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Abhijit Pal - Burrp User

Abhijit Pal

September 22,2015

Not worth of spending 600 bucks

Let me start with this: The first two starters they served were: Dosa & Bhel Puri. Yes! What the hell! They had total 4 veg starters and 2 non-veg starters. And, main course seriously lacked variety. Desserts were okay.

But, service was not up to the mark at all. The staffs are not attentive, unapologetic. And, that makes this place not worth of spending 600 bucks. Yes, not worth.
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kaushik.prasad - Burrp User


September 21,2015

very nice ambience

definitely the best ambience. crowded in weekends. try to book in advance. taste is very good. Open air in the corners. Rest covered
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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

March 12,2014

Paradise in the Midst of a Concrete Jungle

Of late , I am making it a point ti visit all my pending hotels during the week or as part of a team lunch.

Same is the case with Zarfraan. I've only heard good about this outlet, although everyone has an occasional off day as in case of my elder sister.

That blemish not withstanding for long, I landed today at Exotica after nearly 8 months of waiting.

We had a choice of buffet or ala carte but the choice of ala carte prevailed as I find the ala carte far superior to the food served in the buffet.

The place is on the 5th floor of the 12th square building. Geographically located opposite the Audi Hyderabad show room.

Its all wooden roofing with mist guns lined from the inside with a lot of water fountains and ponds with fish. Tall grass on the sides, Floor lines with carpet grass, lemon grass incense sticks , sound of flowing water - bliss !

The place has got a sort of tropical look to it for the al fresco area , I did not venture in to the closed seating space as I had already chosen to sit outside.

The weather was immaculate. Cool breeze blowing across the table with no obstruction from any direction. Overcast conditions made it all the more better.

Our order was quick and simple

Paneer Tikka
Drums of Heaven
Sunehri Butte Ki Tikki
Dal Zafraani
Murgh Makhni
2 garlic Naan
4 tandoori Roti
1 veg Biryani

I did not get to taste the veg starters but I believe they were well done. The drums of heaven were a little moist for our liking but decent at that.
The Sunehri Bhutte ki tikki never made it to the table.

The murgh makhni was amazing. When paired with a garlic naan - oh pure bliss. Subtle flavors , pulled chicken, not too sweet, not to spicy - amazingly palatable dish it was.

Pair this bliss with a well made, thick intense dal zafraani - oh dear lord, I never wanted to leave the place. All I wanted to do was just sit there in that pot of dal makhni...This is the only other place that I have found a killer dal makhni. The first 2 being, Kanak , Tansen.

The veg biryani was also pretty decent as to what I think.

The service was a little goofy, but Santosh our server had an infectious smile. The atmosphere was such that it was almost forgivable that he forgot our 3rd starter.

Service was watchful and not too nosy. Ambiance amazing, thanks to the weather.

The entire meal cost about 2700 for 5 people which i think is real VFM, considering the place and the ambiance.

The only blemish was that one of my colleague insisted on plucking out a lotus from the pond behind, to which although the wait staff did not object but were visibly disturbed. One gentleman did say, he hasn't had any one in 10 years to pluck out a lotus. For a moment i thought i killed his baby.

I think the place still has a few rough edges to smoothen out, but I will definitely not think twice before recommending this for a good Indian meal.

Now that I know its potential, it will real task to not want to frequent this place !
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Vishal Fernandes - Burrp User

Vishal Fernandes

December 28,2013

Decent Spread for the price tag

Zafraan Exotica has been on my wish list since quite a long time and I got an opportunity to visit them yesterday for their Lunch Buffet.

Directions to reach:

Zafraan Exotica is located on the 5th floor of 12th square building, opposite to Audi Showroom on Road number 12, banjarahills.


As I entered into the ground floor of the building, I was told that the only way to get to the restaurant in the 5th floor is by a small lift which can only accommodate 5 people at a time. I was surprised when I was told that there are no stairs. Strange !!!

Nevertheless, once I landed at the 5th floor, I was spell bound with the ambiance.
The out-door seating ambiance was spectacular, chairs and tables laid out in the open lawn, with a wooden flooring and water-fountain all around. I found the ambiance to be extremely peaceful in spite of a busy and sunny afternoon.

The inside ambiance is quite ordinary, with the buffet laid out near the bar and on the pathway. The place was very congested and there was hardly enough place to walk. I pity for the crowd sitting inside as I am sure they may have been disturbed and uncomfortable with the crowd pouring in for the buffet.


The soups and starters were served on the table. For the soups we had Chicken hot & sour and Talumein soup, the chicken hot & sour was totally burnt and tasteless while talumein soup was decent with very little hint of vegetables.

For the starters, Paneer tikka peshawari, vegetable kebab, Tangri kebab, Harre pattowali macchi and veg Frankie was served. I loved all the starters out of which the paneer tikka peshawari and tangri kebab were the favourites, the veg Frankie was ordinary.

The main course was self-service, the spread was elaborate with multiple salads, and mains including both indian and Chinese, Since I was already full with the starters I opted for the murgh lababdar & Dal Zafraan & a bit of mutton biryani. The roti basket was served on the table and they were not the fresh of the lot, but I was able to manage them with dal zafraan and murgh lababdar. Both the curries were outstanding, The dal zafraan is one their specials and true to its name it was one of the best I've had. The Mutton biryani was also outstanding, the mutton pieces were soft and tender and completely flavorful. I loved it !!

For the deserts, there was an option of gajar ka halwa, Strawberry soufflé, and chocolate cake. The gajar ka halwa was delicious, I couldn’t get over it until I reached office. The strawberry soufflé was ordinary and chocolate cake was well done. But the star among the deserts is definitely Gajar Ka Halwa.


Right from the valet to the table, every service was fast and quick. No complaints on it.

Final Verdict: For the price tag of 427 AI, this is perhaps one of the best value for money buffets in town.

Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
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Arcot Srinivas - Burrp User

Arcot Srinivas

August 27,2013

Great Food and Good Ambiance

It was my wife's birthday and I wanted to take her to a place she never visited and was very special so I tried booking a table at the faluknama but they were fully booked by then,I was in a state of utter confusion and started reading reviews on Zomato after reading multiple reviews i decided on exotica as its the place which I never visited and everyone was raving about the experience they had at exotica,so finally I madeup my mind and reached exotica the first view i had was that of a lovely fountain close to the entrance and the japanese style open air seating with canopys along with small pools with fish around them,I was assisted to a lovely corner table in less than five minutes and a small candle was lit inside a glass holder on the table.then we went ahead and ordered a Veg Platter as wife is an eggitarian followed by their signature dal zaafrani and egg masala we also ordered 3 garlic naan's to go along with the gravy and the dal,please cross check while ordering as the portions are really good in quantity,wifey was on cloud 9 she loved the place and I was impressed with the level of service and detail at exotica,even though the pricing is a bit on the higher side its defiently worth it,finally not to forget the panwalla who is on the groud floor of the building he sells some of the best magai pans in town.overall it would rate it as great based on the food/service and the ambiance.

Do leave a comment if you like my review.
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foodiearun - Burrp User


August 20,2013

Ideal for a romantic dinner

The rooftop location, romantic candle light, and mouth watering food is best combination to surprise your better half. Try the mutton dishes at this place, they are awesome.Exotica is a must go in Hyderabad.
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varun_jain06 - Burrp User


May 01,2013

Satisfactory Experience

After reading the reviews, I selected this place to give a treat to my friends. The setup was good and we sat inside as it was hot outside in this summer. We went for the buffet.

In the beginning we were served soups which were fine , non veg was good. Then came the starters. We felt the options were very limited, just 2 for non veg and 3 for veg. Deepak was serving us and he did a great job and was always smiling even though there was delay in preparation of veg starters. I guess they cook more of non veg than veg. Then came the main course which, surprisingly, became the best part of the buffet. It is usually either starters or desserts. The food was delicious and we enjoyed it thoroughly . Deserts was disappointing. They have options of double ka meetha , vanila ice cream and small rasgulla with powdered coconut. They were fine but did not met our expectations. Definitely there is plenty of scope in improving the deserts.

Overall it was a satisfactory experience for me and my vegetarians friends whereas my non vegetarian friends had a pleasant experience
Ambiance 4/5
Service 3.5/5
Food 3/5 ... not much options
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Jonah Jagadeshan - Burrp User

Jonah Jagadeshan

January 28,2013

For the ambience, Yes!

Service - 5
Food - 4
Ambience - 4.5
Expensive, but for date nights a perfect spot. The look and feel of the place laidback and pleasant. Worth a visit for sure.
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mahmood  - Burrp User


January 02,2013

what an awesome expereince

i have been to zafraan exotica a lot of times and never get tired of its food .. first of all the location of the restaurant is in a really nice place , to add on top the open air roof top atmosphere with live fishes , wooden hut shaped roofing with wooden plank flooring .. it almost feels are u are dining in the lap of nature staff is fast and are very friendly and courteous

Zaafran serves quality food on the menu food .. personally loved the cheese naan and murg kurchan quite memorable .. must say a great place ..
food although priced being a little on the expensive side .. but still anytime worth it

my review - for sure a must place to dine .. one of the best food experiences in hyderabad :)
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rajat309 - Burrp User


August 17,2012

Brilliant Place

I went to this place with my friends, in a friends Bday Party, the food ambiance is simply superb, we ordered finger foods like Shredded Lamb, Dahi Kebab, Vegetarian Seekh Kebab and Crispy Vegetables,, Leaving the Lamb, as it was tooooo Spicy, all of them were worth trying, specially the Dahi Kebab.
Then among the Main Course, we went for Delchi Chicken, Dal Makhani, Malai Kofta and varieties of Roti's and Paratha's. We went for one Ulta Tawa Paratha, served hot in a foil, it was surely a must try,
All the main courses were good, but surely been overshadowed by Dal Makhani as it was brilliantly cooked. The entrance of this restaurant was slighly odd though, as the elevator was not working and we were asked to take the back route, for instance i thought it is Kitchen door entry, but it wasn't. Loved the ambiance, The food was well served and the food was much above average.
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adityam - Burrp User


September 05,2011


I went to Exotica with some associates for their lunch buffet on a friend’s recommendation and was absolutely blown away by the ambience which is simply great. The buffet had a nice spread with a good variety of dishes and the taste was very good. The starters were served on the table which ensured that we did not to get up time and again to fill up our plates. They also had 2 live counters serving chaats & khichdi which I have not seen in any of the restaurants I have been to . The service was attentive. Special mention of the delicious chocolate mousse in the desserts has to be made since I am a chocoholic. The overall experience was value for money as they are also offering a pint of beer or mocktail with the buffet
I’m going back soon to try out their regular menu items as well since I have heard very good feedback from friends who are regulars.
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Deepak Kulkarni - Burrp User

Deepak Kulkarni

August 08,2011

WORST SERVICE by Waiters ..

Not Always Boss is not always right ... kinda proved it with this experience... With recommendation of my Boss, by now this was so so known place as Boss talks so often about this place as his friend owns this place....we visited Exotica last weekend ...We were 13 VEGGIE's.. yes Vegetarians and Strictily told to Waiter that it was a Veg Group Everything was going perfect .. Ambience .... Starters ( Although we felt the Quantity was Less).... Nice Mock and Cocktails .... BUT the problem started when the Waiter screwed it up on Food ... he gots us some Chicken dish and served in the plates with other Veg food ... we were about to have and someone in group guessed it wasn't VEG.... That was the End of pleasure having at this Place ... Firstly 2 members is the group got upset and left the place as they were pure VEGGIES .. and secondly half the food was wasted as they never changed the Food maincourse which was ordered and served ... This was completely unacceptable from a place which is suppostedly well know .. YOU CANNOT SCREW UP on Food .... thats the main thing ...

Overall we ended with a bill of big buck with a unsatisfactory party ...
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Aqheel Siddiqui - Burrp User

Aqheel Siddiqui

July 09,2011

no variety in non- veg

Ambience is great. ideat for a date. i've been to lunch buffet, starters were good. But zaafraan is ideal for a veggie. non- veggies, u may not get a variety in the main course. but in all, a nice experience and worth a try..
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rhythm8126 - Burrp User


November 28,2010

Worth a try

We were 4 of us and we went to zafran exotica on 27th November 2010 which was a Saturday. The first look itself makes you feel like spending a lifetime there...beautiful decor with artificial water falls and a cozy hut type feel and cool wind just ads to the experience. We started with soups (2 veg and 2 nonveg hot & sour) followed by the starters which were unlimited. In Nonveg it was mutton shami kabab which was just ok and coriander chicken which was very good. In the Veg we had veg Manchurian and veg seekh kabab and both were very good. Then the mocktails were served which were equally good.

There was a live cheela counter and then in the main course there was mutton coriander, chicken biriyani and some Chinese chicken dish...all of them very good. In veg there was paneer jalfrezi, palak corn, dal and lot different types of rice preparations. For the usuals there was rasam and curd rice to company.

In the deserts there was ice cream with chocolate sauce ? , kheer which was extremely good, pastry, fruits, asome gulab jamun and some usual papad n onion. Over all it was a very good time we spent there and hoghly recommend the place. The service at times becomes slow but they are instantly available on call. Bes time to visit is around 12:30 for lunch
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Jayanth  - Burrp User


November 23,2010

Ambiance is great

Ambiance is great and food is good. Cocktails are expensive but they are different. I tried Hot toddy, it cleared my sore throat. Good recommendation from the waiter. Waiters are attentive. My 4 yr kid liked the small pool with fishes. Food price is same as any upscale restaurant like Ohris. It will be around 1500 for two.
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tejindershami - Burrp User


August 29,2010

Zafraan Exotica

I am truly delighted with what Zafraan Exotica offered...beautiful ambiance, great food, attentive waiters. The place was more than awesome. There is a buffet system as well and for people who chose ala carte, ZE has a terrace arrangement with a nice view of the city. Candle lit tables, soothing soulful music, water flowing along side, dim lights...i guess it was more than perfect!
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indianfoodie - Burrp User


August 10,2010

An anti ode to Exotica

Four friends including moi,
Decided to have dinner here on Fri nite,
Turned out to be quite a fri ght,
Ladies and Gentlemen here's the reason why,
The dinner even before it started, turned out bad,
As the waiting area was quite sad,
Guess Exotica does not really expect a good turnout,
Only three can be seated for waiting and even that after a shoutout,
Seated at the table after thirty minutes,
Would have not been too bad,
But the servers were intent,
To turn the evening into a shame,
So even after 15 minutes no one came.
Shouted out twice for the menu,
Cursing the servers every second in my mind - damn you,
45 (30 + 15) minutes, gave us time aplently,
To savor the ambience, if any,
And sirs as hard as you may try,
The ambience from being excellent is a far cry,
The rooftop concept is neither new or novel,
Oh well on the ambience I will just throw in the towel,
Coming back to the food,
Was that about to save the evening,
Read on Sirs and Madam,
Would have thought that Mirchiwala Tikka in Exotica,
Would have been a safe bet,
Alas, no such luck as it tuned out really bad,
How can anyone muck up a simple tikka dish?
Ask exotica, the chef and the rubber panner dish
Was torn with the second starter too,
Really chef that bad pepper corn too,
Sad were both the starter dishes,
Darn you can pass my time only looking at the equally bored swimming fishes,
The servers decided we were being stubborn,
So they decided to mix up the mains just for fun,
Insisted on serving the wrong dish just because it was also veg,
Really sir are you a basket case,
Mixing issues sorted after a polite but firm rebuttal,
I'm getting out of rhymes so will this lead to exotica's acquittal,
Not quite as I need to do some good for humanity,
And save the human kind from such monstrosity,
Mains consisted of paneer lababdar and dal zafraan,
Dal zafraan was the saving grace, else the whole meal was down the drain,
It was average not great, what could we do that was our fate,
The servers were really on our healths lookout,
And didnt want us to finish the meal,
Guess it was the calorie deal,
As they insisted on clearing our plates,
Even before we were done,
One more time and I would have turned into Jean Claude Van Damme,
And smacked the server and all of his mates,
Thus ended a pathetic evening,
Thanks Exotica for ruining it thus,
I will surely be sending all my foes, for in your awefulness I trust!
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Neo  - Burrp User


June 29,2010

Exotica?? huh..

Folks, do reserve an extra hand while dining here.. Coz u may need 'em to get rid of the flies that will be hovering around u. Yep..me and my frenz visited this place last friday for lunch, hoping for a grand feast. v wer 3, opted for buffet..ended up paying around 1000 bucks.. for Very less varieties in both veg & non veg..i wont recommend this place...
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Soham Paul - Burrp User

Soham Paul

December 27,2009

Go for the Nice ambience

Well, I would say that don't expect too much from the food, but the ambience and service is good.
The chinese is a bit Indianized but not intolerable. Indian food is good. Value for money is another reason for visit.
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Rahul Basu - Burrp User

Rahul Basu

December 22,2009

Build up to nothing

Ambiance - 5/5
Service - 3/5
Food - 3.5/5

I guess when you visit a restaurant you look for the service and good food until offcourse if you are not awed by the ambiance. With an impression of being a top class crowd puller, we planned to make a trip to this joint for a farewell of our friend.

Though I pre booked the seats as it was a Sunday evening still the manager was in dismay when I demanded my place. Somehow they managed to provide a seating for 4. The waiter promptly came as asked for the type of water to be served and to my sheer disbelief never returned with regular water.

We went through the list on the menu card and select few of the known starters. Golden Fried Prawns and Talwari Kabab. After a long wait of 20 mins our water was served and then came the starters. Both the dishes looked unfamiliar unlike to their name. Golden Prawns tasted battered but for it being cold. The Talwari Kabab was more like chicken cooked in mustard paste which was unexpected as we hoped it would be something near to Ohri's Gunfaa kabab. While munching on the starters we planned our meal with Chicken Kashmiri and Chicken Pakhtooni with Dum Murg Biriyani and Kashmiri Pulao. Yet another long wait of 30 minutes another glass of water was served. Then arrived the main course and the sensational announcement came from the waiter that they have goofed up Kashmiri Chicken with Butter Chicken. Tragedy!!! I could not hold my laugh and ordered a replacement which they obliged to very submissively. Kashmiri Pulao tasted fine with the fragrance and taste but for the rice pilafs needed a steam or two more. Nothing much to talk about the food we ended up with our dinner.

Overall I will not rate this among the finest restaurants and they need to do a lot into service and management. Ambiance was the only bonus which made us the cheer the whole evening.
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kumarsamit - Burrp User


May 15,2009

Forever favourite!

If there is one place where we don't mind visiting again and again and again, it is Zafraan Exotica. It has excellent ambience, the staff is very courteous and the food is simply awesome! The profile on Burrp says that it is purely vegetarian but actually it serves excellent non-veg food. The food and drinks are very reasonable priced. It has both indoor and open terrace sections. I always prefer the open terrace. Nice view of teh city, cool breeze and there are lots of fish in the water channels which criss cross the terrace. I have taken my friends and colleagues from UK and US too to Zafraan Exotica and they too always want to come back again to that place.

Keep up the good work!
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moodiefoodie - Burrp User


December 05,2008

Nice roof top widin a selective price range

Zafraan Exotica is one of my fav dining places.. i just love the ambience there at night. To start with its more than a decent place at the center of the city.. Off all the restaurants with open roof top, this one seems to be the best, atleast the breeziest (surprisingly though) !! Pricing is a lil on the expensive side considering the offerings.. I would suggest going for a buffet would be a better idea (do try out the baby corn starters)..One big drawback is that it gets overcrowded at times and you might feel wanting for some space, moreso when you are wid ur special date... U gotta identify ur spot and that helps..i prefer the little sitout in the open, next to the elevator..... Surprisingly, it was always breezy everytime i went there... Like Arvind says, its the perfect romantic getaway for a perfect night.. In my opinion, a perfect restaurant for a perfect dinner (if you like open air that is !!)
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Arvind_7 - Burrp User


November 16,2008

Ideal for a romantic dinner!!!

Recession had taken a toll even on our little team here in Hyderabad and for a while, we had to do away with the team lunches that we had so gotten used to. So, after a hiatus of almost 2 months we decided that it was time for another one of our mid day Friday team outings, the venue this time being Zafraan Exotica in Banjara hills. The ambience in this place stands out. It’s a little bit like a rooftop restaurant with lots of cool breeze and skyscrapers in the backdrop. I’ve heard that the place looks beautiful in the evening. One look and you will figure out why this place is popular with the couples.

As it is the norm with most of our team lunches, we opted for the buffet for want of time. The buffet had a veg and a non veg soup which were’nt exactly great and a couple of starters in both veg and non veg. The starters were quite good. The main course was predominantly north Indian and comprised of 6 Veg side dishes and a couple of non veg side dishes to go with the rotis and parathas. In addition to this, there was Mutton Biryani and noodles and a Chinese side dish. The food overall was average or perhaps above average but certainly not extraordinary. The Gulab Jamun and Kheer which formed the desserts were pretty good. The buffet cost us Rs.225 per head which I thought was a little on the higher side. To cut a long story short, the ambience at Zafraan exotica is better than the food. It would be an ideal setting for a date or a romantic getaway.
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wondersantosh - Burrp User


January 19,2008

Is Zafran getting overconfident

About a year ago when i visited this place, the ambience took me over, the food was good.
Now a visit a week ago left me shell shocked
Got a food order on my table which i had not ordered.
Me being a veggie was served chicken inspite of my telling the waiter that it was not my order.
Zafran are u getin to overconfident on your ambience that the food and service has become shameffful.
Buck up...
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