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Via Milano

Jubilee Hills
1259/1/A, 4th Floor, Road No. 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
11:00 am to 12:00 am

Price: Rs.1800 for two

Cuisine: Continental, Italian

Known for: Authentic Italian Food

Large Group Friendly
Home delivery
Serves alcohol
Live music
Valet parking
Happy hours
Large screen
Air conditioned
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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

October 15,2013

Expected More !

On a weekday , tired of cooking at home, we headed to Via Milano for a showdown with some Italian food. I am tired of Little Italy hence the only 2 choices were Tabula Rasa and Via Milano. We chose the latter for no particular reason.

Prior booking was done and we landed at 8.30 ish at Via Milano. The ambiance is a mix of fine dine in the road facing side and an effort for the rear end to look like a wine cellar.

Huge wine barrels and used wine bottles adorn one side of the wall and some sections of the wall are half done to match the wine cellar feel. To me it looked a little patchy.

Since all of us were hungry and we did not want to loose time deciding the order, we settled with the tomato soup with mozzarella crouton, the verdure pizza, fusili primavera ( in pink sauce ) ,garlic bread and tiramisu.

The first to arrive was a bread basket with sour cream, what looked like pica de gallo but was more or just tomato and onion salad, basil oil with some balsamic, olive and chili oil followed by the soup and garlic bread.

The soup was pretty good in quantity and quality. I don't remember having a better soup at any hotel. Just the right consistency and taste for me.

The garlic bread was a little disappointing. It had no garlic flavor or taste in it. The mozzarella was sparse. The bread was soft, I would have liked it a little bit more toasty and more generosity with mozzarella.

As we were finishing the starters, I was told the tiramisu was over for the day - imagine the chef's special being over by 8.30 pm at dinner service ! Not wanting to order anything else, I asked the steward to request the chef to give some thing spl which might or might not be on the menu. This request never reached the chef - conveniently forgotten or deliberately withheld.

The main course was next to arrive. The Verdure pizza - thanks to the navratri, I had to order veg. The pizza was good. The base was not overly burnt, It was thin, a little bigger that the domino's medium sized pizza and sufficiently topped. What I felt missing was the Via Milano touch. It tasted very similar to the veg extravaganza from domino's. Its either that or my choice of pizza was wrong that night.

The pizza should be sufficient for one ( I mean it will fill you up to your throat ). The fusili primavera was the next to arrive. We had specifically mentioned pink sauce , but what we got was definitely not pink sauce. It was arrabiata sauce and the taste of tomato was evident.. When you ask for pink sauce, you don't expect red !

The pasta was in decent portion and after having downed the entire verdure, finishing the remaining pasta was a task.

The pasta was good, but the customization was not adhered to. The pizza was no different from whats available.The chef's spl was forgotten and garlic bread had no garlic flavor and should have been more toasty.

Overall the meal set me back by 1150 ( tax + vat + corp discount + service charge ) and I felt it was a better deal in terms of money ( than Little Italy ).

If the above blemishes were not to be present, it would have been even more enjoyable.

Yes - the place is kid friendly and the the high chairs are pretty clean. Service is prompt. If you want to sit on the road facing tables, reservation is advised.
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Pallab De - Burrp User

Pallab De

July 26,2013

Awesome Cocktails

I went to Via MIlano for the special foodies night. I can't honestly rate the VFM aspect, since we got a special deal. However, I can definitely review the food and the drinks. We tasted various barbeque dishes - chicken, beef, shrimp, and fish. Shrimp usually doesn't lend itself to being BBQd easily, and it was the same case here. However, the Chicken and Fish were exquisite. But even more than the food, what impressed us were the cocktails. Whether it was the Whisky Sour or the Classic Mojito or Chocolate Martini, they nailed each and every one of the cocktails.

The place was packed to the brim with foodies, and food was at occasions slow to arrive. However, the waiters were clearly trying their best, and were both apologetic and attentive. Would love to come back again and try the normal a la carte.
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