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Soumabha  RayChaudhuri - Burrp User

Soumabha RayChaudhuri

December 04,2013

Hyderabadi Culinary Cascade

We decided to go to Tulip for the Hyderabadi Culinary Cascade. As one of my friend was coming directly from office, we landed there at 8 pm itself and were quickly seated by the hospitable Mr. Srikanth. The soup and starters was delivered at the table. We had Murgh Shorba with Fish Fry followed by Cabbage Pakoda. The Murgh Shorba was a pretty good and had the right amount of spice and tangyness. The Fish Fry was basically the fish part of Fish N Chips. They gave a green pudina chutney which tasted well with it, but as we know the white sauce always steals the show. Coming to the main course - we had Haleem, Chicken Curry and Mutton Biriyani. Haleem was excellent, it was not the part meat part gravy one that you find in Sarvi but the firmly ground one. It had a great flavour and it took 3 plateful helpings to satiate my fondness for it. The Mutton Biriyani was of typical Hyderabadi style though the mutton pieces did have a bit too many bones. I guess the rest of the mutton was used for the haleem and only the bony pieces had remained. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful treat and complimented the naan-chicken curry combo. After a second helping of everything, I retired to the desserts and was very impressed by the spread. I generally don't eat all types of desserts but was surprised to see all my favourite kinds lined up together. I dug into the Gulab Jamun while still filling my plate with papaya and pineapple. The Tomato Halwa deserves a special mention and a extra special serving too. It was covered with dry fruits and the smell of pure ghee from sweets is always a turn on for every foodie. There were 2 flavors of ice-cream - Strawberry and Vanilla. They had also tried papaya Murabba but it hadn't come out that good.
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Sankalp Thee Foodie - Burrp User

Sankalp Thee Foodie

September 18,2013

Great food and service !

It was a sudden unexpected business dinner and we were in a hurry to continue our meeting, this was the closest and best place for having scrumptious meal. As always this place was really jam packed, since two decades this place has not lost its charm and it is still attracting crowds from different generations. I could see businessmen, IT professionals, collage students and kids, all at one place enjoying their lovely meal. There are very few restaurants which over the years have maintained such a marvelous feet. This place over the years has also transformed as a household name for every class of families be it middle class or high class. The buffet spread as always was good, covering all the regular cuisines yet trying to be as different as possible from day to day. I started off with starters which were Aloo tikki, Achari murgh & Chapli Kebab. I must say the Achari murgh was good neatly marinated and perfect cooked. Aloo tikki was just fine. The Chapli kebab was not like the one I had during the Afghan food festival but it was equally good, probably meat would have been little softer I would have loved it, but still the flavours were great. I then moved to the main course Biryani, which unlike most of the places is not subtle, it is more spicy with lots of masalas in it; somehow this Biryani tastes different yet very tasty. The meat is tender and juicy. There were several other gravys and other rice items but I had my heart full with Biryani and moved to the desserts which even in my wildest dreams I would not miss. I had rasgullas, kheer, gulab jamun and chocolate kalakand. All of them were absolutely lip smacking and mouth watering. The service had improved drastically since the last time I visited. The food was tasty and high quality, coupled with good service this place has not lost any of its charm. Even after so many years this place runs full house all because of the staff dedication, chefs consistency and quality food. Keep up the good work and I am sure Green Park would be remembered for decades to come. Ambiance 4/5 Food Quantity (N/A) Food Quality 4.5/5 Pricing 4/5 Service 4.5/5
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Sankalp Thee Foodie - Burrp User

Sankalp Thee Foodie

January 29,2013

Awesome Buffet !

Tulip - Green Park, located on Ameerpet road is a 24 hr coffee shop that serves buffets at all times. The moment you enter you can see this restaurant right in front of you. You are welcomed by the staff very warmly. The lobby is trendy and pleasant. But the sofas in the corridor are little out of sync with the whole environment.It is a fine place for fine dining with a decent spread of Indian and international cuisine. Interiors are bright and stylishly done. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets throughout the week.I had been here on couple of times for lunch and Dinner buffet; there have a wide choice of soups, salads, starters, main course dishes from various cuisines and a delicious selection of desserts. I liked their starters and Biryani; surprisingly Biryani was good (I don't say wonderful, but definitely better than paradise/bawarchi). There is a scope for improvement for better. Their service needs to be more prompt. They serve very slowly and lazily. I don't understand why but may be it's their USP haahaaa...... Their midnight Biryani was also not upto the mark with lots of bone pieces and you have to search for chicken and mutton pieces in the Biryani, hope the management take a note of this and improves it.Tables and chairs are neat and tidy. Wash rooms are hygienically maintained. Parking is not an issue. Ambiance is good.Ambiance 4/5
Food Quantity (N/A) Food Quality 3/5 Pricing 3.5/5
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