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babi999 - Burrp User


June 13,2016

Nice place to hang out

I usually go with friends, support staff is very friendly and professional with customers.
especially Pavan and Ambarish.
good going guys.
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Bobby2122 - Burrp User


July 13,2015

Poor management, rude manager

Around 3:15pm we asked for the buy 1/get 1 drink free option but the manager rudely rejected it and asked us to come after 4pm and did not care whether customers stayed or left.....

Bad management....
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Priyanshi Sharma - Burrp User

Priyanshi Sharma

July 17,2014


I visited Chili's with my husband and few other friends.When we started ordering, along with the food, we decided to order some cocktails.
My husband and his friends ordered beers and I asked him for a cocktail.To this the guy who was taking our order smiled sarcastically and said this has alcohol. I said I know and get me the drink and he was still smiling which was very uncomfortable.
We called the manager and reported the same .The manager guy rather than pacifying the situation started arguing with us even before he heard the whole story and kept saying "I don't know what ever happened so please continue your meal"
He did not make an attempt to hear out or go tell the guy and correct him .We asked him if we can we talk to the manager because he did not behave like one nor any identification other than a name.He rather kept saying do you want me to prove with my appointment letter?
Seriously???Fusion 9 is this what your standards are..When you run a place like this you are bound to cater to different customers .But no self respected people are going to visit you again.
How about you guys putting up a board"we do not sell alcohol to women"!!!
After all this fiasco, I found someone who looked like the in-charge of this place and he admitted he was the manager. So why weren't we introduced to him when we were asking?
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neha jalan - Burrp User

neha jalan

March 03,2014


I want to complain against your restaurant manager (Vinay or Vijay). Not sure of his name.He is an utterly disgusting man. Because of him and his sick behavior I will never visit your restaurant again and also make sure non of my friends or colleagues ever visit your restaurant .
Your manager just refused to take our order.... There was 10 Min left for the happy hours to get over, even then he gave excuses and did not give us a place to sit and take our order . First he said it will take 15 Min , then when I said I want to order my drink since the happy hours are still not over, he suddenly changed his words and said it will take 45 Min.
That man does not know how to behave with his customers. We have lots of options when it comes to restaurants. Chilis is not the only one...I told him I will sit at the bar even then he did not let us sit there .
Your restaurant manager behaved as if we are beggars and we won't get food anywhere. And when I told him I will write a review against him he gave me sarcastic smile and walked off. I don't believe this.
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Nikhil Malhotra - Burrp User

Nikhil Malhotra

November 29,2013

Bad Food and Poor Service

Went to Chili's with a couple of office buddies few Friday's back. We chose this place for no particular reason. All three of us had never been to this place so we thought that lets give it a try. I heard from others that it is a bad place but after my experience of eating at their US outlets, I thought maybe it won't be bad. But bad it is......

To start with, the service was very uninspiring. There was no one to take our order. This on a sleepy Friday night. Eventually, we had to shout and call someone to take our order. We ordered 3 chicken burgers (for each of us) and a pasta in marinara sauce (to try it out). After a long wait, our order arrived. But wait, where are the seasonings and ketchups (tomato/mustard)? We had none on the table and the server did not bother to bring either. We waited for the server to look at us and then asked him to get the ketchups. He went missing for a few minutes and then when he returned, he was serving another table. We looked around and borrowed the sauces and seasonings from a couple sitting nearby. Meanwhile, the server never returned with the sauces.

The food itself was average. The chicken burger was just about ok. It came with fries on the side. But definitely not value for money. The pasta was horrible. The chicken portions in it were generous but the marinara sauce tasted very sour. I never had this bad marinara before.

Chili's have a very wide menu and they don't have much competition in the kind of offerings they have. So they have a very big opportunity that they are letting go due to poor service and some very average food. I will definitely not go there again.
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Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri

October 23,2013

Disappointing Burgers

After a not-so-enjoyable Bengali movie at Cinemax, me and my wife thought the best way to rejuvenate ourselves would be through some good food. We initially zeroed in on Swaad, but seeing the crowd in the food court and the ambient noise level, decided to go to a quieter pasture – so dropped in to Chili’s.

As we entered the restaurant, it looked like a no frill place with a well stocked bar. A look at the menu showed an interesting collection of soups, salads and short eats. We were hungry, and soon veered our attention to the burger page. After deliberating between grilled chicken and buffalo meat based burgers, we decided on the latter – so ordered a BBQ Ranch burger (Rs 325) and an Oldtimer Burger (Rs 295) – both versions of buffalo meat burgers.

The waiter attending to us seemed new – he was very interested in selling an extra cheese topping to us. He was going back to clarify on each question we asked. After much deliberation, he informed us that the burgers do indeed have some basic cheese in it, and there was no need as such to order the extra cheese. We told him that we want our patty medium and not well done, since we like them a bit juicy.

As committed by the waiter we got our burgers in 15 minutes. The BBQ burger was pretty big with a lot of French fries on the side. The patty was covered in BBQ sauce and a layer of cheese. The base of the burger had lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing. As I had my first bite, the ground buffalo mince patty was extremely dry and lacked juiciness. It was kind of tasteless and stiff. The dressing in the burger was minimal. The Burger buns were soft and tender, but overall the burger lacked taste. It was clear that the chef had ignored our request to prepare a medium patty.

The patty in the Oldtimer burger had more juice however, and was well prepared. Again here the mustard based dressing was very limited, and the burger lacked seasoning and tasted bland. The French fries were nice and crisp in both the burgers, and quantity was copious.

Overall, we were not satisfied with the burgers, as given the price level we expected a near perfect preparation. Quantity was large though, and it satiated our hunger. Service was adequate. The bill for just two burgers came to Rs 830, with good amount of taxes and 12% service tax.

We noticed that the place has a number of Mexican dishes on the menu. Maybe we should have ordered some fajitas instead.
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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

September 29,2013

Average experience at American Prices

Chili's is one of those american restaurants frequented by Indians a lot, where ever they are set up. Not because the food is amazing, its the spread that's available - obviously without the standard american sizes.

For whatever its worth, i am sure you will "spend" a good time here, whether or not the food is good.

It so happened that in a span of 2 days, i have visited Chili's twice. The first time it was a Friday evening happy hour group celebration at Broadcom Hyd and the second time it was a hungry jacks dash for food because wife and daughter launched a shopping onslaught.

The Happy hour thing was obviously sponsored for 30 of us. The seating was outside midst cigarette smoke and kids shrieks from the play area below.

There was nothing as an ambiance to that simply because we were outside.

Someone had already ordered for everyone. The orders included - the triple dipper - veg and non veg , onion rings , nachos ,
blackened fish in peppercorn sauce along with minty melon and non alcoholic margaritas across the table in multiple repetitions.

The service for 30 ppl was as expected slow. It was always an experience that if we have a pre-decided menu - service is faster. Well that opinion is mine to nurture.

One after the other the orders were served. The first to come were the margaritas followed by nachos then the veg triple dipper , the non veg triple dipper and the blackened fish.

The veg triple dipper was ordinary at best. The paneer was just batter fried , the cheese poppers were forgettable , the southwestern rolls were remaining in all platters - terrible these were.

The non-veg version was a lot better, i loved the chicken wings in these ( the best i've had is at HRC with heavy metal sauce and blue cheese sauce - damn it was awesome ). The chicken strips were also good.

Unfortunately none of the sauces were housemade. They were all produce of star bazaar from below. Nevertheless the were serving their purpose.

The cranberry margarita i had was simply devine, the salt rim cut through the sweetness of the sugar syrup and zing of the cranberry. Wonderfully refreshing it was and what more did i want other than 1-1 free !

Almost everyone liked the margaritas.

The onion rings were like the "child we never wanted to have" . Very sparsely coated onions , which was obvious because we could make out that they were just cut, dipped and fried - no consistency in size, shape or taste - pretty bad.

The Blackened fish was left on all tables, most of them said it was bad. I would rather take it as their high handedness or utter disregard for the food simply because it was sponsored. Even if bad, it should have been finished to the maximum extent possible. When you go to enjoy, this happens a lot.

All in all , it was an okayish evening.

The next afternoon, we had the veg tacos and Bombay burger with the Margaritas.

The Tacos were like rotis. I thought they were supposed to be crisp. The filling was wet as hell. How on earth is that taco going to stay crisp with so much liquid on it ? ! It came with a side of rice and black beans. My wife loved it but i was not happy at all.

The bombay burger was well - nothing ordinary either - forget spectacular. The burgers we get at king and cardinal far better than these. No onion, one slice of tomato and shredded lettuce cost me 200 rs. For sitting near the rear window with no AC, K&C offers similar ambiance for 1/3 the price. The entire meal set us back bt 1120 rs ! pretty expensive for an ordinary meal

A similar experience i had in Chilis at Pune and now here. I wonder if they ever take customer feedback in action.

The burger was bad - probably no one eats it. If so, get the damn thing of the menu. Dont serve bland food for american prices.

All in all, Chilis is an Indian experience at American prices and not necessarily good food.
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jpreetk - Burrp User


July 13,2013

Nice for an after shopping snack

Stepped into chillies after a shopping tour of Inorbit last month. Wanted to have a change from the regular food court outlets. As usual the place was pretty full.

Being not so hungry, I ordered a pasta and my friend ordered fish and chips. The pasta was done nicely, but would have appreciated a little more vegetable and the sauce a little thick. The portion was decent, but taste wise nothing extra ordinary.

The fish chips got a thumbs up from my friend. Didn't spend much time inside the restaurant, as we finished our meal quickly and went for the second round of shopping.
BTW- The cocktails served were done well and tasted good.
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Ankur Chakraborty - Burrp User

Ankur Chakraborty

September 28,2012

Simply superb

Just one advice- please go and have the feel.

I did not go to this place till now as I don't often venture out of mughlai/north-Indian or Chinese cuisines; but I am hooked now.

Liquors are priced bit high- so order that carefully; but food is awesome!!! Just awesome!!!!

My ratings:
Ambience (Weightage: 10%): 4.5/5
Service: (Weightage: 30%): 4.5/5
Food (Weightage: 30%): 4.5/5
Value for money (Weightage: 30%): 3.0/5
Overall: 4.05/5

Tip: Order after consultation with waiter. We ordered two dishes- one with 8/9 big chicken pieces, lots of french fries and a roasted corn. Other with a small chicken breast piece and some rice. Both the dishes priced same- so we felt that dish no. 1 was better choice.
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Rahul Basu - Burrp User

Rahul Basu

September 13,2012

Mexican Dream

Ambiance : 4/5
Food : 5/5
Service : 5/5

I have seen this joint grow from months to year and never dared to venture only because of rumours about food being bland and unworthy. They say with age comes courage and I think this fits for me very well as I suggested Chilis for a birthday treat to my friend.

As soon as I entered, I simply felt the atmosphere different. The smell of the cheese and chilies were filling my nose. I couldn't do anything but get a hold of a menu card to see what's on the platter.

Having tasted quite a few Mexican dishes in the US, I was given the honor to place the order. I sniffed through the menu and ordered starters, drinks, fajitas and pastas. After a bit of impatient wait the food started filling our plates and stomach. The food was just yummy and delicious. The quantity served on each plate was sumptuous and filling.

Any praise for the standard they have met to keep the food standard is less; their effort were laudable. I strongly recommend this restaurant for Mexican flavor. They also serve some great deals for weekday lunch and on drinks.

P.S. I again sneaked in 2 times more with my better half and a colleague and they had a similar experience with the dream too.. :)
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josephamathew - Burrp User


April 30,2012

Not worth it at all

Absolutely no value for money. Tried the special lunch menu that they have (not the regular menu). The quantity of food was extremely meager. The veggies that came with the dishes were far from fresh. The grilled chicken had just 2 small (i am talking miniature) pieces of chicken and we were under the impression that the dish was actually an appetizer :D We paid 800 bucks and then went upstairs to fill our stomach at the food court. The service at Chilis was fine though and the place was empty when we went. So you can enjoy a lot of privacy.
Overall, i would NEVER recommend this place. The food court at Inorbit Mall is much better than this... :)
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sarvesh85 - Burrp User


March 10,2012


Their burgers are hard, chewy. They bloody don't know how to make a meat patty...the burger in MacDonald's is better than theirs!!!

This place is a poor copy of an american diner...its over pricey...overrated!! avoid!
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September 01,2011


Finally a decent place to try out some good Mexican food!!...Though it is a little far for us Secunderabadis,the place is totally worth the drive.

Went to the place for lunch today and really enjoyed the food.We were seated promptly on entering the place.The decor is really nice and has an American Diner kind of feel to it,the view of the Secret Lake elevates the dining experience.

The menu has a vast choice of Food and Beverages.We went for A Triple Play appetiser,Jack Mushroom Fajitas and Veggie and Cheese Quesadillas.

The Triple play appetiser had 3 starters namely Fried Cheese,Southwestern Spring Rolls and some Fried Paneer served with Bombay Ranch,Mint Ranch and Marinara sauce....The Spring Rolls are to DIE for,they have the most flakiest and crispiest outer crust and a nice creamy cheesy filling..a must have if you go there....the other 2 appetisers were all right,the dips except the Marinara were Brilliant,very tasty!!!

The Fajitas on the other hand were a little disappointing..The way they are served though is Pretty awesome....You get a Sizzler Platter of the Mushroom and paneer with 3 perfectly cooked Tortillas and a plate filled with Lettuce,tomatoes,sour cream,gaucamole,cheese and Salsa Dip.....You are supposed to make your own Fajita with your preferred combination....Really wished that I had ordered for Chicken instead of the Mushroom for my fajita....

The Veggie and Cheese Quesadillas were again Superb...2 Tortillas with a layer of cheese and spinach in between served with Mexican Style Rice and beans...The rice and beans can be ignored here but the Quesadillas by themselves are very tasty.......

The Prices might be a little steep but the Portion Sizes are quite large,one Entree is more than enough to feed one person so order wisely. And for all you alcoholics,they have a wide range of cocktails and drinks too.

The service though could have been a little better,we had to keep telling them to refill our drinks....such stuff should be done without the customer even asking(considering the fact that they charge a service charge) but then again who's complaining when you are getting unlimited refills of your Soft Drinks for just 95 bucks :P

1500 bucks for 3 people..I guess I'mm gonna visit this place everytime I'm in town!!!
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tanisht - Burrp User


July 24,2011

Nice place for Mexican

I liked the nachos and the fajitas here. The service was decent and the ambience was good. Prices are slightly steep but if you know what to order keeping the portion size in mind- then it works out ! wld go back again for sure,
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Trailokya Mukherjee - Burrp User

Trailokya Mukherjee

June 22,2011

Decent place but expensive

We went there for a lunch and to celebrate my wife's birthday. Martini and fajita were good. Same goes with ice tea and Garden salad with chicken. Ingredients are fresh and very nice to taste. To us it was a unique experience of Mexican food.

We also had mini burgers and other mushroom saute and Crispy honey chilli chicken.
The portions were huge and unfortunately their so called friendly and helpful waiters didn't inform us on the portion size and how many can have in one serving.We end up paying 2500rs. I think this could have been avoided as every decent waiters should inform their hosts about the portion size and how many can have in the same serving.

Rest are fine and ambiance is good and service is quick.
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Gurunath Sharma - Burrp User

Gurunath Sharma

May 02,2011

The big small burger

this place is definitely worth a visit for their margrettas and martinis. well planned choices.
classic nachoes is the best I ever had.

the burger for almost 300 bucks called the big burger looks really big in the picture... sadly its smaller that McD burger. Not worth a penny.
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einstien013 - Burrp User


January 27,2011

Fajita was good

I have been to chillies many times in US and never liked them there so when i went to this one, i did not have too many expectations.

However, it was a surprise. Fajita out here was good. I especially liked the make your own fajita concept.

My ratings

Taste - 7/10
Ambience - 9/10
Price - 6/10
Value for money - 6/10
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TapsDesai - Burrp User


January 17,2011

Mediocre Food and Service

Last weekend I happened to have my dinner at this restaurant with my wife after doing some shopping in Hypercity. We were greeted by a smiling lady who led us to one of the table as we did not have a prior reservations. We went through the menu which was decent enough. After ordering some starters and drinks we waited for atleast 15 mins before requesting the waiter to atleast bring some drinking water. Starters and drinks were good. In main course we ordered mashroom fajitas with jack cheese and Cheese quesadillas. Fajita was just average and it was served without guacamole dip and with lot of paneer pieces which was not expected at all. Though quesadillas were good, the overall service was just average and we just left the place without having desert. So with very few authentic mexican restaurants around in Hyderabad, I feel we have to live with the available options...
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neetu19 - Burrp User


December 28,2010

Good Miss the ribs though..

Went to this place on my birthday .. (actually my husband the sweet guy that he is remembered that I love their ribs.. So he took me there..) Started with Non alcoholic Strawberry Margarita.. must admit his Presidente Margarita was more fun..
Then after an appetizer of wings realised there are no ribs on the menu,,, Please start them Chillis.. We need them..
So settled for a Fajita..
The place was kid friendly they had a kids menu and also gave my daughter some colouring pages.. She had fun.
Two drinks One appetizer and One entree resulted in a bill of around 1800.. And hey no free dessert for the Birthday Girl here..
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Horit Bhattacharya - Burrp User

Horit Bhattacharya

December 16,2010

Above Average But Not Much More

Went for dinner several weeks ago with some colleagues. The food is the kind of semi-authentic Indianised Mexican food thats available at many high end restaurants.

The Sizzling Fajitas I ordered came with a whole lot of condiments, accompaniments and decent tortillas but I didn't quite feel like Pedro while eating the dish. I guess it lacked character or a distinct taste and it was.. wait for it... bland ! Didn't think that was an attribute of Mexican food.

The burger my colleague ordered was, in his words, "just ok, and the bun is stale".
There was a searedgrilled fish fillet thingy which was fairly good.
The nachos weren't bad but I've had better at F-cafe, Indijoes and HRC.
The dessert was great but ironically enough I cant remember what it was exactly.
The pricing is, as expected, slightly steep. Portions are generous.

I would have liked to see some Corona and Jose Cuervo on offer but I didn't. Liquor is grossly over priced but that's the case with most places in Hyderabad anyway.

Overall, this place was somewhat disappointing which is even more disappointing given that the neighboring News Cafe can also be described by the same adjective.

Maybe they should send their chefs to Mexico to pick up some cooking tips and to bring back some of those volcanic chillis. Perhaps then this place will be able to live upto it's name.
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kumarsamit - Burrp User


December 07,2010

Expensive but authentic

The Chillis fills a huge gaping hole that we have in India in terms of getting authentic Mexican food in India. All dishes are excellent and I have already gone there 3 times to try different items. Dishes are good for 1 person and the price is on a high side. An advantage is that the place has a very reasonably priced kids menu which helps us go for a repeat visit without feeling the pinch as much. If you like Mexican food then this is a place you must visit...perhaps occasionally than frequently.
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indianfoodie - Burrp User


December 07,2010

Decent mexican

This place serves decent mexican food, though prices are definately on the higher side. The fajitas, nachos, tortillas, enchiladas are all good edible without being spectacular but at those rates we should get spectacular
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nomad - Burrp User


October 09,2010

Quite ok

The hostess tried very hard to seat me on a bar-stool because I was alone, and even though there was ample seating inside. She did not succeed! The service is quite quick but a tad 'over friendly' in a made-up sort of way, which can be a bit irritating .. The food is good but on the expensive side -specially a Pepsi for 95 bucks plus tax plus service charge - but as they call it bottom less (read unlimited) -but how much Pepsi can one drink ?! They charge a 12 percent service charge - which again seems on the high side.My total bill for a chicken-tikka (comes with herbed rice, boiled vegetable a a splash of raitha) and a Pepsi was Rs 526 ...plus some tip despite the 12% service charge ..

Overall a nice place for a Saturday lunch - try it ...
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Koteswari V - Burrp User

Koteswari V

September 28,2013

Nice place

Good quality .Well maintainance.
good ambiance.
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