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5 Classic Cocktails with A Twist You Should Be Drinking Right Now

Tanvi Juwale September 15, 2017





Cocktails, who doesn't like them?

Bloody Mary - Smoked Bacon Mary @ Woodside Inn, Colaba

Smoked Bacon Bloody Mary

This cocktail dates back to 1920s and Woodside Inn gives it a nice little twist with bacon or should we say baecon?
Cosmopolitan - Cosmo Explosion @ Colaba Social, Colaba
Cosmopolitans are great but how about one with cotton candy!
Long Island Ice Tea - Four Horsemen @ Woodside Inn, Lower Parel

Four Horsemen

Move over, LIIT a more potent cocktail called Four Horsemen is here!
Margarita - Jargarita @ Jamjar DinerVersova

Strawberry Jargarita

Jargaritas are just Margaritas in a jar or are they?
Old Fashioned - Cold Brew Old Fashioned @ Razzberry Rhinoceros, Juhu

Cold Brew Old Fashion

Cold brew coffee makes everything better, don't you agree?

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