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Sankalp Thee Foodie - Burrp User

Sankalp Thee Foodie

November 02,2013

Spooky Dinner !

Hyatt Hyderabad is located in the Financial District of Hyderabad surrounded by concrete jungle, but the hotel looks like an oasis in a desert, full of Greenery and rocks, nature at its best landscaped to give you the feeling of pleasantness and serenity. Flora and fauna is exceptionally diverse and gives the place a reputation for abundance of natural beauty.

Halloween Night, it is an interesting theme and can be made as spooky as possible. It is a theme which is at a nascent stage in Hyderabad Hotel circles, only a few are organizing them, slowly it would be gaining popularity in coming years for sure. It is for the first time I am visiting Hyatt Hyd at night and it looked even more beautiful and mesmerizing. This is perfect event on a Waning Moon evening; with the winter fast approaching the evenings have become chilling and breezy. For me the weather is ideal for an evening like this. I managed to reach the place on time passing through the busy traffic and once entered the place I found myself lost in the calmness and tranquility. The entrance and lobby of the hotel looked very calm, as I was approaching Collage (Continental restaurant) I was hearing faint screams from a distance, I knew what was in store for me. I could see lots of kids with different outfits running all over the place and having lots of fun doing different activities arranged by the hotel folks.

I had to wade through these Energetic Angles and Naughty Demons to reach my table. Once seated, I was offered alcohol (Red wine) of my choice, apart from alcohol there were some mock-tails too. I went around checking the Spooky Buffet spread; one must say the Chef’s team had done a tremendous job in recreating food as spooky as possible, of which some of them that really stand out were Creepy crawly bugs (chicken), Phantom egg with broccoli mousse, Ugly cucumber and crab meat ceviche, Bat lollipops with chilly devil sauce (Chicken) from the Non-veg section, Caramelized fig phantom, Fresh green salad on orange skull, Popcorn and apricot owls from the veg section. Blood and guts dip (beetroot and cheese), Chicken liver pate with bat crisps were really a piece of art by the chef. Apart from these there were regular continental spreads. Chicken Burger and Thin crust Chicken pizza was absolutely a delight for any foodie. Desserts were not to the level I expected and they were limited too. But what caught my attention was Demon’s eye and Graveyard Brownies (not Actual names); they not only looked good they did taste yummy.

I know these are all regular dishes executed with lots of creativity by the Chef. Here I must introduce to everyone the person behind this event, Hyderabad’s First Woman Executive Chef, who has a humongous experience working in Middle East and India. She has done amazing work to come up with such a great concept dining. More and more such unique events should be organized to make dining fun. Thanks to Ms. Bhavna Mishra for being with me all the while and making me comfortable. I look forward to visiting Hyatt very soon to explore their Deori – Indian and Andhra Cuisine Restaurant.

The ambiance is very soothing, making one feel very cosy and comfy. The washrooms are will maintained and Parking is ample. Overall I was happy with the whole experience, look forward to visit again.

Ambiance 4.5/5
Food Quantity N/A
Food Quality 4.5/5
Pricing 4/5
Service 4.5/5
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rajat309 - Burrp User


January 15,2013

Nice Ambiance and Food

The place has a lot of lights and very striking décor. You can feel the aroma of freshly cooked dishes. You just order your dish and you will get it on your table. It's a nice place to visit when you are looking for a relaxing dinner. Best part is, they have loads of variety... can choose from the long list of dishes that are available. A greeting staff. The service is very prompt and quick.
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Nikhil Malhotra - Burrp User

Nikhil Malhotra

July 08,2012

Decent food, nice ambiance

I have been to the place 3-4 times now. The place has good ambiance and has a nice relaxed atmosphere about it. The food itself is nice, not the best by any chance but still pretty good. Most of the dishes are slightly on the milder side - probably to suit the tastes of expats, which I think forms a big part of clientele.

Italian stuff is usually good. However what stands out is the thin crust - woodburn pizza. I think it is probably the best in town. Amongst Indian dishes, pindi chole and dal makhni are awesome. Rest all is just average.

The staff is very well trained and the service is good. I would recommend to go to this place when you want to have a nice relaxed time with good ambiance and decent food.

Ambiance - 4.5/5
Food - 3.5/5
Service - 4.5/5
Value for money - 3/5

Overall - 3.5/5
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Jyotsna C - Burrp User

Jyotsna C

September 10,2011

Rainy Day I choose Collage

I absolutely loved this place , amazing cusine and the salads and sweet was mind blowing. My only comment would be in the main course he could increase more variety , where as it is a treat to eyes, mouth and ears over here
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Soham Paul - Burrp User

Soham Paul

December 27,2009

Some lessons learnt!!

Well..I don't know whether I picked up the wrong cuisine or whether it was not the right time to visit the restaurant (midnight)..
The beef steak I ordered was like a rubber. I think they can take some lessons on how to cook beef from Fusion 9 or more preferably from Yoko...otherwise the Chicken preparation was good enough and hence no complains on that front!!
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John Cougar - Burrp User

John Cougar

November 04,2007

Excellent food, amazing service, great ambiance

I've been to the Collage twice in the past week - once for dinner and once for lunch; the food, service and ambiance are possibly amongst the best in India, not just Hyderabad.

The Japanese chef creates the best sushi I've had in India. The lunch buffet was quite extraordinary - dishes that I've not seen often in India. Lox, Figs with cheese, a vast array of cold salads, extremely fresh entrees (instead of piling the buffet table with lots of food, they cook in small quantities and bring them out as needed, thereby keeping it fresh). The mushroom lasagna was mouth-watering, as was the fish curry.

The service is very very good - not just from the restaurant staff, but from everyone at the hotel. They've been incredibly gracious and polite all the time.

The patio area outside Collage is very well done, though the view from the patio leaves a little to be desired (all that construction, noise and heat). If you visit the restaurant at night, don't miss sitting in the patio instead of inside.

If a restaurant could get 6 stars, this would be it.
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