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nehas08 - Burrp User


July 31,2013

Buffet At Its Best

The name ''SPICE HAAT'' does justice to the place. Decorated very well with different kinds of spices,rooh afza bottles around the bar area, rice puffs around the chaat items. Choose the seats near the balcony for a nice balcony view. Choose a nice comfy sofa area to relax nicely and enjoy your food.
A perfect place!!
I went for a lunch buffet with a friend and we both got the seats near the balcony. Pretty nice place must say!! The one disappointment I faced was that no welcome drinks are included in the lunch buffet. A selection of veg and non veg soups, a good menu of veg and non veg kebabs for starters which are served on the table. A very good range of salads. You will be left thinking hard where to start from in case of the main course. Keep as much space as you can for the range of deserts. An awesome place to go. Everyone is just friendly. Definitely worth the money. Looking forward to visit again!!
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Lakshmi G - Burrp User

Lakshmi G

June 28,2013

Amongst The Very Best Lunch Buffets In The City

This is surely among the top 2 (confused if Dakshin scores over this) places for lunch / dinner in Chennai, according to me :)

Ambience is THE best. its sprawling, overlooking a landscaped exterior. Has market like ambience with rustic, villager mannequins very realistically placed. I love the way the rustic villager mannequins are fused with technology - a lady has a mobile phone, a villager man has a helmet :-D

Food is overwhelming in terms of variety available. Chaat, beverages, Indian, Tandoori and a HUGE Desserts section.

Chaat counter is awesome. Their golgappas are amongst the best I have ever savoured - and this from someone who grew up in Delhi! Dhoklas are very succulent as well :)

Tandoori is relatively limited - and you have to repeatedly go up to the live counter to order and carry back what you want - its a very attractive live counter though :) Their service is kind of ubiquitous - as in, they don't repeatedly come and ask for what breads we would like served on the table. They kind of let you be - lounge around, slowly discover yourself and partake.

Good choice in beverages.

The predominantly Indian main course is truly a delight. Pretty much anything you can think of is there :) Feast on the paneer, the pulao, the veggies (love that zucchini preparation - still figuring out if its blanched or grilled or what). Live pasta counter :)

The Dessert section is a MUST SEE, MUST TRY. I am a huge dessert lover and this dessert spread is actually - very seriously - deserving to be a main course, in itself. Please go easy on the main course so you can feast on these. I think if you start counting, you will get to 30 - the number of items, minimum. mousse, cheese cakes, pastries, ice cream, sorbets, Indian sweets. Goodness me! and there are at least 6/7 varieties of Indian sweets, at least 4/5 mini pastries, 2/3 types of mousse and cheese cakes each. About a dozen ice-cream flavors (these are like home made ice cream, very natural - try the hazelnut flavor for sure). What surprised me was their Sorbet range - I am, well, a hard core dessert lover and over the years, have never been amused by Sorbet - which to me, was, just crushed ice fused with flavor. Until I tried this lemon sorbet. a must try.

Now for the price. It will cost approx. Rs. 1200 for one person (counting taxes in) for the lunch buffet. Really wish it were a bit less expensive. But I guess, class comes at its price :) Thoroughly worth it. Don't miss.
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Vinoo Thomas - Burrp User

Vinoo Thomas

March 30,2013

Loved it

The 4 live Kitchens are the novel feature here.
It changed its name recently from Spice Kitchen to the current one.
The pricing on par with a 5-star luxury hotel
Coming to the excellent buffet, it is really good with multiple kebab options that can be chosen from a dedicated kitchen.
A visit from 1-2 kitchens would fill your appetite for sure!
The choco mousse for desert here, is the best I have had in chennai.
The Hyatt hotel itself is splendid so full marks.
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hkmurali - Burrp User


March 27,2013

Huge spread with awesome desserts

Spice Haat is an Indian restaurant in Hyatt Regency in Anna Salai
The buffet spread here is huge and has got a lot of variety
However on the day i visited the choice of soups was restricted to 1 non veg and 1 mushroom . being a staunch vegetarian , and nt eating mushrooms, i couldnt pretty much hv a decent starter for the buffet
However the main course was huge, though there was a long queue for the chat corner.. The desserts however deserve a special mention with a huge list of items and exceptional service in the dessert section
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rajahaha - Burrp User


April 17,2012

Humongous !!

Wow ! what a spread. Amazing variety, and real authentic and unique taste. The salad section had some great international stuff like humus, pita bread, cheeses etc. The dessert section also had some exquisite stuff like poached pear pudding, tiramisu, upside down etc. Reminded me of dessert bars outside india !
Go there for a great spread !
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Jayraman Iyappan - Burrp User

Jayraman Iyappan

December 09,2011

Widespread - by space & food !

Been here with colleagues for dinner - on a rainy day. The entrace, lobby, restaurant placement all were too good for eyes (afterall - its Hyatt regency !).
Looking at various counters, you tend to feel - wow - so much. But you start eating, you can easily taste all !.
The dessert section is lovely - so do reserve your appetite till last !.
Though we were in group, there is another family gang nearby who were at top-of-their voice & some birthday celebration as well (one request to heads - please do have a room-divider / mural on such large group celebrations to help other guests on the floor)

Bit pricy, have seen better spreads elsewhere. But with the quality of service & the brand, yes - all inclusive !.
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venky83 - Burrp User


October 30,2011

heaven for desserts

At 999 per buffet, the restaurant serves a sumptuous spread which is expected, but definitely grander than other places which charge around the same price. It doesn't concentrate more on the western food style which is very appreciable, after all hotels in chennai should cater to Tamiliars or atleast Indians, which is more so not the case in big hotels. Quality of food is very high at the same time it does not lose out on satisfying our taste buds. Starters are pretty good, both veg and non veg, consists of kebabs and grills. I didn't find the grill interesting but the kebabs were yummy, though the varieties are limited here as of-course kebabs are not to be special here. Main course was quite good, care needs to be taken in not getting carried away with starters as they are pretty heavy so the main course can be completely enjoyed. Veggies should be very happy with the main course. Coming to chat items, had no chance to taste them but suppose they should be good do. Restaurant is very very spacious and very well lit with eye soothing interiors, and for big families it provides a perfect outing. Buffet restaurant being too spacious adds to some level of discomfort as well, for the obvious reason. Dessert is the main part, never seen before one. Numerous items to chose from and all were simply superb. Will go again only for the desserts. Overall worth every penny spent, after a big upset in Maya last week, this was quite a relief.
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ggprasad - Burrp User


October 20,2011

Nice place to dine...

We, my husband and me, went to Hyatt's spice market 6th of October, 2011. We went for a lunch.

- The food... Awesome and rich in taste. We had varieties in Veg.
- The north Indian side dishes were too good.
- The Chat items were nice
- Good collection of dry fruits
- Good natural lighting..
- The spacious buffet area
- Good collection of old things and displayed in modern way
- Service is good

- Can improve the quality of deserts. The Ice creams are not so rich in taste and it was almost like milk shake
- The natural lighting looks good but it somehow makes you feel lack of privacy.

Over all the experience was excellent and would plan for a dinner. Want to see how the place looks in the night...
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