till the last bit. I managed to get up today and thought will caution fellow burrpers before they try this place. I have tried eating at some many places and eat atleast twice a week outside and this is my first such horrid experience.
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alpharomeo35 - Burrp User


November 07,2011

i wish they had somebrains

i would visit this place only when i dont have my senses.this place is nothing but cheap food.
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chennaiboy - Burrp User


October 02,2011

BAD taste!

I never had this kind of bad taste north Indian food in Chennai. After reading some good reviews about this place decided visit there last weekend. I was not sure about the location, so called the numbers provided in burrp. The mobile numbers were not reachable and the landline number was simply ringggggggging.. so we had to ask the passerby to get the route. ( but actually it is on the main road and very easy to locate)... since no one picked up the phone, it had taken longer time to find out.
We ordered combos and they just serviced in seconds..all the combos basically have dal tadka or dal makhani which taste good .. And the combo comes with paneer butter masala.. when looked it at the first time we thought it's just a tomato sauce and even it taste like that. The (dum!) briyani is not briyani at all and even a normal tomato rice is much better than this.
The restaurant is more spacious and the location and ambience are good.. but its very very expensive for the food they offer. And expecting very customer friendly service..
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Diophantus Erd?s - Burrp User

Diophantus Erd?s

September 11,2011

Worst Service Ever

Went to the restaurant in Chennai after I frequented it in Bangalore. Worst service ever in any restaurant possible. They make the customers wait in line to order and never care to take order with care. I asked for a three paratha combo and they took order for three, three paratha combos (9 in total) and printed the bill. Also the sweet I ordered was taken wrong and the worst part is when questioned, the manager tried to convince me that both items are same. Wrought with problems, I wonder how this restaurant can survive.
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psmith2 - Burrp User


August 15,2011

Still bad

I originally had a very bad experience with this place about two years ago when it had just opened. I thought two years later they would have cleaned up their act and had gone today. The place was not very crowded for lunch even though today is a holiday and so we ordered the full works. Then started the disaster , the masala cola was a big fraud , two bottles of coke and an open katori of some vague masala is supposed to be the masala cola costing 70 rs each , about 150 rs for two bottles of coke costing 40 rs in total. That was still ok compared to what came after , we never got the starter , the so called kebab platter , so had to start the main course instead and when we were
Almost done and were to walk out of the place did the kebab's arrive. The food it had to be said was ok , bland but not bad but the service was pathetic. And yes I did forget to mention , the 70 rs fake masala cola,s rates in the menu read as 42 rs , apparently the menu is being revised for all items though the other times the men
Nu rates and the rates charged of us did tally. Not sure what the scam is here. All in all the place still sucks
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chikki234 - Burrp User


August 05,2011

North Indian - the way it should be

Such authentic flavors is a boon for delhi people in chennai. I go there almost 2-3 times every week and I am so happy this restaurant exists in Chennai. They serve food quickly and without a fuss. The manager always remembers to ask me how my day was. I particularly am very fond of their phulka meals.
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shruthij - Burrp User


July 05,2011

Disappointments Galore!

Tried Mast Kalandar (Besant nagar) last weekend after having read great reviews. But we were in for a terrible DISAPPOINTMENT. Starting with Dahi papdi chat which had nothing except Dahi & papdi topped with sev (not even a drop of the chutneys that chats are topped with). Even roadside chat tastes better. After a long wait, we got a thaali with cold parathas, gulab jamuns fried in stale oil, and not so soft paneer. Service was bad, the guy at the billing counter was arrogant, dirty washrooms, staff fighting in front of guests. Phew! quite an experience.. And not to mention the 'unique' yet senseless billing system where you pay first at the counter and then proceed to your seat. The queue at the SINGLE counter is irritating when you have families in front of u, taking their own time to consult, pick & choose and place the order. This makes sense in places like Adyar Ananda Bhavan, where its self-service. But cant understand the logic behind this system, where u have food served at the table by the boys. Are they scared we would run away without paying for the food???
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks for the prompt response. I have said all that I had to in my feedback. And going by the other reviews below, doesnt look like anything has changed since Aug 2010 (which happens to be the earliest review on page-1) I don't think I would want to turn to other pages and read further.
Being a north Indian chain, I would suggest you guys eat at Rajdhani (in Express avenue) and learn what hospitality is all about.

Aishwarya Shanmugam - Burrp User

Aishwarya Shanmugam

May 10,2011

Best diet food!!!!

I had been there was lunch and the ambience there was too good. The lunch combo i ordered was great which was oil less and was worth for money. The only draw back of the lunch combo was the salad where they had served raw raddish and cucumber, otherwise 't was a good meal indeed. I belive this is one of the best place that serve diet food. They should definetly expand the menu as it was very small otherwise the food was great.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Guest!! thanks so much for liking the food !! we're working on the new menu and would be glad to know if you have any special feedback or addition that you would be looking for. please send in your feedback at info@mastkalandar.com

thefoodaholic - Burrp User


April 23,2011

Tasty but Disappointing!

Mast Kalandar was THE most favourite place on my eat-out list until recently..Had gone with a couple of my friends..we ordered and waited for almost 1 hr! and not even the starter arrived..only our order seemed to be delayed while customers who placed the order after us were served promptly..the waiters kept saying 10 minutes until it got unbearable and we took up the issue with the manager! and guess what he was the most unfriendly-and-rude manager we've EVER seen! he literally insulted us and reimbursed our order like as if he were doing us a favor! Mast Kalandar founder, if you see this , request you to take this up with your staff and ask them to be polite!The food you serve is AWESOME but the people who serve really aren't.. thanks..
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mansijm - Burrp User


March 05,2011

Good Budget Food

Been there quite a few times with my office colleagues and once with family. My take is that avoid weekend evenings. Something happens to them then.

Every time I have gone for lunch I have had an enjoyable experience. The food has been hot, well cooked and served almost immediately.

The food is home made. Nothing like the highly spiced up fare served under the heading of north indian food. The Paneer specially is soft and just melts in the mouth. Best part, one place which knows the difference between phulkas and rotis. Worth the money!!!
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks a lot !!! you made our day :)

Mast Kalandar

mastkalandar - Burrp User


December 14,2010

Response to Sangeetha's review dated 10th december

Hi Sangeetha,
We're very sorry that you had to face an unpleasant experience at our outlet.
Would like to talk to you about it and understand better about the problem that you've faced.
Pls send us your contact details on info@mastkalandar.com.

Once again thanks for writing us the feedback.

Mast kalandar Team
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Sangeetha Dayasagar - Burrp User

Sangeetha Dayasagar

December 10,2010

not impressed.

The food was mediocre
Wait time unbearable
cleanliness.. pathetic.
Overall a not a impressive experience..
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meghar - Burrp User


December 01,2010


After yesterday's experience, I have no clue what the hype is all about. For starters, standing and waiting to pay up is annoying. Anyways, when the food was served it was lukewarm and mediocre. The paneer gravy was undercooked. The vegetables in the salad were not at all fresh, and didn't look too clean. And now for the icing on the cake. The Chaas arrived and there were bits of masala etc floating on top of it. And in the middle of it - floating around - yeah, wait for it, was a tiny COCKROACH! Now if thought that was bad enough, beat this - The staff's response when we complained was "This must have come in with the masala, it usually happens! It's only a small thing..Would you like to have something else from our kitchen?" At that point we were pretty much on the verge of throwing up, so anything else from the kitchen, was quite out of the question.I thought they served Vegetarian food - since when did they start serving non vegetarian food?!
Terrible, terrible place. Quite an understatement that is.
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Vinay Kamal - Burrp User

Vinay Kamal

October 26,2010


I placed an order for daal and roti at 830 pm and now it is 10:30 pm. I am still waiting for my food. This is my second experience with this restaurant. I had faced the same issue earlier, and posted it here as well.

More than Mast, they are 'last'.
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ekta1681 - Burrp User


October 14,2010

Bad food, leave alone athentic North Indian

I ordered dahi papdi chaat, the puris were half dry, the curd was warm and thin, there were no potatoes in the chat, nor was there enough of green or sweet chutney. I asked them to put more curd and chutneys, yet nothing could save the chaat!

The Patiala Chaas was like drinking "mor" at a "sadya" in South India. The phulkas were good, but the dal was bland, the sabzi was oily...we didn't even finish our meal.

The loo had no water. There is a common loo for men and women and the hygiene is pathetic.
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HumblePie - Burrp User


August 13,2010

Mediocre to the extreme

The food is NOT authentic North Indian, by no means. The dal tadka was bland. The rabdi wasn't creamy or thick, it was more like condensed milk. The malpua was lukewarm when served and rather rubbery. Dhaaba Express is a much better option, by way of just the quality of food.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Customer,

We are concerned to read your comment. We serve authentic North Indian food as it is served in the homes. We dont serve the typical restaurant like heavily spiced and oily food. It is the food that is consumed on an everyday basis in North Indian homes.

If you can share your contact number at info@mastkalandar.com then i would like to personally call you.

Thanks and regards,
Gaurav Jain
CEO, Mast Kalandar Restaurants

Sruthini Ravi - Burrp User

Sruthini Ravi

July 12,2010


dont ever go to this restaurant... very bad. ambiance is good but food is very bad.. menu also not so gr8.. waste of money. quantity is very less. very costly. late service.
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aditya.cr - Burrp User


June 10,2010

Massst Kalandhar!

One of the best North Indian Punjabi food I have EVER tasted, VERY FAST service, not crowded at all, Superb Dal, Punjabi Panneer, and the Patiala Chaas is another bomb worth trying- very economical prices- all the dishes are combos of different wheat pancakes (chappati/ kulcha/ naan) with side dishes... A must check out! And especially- it is PURE VEG... I love it!!!
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chennai.eat - Burrp User


May 26,2010

Tasteless n Expensive: Worst option

Mast kalandar's food is always the same...its not tasty, its expensive , it takes time and the place is overcrowded....it seems they never put spices in their food, quantity served is less and desserts are overlypriced.....Its like u order, u wait, u wait and wait and then what you get can be compared to home food cooked for a sick person. Better avoid and cook at home.
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Fountainhead - Burrp User


May 24,2010

Worst Kalandar

Thanks to you guys I'm beaten black, blue and purple as I took my cousins to this place. The counter order concept does not suit this place as they don't serve fast food. We had to wait in line for about half an hour to order, and another 40 mins to get our food. Hoping at least the food would be good I kept the conversation on the ambiance (which was not tat great either). The food was extremely tasteless (I promise this is not my exaggeration). If anyone plans to visit this place think twice and if you're taking friends or family along, expect no less than bad treatment afterward.
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sourabhshukla - Burrp User


May 22,2010

superrrrrrrrrr food

I do not usually prefer eating out coz of the oily, unhealthy food served by most of the resturants..mastkalandar breaks the myth that food should be cooked in lots of oil & spices to make it tastier...go to mast kalandar if you like tasty,less oily,less spicy and home like(trust me) food...the foodis worth the money u pay..

The only inconvinience we had was that we had to stand & wait till we got the food coupans...though the seats were available but you will get it only once you buy the coupans..
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svs4you - Burrp User


May 21,2010

Great Food & Dependable Place!

Mast Kalandar whether it be in Bangalore, Hyderabad or Chennai is dependable. It is commendable that the taste, cleanliness and service is kept uniform. Good option for late dinners as the outlet is open beyond 10 pm. HP series is the best, love the parathas and can't leave without the Patiala Chaas. They have added a new mexican paratha that is yumm.
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vijayd - Burrp User


May 16,2010

Good food, but the noise level kills the mood

Both me & my wife really like the food at Mast Kalandar. The portions are quite sufficient and the food is tasty. However, the very high noise levels are making us reconsider our decision to continue eating there.

The first source of noise is the very loud music making conversations almost impossible. Every time we request the manager to reduce the volume, it goes down for some time before going back to the original loud level. The second source of the noise is the constantly open kitchen door which means all the clanging inside (the sink is not too far away from the door) hits customers directly.

We would have easily given another star but the noise is really killing the mood for us. Hope the owner responds some day and fixes the problem.
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pradeep saran - Burrp User

pradeep saran

May 13,2010

Bitter Experience !!

Heard a lot about this place from my friends in B'lore and wanted to try out in Chennai.Had a very sour weekend experience ! As a fact I agree that I went in on a peak sat night, where there were just 3-4 waiters serving 50 odd people, A/C above my table wasn't working, had to wait 40-45 mins for my food.Not even a glass of water was served !

Pros: Good healthy combo meal !!

Cons : Need to work a lot on the service and fix the a/c's !!
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K K - Burrp User


May 09,2010

Memories from July 2009

Discovered this place while returning home from Bessie one evening in July 2009 with a friend. The first time we were there, the restaurant had been open for a day or so, and we found the staff quite courteous and excited to serve.

I went there a couple of more times with friends and parents, and every time, I was impressed by their sumptuous food. I think that I really loved the bhaingan-bartha, the masala chaas (definitely great memories of that, and, perhaps, one of the best that I have had in Chennai), and their combo meals. I guess that during the course of my visits, I sampled almost everything on their menu, and was quite satiated by their offerings. What was even more amazing was their pricing, which seemed to be quite a deal for the quality.

Alas, some recent reviews seem to suggest that this place has slipped since then. However, I hope that this is an aberration and that they would be back to those wonderful initial days of theirs.

Food quality and taste: 4/5
Ambience and service: 3.5/5
Price: 5/5
Overall: 4/5
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vyomsinha - Burrp User


April 22,2010

Wake up MastKalandar Management

It used to be a place we enjoyed going to for good food but off late qaulity of food as well as service has detoriated drastically.
We order HP combo and the Roti were made of stale dough , food was too spicy and dissapointing
Either the mangement has changed or just given up.
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Vinay Kamal - Burrp User

Vinay Kamal

April 21,2010

Home Delivery

I stay in Tiruvanmiyur which is like 5 mins from this place. Every time i place an order they take minimum 2 hours to bring the food. After getting frustarted if you call them and try to cancel the food, they wouldnt even apologize. I find the service very bad and the staff not at all customer friendly. Order food from this place only if you are ready to eat after 2 hours. Well! you learn the value of food.
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tvamsee - Burrp User


March 29,2010

Terrible disappointment

As someone who has spent major part of his life in north india, I must say this place was a terrible disappointment. I tried a couple of combos, and while the main subji might be good, the accompanying dal makhani is only passable and the Naans were pathetic. after about 10 mins, they become extremely hard and i could not even break them with my hands.The only good part of the meal was the gulab jamun, quite big and well made - the only time it felt like a north indian place.
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ram007in - Burrp User


March 24,2010

Pathetic Quality and service

Offlate service of MAst kalandar has become pathetic. Last week we ordered for Cholle Smose ki chaat and there was "NAIL" inside it which we discovered when it went in mouth. I can imagine how unhygenic their food would be prepared. Today I had ordered for home deliver at 7:15 but till now ie 9pm it has not arrived. MAnagement is hopeless, irresponsible and useless.
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smiraj - Burrp User


March 11,2010

the best place to be

This is the great place..i had heard about this place in bangalore but could never go..but here they are so near to the place where i live so had chance to go. Its like a virus which you would want to get attacked with. The food is yummy..and their chaas..yummmm i love it. In last week i had twice..and now when my cylinder is over and it would take time to come i tell my hubby that we go there almost everyday..only fear is the owners should'nt put us out after seeing us almost daily.!!!!
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7522i819 - Burrp User


January 23,2010

Just kalandar!

An honest attempt to the business model, these guys have shown what a die hard foodie does to take it to the next level: open up a shop of your own!
Although not sure whether 'die-hard foodie' is the right tag but that's what their news-clip frames make you feel when you reach there!

Coming straight to the 'kha-ke-kaisa-laga' / [how-did-it-taste], the fact of the matter is, although they have taken pains to bring the best on your plate, but somehow it doesn't happen. The taste, was just average although they have named the dishes innovatively (yet again)! They remind you of haldiram's ready-to-eat dishes especially 'dal-makhani' and the paneer gravy, the paneer was a different story altogether, first bite and i felt that this was the best place in Chennai for the super soft paneer they had served, the second cube made it vanish- 'cold rubber', but how? No idea!
Aroma- not much, Taste- average, Freshness- :( [mine was a mixture] and Flavor- detached from their ghar ka khana image!
The service time is just about ok; they make you pay in advance and when at the table, you don't have to waste time on the menu, thankfully though! Also, if its a weekend that you are planning to go there, its going to be heavy rush for which they have thrown in a waiting area, about which you will still have to figure out for lack of directions as a first timer. The portion size just made it for one person with an average appetite.

Things that i liked: location, liveliness, short time to table, politeness and their honesty and efforts to bring you the best of taste.

Things that need improvements: cleanliness, cutlery, table readiness, refills, attentiveness towards the customer, taste (in context to what the price is, portion size would be fine otherwise).

Suggestion to the management: By making it a prepaid system, aren't you ignoring the fact that the customer doesn't get the chance to tip the waiter. I found it rather cruel. Even if you are paying them good, they still have a universal right to get that share of appreciation for the service they give to a customer in a monetary form. Just an opinion!
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sumeetdesai - Burrp User


January 18,2010

Awesome food

Mast Kalandar serves great Indian Veg food - i have been their patron from a long time in Bangalore and I do hope that they bring the revolution to all over the city soon.

Meanwhile, it is only at Adyar - Shashtri nagar :-(

On a trip to the beach last week, me and my 3 friends came face to face with the glowing Mast Kalandar board, to our joy. We stepped inside in excitement and were delighted to see that people are lining up at the counter and convinced that it is the same chain from Bangalore.

We ordered - a Mahacombo, a Halka phulka and another parantha combo and rajma chawal and with some starters and drinks.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see that this store is quite well done up and large to accommodate about a 100 people.

The starter - paneer tikka was brilliant. i tasted this after a while in Chennai - yes I have completed 2 years here this Jan. The texture was soft and perfectly marinated which leaves you asking for more.

All the combos came right after the starters and we went berserk on the food. It was awesome. It there are any authenticity awards - this food deserves it.

We were full to the brim when we could not resist the gulab jamuns - we squealed in unison for some and were thoroughly satiated by the time we left.

Damage - only about 600/- odd for 4 people - could you imagine that in Chennai??

This place is perfect. I would like to see more of these propping in the city sooner than later so that I can have this food regularly.

I also saw that a lot of people are connecting with this place here and they are already bringing a lot of people a lot of happiness.
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kapru  - Burrp User


January 07,2010

Abysmal restra in chennai.... AFAIK

I just happended to visit this filthy place
yesterday,it sucks.. I went with my friend ,at 8.30 pm ,not much crowed mostly family people with their kids who were shouting and running here and there. waiter doesn't comes to seat for order..you have to go to counter and pay bills ,its prepaid counter..how could we decide in advance that we will have this item..

we ordered for paneer tikka, hot and spicy chat and thalli costing 125 each. waiter started with buttermilk,,which was ok ok..then came paneer tikka ,which luked very delectable from first sight,as soon as we had first bite,we felt eating rubber tyre which was very hard, they havn't roasted it properly.. Then came hot and spicy chat,neither it was hot nor spicy..IT was aloo ticcki with sauce and onions..meanwhile they provide us with plastic spoons(how cud a restraw can't have steel spoons).That aloo ticcki was so hard ,my friend broke the plastic spoon. THalli has 1 dry sabji, dal makhni,rubber paneer again, raita, pathetic pullao and laccha parantha.. No waiter for providing water,some waiter with very insouciant attitude... once i ordered for spoon, waiter brought it but he dropped while he was giving to me,then he lifted up that,clean it with tissue paaper and gave it to me,i was dumbstruck!!!!

Overall very bad .Don't go untill necessary,if u go,go at your own risk"
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Navin Kumaar. S - Burrp User

Navin Kumaar. S

January 06,2010

25 reviews and still average????...

...sounds ridiculous! I understand this place is not mind blowing for a 5 star, but 3 stars??? I guess tastes & mindset do vary.

As far as I'm concerned, this place is almost haven. Let me make a fact clear first, I do not fancy the roti-dal-sabji North Indian food. I do love Punjabi and North West frontier cuisines as I used to frequent Rajasthan and I still can't forget the cook and the mutton gravy he made with fresh mustard. But not the usual Roti-Dal-Sabji kind. Off late a lot of shops have come up in Chennai serving this type of cuisine.

But Mast kalandar, has actually made me savour this kind of a food in a very unique way. Their combinations (or combos as they call it), are well chosen and prepared in a nice & clean manner. I have tried EVERYTHING on the menu (no exaggeration here, I really have frequented this place atleast 25-30 times already), and I have never felt disappointed with the food EVER! Such is the taste & experience you get there. My personal favourite among the rotis served is the namak-mirchi paratha...I'm drooling now as I type!!!! In one word, excellent!

Enough said about the food, let me highlight other aspects of the joint. First, Interiors: It's quite a large space, very well laid out, and roomy. It has a red & black upholstery theme for the furnishings, similar to American diners. The place has always been neat so far, hope they maintain it!

Service, is good. They've never taken more than ten minutes to serve us our meal. Even on New Year's day, they were serving on time. The only catch is, you'll have to pay upfront at the cash/order counter, and then produce the bill to the waiter/waitress serving you.

Another noteworthy point is the waiters. No offense meant here to my fellow citizens from the North East, but I often find it difficult to communicate with North Eastern people. Most of the times, even in Hindi they fail to understand. Once in a restaurant in Nandanam (which is now closed), I asked for another naan, and the lady got me a finger bowl !!!! That's just one of the incidents. Well, at mast kalandar, you will rarely find such a case. The service people are well trained, and they talk 7 understand Hindi & English very well! Either the management has hand picked these people, or have done a great job training them. My mother owns a Spa in Gandhi Nagar, and we have a tough time dealing with our employees from North East India. Kudos to the service personnel at Mast kalandar & to the management!

And pricing, is definitely worth it. If Rs. 100 a head per meal is nominal, then this place is nominal! in fact they do have a n option for Rs. 75, a quick meal consisting 2 phulkas, rice, dal, sabji.

To wrap up, here's my score:

Food: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Interiors/Ambience: 8/10
Value for Money: 9/10
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Suseela MJ  - Burrp User

Suseela MJ

January 05,2010

Good for veggies with lots of time on their hands!

While the food was good, the method of service was a bit strange and time consuming. Avoid going on a weekend as the place is jam packed with people and you will have to wait for a table. Having to wait in line to pay for food and then having to wait for a table after paying and being able to give your receipt only after we have been seated was a bit irritating especially when hungry! The concept of combo meals was presented nicely with perfectly complementing dishes. I had the rajma paratha combo which was very good. The food combos were overall received well by our group but our quip is mainly in the time it took. Understandably going on a weekend was our mistake, but having to wait to pay for food, then again to get a table and some more time to get out food was not exactly what we signed up for. The prices are worth for the food you get. Actually you just might get more than what you pay for depending on the combo you choose! While the food was good, the drinks were a bit of a disappointment. A good pure veggie joint to check out if you have time to spare!
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vidmcr01 - Burrp User


January 02,2010

Main Information for Management- Pallavi

Its quite common that Pallavi does reply to reviews where someone praises the restaurant to the skies, but has not replied or made any amends to the blogs which expressed discontent.
The way a business services their customers directly determines who potential customers will go to, and who will be passed by. Since the beginning of time merchants have strived to outdo others in their field by finding ways to make their business stand out from the others.
Companies that focus on their customers needs and desires will ultimately soar higher up the success ladder than those who focus on fulfilling the minimum requirements from the job they perform.
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demonstrate - Burrp User


January 02,2010

nice place

went there on a friday night. Nice place - it's like dhaba express meets McD.....
- nice interiors
- nice menu, has a lot of veg variety
- even has kadhi khichadi type stuff
- not all items were available when we went there
- no non-veg :(
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vidmcr01 - Burrp User


January 01,2010

same repeating pattern of not being accountable

Please see reviews of mine & psmith2. It goes to show Mast Kalandar does not care about customer service and think they can go on even if they do such disasters.

• Total Disaster
We had read about the reviews on this place and thought will order a dinner for home delivery since we live in Adyar less than a mile away from the Hotel. The person who picked up the phone was courteous enough , took our order and assured that the food will be delivered in 45 minutes. This was at 7.30 PM tonight , we went about our stuff and by 8.30 , I really was hungry and called the number back. Then the whole problem started , the phone kept on ringing or was busy but no reply. We sent text messages , no avail. We waited till 9.00 PM , a good 90 minutes after we originally ordered and then actually went out to try get dinner from somewhere., Adyar , on a Sunday evening , is an extremely tough area to find a Hotel to eat , so we had to drive all the way to Kooturpuram to find a small joint , that was clean and actually the food was not half bad. And , the best joke is that at 9.45 PM , someone from a different number called up and threatened us if we wanted the food or not. When asked why no one picked up the phone for the last 2 hours there was no reply forthcoming apart from the vague explanation that the bike broke down.

Bottom line , in all my years of ordering and eating out , have never seen such an unprofessional behavior. Please give this restaurant a miss!!
• Highly disappointing
We had ordered at 7:15pm on New Years Day and no sign of food even by 9:45pm. Also, their solo number is not being picked up. Quite embarassing for me since I had friends over. Also, This place is frequented by me atleast once a week and they would do this was not even envisoned by me. I dont think they would like it if I placed an order and left home without being there to receive it???
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vidmcr01 - Burrp User


January 01,2010

Highly disappointing

We had ordered at 7:15pm on New Years Day and no sign of food even by 9:45pm. Also, their solo number is not being picked up. Quite embarassing for me since I had friends over. Also, This place is frequented by me atleast once a week and they would do this was not even envisoned by me. I dont think they would like it if I placed an order and left home without being there to receive it???
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Navneeth - Burrp User


November 02,2009

Amazing hotel

Hi Indian Food lovers..This hotel is an amazing place where you will different combos at very reasonable price...Delicious food hmmm loved it very much...You must have a try ek baar kaoge tho kaate reh jaoge...
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hserus - Burrp User


October 29,2009

Tasty but not particularly authentic

Lets call it five star hotel north indian .. compared to what you get on a nearby street (at a fraction of the price) from the "Indian Chat Corner" - lane next to the adyar telephone exchange.

The food is tastefully presented, fast self service, very decent variety of food and curries, a very thick, very tasty raita (and a tasty but extremely heavy dal and kadhi in what was supposed to be their "halka phulka" combo - and the rotis in that combo, delightfully thin as well, had tons of ghee slathered on them). In other words, tasty - but that halka phulka combo is going to be a pretty heavy meal by itself :)

The rice dishes and parathas have massive, generous portions.
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swarna barath - Burrp User

swarna barath

October 27,2009

Bitter taste of Dilli!

The place looked deserted at 8 in the evening and the order, pay and go to your table felt like a punishment when going for a leisure dinner with your family. I guess the place is only worth visiting for a quick lunch during office hours or so. More of a fast food joint though the service isnt really fast. In fact the waiters lacked energy and looked drained bored and irritated to serve. Everything had to be asked for..including plates, spoons and water. and the sad look on their faces made the entire experience very depressing, do we need to pay them to smile?

Coming to the food,, the chaat - dahi papdi was awesome. period. There ended the pleasure, everything else that came in after this tasted either bland or sour or bitter. The combos sounded cool and filling, we ordered the parantha combo with methi-corn-paneer parantha and mooli parantha, i cudnt take more than a bite of any of it. Maybe its not for me! So i decided to taste the rajma chawal, which was my favourite dish when i was in delhi. Unfortunately the rajma gravy was bitter too!! So was the paneer gravy that came with the Hulka Phulka combo. So i dont need to mention how jawar roti and palak wud ve been :)

One more thing i loved about the place other than the chaat is the chaas.. came in huge steel tumblers jus like they serve in delhi and it was chilled and thirst quenching too! The lassi or the lemonade all were average. Comin to the desserts, the gulab jamun that came with the combo was yummy! but the malpua with rabdi we ordered was nothing close to authentic! twas almost the same jamun with soem basandi on top...

But i should agree, the place did make me feel nostalgic .. to get bak to delhi and have some actual authentic stuff!!!!
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crashcores  - Burrp User


September 21,2009

Must Call-and-order!

I first had my taste of the cuisine back in Bangalore. My love for their food was so legendary that it felt like they followed me to Chennai when I moved base. Its every dilli food lover's stop. Their rajma chawal takes me right back to the dilli galis. The combos are quite the plate-ful. And the family curry packs (for delivery) seem quite a blessing, what with 'No minimum order on Free Home delivery' clause! A rarity!
the home delivery system could get better tho.... an hour and forty five mins is pretty long a wait by any standards. To sum it up its a vegetarian's dilli delight
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shrirambr - Burrp User


September 17,2009

A pendulum of sorts

Experienced Mast Kalandar twice in the last one week.

Here are the bouquets:

Nice Format
Very Good Portions
Awesome Food includes Rajma, Paneer Tikka, Parathas, Pickles, HP3 combo etc

Here are the Brickbats:

Very Crowded
Home Delivery is a nightmare (Gets terribly delayed and some items were forgotten)
Slow service at the restaurant (Had to wait a while for water)
Inconsistent taste of some dishes between one day and another

Overall, Mast Kalandar is a good, inexpensive place to eat but has some teething problems which need to be sorted quickly or the ratings will start to fall.
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Sriram Iyer - Burrp User

Sriram Iyer

September 10,2009

Saddi Dilli

Mast Kalandar is a simple, elegant, no-nonsense joint. Choose. Pay. Eat. As simple as that.

It really can't be knocked down to a restaurant on a list, as it follows more of a retail format, or atleast thats what its owners have to say.

The combos are well designed, and quite normally priced for the upmarket ambience. The key aspect to watch out here, is that MK does not add any preservatives or colours to food. Now, that makes a difference.

The food is good, hygenic and well-priced. However, on a taste rating, its still 6/10 as some sabjis and veggies don't really leave you asking for more.

The Rabdi and Malpua combo is heavenly, but quite heavy. For a first timer, the ideal options to checkout would be the HP meals. Halka Phulka Meals, which come in three combos, priced at 75, 95, 125.

And yes, like the name, the Phulkas are really Halka :-)
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thops - Burrp User


September 03,2009

delhi style

It is a good casual, delhi style restaurant. Unlike Cream center, here they serve parathas with less oil. tasty, But less variety. give it a try.
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psmith2 - Burrp User


August 30,2009

Total Disaster

We had read about the reviews on this place and thought will order a dinner for home delivery since we live in Adyar less than a mile away from the Hotel. The person who picked up the phone was courteous enough , took our order and assured that the food will be delivered in 45 minutes. This was at 7.30 PM tonight , we went about our stuff and by 8.30 , I really was hungry and called the number back. Then the whole problem started , the phone kept on ringing or was busy but no reply. We sent text messages , no avail. We waited till 9.00 PM , a good 90 minutes after we originally ordered and then actually went out to try get dinner from somewhere., Adyar , on a Sunday evening , is an extremely tough area to find a Hotel to eat , so we had to drive all the way to Kooturpuram to find a small joint , that was clean and actually the food was not half bad. And , the best joke is that at 9.45 PM , someone from a different number called up and threatened us if we wanted the food or not. When asked why no one picked up the phone for the last 2 hours there was no reply forthcoming apart from the vague explanation that the bike broke down.

Bottom line , in all my years of ordering and eating out , have never seen such an unprofessional behavior. Please give this restaurant a miss!!
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tastemaster - Burrp User


August 28,2009

Mast - Mast

I'd heard a bit about this place and I'd wanted to see what the fuss was all about. My parents had come down here for the weekend, and since Mom is a pure veggie, I thought I'd take them to this place and see if they like it. Mom is not a very restauarant-food-liking person and to say that she loved the place says everything about this joint.

Its located conveniently at Shastri Nagar, within reach for all the North Indians working in sofware professionals dying for home-food who have all settled in the vicinity of Adyar & Thiruvanmayur.

The interiors are bright ,cheerful and well lit. Furnishing is colourful, but practical. No ostentatious teak wood tables and heavy chairs, just tables and sofas that can withstand kids jumping about. Sort of the setting you would expect at McD's or KFC.

As opposed to a conventional restaurant, here, you have to place your orders beforehand and only then you are allotted the table. The array of choices is a bit disorienting at first, with around 8-10 choices for parathas and the like. We opted for Mango Lassi, which was really good, while Dad chose the Patiala Chas over the Coke offered with the Great Indian Maha Combo. Sadly it turned down to be a watered down version of the South Indian "Sambharam". It could do with a little more salt.
Mum was full, so she opted to have a bit of everything we had. I chose the Rajasthan Royals ki Pasand, and it came with 2 rotis made with what I believe to be bajra, a fried vada like thing, a little rice and rock-salt flavoured curd. The curd was really delicious.
The Great Indian Maha combo had a little pulav, which wasn't all that great, but the rotis were nice, and if I remember correctly, there was also paneer butter masala lurking around somewhere on the plate, which, considering the fare you are served here, shouldn't be allowed within 2 miles of this joint. Paneer butter masala is regular North Indian food. Mast Kalandar is the real deal. The gulab jamun was really delicious and it was big enough for 4 of us to have a taste.
A very close friend of mine who had tagged along, ordered the Mirchi zara Hatke paratha (or something to that effect) and the stuffing had spicy fried onions. Quite a change, considering how difficult it is to get even Aloo Parathas at other hotels serving North Indian food (They serve Paneer Butter Masala). That was nice too. Prices aren't too steep. Ideal for bachelors who can have a really filling meal for about Rs 75-80. One dish is sufficient to fill your tummy, but we came across a North-Indian-Food-Starved couple at the next table who polished off two plates of roti combos followed by a Biryani!
Its a really good experience to go to this place. Even die-hard meat eaters, must leave the poor animals alone for a while and visit this place atleast once.

The only drawback I felt was that the waiters were a bit hassled what with the crowd teeming in. And this in spite of the customers already having ordered at the cash counter.

I plan to visit this place again. Maybe I'll find a time when its not so crowded (If such a time exists).

For the Rating:

Food: 5
Ambience: 4
Value for Money : 5
Taste : 5
Total : 4.75

Go ahead and give this place a try. You won't regret it!
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Murali Das - Burrp User

Murali Das

August 22,2009

Go there now!

Wont say much...just go there and eat! Period!! Yeah its really good...for now!! The chats are amazing...phulkas taste gr8 and the dhals are simply yummy....try the chocolate seduction dessert!
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gastronomic20 - Burrp User


August 21,2009


Had an awesome time at Mast Kalandar, its a vegetarian casual diner that has recently opened up in Adayar. You get all kind of combos at Mast Kalandar- Pulkas, Rice combos, Chat Combos, Paratha combos, etc- as of now only North Indian items.

All are priced between Rs 55- 125 and is great VFM. I had the Halka Pulka combo which was very very nice, like raghav mentioned the pulkas were amazing soft and nice, gravies were great, and Gulab Jamun that came with the maha combo was simply out of the world.

Maha Combo is great- for Rs 125 you get, 2 tandoori rotis, 3 sabzis, dhal, raita, pulao, sweet, pepsi by the glass. The parata combo comes with 2 pieces of paratha, dhal and raita/curd. Mom had chat combo but felt it was not great when compared to other items.

The menu apparently changes every month and is based on diff Indian Cusines. The ambiance is bright and colorful. Seating is like Pizza Hut layout. I particularly had a great time because it was not very crowded!

overall, Mast Kalandar is a great place for a family feast at affordable prices!
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vyomsinha - Burrp User


August 18,2009

Nice experience

I had heard about it from my friend who was involved in the construction of the interiors hence we decided to give it a try . My wife who was so vary of trying some new North indian joint in Chennai was not only happy but even thanked me for bringing her to MK.
The decor is quite bright red , good for kids, seats are long and comfortable , if you want to spread out. The food combo look s expensive but quantities are quite good.
We orderd Punjabi combo and Rajasthani Combo.
Of course the Bajra rotis are no where close to authentic bajara rotis but they were ok. Punjabi platter was quite good. Best part is that food is very homely , not very spicy or oily.
Would love to go there again and also share it with others
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pprakash - Burrp User


August 16,2009

Best for Veg North Indian Food

It was really a great time that we had @MastK. We 19 people met there for a tweetup on one fine Saturday evening. They were very friendly & flexible, also they are more interested in the guests comfort. Most of the food that we ordered came in reasonable time & the taste was delicious. After tasting every different item in the menu people in our gang ordered for the same once again.. :-)

It was very fun being there..Within few weeks of opening in Chennai they are getting huge crowd. So it's better to book ahead or go little early to get a seat, else you may need to wait... ;-)

Most of the people in our gang were unwilling to go here after reading the first couple of reviews here. But after the assurance from the concern people that they will provide a good service. I finalized this location & I have to agree that they made the occasion wonderful & every one of the person in our gang were so happy that we came here.

Special thanks to Pallavi & Ashwin (if i remember properly) he is the VP & the SPOC for Chennai center for their ambience & hospitality.

Overall I recommend it to anybody who want to have superb veg north Indian meal. We will be there sometime soon again...
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Ashok Krish - Burrp User

Ashok Krish

August 15,2009

Must Must

I believe the proprietors conducted a recon mission of North India and launched a diabolical plan to kidnap all grandmothers who specialize in mouth-watering home-cooked food. They then transported aforementioned elderly ladies to Adyar, Chennai and hatched yet another devilish plan to cause a serious pandemic of restaurant-addiction in the Adyar area. This, I believe, is the story of Mast Kalandar, and I am already in its clutches, having eaten there more than 4 times in the last couple of weeks.
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deepaak70 - Burrp User


August 09,2009

not more than 1 star

I have given one star for the ambiance. well I had gone last week say about 8 in the evening for having my dinner at this place. I found the restaurant having almost no one except us and another elderly couple. I liked the place it was neat and clean. After I sat down they told me that I had to place my first order and then take a seat. I did. As there wasn't much rush the order came on time. I must say the taste was ok. I found hte gravies had too much masala and the mulli parata had too much oil and the sides were burnt. When I inquired the staff they were not sure and wern't answering our queries. Such a place has no one to take care of customer queries, You are on your own. There wasn't much choices for the desert and we had gulab jamun. After finishing the dinner we got a shock to see the bill. It was quiet expensive. The3 small fulka and side dish costed us 100 grand. Too much . We paid and left. I guess we wouldn't come back here.
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sweetnothing098 - Burrp User


August 07,2009

Welcome - you guys rock!

Ever since they started in Chennai - I wanted to go there. I had heard a lot about them and how a techie couple got together to serve real good and healthy food at reasonable prices.

i tried it out yesterday myself.

Food reminds me of my IIT days at Delhi - the same that I used to eat at my friends' place - when I got lucky ;-)

I had a Halka Phulka 3 meal and will keep coming back for it.

The only problem is that you are too far away from Anna Nagar. But the drive is worth it.

Watch out for the pickles and mango lassi - really great.

I have to say - you guys rock !
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vinodcm - Burrp User


August 05,2009

No road leads to Mast Kalandar!!!!!

Well... by far the worst restaurant experience of my life.. that goes to say how bad it was..
First of all. essentials for going to Mast Kalandar (MK).. night dress, bedspread.. because you can take a nice long nap before you get food..(i.e.) if you are lucky..
the seats as also designed long so as to facilitate taking naps.. :)
I went to Mast Kalandar on Saturday night with a couple of my friends hoping for some good food based on the reviews.. we landed there around 9:50PM.. well you guys won't believe it when we left at 11:30 pm i hadn't had my food..
As another person had mentioned we were not an exception rather than a rule. Atleast 5-10 others seemed to be going through the same ordeal..
If anyone has got food it is by luck rather than some process being followed..
if you see a sizeable crowd when you enter the restaurant my advice is to look for some other place or even eat at home.. atleast you won't end up hungry..

My ordeal..
Reached at 9:50 PM ordered.. starter, cool drinks, 3 combos & 2 sweet dishes..
After following up a couple of times.. we got the starters & cool drinks at 10:25PM
Then our wait started.. we must have asked everyone in the restaurant. Finally at 10:55 we told the manager that if we don't get the food in 5 mins we'll leave..
At 11:00 we got up to leave.. the manager/owner requested us to stay but we asked for the money.. during the discussion he got us our first combo at 11:05PM..
then in another couple of mins the other followed..
i was still waiting.. i did grab a couple of bites from my friends combos.. everyone seemed to know the seriousness of the situation but did nothing..
the finally got my combo at 11:25 when my friends had finished eating.. i had lost appetite by then.. so i refused..
they were cheeky enough to offer us one cool drink as a complement..
then we had to remind them that the sweet dishes were pending..
which they got in a couple of mins..

we left at 11:35 PM.. a 1hr 45min experience that i would like to forget..

the choice is always yours.. but you surely know what is coming your way if you plan to go to mast kalandar for a meal..
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Richa G - Burrp User

Richa G

August 02,2009

Sust & All Andar

It was mistake going to this place. we reached this place towards the end of an otherwise nice evening we were having with an out of towner friend. We reached the place at around 10. had heard a lot about the Blr outlet being a fast food joint for ppl preferring veg north indian food. We ordered 3 combos and found a place to sit. And then it began. We were asked to hand over 2 of 3 copies of the order to a waiter....which we promptly did. then 1 by 1 every single member came n looked at our order, including the manager of the store and the owner himself, but no sign of food. The place was overflowing with unorganisation and not a single staff member had a clue what was going on as th waiters kept going to every table asking "did u order this?" and since payments were taken already, it seemed like some ppl kept letting them put food on their table that they hadn't ordered!

Anyways, 50 minutes and a 1000 follow ups later, we asked one of the senior staff members angrily to cancel our order and refund the money. The staff which showed no promptness whatsoever in serving us the food we ordered for 50 minutes showed lightening quick promptness in bringing our money back. We were appalled. This was all despite THE OWNER HIMSELF BEING PRESENT THERE !!
Suddenly food appeared from somewhere while we complaining to the owner, who also had nothing much to say except "Let me check"

It was a total waste of time and a mood spoiler. You cant really blame the waiter staff as they seemed hardworking and committed but there was no management noticeable whatsoever.

The2 stars are coz of the food which was not bad to taste. it was a terrible experience otherwise. would definitely not like to go again

P.S. Have mentioned All Andar in the subject coz whenever we asked anyone about our order, they vanished inside the kitchen never to come out again. And BTW, we saw at least 2 other set of ppl getting extremely upset, raising complaints and threatening to leave& never come back. So cant give them the leverage of a one off incident
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vidkish24 - Burrp User


July 27,2009

A must visit for veggies!!

I had practically lived on Mast kalandar food wen i worked in bangalore 2 years ago.. and wen i knew they opened in Chennai.. I just had to go.
Mast kalandar serves finger licking yummy, authentic north indian food in different combos.. and the prices are great too..... Coupled with a wonderully cheerful ambience.. and courteous and fast service.....this place is a must visit for veggies..

The only complaint i had.. was the distance i had to travel to enjoy the food.. these guys have loads of branches in bangalore.. hope they open atleast one more in chennai.
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Brilliant north indian food with a vivid ambiance

After having seen the post about Mast Kalandar in burrp, I decided to try it out. Their website gave an idea about the prices and it did seem cheap. (I was doubtful about the quantity though.) It din't take much time to locate the place which is right opp. kovai pazhamudhir nilayam. Located on the first floor, it has a bright and fresh look with vivid shades of green orange yellow and red dominating the walls. You're supposed to place your order in the front desk before taking your table. They took hardly ten mins to serve us our Chaat platter and 4 Maha Indian combos - their flagship combo. It was one wholesome northy combo, and I did regret doubting the quantity. As their menu card suggests, they serve amazing gulab jamuns. I'll say there is nothin to complain about the food.

My rating:

Food - 5/5
Service - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Cost - 4/5

It is a boon for veggies in the vicinity, with pleasing ambiance, quick service, good food and low pricing. I'd say go for it!!
(Do vote if the review helped)
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