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mpieris - Burrp User


March 31,2013

Extremely Disappointing

I was looking forward to trying this restaurant after hearing such positive reviews. My wife made reservations during the week for today (Easter Sunday). After arriving at noon, the start of brunch, we were greeted at the entrance with the first words, "do you have a reservation". No hello, good afternoon, or Happy Easter. A five star hotel and this is the greeting we received. We responded with our reservation confirmation and they didn't even have the reservation list handy. After waiting for them to retrieve it, we were told that, yes you made a reservation, but when we called you during the week to re-confirm, we weren't able to reach you. We explained that we already confirmed when we made the reservation in the first place and were here as promised. After this went on for several more minutes with an empty restaurant mind you, they offered to seat us in another restaurant in Hilton and offer the buffet service at Vasco's. We did not reserve seats in Vasco to be seated in another restaurant. Part of the high price you pay to eat in a place like this is for the ambience and service. Very disappointed with the customer service and the way they handled everything for a five-star hotel, we decided to leave and take our business elsewhere. We won't be going back. Hopefully someone who has the authority do do something, reads this review and works on the customer service. Absolutely terrible.
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rknkcv - Burrp User


November 02,2012

Good Food and good Ambience

Been to Vasco with my hubby for my birthday.The spread is excellent and vallu for money.Too good an ambience and very well mannerd staff.
But the desserts were a majot let down-1.Crepe was a pathetically done.the staff really needs training.Having had crepe in Paris,France, serious training is required.
2.As you enter, your eyes would first feast on the 'macaroons'.I had reserved some place for them.When coming to my dessert course, was so eager to have them.I have had them in Paris and then at Le Pâtisserie,Mumbai.The ones served at Hilton are rock solid and no flavours,but sweet.
Hoping they train the staff on desserts.Otherwise the experience as such was very good.
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Cocoaberrylove - Burrp User


July 25,2011

Best Buffet Ever!

A group of us went to Vasco's for lunch and the buffet is undoubtedly one of the biggest spreads you can find in Chennai hotels. Right from the Continental, the Chinese and the Indian food , they maintain their image of high class. The ambience is also very nice.The dessert counter blew us away! The cold stone ice-creams, the chocolate shooters and the coffee gateau deserve a special mention. The best thing the we had was the Hazelnut Brulee. It was the first time i had a dessert that tasted exactly like real hazelnut unlike the syrup that most restaurants use. Hats off to chef :)
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ggprasad - Burrp User


June 28,2011

Awesome Dinner

We, me and my husband, went to Vasco on Apr 18, our special day...the food really made our day special...
There was a good collection of food items even for veggies... the food was great from starters to the desserts... nothing more to say...
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amrita1201 - Burrp User


June 09,2011

Vasco's enticing spread!!!!

Me and a buddy decided to check out Hilton’s new resto – Vasco’s
An exquisite spread of cuisines brought under one roof, that’s what Vasco’s has to offer. Starting from the hot and cold entrées to the huge spread of desserts, perfect for foodies with a HUGE appetite. (Smoked salmon and prawns top the list!)
For mains, there was a pizza and pasta station, a buffet of south and north Indian dishes and oooh – a Sushi corner! I couldn’t get enough of the non-vegetarian starters that were cooked to perfection! The excitement was in the variety of options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

I couldn't resist their spread of cheese options to go with my wine. The service was, but of course, fantastic! Everyone one their staff was extremely courteous or if I may, hospitable.

I could go back all the way to get another bite of their Crème brûlée which was especially delectable and isn’t available anywhere in the city. After their dessert spread, one’s not gonna worry about the bill – which by the way, is complete value for money.

For food that should taste like it should!
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