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rohanpathak21 - Burrp User


May 29,2015

Cheap Tandoori in a classy ambiance

If you want to have Indian food in Chennai, this is the place to go. It serves the best Indian Curries and Tandoor food. The place looks quite classy from the outside but the dishes are reasonably priced.

It has a variety of Indian and Chinese dishes but the Barbecue Chicken stands out of all of them. A half Barbecue Chicken which is served with Hummus and Pita Bread is more than enough. And guess what? it is only Rs 180.

Apart from the Tandoori food, you should also try the variety of ice-cream drinks. The Chocolate ice-cream shake is a personal favorite.
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Ghumta Bhukkad - Burrp User

Ghumta Bhukkad

November 05,2013

Okay Dokey

It wasn't that great an experience as we expected. Service was as always, nothing good about it, price is on the higher side and food was also okay.

We ordered
Veg man-chow soup :- It had a lot of chili so we asked them to change it.
Veg Kyoto :- Flat noodles, again it was spicy. it was okay
Paneer Manchurian :- It gave us the feeling of having chili paneer and paneer was also very chewy.
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Ajoy Lawrence - Burrp User

Ajoy Lawrence

September 17,2013

Good Ambience and Tasty Food!!!!

Got a chance to go to Zaitoon with college friends. The ambience was decent. We ordered BBQ chicken and Fish finger. The dishes were tasty and not too oily. For the main course, we ordered four types of roti along with mutton pepper masala and fish curry. The curries were a bit on the sweeter side. For the dessert, we went for strawberry cream and mango ice-cream which were good.
Altogether, the restaurant was a nice experience and at the end of it all we all had a satisfied stomach to leave with!!!!!!!
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Sandy Bhasker - Burrp User

Sandy Bhasker

July 01,2013

Poor service

basically has nothing to interest vegans , I saw it with my own eyes where my friends were digging the menu for some good and new starters .
when it comes to Nonveg they have a lot of variety to offer . I loved the shawarmas superb they were and the barbeque chicken . We also tried the golden fried prawn which was really good . Fish in hot plate is one dish which makes every person in the restaurant turn to your table , its because they get it steaming hot and it did taste well . We made an reservation at the place and we were late by 20 minutes and they were like you have just an hour because someone else has reserved the table , that is not the way they treat their customers and we were very much disappointed and also wondering how come we 8 of us could finish eating in an hour . Then comes the service , Awful .
They expect as to finish eating within an hour with their poor service . when asked they tell us their kitchen is busy . Valet parking available . The place is indeed cheap for eight of us it cost around 6k only . A place to be at least to experience the cheap and good quality Non veg food .
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karthik1605 - Burrp User


May 02,2013

Pleasant place with good value for money

Went with my office colleagues for a dinner and the experience was over whelming and the food was very good and the place pleasant and nicely decorated..The food was served well without hitting the pockets too hard and except for the pepper prawn we liked everything we ate. Do try the shawarma with kuboos which was excellent..!! :)
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Vinoo Thomas - Burrp User

Vinoo Thomas

March 19,2013

Good Arabian food

This resto is famous for its barbeque chicken
Some dishes I ll recommend are the golden fried prawns and grilled chicken.
My friend swears by the fish with green sauce and shawarma rolls.
It is characterised by moderate pricing and pleasant interiors.
But be warned ,parking is a problem in crowded Adyar,.
This resto is really good for it's Arabian and Kerala food.
Coming to sweet options after the meal, I suggest the Spanish delight desert.
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maludeneha84 - Burrp User


March 12,2013

Decent food, very oily and bad service

Ah, Zaitoon. When I first came to Chennai, I was lemming for some naan and butter chicken. We saw a few reviews online and decided to order. Despite being oily (or maybe because) the food was tasty. But everytime we ordered from there, we recd it at least an hour late. And we stay 10 minutes away. God only knows how others fare. They serve a variety of dishes, the non veg ones are better. Their grilled appetizers are good but the green chutney is completely avoidable. The place isn't so costly either so that's a plus point. I haven't been to the restaurant so can't comment on the ambiance. Worth a shot if you don't mind your food oily and have no better choice.
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sud_foodie - Burrp User


March 12,2013

best place for grillls

The Indian and Chinese main courses are no better than any other place in Chennai but the Arabian dishes sets them apart.the Malai Kebab in particular is yum.They serve good arabian food . Go if you are fan of shawarmas and grilled chicken. They have all varieties of them.The juice items and desserts are bit costly.
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thj2812 - Burrp User


November 21,2012

Great Place!!

Quality food,Great ambiance and service is also good. The place definitely deserves a good rating. I have been here a few times and was satisfied every time. Can be a little crowded at times, but its worth the wait.
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Polash Mukherjee - Burrp User

Polash Mukherjee

November 19,2012

Lebanese food!!!

First of all, the Grilled and BBQ chicken are the best things to try out here. Served with fresh hummus and pickle, these are extremely Value For Money! The service and the waiting period to get a table, especially on weekends can be a bit irritating, but once the food arrives it is quite worth the wait. The decor and the location of the restaurent itself could have been better. Situated on a very busy traffic junction, parking is often an issue, and so is the lack of an elevator, for the elderly( The restaurent is located in the basement). All these issues not withstanding, the food remains authentic and you wont be dissapointed!!
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280varun - Burrp User


November 11,2012

An awesome place for taste buds.

If you have not visited this restaurant than please do visit, because the foods and the way of dining is really awesome. The name itself spells that its the place for ZAIKEBAAZ.
The dishes which i like the most is:
You must try the deserts like THE ROYAL FALUDA and ZAITOON SPECIAL FALOODA.
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Preethi Venkataraman - Burrp User

Preethi Venkataraman

November 10,2012

Kudos to everything except service!

The best place to hog on Arabian and Tandoori at a very affordable price. Chicken is my favorite here. Yummmmmm! Food is very good. The biggest drawback is the service. It is extremely difficult to make the waiters understand what you want and the waiting time is pretty high. If the service improves, this place will be a great eat out for non vegetarians. Caution: I went with vegetarians here and they found it pretty nauseating as meat is publicly displayed.
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Gaurav Ghatiya - Burrp User

Gaurav Ghatiya

November 10,2012

North Indian

If u are looking for tasty tandoori meal, you will not be disappointed. Although some what costly, the food lives up to the expectations
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Debayan Mukherjee - Burrp User

Debayan Mukherjee

November 09,2012

One of the Best Resturants in Chennai

Want great tasting Non-veg dishes? This resturant is for you!!
To start with order 'Chicken Sharma Roll'. Its awesome here. For maincourse, go for Masala Kulcha with Chicken Mughlai. If you are more into rice items, go for Shezwan fried Rice.
Don't miss 'Falooda' over there. Go for 'Zaitoon Spl. Falooda'. Simply great!!
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sud_foodie - Burrp User


November 09,2012

awesome arabians.! ;)

all i can say is..this the place where you will not diassapoint with the grills and tandooris.proper cooked well served.with a proper taste. service was also good.
sharwama was bit diasspointing but rest of the dishes are really good.
must try tandoori items. Mailai chicken too..
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athulnair - Burrp User


July 29,2012

good food, good service

Food is good and service good if you are regular customer over there.
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ynashwin - Burrp User


July 24,2012

Excellent food, Horrible Mr.Bala(floor Capt.)

I ve been a fan of zaitoons Arabian chicken and a regular ... i went there last sunday night to taste the hyderabadi haleem, but was waiting for a while and the person supposed to take an order dint bother to do it.. when i called him(Mr. Bala, Floor captain it seems) and inquired why he wasnt taking our order, he dint respond properly, he dint take our order he just turned around and left fumming shouting at another waiter to take our order, he just started throwing around his wait and his attitude sucks big time.. he needs a lot of training in hospitality. .. when i asked him for the manager he asked me to go upstairs and find him myself, when i went upstairs i reported this to an elderly person at the counter , he asked me to go back down since that's where the manager was it seems... i just bid goodbye to the place and left...
I am never visiting Zaitoon Adyar again ....
in case you do go there you can easily spot him, he's the guy with a weird hair style and with a ton load of arrogance written all over his face..please give him a piece of ur mind if possible a few lessons on how to behave to a customer
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gymjunkee - Burrp User


July 13,2012

horiible place

hummous is a blunder and falafel is soaked in oil...the funny part is the arabic food is spicy and full of masala with colour powder...the kabos bread is not even done...it was raw...gave me a stomach upset...total disappointment...i know what arabic food is...this is not even close
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Ajit Induchudan - Burrp User

Ajit Induchudan

May 28,2012

My latest addiction

A must try for all arabian chicken lovers.

Do try their parotas too..
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zzzunil - Burrp User


April 02,2012

Good one ..

Great place for some juicy barbeque chicken. Loved the non-veg food there. Overall the starters & shawarma was good.
In the main course, I found the curries to be bit salty. In desserts, the falooda & sharjah was pretty good.
Sizzlers were a bit burnt, than expected. Overall worth the 9k for 22 member team. Should be tried atleast once.
Ambience is pleasant. And service is good & quick.
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Jujal - Burrp User


April 01,2012

Truly Awesome :)

Yesterday we went to Zaitoon for treat @ 7 PM. The parking was very tiny. Fortunately I didn't take my car and went in bike :) Ambiance was good. Seating was ok. Felt little cramped. Menu was extensive. They has a wide array of grills, tandoori, Indian and Chinese food. Food was great :)

Hot and Sour Veg soup - Good 4/5
Chicken Shawarma roll - Good 4/5
Grill Chicken - Good 4/5 - but i still feel Arabian hut's chicken was better :)
Arabian lollypop - Excellent 5/5 - Close to authentic
Veg kebab bowl - OK 3/5 - It was like veg balls. Name was misleading. We expected something different.

Chicken Biryani - 2/5 Very Okayish.
Paneer fried rice - 4/5 Good
Paneer Tikka masala - 4/5 Good

Based on GluSin's comment we had Spanish delight for dessert. It looked like normal fig and honey ice cream but taste was superb :)

The waiter had little communication problem. When we asked abt the flavor of Spanish delight he struggled to explain and finally showed us the wall and told "That color ice cream" LOL. But the service was good and prompt.

Overall we had a very good experience :)
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GluSin - Burrp User


March 04,2012

One of the Best Grillll Chicken

For the junta who live and die by chicken, this place is kinda must visit. Must Try - Grilled Chicken....Other items of menu are also good if you are bored with Grill :P don't miss Spanish Delight ice-creme! Ambiance - 8/10, Location - 9/10, Taste - 9/10
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Sreehari  B. Nambiar  - Burrp User

Sreehari B. Nambiar

January 22,2012

indulgence thy nature!

like the title this place is good for those who really want to eat and indulge in food. the food is generally tasty, well presented, and sufficient quantity. quite true to the indian non-veg palette, this place serves good vegetarian food too. good ambiance and sufficient waiting areas are the advantage of this place. good desserts are another plus point here. the price is also on the comfortable side as the quantity and quality justifies the same. good place to go in a group of 8-10 persons. and friends dont miss the falooda there!!
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Divya Jayaraman - Burrp User

Divya Jayaraman

November 08,2011

Good place for some Chop Suey

had some good chop suey here. i like the place, the ambience and the friendly staff here... the service is quite good. i would want to visit this place again and try something more from their cuisine
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hserus - Burrp User


May 26,2011

Over-grilled and dry meat, horrible biryani

I made the mistake of ordering a biryani and kabab combo meal. The biryani was horrible to taste (microscopic pieces of meat, not particularly hot .. and its not dum biryani which, to a hyderabadi like me, kills any taste that it might have). And the kebab was dry + burnt in parts, stringy meat rather than soft and tender.
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issamsiddique - Burrp User


May 22,2011

The place for grill food

I was hungry and on way back from a long drive from ECR with friends. I was craving for some grilled food. I headed straight to zaitoon on a friend's advice. The place was truly satiating! I ordered their 3 in 1 combo consisting of B.B.Q, Pepper B.B.Q and al-fahm. It was truly melting. The chicked boiled to the right level. When had with the khubbos with the garlic paste, it tasted yummy. Wanting to try sizzler, we were advised to go for the pinka dejaj by the manager. Turned out be absolutely fantastic. We had among us a pure keralite tongue. So he went for the kerala porota and mutton curry - which also turned out to be really nice. the mutton was smooth in the mouth. To end it all, we had the mini falooda which made for the perfect dessert.
Overall, to our craving stomachs, it was the perfect recipe.
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kamalb74 - Burrp User


April 27,2011

Chef's and management with bad attitude!!!!!

I Ordered a home delivery of Tandoori prawns from this place along with other standard stuff. When the food items reached us there were just 5-6 shrimps in the package called tandoori prawns which was priced at INR 300+. I called up the restaurant and inquired about the same they called the chef and he told me that I was lying and he had packed 12 pieces big sized prawns and manager supported his Chef. That was worst experience I ever had for a delivery order.
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sagheero - Burrp User


March 28,2011

Decent quasi arab fare

Do not go here for authentic stuff. But do try it for some different non veg apart from your chettinad and Northern based cuisine. The service is good, food quality excellent and prices okish. Only sad part is they say home delivery but refuse to deliver unless its like right next door!
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chirutha - Burrp User


March 23,2011

Good food and excellent service

Me and my friends order very regularly from this place. True justice to the term "Authenticity' . Reasonable Pricing, Excellent quantity, Prompt Delivery makes it a decent place to pay a visit.
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Arni Kumar - Burrp User

Arni Kumar

March 13,2011


i have been to this place after i heard it from my children - yes it is a nice place had tickled my taste buds, the staff was very caring nice place
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Rajesh Panchatcharam - Burrp User

Rajesh Panchatcharam

March 03,2011

Good Food and Service

Been to this place thrice and each time their service and quality has increased. The food is really good, and so is the service. Menu has a lot of varieties to try.
I happened to taste Shawarma once, and didnt like it. But apart from that, found everything else really good.
The cost is moderate and the ambience is decent.
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Chadi EL Farran - Burrp User

Chadi EL Farran

February 22,2011

Please Don't Insult Lebanese Food

When my friends told me about this restaurant, I became so interested. I have been in Chennai for two years now and I was really craving for food from my native country (Lebanon).

I entered the restaurant with medium expectation as you can not expect authentic Lebanese food in Chennai.

Ordered for Hummus which is the most simple dish to prepare. Unfortunately it turned out to be very watery and tasteless. I really wonder if they put any chickpea in that.

Lebanese pita bread (called Khobez in Lebanon) was also tasteless. Just a flap of wheat flour which doesn't fill you at all.

One of the most famous salads in Lebanon is Tabbouleh. It gives you a very refreshing feeling once you have. I recommend everybody to get the recipe from the net and prepare it. All the ingredients of that salad are easily available in India. Anyhow I ordered tabbouleh from Zaitoon and oooooh my goodness that was a true insult. It was not even 1% close to that. They just cut some vegetables and squeezed some lemon over it and they charge so much for such a small plate. Seriously tabbouleh is something so different than that and I call what they do cheating.

Falafel was missing a key ingredient (Fava beans) just like every restaurant which serve falafel here. It was not even close to true taste.

Shawarma and Grilled Chicken were ok only but trust me they were far faaaar different from what you get in Lebanon. Same thing with Dajeej al fahem (Which means Chicken cooked using coal).

They get average rating from me because their Indian dishes tastes nice. Their Kerala paratha is awesome and other Indian breads are good.

If you are concerned about hygienic conditions over there it is below average. You can see for yourself the kitchen over there as it is separated from the seats by a transparent glass.

Cutlery served over there usually contains stains and cleanliness is not up to the mark.

My advice to you if you are going there is to stick to Indian food. It tastes good over there and definitely avoid what they call Lebanese over there (except for the grilled items which are ok).

I hope that one day one restaurant would open in Chennai which serves the real tasty Lebanese food unlike what is currently available here and please do not get any wrong idea about our cuisine, it is one of the best in the world........
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tvamsee - Burrp User


February 16,2011

Delicious food, good spread, recommended

The place a wonderful spread of arabic delicacies, along with the usual chinese and north indian fare. The al-faham dajej was just exquisite, and pepper barbecue was just mouth watering. The menu provides a wide range of options in both veg and non-veg food. Pita bread to hummus to accompany the above dishes just adds to the whole experience. We rounded it off with one of the best made Faloodas in chennai (not quite like the ones u get at chowpatty or charminar, but delicious enough).
Its not too heavy on the wallet either, and the decor was rich and makes for a pleasant overall experience.

If you had to find some fault, it would be with the fact that service was quite slow, even though restaurant was quite empty at that time. Also, we were initially served tartar sauce with the chicken items, and only on insisting to speak to the manager that the hummus came out (said they hadnt prepared any).

Strongly recommend as a place to visit.
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Saikat Roy - Burrp User

Saikat Roy

February 07,2011

Gotta some place 2 taste North Indian

Well......to start with.....there's been a lot of food joints me and my friends roamed around to have quality North Indian dishes here in Chennai....We came across the Punjabi Dhabas and all.....but then.....this is the place where we got the satisfaction from the food taste side........though the service is awkward......and you will feel a little pissed off when the waiters' are discussing among themselves looking at you, your friends and the foods you are having on the table...which looks like a kind of tease when they throws a little weird smile alongside....but in regard to the food quality....it's diffferent and good here in Chennai....it's also good for the one who wants to try something new kind of Biriyani rice.........the 'take-away' part is the one I will prefer most here....because of the awkward service experience I had for the last 4 visits till now......but it's not at all a bad place too.....there's the basement dine and top dining alongside..........overall Good......but not very Good
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Satheesh Reddy - Burrp User

Satheesh Reddy

January 27,2011

Decent one for North Indian food

I am located very near to this. Been here for twice. Ambiance is "Decent". Food worth its cost. I prefer to have Arabian & North Indian here. Also I try to avoid Biryani here.

Home delivery is available.
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rkarthik - Burrp User


January 26,2011


Great ambience, courteous and attentive waiters.. Must try are the arabian dishes.. Good value for money.
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coolscorpius - Burrp User


January 09,2011

feast for the taste buds

Great ambiance, good food and not so bad service. Perfect place to dine out with friends. reasonable cost.
arabian and indian dishes are awesome. though their chinese dishes are not upto the mark.
my favs include shawarma, bbq, grilled and shawai chicken, pulao, kerala porotta..and it continues.
don't miss their fruit salad...
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Ramesh Ram - Burrp User

Ramesh Ram

November 11,2010


I love the food here. Esp, arabian cuisines. Must try for veg and non veg. lovers. It is affordable and makes a great team outing or a treat place. Must try. Highly recommended.
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burper007 - Burrp User


August 31,2010

like SEA SHELL (malabari arabish)

the food and menu all similar to sea shell . The ambience is slightly better than Sea shell.
Decent Food . good VFM
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