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10 Themed Restaurants In The City You Must Visit

Tanvi Juwale August 19, 2017






How often do you crave an escape from the usual mundane life? We were looking for quirky restaurants that take your dining game to a whole new level. So we went out on the town and here's what we found:
The Bar Stock Exchange

The Bar Stock Exchange

Well, ever since The Bar Stock Exchange has opened its door to the city, it's been swarmed with crowds and why not? They have fluctuating drink prices at that function more or less like the exchange, so gather your squad and drink it up!
Rainforest Resto-bar, Lower Parel

Rainforest Resto-bar

Ever wondered what would life be like if you called the rainforests home? Rainforest resto-bar has the answer for you even if it is only for a little while!
 Mirchi & Mime, Powai
mirchi-n-mime, Mumbai

Mirchi & Mime

Guessing the theme is pretty easy having said that this one is special!  The idea is that the serving staff can't hear or talk. You'll need to give your request just in communication via gestures, however as you enter the manager familiarises you making it a homely yet one of a kind experience.
Raasta Bombay, Khar


In 2016, the city got its first very own Raasta Cafe at Khar. Inspired by the Rastafari culture and the free spirit of Bob Marley, this place has some had Mumbaikars swaying to tunes as they sip their bongtails!
Village - The Soul of India, Mulund

Village - The Soul of India

Miss those summer holidays when you'd accompany grandma to the village? This restaurant in Mulund has you covered, this multi cultural village is
Poush - Essence of Kashmir, Kurla

Rogan Josh at Poush

Kashmir is rightfully called the crown of this country. From the snow-capped peaks to the pashminas, everything about it is beautiful. You can find a piece of it, well, at least a culinary one in Kurla at Poush - Essence of Kashmir.
Pratap's Wild Dining, Oshiwara

Pratap's Wild Dining

Do the forests call you? If you're curious what the woods have in store for you, head to Pratap's Wild Dining, this jungle theme restaurant will double up as your escape from the city while you savour some great food!
Turban Tales, Powai

Turban Tales

If road trips and Dhabas is your thing, Turban Tales was made for you! Perched over Mini Punjab, this place over looks Powai Lake and serves some really great mouth watering food!
The Junkyard Cafe, Bandra

The Junkyard Cafe

No, we don't mean the usual junkyard silly, this one in Bandra isn't usual.  The plan of this one is totally produced using inventively utilizing garbage material. Well, isn't that eco-friendly? Plus they serve some great food too!
The Yoga House, Bandra

Tea at The Yoga House

Housing a Yoga Studio, this boutique cafe is one of kind that encourages a healthy living. You can just spend some time here relishing some healthy food or try your hand at one of the many Yoga classes conducted here.

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