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  • Most people would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: kebabs
  • Few people mentioned with my friends and family.

Additional remarks from reviews:

The place so so chaos and noisy. Work on it.
Best non-veg buffet
this place is heaven for non veg food lovers.
Pratyasha Mishra - Burrp User

Pratyasha Mishra

February 11,2016

Unlimited guzzling!

BBQ Nation was my first ever restaurant where I was introduced to the concept of unlimited live grills - this was many, many years back. Have come here uite a few times ever since. There's something to be said about unlimited, tasty food that's always coming your way - and you know that you've got a nice buffet lunch/dinner waiting to be devoured later. The grill items are pretty tasty ( 3.5/5?) and the drinks are done up really nicely. I've never been able to comment properly on the buffet and the dessert section after the starters-time as I am too full after all the chomping. Still, the biriyani is very tasty and the desserts are decent. :) #GoBBQNation
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senghosh - Burrp User


December 22,2015

Great food but Expensive

The food was. pretty good. Starters were amazing. Main course wasn't that great, just average. Desserts were good. But the kulfi we got was spoiled. Great ambience and attentive waiters.
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kaushik.prasad - Burrp User


September 21,2015

nice place for barbecue lovers

mainly for non veg lovers. even though veggies wont feel left out. keep watching for sea food festival they have. very wide range. can visit once if you have not been
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vividflavors - Burrp User


August 01,2014

Amazing Food

As you can see from all the reviews this place is heaven for non veg food lovers. This has everything you can imagine + good service + good old songs. I love it. I have been here many times. I love the masala coke with the food. I request the management to please replace the silky cloth napkins they always slip from legs and I have to pick them up instead, cotton tissues will be good thing to have.
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hp51185 - Burrp User


November 14,2013

Best Buffet

Great food/ambience/variety/service.
Best non-veg buffet !
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vineet_burpp - Burrp User


October 09,2013

Perfect Barbeque

I love visiting this place again and again with my friends and family. It's not only the food but also their pleasant ambience that compels you. The live grill experience is something everyone will cherish and the live music makes it even more romantic. And when it comes to food, they have great options for both, vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Most of the time I simply fill my tummy with grill items and hardly check their buffet, but it is equally good.
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vg3333 - Burrp User


September 25,2013

Second Visit Disappointing, First Visit Okay

I went for lunch with my wife recently and this is our second visit to this place. Had a very good experience during the first visit but the second visit was disappointing. I heard their advertisements on radio about special cuisines from 20 countries and looked forward to the food. The first set of appetizers (non-veg) they served were stale. They seemed to have been cooked a while ago and may have come from another table (left overs?). We asked for a fresh serving and the servers obliged. The second, more concerning issues, came later. The chicken that came later was still raw and at this point, I asked for the manager. The chef also stopped by (nice of him) and I explained the issue. Eating raw chicken can make people really sick and even worse. The buffet was pretty good. I would have given a lower rating but for the fact that the chef offered to make special appetizers and gave us a birthday cake to take home.
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Hydfoodie - Burrp User


September 17,2013

Awesome Place to dine in

Barbecue Nation is a world of its own ! Nothing much to write about Barbeque Nation as almost everybody knows about it.
we went for team lunch at Barbeque Nation. Entered foodies heaven and we could smell the beautiful aromas of smoked tandoori items that were being served all around.
Once you enter its warm and seating offers all options. They will install a lovely small grill in middle of your table and stock it with fish tikka, prawns, chicken tikka, corn and Indonesian grill, Options are plenty, chicken, mutton, fish, prawns etc.. the starters are just amazing and are grilled in front of us and were very good in taste. Main course is buffet--mostly Indian with a good spread of salads and deserts.
Desserts include Phirnee, Cheesecake, 2-3 kinds of cakes (dry), chocolate, strawberry and mango tarts, Gulab Jamun, fresh cut fruits, 2 choices of ice creams with strawberry, chocolate and pineapple dressing and Gulab Jamun.
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srikbp  - Burrp User


September 02,2013

crashed my car by valet parking people

I visited this restaurant yesterday night and because of the irresponsible management my car was crashed to a pole and was fully damaged by valet parking guys. I recommend don't just go by fame and food, it also important that these people should take care of customer satisfaction as well. why I am posting this is today it happened with me and tomorrow same might happen to you as well. Its the worst experience I ever had in my life which I could not imagined. Came for dinner and these people handled my car crashed shame on them... I hope you understand my pain again I am saying don't just go by fame and food but there are lot many things which these people have to recognize and improve upon....
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foodiearun - Burrp User


August 20,2013

The Makkah of Barbeque

Mouth Watering Starters, Vast Range of Menu and one of the best bar-be-que in the town. The range of both veg and non-veg cuisine is amazing. With descent ambiance its a value for money place. Sea food festival is one of the most favorable time to visit BBQ Nation.
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Shiv Vikram Singh - Burrp User

Shiv Vikram Singh

August 20,2013

Awesome starters!!

Awesome starters and awesome location!!Always very prompt service and would always give you what you wish to have!!Specially the prawn and fish kebabs are too good to have!!Even the desserts in the main course are lavish and tasty!!The ambiance is delicious too and I love the weight on my pocket too!!
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food_food123 - Burrp User


July 29,2013

Worth every penny

Awesome service, great food. and great spread. Complete value for money
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nagsy - Burrp User


June 28,2013

Best BBQ

This is the best of all BBQ in the city.
The starters are really delicious. I love the crispy potato wedges and the crisp corn.
Ambience and service is one of the best across the city.
Though their buffet price is bit high but its worth of having a lunch there.
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
VFM: 4/5
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Sai Rajeswari R - Burrp User

Sai Rajeswari R

May 31,2013

Best Barbecue

Best barbecue to have in Hyderabad.
veg Korean soup and tomato shorba soup was really awesome and tasty. Reasonable price.
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praguptj - Burrp User


April 02,2013

Heaven for Non-Veg

It's the best that I have been to in Hyderabad till date. Everything was awesome. The crowd was like "I'm seating in Delhi". In the starters we ordered Roti pe boti and I'm in love with that dish! Then there was malai murgh, again awesome. Some broccoli dish was super. Murgh mughlai is to die for. I just want to visit this place again and again. And again. Deducted .5 due to some of the breads which we ordered and turned out to be ordinary. But in a place like this a person should never order breads. Just keep on eating starters - chicken, mutton, prawns, lamb everything... :-)
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Vinay  Rajiv - Burrp User

Vinay Rajiv

March 17,2013

Good Food !

U shud come hungry. Thats the 1st rule :)
Good variety of starters. Good ambiance too :)
Waiting area is bad( There's a lot of waiting time for BBQ nation ! )
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Sankalp Thee Foodie - Burrp User

Sankalp Thee Foodie

January 11,2013

Finest Dining !

Barbeque Nation is one of the finest addresses for non-vegetarian lovers in the city of Nawab's. I had been to their other branches too. Barbeque Nation has a huge record in making tremendous and marvelous non vegetarian barbeque dishes.

One of the best interiors. The tables and chairs were neat and tidy. The interiors are modeled after a European country style, with a lot of wood and exposed brick walls. In a way I am impressed with that style which gives an environment for savouring piping hot barbeque. The atmosphere prepares you for having a delightful food. The best part and the uniqueness of this place come with the live barbeque on your own table right in front of you. This actually gives you a chance of grilling your own food the way you would like with a variety of sauces and oils. This concept is quite famous in US and Europe which is slowly catching up in India too. I had experienced this kind of concept in Kolkata and Delhi during my visits.

The meat is thoroughly marinated which is very vital for any barbeque. I had Chicken teriyaki, Chicken Satay with peanut sauce, Jhinga lahsooni, Chilly garlic chicken, Mutton gillafi seek and Mutton mughlai seekh. The chicken, mutton and Prawns are very juicy and succulent which made me carve for more. The chicken satay is one of my favourite and Mutton Mughlai is really very tasty. My humble suggestion for everyone who visit barbeque nation is; don't go for main course just stick with the starters which are best out here. For the desserts I had the chocolate Rum Balls which are fabulous and succulent. There are many other items in the menu which I would try in my later visits. Over all I am very satisfied and enjoyed my meal here.

The pricing is fine for real food lovers and must say they are very realistic, just go and indulge into the world of authentic barbeque food. Parking is not a problem.

Ambiance 5/5
Food Quantity 5/5
Food Quality 5/5
Pricing 4.5/5
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Scott Kingsbury - Burrp User

Scott Kingsbury

December 07,2012

Better come hungry!

The quality of the food is excellent...the amount you can eat is unbelievable! The "Starters" can be your whole meal...cooking your own kebabs on the grill at your table! Never been disappointed!
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Soumabha  RayChaudhuri - Burrp User

Soumabha RayChaudhuri

December 01,2012

Behind bar(beque)s !!!

I had gone there for my friend's birthday and it was sure a treat.

The decor is simple and the waiters courteous. We rushed in like a pack of wolves and tore upon the starters with great frenzy.There was chicken (sheekh and malai) and prawn for the non-veggies while the veggies treated themselves with Alu, Paneer Tikka and Mixed Veg. Various condiments, marinations(?), sauces(?) and butter were kept in 4 small bowls which we were supposed to put on the skewers before roasting them on a in-table (forgive my english and PJs) fire.
I loved the freedom given to us and tried every type of condiments with rare, medium and well done roasting. After about a dozen or more servings we finally lowered the flag as a sign of retreat. The waiters quickly came and cleared our plates and told us that we could proceed to the main course.
"There is a main course !!!! :O"

The main course had a pretty decent spread and had items from soups to desserts. The cooking unfortunately was not as good as the kebabs but we were so full that it might have been our complaining stomachs talking.

A fun and a must visit place
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cutout - Burrp User


November 24,2012

starters ka master

barbeque nation at banjara hills is one of my favourite restaurents ,the buffet at this restaurant is very good and tasty ,they provide almost 30 dishes for a very affordable price ,espicially coming to desserts ,i literally die for the dessert and also the starters its unlimited.
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rajeshpatra10 - Burrp User


November 18,2012


This is a restaurant with difference, all of us like the food though bit expensive we like the food very much. When I called it a restaurant with difference, it is just not the food...more
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kavali18hyd - Burrp User


November 18,2012

enjoyed it

This is a restaurant with difference, all of us like the food though bit expensive we like the food very much. When I called it a restaurant with difference, it is just not the food the service and entertainment make it memorable..
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Prakash Veer - Burrp User

Prakash Veer

November 15,2012

Best one

Barbeque Nation is one of the best restaurant in hyderabad for sure. It is located on Road No. 1, Banjara Hills very close to Care Hospital. It is bit expensive but it worth paying that much for the delicious food. My favorite is definately starters and dessert section. You would typically get hot gulabjamuns along with vanilla ice-cream, chocolate truffle, cheese cakes, fruit salads in abundant proportions
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ankitsharmaapp - Burrp User


November 09,2012

The best in Hyderabad for BBQ Lovers

Had been to this place after a much talked about hype that it got from my friends.And trust me,it dint disappoint me a lil bit.This place lived upto its expectations.An awesome place to treat ur taste buds some of the finest kebabs, and i am syaing this being a vegetarian.Truly loved this place.Besides,this place also is not too far behind the entertainment part with all the waiters putting up a dance show and also few magic tricks by magicians.I would strongly reccomend everyone to try out this place.The best part of it is the service which is truly awesome.
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AKSala1968 - Burrp User


October 06,2012

Ambience, Food and Server is Just great.

I would always prefer to go here to have a great time. I would surely recommend someone choosing to spend their good time (esp. foodies) with lots of interesting discussions to go on and on . . . . Here is a place in Hyderabad, which you will love to have great ambience, delicious food and very caring guys to serve you good barbeque.
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Anthony Francis - Burrp User

Anthony Francis

August 31,2012

Eat your crabs out

Just love this place. Been here a couple of times and always walk out with a smile on my face. The service is prompt and efficient. The food is delicious, you can eat your crabs out. Yep the crabs are divine. This place knows it's BBQ really well.

Kudos and this goes right into my top 10 restaurants.
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nabi08 - Burrp User


July 12,2012

Just so-so

I have been to BBQ of many cities but the one in hyderabad is just okay. First,the waiting time is way too much. u have to wait atleast 20minutes before you get seated(i went on a friday)
Second,it is overpriced. Very expensive when compared to its counter parts.The food is no doubt really good but you cant enjoy it too much coz the place is overcrowded. The ambiance is good and almost-heaven for food lovers!!
But one should get a reservation before going.
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Teju  - Burrp User


July 02,2012

Good food but too crowded..

BBQ's ultimate stuff is its starters.. I bet no one competes in this aspect.. and waiter wil be enthusiastic to serve us more n more food.. But wen comes to ambiance i say bad.. The place so so chaos and noisy.. and main course and desserts are ok ok( no much varieties) .. Overall Food lovers would love to visit it, bt nt Suggestible place to spend time.
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Deekshith Reddy - Burrp User

Deekshith Reddy

June 29,2012

good as usual

found no big difference between here and chennai the best grills and the waiter was so good
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Pallab De - Burrp User

Pallab De

June 23,2012

A Class Apart

Although dozens of other restaurants have tried to copy BBQ-N, none of them have managed to even come close. Its starters and desserts was always great, but now its main course is also awesome.

BBQ-N a tad expensive, but absolutely worth it. And it's not just about the food. Even when it comes to service, BBQ-N leaves its competitors miles behind.
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Narasimha Sujyoth - Burrp User

Narasimha Sujyoth

April 17,2012


If you are not afraid of eating crabs and have a huge appetite , then BBQ Nation is a must-go.
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josephamathew - Burrp User


April 09,2012

Wow! Totally in awe...

Amazing food and service. Great value for money. I have tried almost every other BBQ place in Hyderabad and they are no match for Barbeque Nation. It is always very crowded. One MUST book in advance.
Waiting to go there for the 12th time soon and hope to catch the flash mob atleast this time :D
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Suresh Vandanapu - Burrp User

Suresh Vandanapu

March 14,2012

Finally a good place for food lovers

Great grill food available here for vegetarians & non-vegetarians. Better call in advance and reserve, it is always crowdy. Buffet dishes are average. I've visited this place four times, never been disappointed. Enjoy.
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???? ???? ??? - Burrp User

???? ???? ???

March 02,2012

the best in Hyderabad

Best staff , best service , best food& best price according to quality & amount of food
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Anand Singh - Burrp User

Anand Singh

February 07,2012

THNKQ BBQ Nationals :)

Thanks to the guy's at BBQ Nation :D they made our evening big time :D...unforgettably pleasant experience_ the Food_the Flash Mob Dance_the Grill on the Table_The Service_the Eagerness and Warmth_ Grills_ Salads_ main-course dessert_ and tHE bIG sURPRISE they brought at the end for the two of us (I had told them that its our special day) with a lot of warmth & greetings_its wasn't a personal touch but a celebration by them of our special occasion :D Love you guy's for everything!!!!!THANKQBBQ and all it's Nationals!!!!
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Suvarna Narendra - Burrp User

Suvarna Narendra

December 28,2011

Best food and service - BBQ Hyd

Today I was back again to BBQ Nation, Hyd to celebrate my new challenge in career. As usual you guys have not let me down. Thanks for the awesome food and service.

Espicially I want to mention the name Mr. Chandra Vir who served us, who I felt like best in class. I myself is a Senior person in Service Industry and what I can say is that "Its the front end staff who represents the face of our organisation, And Iam sure that employees like Mr. Vir will make the complete difference. I wish Mr. Vir a great career and I'm sure he will make it."
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JaveedIqbal - Burrp User


December 12,2011

Food Posoning

I'm fan of Barbeque Nation, but with food poisoning reported at the restaurant I will think twice ... thrice for my next visit. In fact I will not take a risk of having a dinner again.
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athena hyd - Burrp User

athena hyd

December 11,2011


we trust our money and faith into eateries , little do we bother about their standards of hygiene and food quality

how many of us ever step in to these kitchens and see the conditions there

i was shocked reading about this placein the newspaper and how so many people had fallen sick
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vijayakrishnas - Burrp User


December 11,2011

Seized due to Food poisoning

9 people were hospitalized due food poisoning. The Govt officials inspected this place
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vijayakrishnas - Burrp User


December 11,2011

Seized due to Food poisoning

9 people were hospitalized due food poisoning. The Govt officials inspected this place
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Nishu Alex - Burrp User

Nishu Alex

November 21,2011

One word..Awesome!

There are times when you get out of a Movie Theatre saying ughh.. that sucked bad!
There are definitely times when you get out of a Movie Theatre saying.. that was freaking unbelievable.

Barbeque Nation, Banjara Hills has made me do that, and my food pal Tauseef!
A lot of people (including me) crib about waiting outside the Restaurants for lack of seats, and when it comes to Hyderabad the wait is probably not worth it, except at Barbeque Nation. We waited for 10 minutes before being properly ushered to our seats. That was the first check complete. The ambience suits the theme of the place, a nice low lit place with the charcoal in front of you with the sauces and the (clean) cutlery.
The kababs go without saying are the best in town, yes even better than The Great Kabab Factory. Plus they do not ask you if you want Mineral Water or Normal!! They serve you Aquafina! I loved the Mutton Kababs that were served, Tauseef's mouth was filled with the Fish!
After around 10 rounds of the Kababs we were entertained (surprise!!) by a well choreographed Rajasthani Dance by the Servers!
Then comes the worst part of a Barbeque /Kabab extravaganza, the Buffet.
But again (surprise!!), the Buffet was delicious, actually had our stomach filled, but our heart was not content. The end of it too with the brilliant Truffles, and the Gajar Halwa were too good to not mention.
Finally the bill and I was so happy that I kept 200/- as a tip for the brilliant evening. I get the 200 back from the server, says they are already charging me VAT, hence a tip is "Not Acceptable". Where in the country will some one refuse to be Tipped.

Ratings -
1. Food - 5 out of 5
2. Ambience - 4 out of 5
3. Cleanliness - 5 out of 5
4. Price - 4 out of 5 (1400 change for 2 on a Saturday is a good deal)
5. Respect - 5 out of 5
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Saurabh Kumar - Burrp User

Saurabh Kumar

September 23,2011

awesome place

Nice place to chill and have the best kababs in the world. Worth going once.
book your table before its completly full on weekends
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Saurabh,

I am glad that you have been able to unwind with us. Hope to seeing you again and getting an opportunity to serve you.

Supriya Das
Barbeque Nation-India

sonal.hyd.chawl - Burrp User


September 21,2011


It's an awesome place for barbecued kebabs and people are very polite and courteous . Some time i wonder how do they maintain and offer such a huge package.

The one & only place for food lovers ........LOADS of FOOD ...............LOTS of FOODS.........only & only Foods.............

Thank u BBQ Nation
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Sonal,

Thanx for kind words of appreciation. Looking forward to serving you again

Supriya Das
Barbeque Nation-India

satishkaza - Burrp User


August 22,2011

Hell with Barbequee Nation Hyderbad

I had a bad experiend with barbeque.
If U dont need self respect then go to barbeque..Leave about the food,the way the floor manager(stalin and rahul) responded was highly intolerable.
Our team planned to go for a team dinner and most of them suggested barbeque.
but when had gon there the response was poor.When we had contacted them they informaed one rate and when we had gone there the quoted a different rate.When had gone to the manager and he replied

If u want 2 to eat u eat or else leave the place....

We were 40 and he despitely asked us to leave the place.....

Plz never ever go to Barbeque

There are a lot like indijo,greenparkkkkk etc whih are good
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Sir,

Thanx for writing in. I sincerely apologise for the experience that you had. Would be highly obliged if I am allowed one chance to speak to you and take appropriate corrective actions. If I could request for your contact details on supriya@barbeque-nation.com.

Looking forward

Supriya Das
Barbeque Nation - India

Ganesh Raam Ramadurai - Burrp User

Ganesh Raam Ramadurai

July 11,2011

Best Authentic Food

I used to visit the Barbeque nation restaurants in Bangalore and completely fell in love with it during my travels. Hence, I decided to take my entire family and four of my relatives to this restaurant in Hyderabad and I was never disappointed. The drinks are exquisite and the food is amazing. The starters are the heart and soul of this place and anyone who wishes to have a fantastic share of starters, this is one place to visit again and again! And when it comes to the buffet, there is a good variety of food though couple of things disappoint me. 1. The NV Biryani that is served is not all that exciting and most of the time, you end up giving it a skip. 2. The deserts are very picky. You dont get an array of ice creams other than vanilla and strawberry though you rarely get butterscotch ice creams. If they up the tempo on the deserts, this is one heavenly dine in space!
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Aqheel Siddiqui - Burrp User

Aqheel Siddiqui

June 27,2011

Awesome place for BBQ's and to hang out

This place is really splendid!! from the moment you enter till you leave, u'll enjoy every bit there, food, BBQ's, service, ambience, et al. The food is lip smacking.. might pinch you a bit in ur pocket. but its worth a pinch ;)..
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jamechs - Burrp User


May 12,2011

Perfect Place for Barbecues

Simply to say Awesome...Really Loved it very much.

I came to know the great tastes in Vegetarian stuff also now with this barbecues.

It would be my favorite Dine in place forever.
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Zaki Nayyar - Burrp User

Zaki Nayyar

May 07,2011

Feast on the Starters

Its simple... the moment you get seated... U r served with starters... the main course: u wont have anything but starters... by the time one wud b having deserts somewhr else, u'd still be feasting on starters... A suuper cool ambeince... the best place to have grilled food (especially grilled prawns :-P).... the staff is really very friendly... The smoke mgmt is done really well... The main course although is kept, the area mostly stays deserted... "A must go place" for all those people who are damn lazy & cherish feasting... A complete value for money dinner...
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muzzu - Burrp User


April 13,2011

starters, appetizers & smoke :-)

gr8 place for a lunch do with friends.. can get quite loud, so not the ideal place for a romantic dinner, or if u wanna propose to someone :-)
the starters are the main draw & are good, choice of chicken, mutton & veg in the afternoon, add fish and prawns for dinner.. the rest of the buffet spread is average, with the regular curries and desserts.. in all pretty good value-for-money.. but make sure to book ur table in advance!
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Pradeep Vinapamula - Burrp User

Pradeep Vinapamula

March 05,2011

Good Food

Been here many times; i simply relish the food being served good taste, has a gr8 section of barbeque and main course.. Mostly recommended for get-togethers and parties
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vattinaresh - Burrp User


February 09,2011

barbeque is the best

the food is best as for barbeque everything is nice & perfect except for the wating
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cgabz - Burrp User


January 21,2011

If BBQ is what you want, BBQ is what you get!

I've been to Barbeque Nation in both Hyd and Bangalore and both places are good!
Yes, you would need to wait but then the wait is worth it! (Besides, every place that serves great food obviously will be a bit crowded) if you can call ahead and reserve, the staff would ensure your waiting time is just under 5 mins. Also be polite and ask for seating dont demand! Weekends, forget it! No reservations, because every foodie and starving victim is there already waiting!
Yes, the main course will be mostly indian with little variation but thats why it's called Barbeque Nation because the entre's are definitely drool-worthy. This place gives good value for money, good variety of bbqs - veg & non-veg. And they serve liquor. Every item is done just right, you could eat it right away or pretend to be a master chef and fiddle around with the steaks until its nice and brown and wolf it down :) .
About the staff making a face, I havent noticed even one incident where I was made to felt that i was a glutton.
Try Chatees (36 Jubilee Hills) or 45. First you get really dry and tough kebabs ( i think they recycle them), I even got an insect inside and the manager said that when they grilled it in the kitchen it wasnt there. I am non-veggie but not carnivorous! They ask if u want veg or non-veg. If you say both, the waiter will look at you as if you asked for his kidneys and liver to be grilled and served! Im serious, try it!
BBQ Nation- they know what BBQ is all about! In fact the staff ensured my plate was full! We had to ask them to give us a short break :) My 4 yr old kid also loves the food at the place. The last time we were there few months, the 1st floor was just inagurated (BBQ Nation sent us an invite, we missed!) we were treated to some cool dance moves by the staff. A great stuff! Your managers, front office, chefs and team are indeed a pleasure to dine with! Ive brought in some of my collegues, clients and they would love to dine in the next time they are in the city.
One thing you can improve on: Most of your customers are foodies. you could improve the seating of the place, kids need customized seating and foodies need some elevation and comfortable seating to enjoy their food. (Unless it's designed to "limit" the "unlimited bbqs and buffet" :P )
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Among - Burrp User


November 13,2010

Loads of food!

This place is like a big outdoor party...lots of food, steam arising from every table and people laughing and eating.

You grill the starter food right on the table--unlimited they say, but might make a face if they think you are overdoing it ;) Main course is buffet--mostly Indian with a good spread of salad and desert.

Service is pretty good, food is BIG and yum but serves the same food every night so take a good break before you hit up again. Ambience I would say goes with the food...it's barbecue and buffet after all --NOT ideal for a romantic dinner of course. Go with family or with friends. Not ideal for business dinner meetings too unless all you want to do is talk food.

Call them up for a table at least an hour minutes before you go.

There is a lot of rush most days including week days. This is one place in Hyderabad we make sure we have a reservation.
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Vignesh V - Burrp User

Vignesh V

September 11,2010

neat nd good taste of food

barbeque nation hyderabad is small at present.. it can accomodate less number of people but we booked table one day prior so it was not a problem for us.. they are planning to extend to first floor also.. ok let me come to topic.. we went for lunch, regd ambience it was neat... staff behaviour was excellent, starters and desserts are more than enough to visit this restaurant. main course is less but you wont feel since you have more starters and desserts.. rate was 300 + tax which is perfect for the food taste.. restaurant ambience can improve to add little more privacy...
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Trishnanta Kanjilal - Burrp User

Trishnanta Kanjilal

August 16,2010

For the love of kebabs and Angoori Gulab Jamun

I have been to this place so many times I m sure the waiters know my name now.
Excellent kebabs. The potatoes, the mutton sheekh kebab, paneer and the chicken, everything will make you drool and ask for more. The main course has a good spread too.

Dinner menus, I noticed has greater variety and tastier dishes. Also, slightly high priced. But every penny worth spent.

Just one little hitch, the menu is the SAME on all the times I went which gets a bit boring after the 3rd visit. Otherwise I think its one of the best places for kebabs. Angoori Gulab jamun is to die for.
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HimJazz24 - Burrp User


July 08,2010

Amazing and even better after 2 years

I had been to BBQ first time, 2 years back . It was a team dinner and was really good.
Two weeks back I went again to celebrate my wife's B'day and Guess what!!!! I had no reservations :( but still managed to get a place in there w/o any waiting. Must check in around 7:30PM and enjoy lavishly.The ambience had changed a lot since 2 years and was lovingly royal. Very good and fast service . The best part was when I mentioned that it's a B'day celebration and a small complimentary cake arrrived within minutes. :) Totally satisfied and hope to visit the place again when my parents would arrive in Hyd. Rating :9.2/10
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Avinash  Pandey - Burrp User

Avinash Pandey

June 25,2010

Best Grilled Kebabs in Hyderabad !!!!!!!

Visited this place recently

Reached at 9pm, it was packed to brim and was told waiting period of 45 minutes. But, got our seats much earlier.

Menu for the day :-

Veg Grill ( 5 Items) : Thai Grilled Veggies, Tandoori Mushrooms, Malai Paneer,Falafel with Hummas Sauce,Baby Potatoes

Non-Veg Grill ( 5 Items) : Tandoori Crab, Coastal Grilled Prawns,Chicken Tikka,Pesto Grilled Fish,Pudina Mutton Kebabs

Maincourse : Helluva lot of customary items

Desserts ( 8 Items) : Baby Gulam Jamuns, Pineapple Souffle, Kiwi Souffle, Blueberry Cheese Cake, Vanilla Ice-Cream, Pineapple Fluffy cakes and couple of items that i dont remember.


Thai Grilled Veggies: My mom ( pure vegetarian) freaked out on Broccolis,Cabbages,Lettuce, Shimla Mirchi ( forgot the english name for it..heheh) all grilled. Tasted Broccolis, Lettuce-awesome. Table next to us wanted broccolis but, waiter politely mentioned its specially for veggie diners.

Tandoori Mushroom : It was coated with flour and tasted very nice after it was coated with mango sauce.

Malai Paneer : White in color and bland. Not to my liking

Falafel with Hummus Sauce : This was the star of Veg Grill. Humungous difference between falafel at "ALL SEASONS" and this place. Falafels were crispy, crunchy, melted in mouth at first bite and were coated with generous amounts of white hummus sauce was so delicious. I felt like just keep on popping them into my mouth.

Baby Potatoes : What to say, this is BN's signature dish. Small, melt in mouth types, baby potatoes...Slurrp


Tandoori Crab: Never had crab in my entire life. But, decided to give it a shot. Asked for a small piece and tried gently the soft meat inside and i liked the taste but, looking at my mom's weird glances at me and the crab. I asked the waiter to clear it from my table immediately.

Let tell outline a small anecdote about this dish during our dinner. Table on left was occupied by 4 gentlemen and on right were a husband-wife with small daughter.

We ate our grills exactly for an hour. Imagine how much we must have consumed. Both tables on our side broke our record by 20-30 minutes atleast and they made a pile of crab shells on their table....LOL

Table to right. Husband was eating ONLY crab and his mound was larger than the left table.

Both guys went into a panic attack ( shortness of breathe, etc) and their dinner after that was identicle. Few pieces of watermelon and NO DESSERTS......Haha!

So i am guessing either the tandoori crab was superb or that you get it so expensive outside that these folks wanted to make the most of it at one go. Not sure, which one !

Chicken Tikkas : Perfectly marinated, grilled and totally juicy types. Simply out of this world. Can be compared with similar type of juicy chicken in angeethi ( forgot the name, its a starter) and is much better in angeethi. Juicy to the core !

Coastal Grilled Prawns : They were not the masala type of prawns that i like. Favorite being in Goa in a restuarant in panjim where the prawns were served in red masala coated in pure ghee. Thank god, didnt have a cholestrol attackt but, tasted heavenly. Here it was deviod of all that and was grilled and tasted a bit bland but, i garnished it with garlic sauce. Not too bad.

Pesto Grilled Fish : Green Sauce coated, perfectly grilled cubes of fish. Tasted soft and had a distinct taste of sauce that really tingled my taste buds.

Pudina Mutton Kebabs: Melt in the mouth types, pudina flavoured and perfectly cooked sheek laden kebabs that you roll on your tongue and let the flavours seep into your mouth and then gulp it down to savour it completely. Utterly Butterly Delectable

All of above with a Gilafi Naan that were baby shaped and sweetish. Different type but delicious

Our grilled sojourn lasted for an hour and we completely enjoyed the experience with chatter around, amazing eye-candy to sift through and a warm feeling of good food and relaxation that will help you remember that experience for a long time.

Finally decided to reluctantly ask our waiter to remove the grill from out table. I practically waded across to buffet table and looked at the long line of dishes and decided to select only Mutton Roganjosh, Naan, Chicken Samurai ( Gravy Based) and a little bit of chicken biryani.

Mutton Rojanjosh was mind-blowing. Maybe better than Angeethi's who's Roganjosh i absolutely cherish.

Chicken Samurai was thai-based with white gravy and large pieces of Simla Mirchi in gravy. Different and very good

Chicken Biryani was also amazing with mirchi ka saalan. Chicken pieces were so soft and fluffy that on touch of the finger, it was just melting away ( i beileve in eating biryani only with hand irrespective of type of restuarant)

We then made a massive effort to eat the desserts.

Blueberry Cheese Cakes, Baby Gulam Jamuns, Kiwi Souffle, Pineapple Souffle were outstanding and made us go for a second trip.

Cost :-
Rs.601 ( Nett for NV Buffet)
Rs.550 ( Nett for Veg Buffet)
Rs.280 ( 2 Bud Pints)
Rs.240 ( 4 Masala Coke)
Total Damage ( 3 People) : Rs.2450 inclusive of Rs.100 bucks tips. Note they charge a flat 14.5% VAT ( sure of SC built into it) on both drink and food which IMO, is exorbitant.

Service was impeccable and even if high percentage of tax, deserved atleast a hundred bucks. They were responding with lighting speed and did everything except practically shove that food down our throats

I regret ordering the beer as Masala Coke which was ordered by wifey and mom was so refreshing that i should have stuck to that in the first place, its a must to order this drink along with your food.

Generous masala poured into your thumbs-up with a whole bunch of mint leaves thrown in. My, My, it can even wake up senses which are in deepest slumber. MUST HAVE !!

Overall Opinion :

If your looking for a great, liesurely and warm foodie experience for dinner. This is the place.

Been here almost after a year and first time for dinner. Its really worth the extra money that you pay as quality of food is very good.

I just couldnt help but compare those Rs.199 type of restuarants for lunch and when you eat here you will notice why almost every dish/sauce/accompainment/experience even if crowded is so exceptional.

I can confess that I truly enjoyed this special occasion with an amazing gourmet food experience

My rating : 4.5/5 ( .5 less for being a tad expensive)
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yasmeen20 - Burrp User


May 31,2010

Very Good.. !!

Hi.. I was recently at the Barbeque Nation in Chennai and I really loved it.. It was priced 525 per head for a dinner buffet, which was worth. I was planning to take my family in Hyderabad there. I would like to know the prices there. Thank you.. :)
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lifeagain - Burrp User


May 28,2010

Comes at a cost

The concept was new when it was introduced and there are quite a few who have copied it now,but the original still stays good.

Excellent food,service is good,but at rush hours the waiters are stretched,refills of desired grills do not appear.Would do well to increase their staff strength.

Buffet is very impressive,but the rates are headed northwards.Its quite a steep affair now with the dinner rates jacked upto INR 600 per head.

Exclusive washrooms available for restaurant guests.Please call ahead and reserve tables.
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Binit Kumar Jha - Burrp User

Binit Kumar Jha

May 23,2010

Good food

I visited this place recently and they had something called "Grand Trunk Road" festival and I really liked it. Specially the staff dancing to the tunes of punjabi song, good idea I must say. Food was really good for Non-Vegie I would say, specially the Chicken Chap masala and amritsari fish. Lot to choose from in desert section as well. Only negative thing that I found was that the decibel level in resto was little high and personally I like resto with soothing ambience. Overall I would say it was worth.
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absolutefoodie - Burrp User


May 15,2010

go there to chk out the concept

well personally i wud rate this place 3, but since the concept is novel i wud give it 3.5... however the two times ive been there the food i can say is average... the first time i went i hated the buffet- extremely sad desserts. the second time was a tad better, but for the kind of prices they charge- it can be much better!!
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Tamanna  - Burrp User


April 28,2010

aWESome Kababs

the best of the resturant is the kabab is cooked on your table n u get a chance to prepare your own Kabab with add ons. The interior is awesome. Donot miss the Gulab Jamuns they are really vry good.
i really liked the concept line which is also true that they serve you till you exhaust eating.
last not the least you guys can add some meat in the starter and add some more in the buffet..

U guys rock!!!!
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chakravarthyp - Burrp User


April 21,2010

Nice Place

I think I had been to this place more than a dozen of times. Its worth waiting. Everytime i had been there min time i need to wait is 20mins. But the starters they serve are amazing. I'll be visiting this place again and again. Though many people copied the concept, i still feel coming to this place
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mocha_burrp - Burrp User


April 08,2010

Awesome starters

Waiting time for a table - 20 mins

Starters - Awesome as to its name :):):)

Main course - Let us down considering the start we had :(

Desserts - Good :)

Service - Excellent (Very fast)

Ambeince - 3.5/5

Cost - 344/- (including taxes) hmm could be reduced further I guess...

**Really worth going atleast for the starters
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March 14,2010


Dropped by for lunch yesterday and had an amzing time. Had to wait for nearly 45 minutes to get a table but once the food arrived everything was forgotten nd da wait had actually helped me develop a huge appetite.The starters, true to their reputation were amazing,the paneer and the malai aloo were the stand outs.The lunch buffet was good but not great.Loved the gulab jamuns.

With Lunch at just 300 bucks plus taxes i feel dis place is a steal.No hyderabadi should miss this place.

P.S: Try booking your table in advance if you are the kind of person who enjoys great service.
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consumer2010 - Burrp User


March 01,2010

Pathetic, Unhygenic -lousier than a roadside bandi

I went in last night to this place after hearing from a lot of people. I sensed that the hyderabadi crowd is still not quality and hygiene focused yet. I am back in my city after 4 years and heres what I encounter in this place

- I couldn't get a soft drink because the bar was closed. Never understood the logic.
- I am having my dinner, which by the way is not as great as I had expected and this waiter standing in front of the buffet is scratching is underarm with his hands inside his shirt and the next minute I see him refilling the food - HE DIDNT WASH HIS HANDS, WHAT THE F****
- Next, there is an overflowing trash bin right across my table which pops open because nobody even bothered to clear it, This waiter who was serving me, puts the trash right in to the dustbin and comes straight to my table and clears thhe plate...NOBODY IN THIS F***ING PLACE IS BOTHERED ABOUT YOUR HEALTH- IS THERE A F****ING WASHROOM IN THIS RESTAURANT?????

- This one puts me over the edge - There is a empty water bottle lying in the trash bin, a waiter comes and picks it up from the freaking dustbin and walks right into the kitchen.

All in all, I guess when these restaurants have the audacity to put high prices on their menu card, they should be equally focused on the hygiene. I wont even let my DOG have his food there. I sincerely urge the foodies to avoid this place. I can bet a million bucks I will never step my foot into that shit hole again..and will make sure I stop all the people I know from going in there. Its time the consumer in India wakes up and makes the asses understand the importance of being customer and hygiene centric.
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jasleen.sahani - Burrp User


February 28,2010

Value for money..!!

Excellent barbecue Buffet.. suits the Indian palate perfectly... If they hv crab on the menu then nothing like it...
The only negative point abt the restaurant is that the tables r too close n hence it gets very noisy n one cant enjoy a good private meal...
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mj_hyd - Burrp User


February 25,2010


I have been to this place for more than 7-8 times and every time I come out with a thought to visit it again. Excellent food...though it becomes bit hot when its full due to smoke.
Liquor - cocktails are good specially choc liquor based shots, scotch is also reasonably priced.
Ever flowing starters are the ones which I don't have to bother about when I'm enjoying my drink.
Cheers !
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shreyareddy_83 - Burrp User


January 24,2010

Amazing food

I was here for dinner tonight and food felt so good. I just could not get enuf of it. The service does get a hit but it is understandable
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greenarchitect - Burrp User


January 24,2010

Health freaks go for starters

I have been to this restro a number of times, being a health freak iam always guilty to go for a buffet,
Health freak strategy: but in this place you get to fill your tummy with the exotic grilled stuff and may be a tandoori roti, and some desert (anyway main course is never great here!!). which is better than gorging on everything offered.
It would have been nice if the price was left below Rs.200 on weekdays like before, it was affordable for frequent visits then!!
Ambience and Theme: 3 out of 5, Drink counter could have been made more visible, Sauces could have been labelled, Plates could have been lighter as one have to carry food from one end of the restro to other.
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priyabalu - Burrp User


January 19,2010

Excellent Food

One of my frd recommended this place 1 12 yrs ago. So we decided to visit this place for our wedding anniversary. Since then this place has been a special for us. I was totally taken away by the theme and the food is mouth watering and yummy !!! Except the crowd all 5 stars !!!
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kitty iyer - Burrp User

kitty iyer

January 09,2010


i loved the starter.. the barbeque on the table concept! and the food is out of the world.. really nice service.. totally worth it!:)
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Soham Paul - Burrp User

Soham Paul

December 27,2009

Huge variety

Well, I have rated as average because I started to compare with the Gurgaon outlet of barbeque Nation. I have no particular complaint as such, but I think Barbeque Nation, Hyderabad can shorten the variety a bit and concentrate more on the quality of the starters that are served. My personal opinion is that the veg starters can be better and so can be the fish starters..
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Anil Gandham - Burrp User

Anil Gandham

December 18,2009

StarT ROckin WiTh The StArters

Been here a lot of times, and simply loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the starters, The food is great n herez my take !!

Likes :
*) Starterz are awesummmm!!!
*) Food is good if nt wonderful !!
*) Ambience is good !!
*) Drinks r really good !!
*) Parking for bikez good !

*) Crowded
*) Car Parking (:|) , is there any place(wondering)
*) Not a place to sit n gossip !!
*) Costly ? ;)

All in all thumbsup :)
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sai suman - Burrp User

sai suman

November 09,2009


Its wonderfully to have a seat their .,

and the food was just extraordinary....

will defiantly go once again
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airafeek  - Burrp User


August 08,2009

Great food:) Bad service:(

This restaturant has a lot of postives food,decor, prices, location but I was left wanting in the service deaprtment. I understand that they are busy but if I'm going to drop 2K for food and drinks you bloody well hire some more people. I dont blame the waiters who seem to be doing the best they can, it's the idiot managers who are trying to run the show short staffed. 4 star food/ 2 star service.
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vayuputra17 - Burrp User


August 07,2009

Amazing Starters

The starters were really very nice. And the best part is the way they are served, by roasting them right in front of you on the table in the true style of a BARBEQUE. The buffet was also very nice which included a lot of varieties. Especially the chicken salad which looked like softly cooked chicken put in curd was one of a kind. The cost for the buffet as i remember it was abt Rs. 270
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foodfanatic - Burrp User


August 06,2009

very nice idea

Great Food and very good service. Make sure you reserve on weekends as the waiting is quite long. The mushroom and non veg kababs are pretty good.
Only improvements I would like are some variety in the buffet menu and faster service in case of Mutton kababs. Though they serve the chicken and veg kababs fast, the mutton kabab takes quite a lot of time
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Vijay  Swargam - Burrp User

Vijay Swargam

July 29,2009

Just Awesome

Well, I went to this place on my friend's recomendation. When I entered, it was packed and crowded and I had no idea of what they would serve except for the name suggesting that it would be Barbecue.
But, let me tell you that, when you sit on your table after say 1 hour of waiting time, you will be amazed by table itself, and the food... just truly Awesome. Everything is just as perfect. I would rate it as one of the best restaurants in Hyderabad. Must visit for every foodie.
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me_sujith123 - Burrp User


July 02,2009

Barbeque Nation food is awesome

money worth food....and great ambience.....a different kind of atmosphere......a chimney kind of thing is kept at the bottom of the table...and coal will be inside ..on top of that u ll place stick peirced with kebabs ....u can roll the stick...for getting it heated and u can taste the delicious kebab...that ll u wouldnt have ever tasted in your life.......not so expensive..... amazing food really ....u ll carry your stomach in your hands while coming back from barbeque nations definitely ........
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Rahul Basu - Burrp User

Rahul Basu

January 02,2009

Definitely, may be

Yes.... Barbeque nation has floored me... I have no words for its praise. It has indeed stayed up to its hype.

On the first visit, I went with 11 of my friends, only to be waiting for 1 long hour to get a place to sit. Trust me, it as worth it.

As soon as we got a place to sit... a steaming Barbeque bar was placed in the table. Then came the barbeque sticks plucked in with all sorts of platters. Fish, chicken, mutton, veggie... it was all there.

Priced at Rs. 450 a person for dinner, you would definitely think its priced high as you wont be ending up eating half the items on buffet. The mocktails are a little pricey apart from that the beverages are quite moderately priced and easy for pocket.

Apart from the ambiance which is a little clumsy with so many people everytime, its definitely a place to be when you need to throw a party.

One more bad thing, they don't take prior bookings for the primetime slot thats 7:30-9:30 PM. If you need to make a prior booking it has to be either before 7:30 PM or after 9:30 PM.

Now, all that ended up resulting me to reach the place again in just a weeks time again and so I say. Definitely, may be... once again.. :-)
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maitreya19 - Burrp User


November 09,2008

Great Place

They have a wide section of barbeque and the main course AND desserts. The barbeque was good the mail course better, and the desserts EVEN better. It is a lagre seating area and is really recommended for parties with 10-15 people.
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Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri

February 29,2008

Barbeque Buffet

Barbeque Nation is part of an All-India chain of restaurants situated on the ground floor of ANR Centre opposite the City Centre mall in Banjara Hills. The place has a lunch and dinner buffet.

What is different about this buffet is that a grill is set up on your table and starters on skewers are placed on this grill. We had starters of chicken, paneer, vegetables and achaari aloo. Various marinades, condiments, and butter are kept in small bowls on the tables which you can add to the food being barbequrd on the skewers to suit your taste. It is a delightful experience and the staff just keeps on bringing an endless flurry of food to be barbequed and consumed. Try experimenting by grilling the chicken in different marinades and they do really taste different each time!

They also have a full course meal to have if you still like to eat more after having the starters. For us there was chicken lemon grass soup, roast chicken in mint sauce, sea food salad , thai broccoli green curry as well as the Indian laal chicken. The buffet also has its fair share of sweets and desserts.

The overall ambience is nice though the place tends to get very crowded. This place is definitely worth a visit for the experience it provides.

Lunch buffet is Rs 250 plus taxes whereas the more elaborate dinner buffet is Rs 400.
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John Cougar - Burrp User

John Cougar

February 01,2008

Very good food, good service

The place has very good food - the barbecue is excellent though the buffet is a little above average.
The service is not bad - its not exceptional, but its not as bad as Fusion 9's for example.
Its always been crowded, full of smoke and noise. That's to be expected from a place that's not quite expensive!! For the unlimited barbecue and buffet, the place charges a surprisingly low rate!!
Amongst the barbecues, the chicken, vegetables and the prawns are the best. The paneer is not always fresh, and the mutton is sometimes not quite tasty. The fish is average.
I like the idea of the barbecue - its a novel idea that's been embraced by Hyderabad whole heartedly.
I keep going there for the low prices, amazing quantity, very good quality and good service.
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pradeepburrp - Burrp User


December 25,2007

Innovative in Hyderabad

The grill well placed in the midle of the table is perfect. I love the idea. Food is good and non vegetarians will enjoy that. Belive me, you wont get disapponted if you try once..not too expensive , well enjoy ,
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just01fix - Burrp User


December 14,2007

New superstar on the Horizon!!

Yup, just from the title you can figure that i loved the place. Excellent ambience, efficient service and great food made for a great combination.
The buffet starts off with a great combination of veg and non-veg starters that are grilled right at your table. The waiters ensure that you dont have to wait for even a second between your helpings. The main course is satisfying without being overbearing and the desserts round off a delectable buffet. They have a reasonable bar menu and the Long Island Iced Tea did have its fair share of alcohol for once.
The only downside is the price which is on the higher side, but hey, good things in life dont come for free now do they!!
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Asra Khan - Burrp User

Asra Khan

January 07,2016

Best place for bbq

Had a good experience with mouth watering bbq's
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{{ ''.__class__.__mro__ }} - Burrp User" width="140" height="140" class="img-rounded">

love u all

nice food .its soooo tasty. all types of food avilable here ...soooooooo much to eattt
  • Barbeque Nationimage
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{{ ''.__class__.__mro__ }} - Burrp User" width="140" height="140" class="img-rounded">

eat eat

Sayaji Group plans to open chain of restaurants in all major cities of India. After successful opening of restaurant in Mumbai, Barbeque Nation shortly opened in Bangalore & Hyderabad in year 2007. The all new, prefix menu and dining experience which comes with a live grill, right on your table. Allowing you to grill your dishes, exactly your way. Experience a Cooking that has your contribution in basting the food with your Favorite marinade and give that finishing touch that you prefer. A range of sumptuous buffet followed by scrumptious Dessert. The d�cor is modeled after a European country dining experience, with a lot of wood and exposed brick walls. The variety in the starters and the main course is rotated everyday, so if you have favourite that you must-absolutely have, call in to check if it is on the menu for day/ evening.
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Ravalika - Burrp User


September 14,2016

Best if Hungry

Lots of food and varieties are here. Seriously, I couldn't eat what they served me completely. Starters are especially excellent. I also liked the baby potato dish they served. Nice restaurant but little costlier.
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