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Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri

August 24,2013

An average buffet....

“No, you cannot take any photograph of the buffet”. My friend Raj was visibly taken aback. His reasoning that we are foodies and have taken food photographs at different restaurants cut no ice with Mr Chandra, the Manager of Sigree. He blamed it on company policy, though I pointed out to him that I had taken photos of the buffet at Oh! Calcutta (their sister concern) on 31st December last year.

Clearly, our food quest at Sigree had not started on a high note. The Manager agreed that we could only take photographs of our own food plates but this surprised us no end. But then Sigree is part of Specialty Restaurants, one of the largest restaurant chains of India having flagship brands like Mainland China and Oh! Calcutta, so they must be having their own set of rules.

The Begumpet restaurant is classily decorated. Seating is comfortable. We were initially surprised that we were the only people eating in the restaurant, but as time passed couple of more tables got occupied too.

My friend Raj and I decided on the lunch buffet on this Thursday afternoon. We were provided an elaborate menu with 6 starters, and 10 main courses. The soups and starters would be served on the table, whereas we can help ourselves to the other food.

We both ordered for slushes, mine was a pineapple and basil swirl. Unfortunately the taste of pineapple did not come though at all, and all it tasted was like some diluted fruit juice. My friend however liked the cucumber based drink he ordered. I took a sip too and it was quite nice.

The soup served was Gosht Basil. The creamish soup looked similar to an awesome mutton soup I had tasted recently at Karims in Delhi, so it raised my expectations. It was a good soup, but definitely not great.

The vegetarian starters came next. The Afghani Tikki tasted just like South Indian Masala Vada (seriously!) – did not know this similarity between Kabul and Chennai cuisine. The Ajwaini Paneer Tikka was awesome – soft pieces of paneer in a strong ajwain flavored marinade. I promptly asked for a second helping.

Among the non veg starters was the Mince Gilafi Seekh kabab – soft and succulent. This was definitely the best dish for me that afternoon. The seekh kababs literally melted in the mouth. The Amritsari Machhi, one of the better known dishes of Sigree was decent. The Hari Mirch ka Chicken was a disappointment. Frankly the spices and marinade tasted fine, but the chicken pieces were fibrous and not well done. This is not expected in an established food chain like Sigree.

On to the main courses then. Of the main veg courses Dal Lasooni was fabulous. The Alu Bhindi tasted good too. The Palak Paneer was usual, nothing to right home about. I liked the vegetable pulao, went well with the Rye Tomatar ki Subzi – a mustard and tomato based vegetarian preparation.

The star in the non-veg main courses was Gosht Aloo Curry. It typically tasted like the great mutton curry available in the Bengal-Bihar border area (though I do not know if the intention was to cook this dish). I remembered my days in Jamshedpur when I used to savour similar Mutton Curry with Poories. The curry looked awesome and tasted awesome – not too thick, not too light with the right amount of spices.

The taste of Murgh Dopiaza was good. However the chicken in this was fibrous too. The Chicken Biryani was clearly a North Indian preparation – however not a blockbuster.

Among the desserts loved the Gajar Ki Kheer and the Shahi Tukda. The Gulab Jamuns were decent too.

Service was prompt. Very few tables were occupied during lunch time and the waiters were always on hand.

Overall, compared to my earlier experiences in this restaurant this visit was a slight disappointment. I was looking forward to an excellent experience, so was my expectation too high?
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sandeepnahta1 - Burrp User


August 05,2013

OK OK type

I am vegetarian , so I am sharing my experience.
Food was ok , nothing super I can talk about considering I have been to many places this year.. Also not sure how this place got great reviews. Checkout my rating - it says it all.. money waste :)
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rajat309 - Burrp User


January 02,2013

Good Lavish Buffet

Visited this place recently with a couple of friends for Lunch.. The finger food that was served was really nice and fulfilling. It was a mix of Chicken, Lamb and fish. Thatwe kept on hogging for long, without realizing that there is main course too. Then, the main course does not have a much of variety. The dessert spread is really nice. If they try and increase their spread in the main course. Then, it will make it even. Ambience is just Ok. Service is fine.
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Velu Karthikeyan - Burrp User

Velu Karthikeyan

December 02,2012

Average place for expensive food

Expensive restaurant with good ambience and average food.

Be ready for the starters that they love to heap in your plate, without even checking whether you would like to have it. No sauces other than green chutney as it is an "Indian" restaurant. Can all this be forgotten, for the good taste?, Not sure!!.

Limited spread on the main course and dessert, in comparison to the price.

Please go with an assistant to run around and request for service. 15 minutes, they took to even check what we would like to have!!!

Overall a average place, but not a value for money option.
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Ranjit Reddy - Burrp User

Ranjit Reddy

November 22,2012

good kababas

kababs are very special here.

we can enjoy the food with 3 varieties of chicken kababs here.

even mutton & fish staters are very good.

we can have simple menu of main course here
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Kaustubh Sanyal - Burrp User

Kaustubh Sanyal

September 21,2012

Decent Buffet Spread, nothing more nothing less

I was swayed more by the brand name "Sigree" which made me go give this place a try , and I have to say the standards of the same joint differs from place to place.

The Pune branch is much bigger with an awesome outside ambiance with the sheek kebab arrangement at your table, which was missing at the Hyderabad Outlet which was kind of a let-down... the starters were decent just about the "OK" level for me nothing special to write about. Same was the case with the main course which was also decent I guess with the number of joints having a lavish buffet spread has killed the originality with "Sigree" brand is ......
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Ankur Chakraborty - Burrp User

Ankur Chakraborty

September 04,2012

A wish fulfilled after long

I heard so many things about Sigree that was longing to go there for a long time. Last sunday got the chance to visit this place.

On Sunday eve I and my wife were searching for a buffet restaurant (as I was in mood of tasting different starters) and found that there are very few restaurants that serve buffet on weekend evenings. I was in no mood to go to Barbeque Nation as I was there quite few days back. Upon much research in burrp- we zeroed down to Sigree.

we reached there at 9:30 PM and was promptly seated. We opted for the buffet option- the starters were served on table. We had two chicken boneless kebabs, prawn kebab, galouti kebab in non-veg and in veg we tasted paneer malai tikka, babycorn fried and delhiwali tikki. Apart from the babycorn- all were excellent!!

My respect for any restaurant goes up if they serve galouti or kakori kebabs (as the time and effort they took to be prepared is enormous)- and I was duly impressed by Sigree too. This is the third best Galouti kebab I had eatnen- after "Tunday kabab" in Lucknow and "Khaan Saab" in GVK Mall, Banjara Hills.

In main course they served lot of dishes, but we could not taste those as we were full after starters. We tasted little bit of dal (excellent), hari ghasto (awesome) and biriyani. The best Awadhi Biriyani I had after "Chhote Nawab"'s biriyani in Lucknow's Hajratgunj.

In dessert, we tasted shahi tukda (need a special mention as the best I had ever eaten), seewayi kheer (a bit less sweet), jalebi (not hot) and malpua (had smell of oil). Dessert left me disappointed.

Service was very prompt, courteous. The steward and waiters came several times asking if we need something- always willing to walk the extra mile. very helpful (and not of nagging types). 1 star specially for them. Ambiance was nice- as you expect from a place like this.

The buffet dinner costs 615 per person (inclusive of taxes).

My ratings:
Ambience (Weightage: 10%): 4.0/5
Service: (Weightage: 30%): 5.0/5
Food (Weightage: 30%): 4.0/5
Value for money (Weightage: 30%): 4.0/5
Overall: 4.30/5

Positives: Great food, excellent serivce
Negatives: Dessert was not up to the mark
Tip: Ask the waiter for a-la-carte menu, as they have some Bengali dishes there :) :)
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Gastronomer_2 - Burrp User


August 09,2012

Cheers !!

A good place for a Sunday treat to the family. I love the ambiance and the starters served right on your plate..Food is tasty - the buffet. Quality of service is somewhat better than a few others in this cost range..would love to go there again and again though it is a heck of a distance from where I live..Keep it up and Cheers !!
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Soumabha  RayChaudhuri - Burrp User

Soumabha RayChaudhuri

July 15,2012

Bong Khabaar !!

Well last time I had buffet at this place my dad asked the manager about the possibilities of 'Oh Calcutta' opening in Hyderabad. As you might have guessed that we are bengalis and are hungry for traditional bengali food.
To our surprise the manager suggested we take a look at some of the Sigree Hyderabad menu as they do contain bengali delicacies like 'Mutton Kosha' and others...

Well, 'Challenge Accepted'.

On a later night we decided to test that it was time to test the bengali cooking skills of the Sigree chefs.
We ordered a 'Mahi Sarsonwaali' for the starter. The dish didn't turn out to be Bengali but the taste was awesome. The fish was most probably 'Basa' and the fillets were very well cooked. The fish pieces almost melted in my mouth.

Next was Puri deemed do be the infamous 'Luchi; of Kolkata. It wasn't exactly a 'Luchi' but a hybrid of maida 'Luchi' and a 'Batura'. This was to be had with the 'Kosha Gosht' (Kosha Mangsho). I am still speechless as the Mutton was cooked exactly like in Kolkata. In fact it was so good that we ordered another one.

'Jinga Malai Curry ' ( Chingri maacher malai curry) with 'Kushka Sofiyani' ( Basmati rice with ghee ) was a bit disappointing. The onions weren't fried very well and it was a shame that such a famous restaurant could make such a huge mistake like this.

Overall the Food was satisfactory and I would recommend every bengali to try "Lunchi Mangsho' at this place.
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Teju  - Burrp User


July 02,2012

Too costly..

The restaurant's ambiance and service is too good. But i feel the food is not worth so cost.. Biryani was so sweet and no much varieties only.. Even desserts were disappointing... For the cost i expected it to be a huge buffet but end was an irony :(
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khushboo.k - Burrp User


May 16,2012

above excellent

its great ..
i had a great time out there.
it was my first visit to the place.
the decor is simple,
the music is great,
the staffs are excellent,
and the food is above excellent.

prices were ok.. anyways i did not pay the bill. it was my friend who paid.
it has been few days so i am unable to recall the names of the dishes but all of them tasted excellent..kakori kebab, biryani etc was amazing.

will love to be back

thanks to the team.
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nishant_s - Burrp User


March 26,2012


This was my third time at Sigree and the first time I had vegetarian food. Let's start with the positives - the staff was courteous and soft-spoken, the seating was very nice and the service was prompt. And now the bad things:

We ordered dilli wali tikki, and it was no where close to the tikki that you get in Delhi. It was decent, but don't get your hopes too high. The other starter, hara bhara kebab, or something named like that, was recommended to us. It turned out to be tasteless. Perhaps vegetables are not meant for kebabs.

Our biggest disappointment was the main course. We ordered methi kofta and stuffed kulchas. The kulchas were soggy from the wet filling inside - they were half-baked. The kofta was bland. If you are from the true north-west, you would know that koftas - by definition - are meant to be cooked in a spicy sauce/gravy. I suppose we picked the worst of their menu. We wanted to eat something other than paneer and had a tough time figuring out the main course because of the limited number of non-paneer offerings.

The place was EXTREMELY noisy. There were 4 tables full of babbling and howling kids and the "ambiance" added to the awful taste. For all this, I paid 1600 bucks, including 70 bucks for a bottle of mineral water.

Summary: Extremely pricey restaurant. Not the true flavor of North-West as advertized. No special attention to ambiance. Bad vegetarian food. Average non-vegetarian food. Definitely not worth the money. For me, a rip off. Not coming here again. Not recommending this place again.

Advice to management: Do something about the noise levels and the price. Try and get cooks (not chefs) from Sindh, Punjab and Awadh, who have cooked food in sigrees all their lives.
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randhir.kumar - Burrp User


March 18,2012

amazing food and excellent service

I had recently went to sigree with my friends...

We were so surprised by the polite staff and the yummy food.
The dinner buffet price were below 600 which is ok but lesser would have been better.

There were a number of starters, more than a dozen all tasty and delicious. dilli tikki, mutton seekh, chicken tikka, paneer, crispy babycorn etc. all were excellent.

if you have a little space to eat then try the maincourse. the chicken gravy was out of this world hari mirch ka murg, paneer ajwani, corn palak and the mutton masala was excellent. salads were ok. fresh fruit were very nicely presented and fresh too.

desserts were yummy but my friend found it very sweet.

the staffs were very helpful.
overall great experience.

rocking place

the music and the ambiance can be improved.

A must visit
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saurav2075 - Burrp User


November 07,2011

Great Experience!

had lunch at Sigree with family today to sample the Avadhi cuisine - and contrary to the reviews below, had a great time - delectable kebabs, biriyani & an army of courteous, polite staff. other than being charged Rs 80 for a glass of pepsi, can't really think of any 'cons'
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nomad - Burrp User


August 26,2011

Sad food - everything else good

My second review. Everything is superb about Sigree except food - well despite many feedbacks on this site and perhaps elsewhere, Sigree has just not been able to pull up its socks. The two of us ordered lunch from the alacarte menu - and here is a very frank review ..

Murgh Malai Kabad - below average
Roghan Josh - pathetic
King Alphonso (mocktail) - average
Heineken Beer - cold and good
Whole Wheat Naan - good but slightly sweeetish - maybe thats the way it is - good noenetheless
Butter Naan - slightly rubbery

But for food everything else is superb - servive was attentive and friendly
Parking (and frisking!) well handled

They gave us complimentary dessert - gulab jamun and vanilla icecream - that was a nice gesture.

Pricing (and specially considering the rather poor quality of food) was steep - the bill was 1993 plus tip for the two of us. They add a 10% service charge btw) ...

Despite good ambience and service, I would like to give only two-stars for the experience..
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks and good day ..

Carzzz12 - Burrp User


July 12,2011

Nice Overall, but it can be better

I went for dinner here opted for the 450/- unlimited dinner buffet with starters on table.

Starters were good with lot of variety, I have not eaten so many varieties of starters before... If I counted them correctly they were 12-15 of them. All unlimited. All tasted great.

Place is noisy but the tables are far from each other so we do have our privacy.

Tables and Chairs are VERY VERY comfortable. I really relaxed and on them.

Buffet is fine, limited but ok. Its just like any other buffet, nothing great about it.

I did not like the taxes part... My bill was 1350, they added what not and total net was - 1727... Now thats something really high.. But there are nice people around and very classy people visit this place so dont be surprised if you see a TV actor or known personality.

So all in all, its expensive but you get good stuff for the money that you pay. Remind you - This restaurent is located on the most, MOST central location in the city. Location couldnt be better than this.

ISSUES WITH VALET - Valet services is limited, this place gets really crowded and police is ready for challan. The VAlet guy told me straight on my face - Sorry sir parking is over. Things were getting out of their control when I went it was peak timings (9PM on Sunday Dinner) so crowd was expected. Anyways... Hopefully you will get good valet services when you go.

Take care have fun !!
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Aqheel Siddiqui - Burrp User

Aqheel Siddiqui

June 27,2011

good in all but seriously bad taste

I along with my friends celebrated one of my friend birthday party at sigree, and almost all of us are great foodies, we tried sigree for the 1st time, the moment we entered the restaurant, the service was great and admirable, but when it comes to taste, sigree has to take a back seat.. the food is absolutely no match to others.. just dont try out sigree expecting a great meal.
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Gurunath Sharma - Burrp User

Gurunath Sharma

April 24,2011

Good service, post dinner was bad

i would like to write a few things about this place and my experience....
last we had been in july and i had reviewed it earlier.
On my visit yesterday Mr. Bapi (captain) remembered us well... he remembered well where we sat, what we had and also recommend some good food for us.
over all all the staff are very good and hospitable there.
coming to the food part... food was tasty. i have an over all a good apetite. but yesterday we four who met there for dinner, all being huge and big tummy, cud hardly eat. we didnt opt for starters and ordered food directly. felt the food was very rich and we felt very heavy having just half a paratha and little curry.

coming to a very sad, embarrassing and irritating part. half an hour later i develop a major gastric problem. i just found out that my other three friends too had the same problem....

the management needs a quick check on their food. quality? ingredients? what ever... but was a disaster for me.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Sir

My e-mail id is bhavana@speciality.co.in.


Bobby85 - Burrp User


April 05,2011

Awful taste - No where near to expectations

I had taken my girlfriend on a date, recently about 2 weeks back, to enjoy the evening with her, even though a few friends warned about the food taste, but a few said it is really good, and so thought of giving a try, and it turned to be my worst date ever. We didn't like the food at all and despite the warning from friends, we were expecting at least a little taste, but the worst food I have ever tasted. Apart from that, prices are way to high and I bet, a foodie person if visited once will never even consider it for the second time, and neither will he/she suggest to friends. All in all the ambiance is a bit OK, but still they could try to make it more live.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Guest

Thank you for taking time to give us your feedback and we are extremely sorry for the experience you had at Sigree.

Could you please share your contact number with me at bhavana@speciality.co.in so that I can get in touch with you to know more about the lapses? Please consider the request as your feedback will help us improve.


Keyara G - Burrp User

Keyara G

March 15,2011

Amazing Food

Simply the food over here= awesome.
All my friends from Bangaluru also thoroughly enjoyed.
Thanks to Sigree for the wonderful experience.
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Srilalitha Bijumalla - Burrp User

Srilalitha Bijumalla

December 08,2010

Go only if u wanna eat Aloo Tikki

We a team of 4 proposed to explore new food joints around begumpet and ended up here for a lunch buffet.

Starters: Chicken kebab, Mutton seekh kebab in non veg and Paneer tikka and Alu tikki in Veg. Out of four only Alu tikki was good

Soup: Chicken blah blah Shorba(i could not hear what the waitstaff said or he was not clear we could not understand that) and Vegetable Shorba (This was heard :) ). Tasted like some ayurvedic concoction.

Main Course: Mixed Vegetable curry, Paneer Jalfrazi, Dal Sigree, Mutter blah blah(green color ones), Some chicken curry. Except Dal Sigree all tasted yuck!!!!!!!. Chicken Biryani(too much spices not in good proportions for a biryani). Mutter Biryani (Tasted like plain rice with peas here and there).
Curd Rice( Stale i suppose).

Roti's and Naan's: Good but they were of very small size.

Desserts: Gulab Jamun(Renamed to some blah blah). Rice kheer (tasted like cough syrup), Pastry(Very dry probably not fresh), Caramel Custard(Never liked the taste. Donno why they include in the menu's), Cut Fruits(Presented well. Fresh one's), Vanilla Icecream(Was good).

WaitStaff: They were not courteous. One gets u the finger bowl. U did not even dip ur hand other comes to take it away.

Totally a very bad experience

Even after reading this if by chance someone wants to adventure this place. Please get urself a dentist's appointment beforehand as there were stones in one of the salads served.
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laxeash - Burrp User


November 10,2010

Tastless and expensive

Dinner with husband 2 days ago. Waitstaff is courteous.
Everything on the menu can be ordered in regular or large portions.
Starters were Panner Rawalpindi, all u cud taste was just black pepper and only 4 pieces for a regular portion.
Main was malai kofta (tasteless), 2 garlic nan (ok) and veg biryani. Rice was overcooked and 4-5 pieces of beans in veg biryani and no other veggies!! We did bring it to the attention of the waitstaff and he just smiled and said nothing!
Costed 1200 and definitely not worth the price.
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Ankit Garg - Burrp User

Ankit Garg

September 28,2010

Average food, good service

Had dinner there with few friends few weeks back.

Place has got good ambiance, the staff is genial and courteous.

Food on the other hand wasn't that pleasing, the chicken tandoori we ordered, wasn't properly cooked, as soon as my friend plucked the piece, blood started dripping from it.

The roti's were half cooked too.

So, my complaint lies only with the cook... of course food is the reason you go to a restaurant.

PS:- The management didn't charge us for the chicken, and offered us complimentary Ice-creams too.
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nomad - Burrp User


September 27,2010

Just Average - Weekday Lunch Buffet

The weekday lunch buffet is priced at INR295+14.5%VAT=INR338 per head. Tip extra

Valet parking = 4*
Ambience/seating = 4*
Service / attentiveness / communication = 2*
Soup variety/taste = 2*
Starters = 2* (seekh kababs were Y-U-C-K)
Entrees at buffet = just about 3*
Dessert = just about 3*

Value for money = 2*

Some told me the alacarte is better -- maybe ....

My experience today was below average - but have given overall 3*.
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Chakri Balagani - Burrp User

Chakri Balagani

August 19,2010

Excellent Food Taste

Food really tastes good.

Ambiance is superb.

The Ala-carte menu is a costlier one but recently they came up with Buffet @ 295 + Tax on weekdays and 345 + Tax on Weekends and that is really nice.

And the Speed of the service is awesome. Thanks Sigree.
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Gurunath Sharma - Burrp User

Gurunath Sharma

July 30,2010

Over all a great place

FOOD - 5/5


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amrita1234 - Burrp User


July 28,2010

amazing place

Last week i went to sigree n loved it, awesome.... specially kakori kabab, yammmy. Quick service courteous staff wat else u need. a must go place if u r in hyderabad. will go thr dats for sure. Sigree rocks....
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lifeagain - Burrp User


May 28,2010

Not Value for Money

The place lacks character,extremely over priced.Service is good and genuine but the chefs lack the skills IMO.Just a couple of sofas and chairs put together,does not give one a comfy feeling inside.

4 adults & 2 kids and total damages came upto INR 4100(without alcohol).To make matters worse,they even have the cheek to charge you a 10% service charge,now thats daylight robbery.

Better places to go at half the price.
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