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7 Places You Should Eat At During Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, 2017

Tanvi Juwale February 07, 2017





Don’t miss out on these restaurants while at the KGAF.
It’s that time of the year, the Kala Ghoda Fest is here. The crowds flock the city’s beloved art district; some stare in awe at the lovely art installations, some enjoy performances while the others pose for selfies. Whilst all this, if your tummy grumbles, these are the places we suggest.

Interiors at Khyber, Kala Ghoda

Drenched in history, this place echoes the stories told in north western frontier of the country. The elaborate detail to décor is reminiscent of Scherezade from the Arabian nights and the traders that tread the Silk Route. North western frontier cuisine has gathered liking from actors, cricketers, singers and politicians alike. Relish a good plate of Reshmi Broccoli and Chicken Mughlai with a Roomali Rotis.
AKA Bistro
Interiors at AKA Bistro

Interiors at AKA Bistro

Want to have a quick bite or an easy relaxed lunch before you head to your next session? Head to AKA Bistro; located just opposite Commerce House and The Pantry. This bistro is hard to miss but once inside, the neo classical baroque décor will make you want to spend more time here. Savour a Buckwheat crepe or Fish Tacos and don’t forget to sample some of their teas while you’re at it.
Remember how rolls used to be your snack on-the-go during college days? Just next to the Synagogue, you’ll find crowds swarming the tiny joint for their share of kebabs and rolls after which they walk away with a smile on their faces. Try their melt in mouth Seekh Kebab Rolls and Baida Roti.
Burma Burma

Interiors at Burma Burma

Crave some lip smacking Asian food? Head to Burma Burma tucked inside a lane in the art district. The restaurant serves some delicious Burmese (Myanmar) delicacies that remain unexplored. Dig into some comforting Khao Suey, a thick noodle broth after a long day at the Kala Ghoda Arts Fest, 2017. If you’re in the mood for light eats try their delicious Tayat Ti Thoke (Raw Mango Salad) and wash it down with their excellent collection of teas.
1441 Pizzeria
Recently opened, this pizzeria is located near Lion’s Gate and it’s easy to spot. Visit this place for some gourmet DIY (do it yourself) pizzas that allow you to get your inner chef out. The pizzas are then stone baked and served fresh, more importantly, piping hot!

Interiors at 145

Now, we’ve all been to this place, but for those of you who haven’t, this noon to moon place is home to cocktails, milkshakes, finger food and they have a pool table too! Located on the first floor, it’s slightly difficult to spot this place and then get a table. Once you accomplish both, sit at the bar sipping on the delicious cocktails and munch on Pork Fries.

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