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Soups n Salads

Jubilee Hills
1st Floor, Jubliee Towers, Road No.36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
11:00 am to 11:00 pm

Price: Rs.400 for two

Cuisine: Italian, Healthy Food, Salad

Known for: Salads

Home delivery
Air conditioned
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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

October 29,2013

Healthy Food Provided its Made That Way

On an off day for food, a rarity with me, we decided to head to Cream Centre but midway changed destination to Soups and Salads.

Located on the busy road, its not something you miss but its something you won't loose if you do.

The place was empty when we walked in on a Sunday afternoon. Its build on the line of a Subway but more food offerings.

There is enough seating for about 30-40 folks together.

The order was quick - Cuban wrap, kiwi cuquitta , pea soup and Grilled Mexican corn salad.

The salad and soup were first to arrive. The Soup was good but the salad was ordinary. It was a mixture of romaine lettuce, colored bell peppers, roasted corn kernels and lemon dressing.

It was precisely flat in flavor but light given the nature of the salad. The lettuce was thankfully crunchy.

The kiwi cocktail was okayish - nothing extra ordinary.

The wrap was a dissapointment. The wrap was nothing but Cuban chicken, caramelized onion, lettuce with some chipotle sauce wrapped in a roti . Precisely a roti - not a taco ,not a paratha - wheat roti I make at home.

For 180 odd Rs it was neither filling nor something out of the world. It was there and it just did the job of preventing your hunger from over whelming you.

All the 4 dishes cost me inr 700. The food was neither filling nor it was earth shattering. It was decent but failed to live up to my expectations !
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Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri

August 06,2013

Eat Healthy

It was time for another foodies meet and this time it was at Soups N Salads of Jubilee Hills. A restaurant started by Ms Soujanya about 3 months back, it is all about healthy food.

As you enter the restaurant there are a long row of 4 seaters culminating in two tables with a view of Road No 36. The live kitchen was on the right hand side. I quickly joined three other foodies to start my food quest.

The restaurant had offered a set menu priced at Rs 250 for veg and 300 for non-vegetarians. The menu included soups, salads, cooked salads, wraps, a slush and a dessert. Though I opted for the non-veg menu, I am indebted to my fellow foodies sharing the table that I ended up tasting many of the vegetarian dishes as well.

There were three non-veg soups on offer. The first was my favorite – Chicken leek celery soup. It was a thick-ish creamy soup with diced chicken and celery and the taste was simply divine.

The shrimp bisque was also delicious. A broth of shrimps, it had a very strong seafood flavor (almost crab-ish) which a seafood fan like me enjoys. Not sure how not so voracious seafood fans will relish it though. The other non-veg soup was Lemon Chicken Thyme Mushroom Soup with mushrooms, which I did not find anything extraordinary.

A vegetarian foodie advised me to try the Cream of Sorrel soup from the veg section. A French soup which was very heavy and tangy with sorrel leaves and tempered by cream base, it was definitely different from anything I had before. I initially thought mustard was also present, but I was promptly corrected by the restaurant owner.

Next it was over to the salads. Here the Classic Caesar Salad was excellent. The salad had a rich helping of grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, and the traditional Caesar dressing on a bed of fine lettuces and satisfied me entirely.

The Chicken Harvest Salad was a fusion salad with curry leaves and sauted onions with vinegar and oil giving an extremely Indian taste to it. Soujanya told us that this is one of the most sought after items in the menu. For me the experimentation had not clearly worked though.

The spicy oriental salad had an oriental dressing with chicken, cabbages and roasted peanut and was distinctly sweetish in taste. Marked different from the earlier two salads this really appealed to my taste buds.

There were couple of cooked salads too which were offered to us. The Pasta confetti was quite good. The Thai rice noodle salad was sweetish again with roasted peanuts in rice noodles.

A little rest and interaction, and we are back to the food. This time it was the turn of wraps accompanied by a Orange based slush. I loved the Spicy chicken satay and peanut dressing wrap which I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone visiting this restaurant. The filling was just too awesomely prepared. The other non-veg wrap Afghani Chicken Wrap had marinated chicken with Afghani spices. I should have had it before the spicy wrap to appreciate it completely, because though I used the slush in between, the aftertaste of the spicy wrap was still quite strong.

There were four desserts. We took 1 each in our table and shared so that we could try out all four. The Crème Brulee, a dessert of cream base caramelized on top was the best of the lot. The Panna Cotta was decent too. Apart from these there were Apple Pie, which was good but not great. I did not like the Tiramisu though.

The service was top class and the best part was the smiling faces of the waiters. It really rejuvenates you on a long food journey. Soujanya was at hand to patiently answer all our queries. She also told us that the menu is rejigged frequently to bring in new tastes, and make it interesting for regular clients.

I was happy that even after having so many dishes I did not feel heavy at all. That is healthy food for you.
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