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D S - Burrp User


October 15,2015

Need to improve Biryani quality and Taste

Visited this legendary place dring Business Trip , we tried there special paradise Mutton curry with Tandoori Roti , Followed by Mutton Biryani .
Mutton curry was out of the world , pieces were soft , perfectly cooked and had a great flavour of Curry leaf in dish.
Tandoori breads were also good in taste .
Now it was a time to witness the great flavour of World famous Biryani from paradise which was served with Mirchi ka salan and Raita....
But guys trust me it was a big disappointment , no flavours , Rice quality was mixed some are big grain , some were broken , Biryani Masala was also not good at all , even the Mutton quality.
I M a big Biryani Lover know the basic flavours and taste , But did not satisfied with there world famous Biryani .
Service was good .
Ambience was OK.
3 rating only for curry...
1.5 only for Mutton Biryani
But I will not suggest anyone to try there Biryani.
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Rit Arora - Burrp User

Rit Arora

January 06,2015


I recently visited this very famous place known for serving the best biryani in hyderabad. I mistakenly made the order from the dine in but then realised and went inside. The sitting was open air. The food was ordered and as expected was delicious and enough for two people. But when I was making the payment I realized that the price for Dine-In was higher than take away. 144 for take away and 290 something for din-in. excluding taxes. I think this is totally unreasonable and doesnt make sense.
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Ankit Mahapatra - Burrp User

Ankit Mahapatra

January 23,2014

Not that Good

Compared to other branches of Paradise restaurant this was a disappointment. Some more seating space would be appreciated . Food quality and serving was decent.
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Koteswari V - Burrp User

Koteswari V

September 28,2013

Nice food

This is the nice place to go with family and friends.
keep it up
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Arcot Srinivas - Burrp User

Arcot Srinivas

August 22,2013

Biryani and Kebab Heaven

Nice place to grab a meal after office if you work in the hitec city vicinity award winning biryani and mouth watering kebabs and I like the quick service and the haleem too which is seasonal but awesome if you are from hyderabad or love spicy food do ask for double masala in your chicken or mutton biryani it is divine and dont forget to have the famed qubani ke meetha with ice cream for desert.
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mvkaruna86 - Burrp User


August 16,2013

Hyderabad ka swad....paradise briyani..

Love it, hate it, or be indifferent, Paradise continues to engage the Hyderabad's passion for biryani, and the flourishing number of new outlets,... we usually go to visit to the hitec city branch with my office colleagues... I am big biryani fan and I like the mutton biryani at Paradise... kebabs are worth tasting.... however the service is not much good..have to Wait a long time for food and waiters are also rude... Fridays are fully packed... better to take a parcel and have it somewhere else...
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itsvish - Burrp User


June 02,2013

Good Biryani, Highly Terrible Waiters

No doubt, the briyani is good and quick. If you are hungry and love biryani, you can drop here.
The briyani is not very costly and most of us can afford it.

The Waiters: Terrible is the word for them. They are very bad behaving, and not listening. Every restaurants have huge crowd, but the waiters should know how to handle their customers. Plus some of them have foul language.

Best: Take parcel and eat somewhere else
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Flavs D Foodieee' - Burrp User

Flavs D Foodieee'

May 07,2013

Over Hyped biryani !!

On being new in hyderabad, as everyone wants to experiment an authentic hyderabadi biryani... on enquiring with people they forwarded me to this place. Over hyped I would call it.. but it aint all that bad. AS we were to enter this palce, we were in mood to order a traditional mutton biryani, but we just met a friend of ours who said they just ate the dish & it wasnt great &they suggested us to order the 'Paradise Special' So we did just that. Its a mix of chicken & mutton in the biryani. We were told it would be enough for 3 people, but it was HUGE!! me & my hubby ate & we parceled & ate in for another meal.. So i would say its enuf for 4-5 people.
Taste i would rate the biryani jus an average 3/5
NO great hyderabi spicy tatstes as expected.. so a negative on that..
The other thing ordered was 'Boti Kebab' was lovely.
Absolutely succulent mutton piece, with very well marinated spices. Was served with a lovely minty yogurt chutney which made it just perfect.
I would rate this a 5/5 no flaw absolutely !!
A definately must order is the boti kebab!! I would highly recommend this..
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Sumit Kumar - Burrp User

Sumit Kumar

April 09,2013

Good food but terrible waiters

I went 6-7 times to their branch at Hi-Tech City. here is my review.

1. Waiters are terrible. One need to ask them 5-6 times.
2. They keep serving the things in installments. Sometimes the starters were served after main course.
3. Soup is not hot most of the times. When you ask them to bring hot soup, they make a long argument before bringing the hot soup.
4. It seems They don't have in-house cooking. Most of the time biryani is not hot and fresh.
5. Floor manager is as dumb as the waiters. He keep saying OK I will look into the matter but no help.
6. No doubt the food especially the biryani is good but their behavior will make your mood too bad to eat at this place. Better to get the things parcel and eat at peace some where else.
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surjodeb - Burrp User


February 07,2013

Has something to eat for everyone.

1. Branch of Original Paradise. Has identical Biriani.
2. Primary attraction is the balanced menu which has something prepared good for everybody in a group from Vegetarian to Non vegetarian and from Indian to Chinese.
3. Avoid on weekend nights since very difficult to find a place. (unlike parent branch)
4. Avoid sitting and eating here (instead opt for efficient takeaway) if averse to a crowded or slightly noisy ambience.
5. Value for money considering standardized brand value, service and well lit AC ambience.

Ambience: 5.5/10
Food: 6/10 (nothing special)
Service: 6.5/10
Cost : 400/- for 2.

Have gone to this place numerous times since this place is ubiquitous and has something for everyone in a group as I shall explain later. I went most recently post a function in the next door Shilpa Kala Vedika on a weekend night.

Place has a modern regular well-lit AC restaurant decor with fall back seating available on the rooftop and on the courtyard behind the restaurant. However, the place is usually crowded and almost always slightly noisy.

Avoid sitting and eating here on weekend nights as far as possible since crowds start pouring in from nearby functions at Shilpa Kala Vedika complex and also from Hi-Tech residential areas, making it very difficult to find a table. Crowds here are usually varied and have good balance of young and old, professional and casually dressed folks.

Standard Paradise restaurant food are all available here, with something for everyone. - From the signature Paradise Biriani to the variety of options in Chinese dishes and North Indian and Vegetarian dishes, although this restaurant does not appear to specialize in any cuisine or dish (save the Biriani which is made famous by it's parent branch), there is some food here for each and every person attending in a group. So if you have to meet up with a group of folks with whom you can't check before reaching the place whether they are okay with Veg or Non Veg or with Indian or Chinese then this is the general one-size-fits-all type of place you can bring them to.

Portions are generous with any main course dish being enough for 2 people.

Efficient, no-nonsense service like in the parent branch. Waiters respond promptly when called. However, unlike parent branch waiters can scarcely be relied upon to call on you or easily identify available seating opportunities during crowded hours.
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chamumothe3 - Burrp User


January 20,2013

perfect service timing

i am very much impressed by the service these people are done every thing on time no need to call for service in the middle their eye contact is superb i think nobody will go unsatisfied from this place apart from that food is amazing garlic kebab is a must try one and double ka meetha is mind blowing i think rates are little high but must try restaurant in new city specially open air restaurant is well planned
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subhash3839 - Burrp User


January 19,2013

great food excellent service

i am new to hyderabad last friday 6 of us visited hitech paradise nearly 200 members are in waiting before us but within 15 min they allotted us a big table in open air restaurant waiter suggested us to have a kebab platter and supreme biryani it took just 10 min to them to serve the food biryani comes real hot and it was amaging specially kebabs are very tasty i am little scared when i read older reviews but my suggestion is you must visit this restaurant if you are coming to hyderabad thanks to paradise team paradise rocks

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jan_e - Burrp User


January 11,2013

Paradise Worst restaurant ever seen in Hyderabad

Paradise hitec city is the worst restaurant that i have ever seen. Though i have ordered fish dish they server chicken dish and claimed that it is fish. Rather than acknowledging the mistake they bluff. I highly recommend not to go this restaurant. The Manager name was Martin who said if i want i can post on the web as well, I was totally shocked to see this kind of management. Is this the way a customer has to be treated.
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mahmood  - Burrp User


January 02,2013

pretty ok .. but value for money unparalled

i think hyderabadi paradise biryaani is a little over hyped
its not really special but its not to bad too .. so i think ill give it the benefit of doubt

paradise food court in hi tech city is the extension of the main secunderabad branch . best thing here is the value for money , the quantity and the sheer number of people that come to visit here for having a bite ..

the staff is professional but not very friendly . the menu is elaborate and actually all of the items on the menu are quite above average tasting ... hardly i have seen anything that felt really bad or below average . takeaway is a little cheaper and the dine expensive and a lot slower too .

but the question here is the biryaani ..that its known for .. i would say that yes its good but nothing exceptional .. i have a lot of times seen people from out of Hyderabad saying that they have had better biryaani experiences in other cities and i accept it could be true ... i find the 4 season's biryaani the best in hyderabad .. and i doubt its authentic hyderabadi

anyways .. i would give it 3 stars for its ok food quality but it scores on the price and location .. and the open air section too that is really nicely made
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Soumabha  RayChaudhuri - Burrp User

Soumabha RayChaudhuri

November 30,2012

Y u no put the reqd spices ...

A big disappointment as compared to the original Paradise!!!

We ordered Chicken Tikka as starters which seemed a mellowed down version of what available. The chicken was semi-raw with not proper marination but we ignored it (though these minute changes are what differentiates a good restaurant from the bad one).

For the main course we ordered Egg Biriyani and Chicken Biriyani. The Egg Biriyani was basically a Veg Biriyani with Egg gravy and a badly fried Egg on top of it.

The Chicken Biriyani though well cooked was a lesser brother of the original and famous Paradise biriyani as it lacked the right proportions of the masala. It was more white rice and less 'kai' type rice. Whether it was just bad luck or poor cooking one can just contemplate now.

My friends concluded that as it was in the more metropolitan area (Hi Tech City) the restaurant had lessened its spices so as to cater to a wider crowd. Well Paradise, Hi Tech City... I am disappointed

Meal for 2 - Rs. 600/-
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vikfoodie - Burrp User


November 26,2012

Ok Biryani but good Starters.

The place is good for biryani but is not comparable to actual paradise at secunderabad. For a true blue hyderabadi & a biryani addict this place is nothing when it comes to the actual Hyderabadi Biryani. But if you talk about starters this place is good especially the kalmi kabab here. I like this place for starters and the ambiance is very good especially if you dine outside. The outer food court portion is very attracting.
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supriti02sana - Burrp User


November 25,2012

Cheap and yummy!!!!

Tasty biryanis and chilly chicken.Good Job guys.keep it up :)
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Debasish Mohanty - Burrp User

Debasish Mohanty

November 16,2012

Tasty paneer masla which i ever had

once me and my brother-in-law went for this hotel. We have seen that this Hotel is having a very sound sorrounding area in hi-tech city. We love the dishes while going for paneer butter masala and veg biriyani. It was awasome. I loved the taste of Biriyani and we enjoyed the food of Paradise.
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Anurodh Kar - Burrp User

Anurodh Kar

November 16,2012

Mother of hyderabadi Biryani

It is the best Biryani i ever had..and loved the Appolo fish curry .....a good place for get together's and party .....
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Ashutosh Mohapatra - Burrp User

Ashutosh Mohapatra

November 16,2012

Delicious Biriyani

I have had Biriyani many times in Paradise but still not getting bore because of his taste and ambiance. I have found awesome taste of Paradise Biriyani. I have gone with my friends as well as with my colleagues. We felt both Chicken and mutton biriyani is awesome. So thats why paradise is still no one in making Biriyani in Hyderabad.
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Pratyush Sethy - Burrp User

Pratyush Sethy

November 15,2012

No 1 mutton Biriyani in Hyderabad

This restaurant opened last 1-2 yrs back in Madhapur, but taste mutton Biriyani still remain same as it was in main branch.The price of mutton Biriyani good. The sitting capacity is awesome with open garden space,service is very good.

enjoy your Biriyani
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sanjeeburrp - Burrp User


November 13,2012

Best Biriyani In Hyderabad

The brand "Paradise" is meant for Bniriyani lovers. The food is ok but the ambiance is poor. It is overcrowded and the biryani and some of the kebabs are good but the rest is all average. Go there to have only biriyani. You won't be disappointed as long as you don't have high hopes from it. However, it is a value for money place. I also feel that Hitech City outlet is not as good as Paradise secunderabad.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi Sanjee

We promise to look into the issues you raised and we will ensure that your experience with us the next time is much better than it was the last time around.

Rahul Nair - Burrp User

Rahul Nair

November 12,2012

Losing Ground...

Been a resident of Hyderabad for a major part of my life - thus the occasional visit to Paradise Secunderabad is the usual custom.

A manager arrived from out of town - and he was in the mood for the Hyderabadi Biryani for dinner and Old City was out of bounds as we had another party joining us from Hitex - so we thought Paradise Hitech City would have to do.

Parking is ample as the compound houses a lot of other eateries.

We were guided to the roof "Garden" dining area.

The garden is breeding ground for a million mosquitoes and we were amply reminded about this during the entire course of the meal. There are those pest killing flashes but to no avail.

The furniture is very spartan - the kind you see in old function halls. The table spread cloth was wet and we had to remind the head waiter two times to get it changed.

The food made up for it though - we gave the soup a miss as we were pretty hungry and we jumped right into the business end of things.

Ordered the Mutton biryani and a chicken side dish as the main course and an order of Malai kebab for the starter.

The food was typical Paradise - a bit on the higher end of the spice spectrum. But tasty and very wholesome. Biryani we felt was a bit under cooked but the meats were very tender and just melted in our mouths.

No desserts were had - but the Khubani ka Meetha would have been our choice

Pricing is very reasonable.

The service standard has to pick up - otherwise the landmark of Hyderabadi Tourist's biryani would end up losing a lot more ground and clientele than it already has.


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Nikhil Malhotra - Burrp User

Nikhil Malhotra

July 08,2012

Don't keep high hopes

The brand "Paradise" is hyped and its not that good as it is made out to be. And the one in Hitech is certainly no paradise. The food is ok but the ambiance is poor. It always feels smelly and overcrowded. The biryani is good but the rest is all average. Go there if it is the nearest restaurant around. You won't be disappointed as long as you don't have high hopes from it.
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manishapanda - Burrp User


May 14,2012

No more a Paradise...

Paradise is hyped. It has lost its originality. Being a resident of hitec city, I went in with great hopes to munch on the famous paradise biryani. Secunderabad is too far, so settled for this one. I ordered Chicken Biryani, but to my horror found some mutton pieces in it. The service was also very slow. Overall, a disappointment. The next time, I get such Biryani pangs I will visit the good old Windows of the world, now Khao Galli, which is right there in the Cyber Towers. I know what I get while I order there. There are no shocks. Plus the buffet for lunch is so wide and tasty.
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Blue Joy - Burrp User

Blue Joy

December 18,2011

value for money

i love them for the variety in food they offer, the quantity, and the speedy takeaway. my favorite is their veg biryani
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Ankur Chakraborty - Burrp User

Ankur Chakraborty

November 18,2011

Awesome Mutton Malai Kabab

Visted the restaurant again on 15th Nov, 2011. This short post is just to share the awesomeness of a particular dish they serve- Mutton Malai Kabab. we ordered one, and I am sure I never had anything like this in Hyderabad before. The mutton was so soft that it actually almost melted in mouth. You actually can "fee" the pungency, mellowness and succulency of the mutton. One must have this dish if you are visitng Paradise.
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Madhu Thamma - Burrp User

Madhu Thamma

November 04,2011

it is pathetic

This place is running just on the brand name. I have been to paradise in 80s and if you compare the biryani that was made in those days, what they serve there these days is a sad excuse for a biryani. Just because they have the brand popularity the waiters are rude and arrogant enough. They don't care enough to provide you a decent dining experience. The food was cold and so was the service. I will never step in the restaurant again
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Kishore  Royal - Burrp User

Kishore Royal

September 22,2011

Best Food + Worst ever service.

Well, they claim to be possibly India's largest dine-in restaurant chain. I just wonder how they forgot the basic lesson in running a restaurant.Service.

Consider the following situation and decide for yourself.

You plan to got to this place with a bunch of friends and you reach this place sooner than any of your friends, then you are asking for misery. You ask the waiter for a table,

First Q: How many people r joining ? Well, a fair question.
2nd Q : Where are they ?
3rd Q: When will them come ?
4th Q: Approximately in what time will they come?
5th Q: Exactly in what time will they come ?

(So wat's the next question ? What pants are they wearing. ? Duhhh give me a break)...

But the food is too good, n that's the reason it pulls crowd despite the bitter fact that the service sucks.
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Ankur Chakraborty - Burrp User

Ankur Chakraborty

August 14,2011

One more review on Haleem

Went again on 12th August. Ordered biriyani and haleem. The haleem was awesome, and I think is made of pure ghee. folks eho love haleem should at least visit once.
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Ankur Chakraborty - Burrp User

Ankur Chakraborty

August 08,2011

Superman type service-- fast and reliable

After innumerous visits to Paradise in Sec'bad and after the 4th visit to the Hitech City outlet, this is my first review for this iconic place.

Went there on 6th August, 2011 evening for a dinner. Place was almost full, but managed to find seats for two.

The food, as always, was awesome. We ordered butter naan and murgh masallam, and lassi. I know, not having biriyani there is next to a federal crime, but we were actually in mood of something light.

The service was GREAT!!! Simple great. The waiter always came at the right time, without calling once. Always served the food whenever our plates were near-empty and was super-quick. When we were ordering, he suggested that murgh masallam comes with bones. Very few waiters do this small gestures pro-actively. Also asked us, when we were having food, that whether he should bring the lassi now or later. I was actually very impressed with the quickness and yet an-eye-for-detail kind of service. And the whole floor (probably seating for 40 people) was managed by 3 people only.

Bill came as 520, which I felt was OK.
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shabda - Burrp User


May 18,2011

I was server non-veg when I asked for veg food.

I went there on 18/May/2011. I asked for veg food, but I was served non veg manchurian instead. The staff were not even apologetic about it. :(.

Obviously wont recommend it.
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Koteswari V - Burrp User

Koteswari V

September 11,2013

Nice Place

Nice place to eat all varities of dishes . quality is good
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