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7 Restaurants To Eat At If You're Living On A Budget

Tanvi Juwale August 23, 2017






The time of the month arrives again when we await pay day. Well, we can't speed up time faster for you but we do have a list of budget food joints where you can eat delicious and save some money too!
Wok Express, All Outlets

Coriander Chicken Dumplings

Ever since the concept of stir fry has hit the city, many eateries have included one in their menu. Wok Express has been around for a while and while they started on the concept, they now offer a delicious menu of wholesome eats. Try their Truffle Edamame Dumplings.
New Sernyaa, Andheri


This is a mecca of Tibetan food. A tiny joint located not very far from Adarsh Nagar signal, they serve the best Pork Momos in town. If you're slightly unwell or crave comfort, their Thukpa or Then Thup is something that you must have!
Kuai Kitchen, Colaba

Truffle and Edamame Dumplings at Kuai

Okay, maybe not as economical as others but they do serve great affordable sushis, dumplings and many more dishes. We're a fan of their Volcano Prawn Tempura Roll and Turnip Cakes.
5 Spice, All Outlets
Chinese New Year at By The Mekong, The St. Regis Mumbai, Lower Parel

Chop suey

You can't possibly speak about affordable pan Asian food and not speak of 5 Spice. We've all flocked here or ordered in especially after that crazy party when we wanted munchies.
And Chillies, MahimWorli
Must-Try Soups in Mumbai Photo Credits: kangsrestaurant.com

Photo Credits: kangsrestaurant.com

If you happen to stay near Mahim or Worli, you can order some delicious food from And Chillies. They've an extensive range of food and our personal favourite is TomYum Soup.
Stomach, Bandra

Burnt Rice with Gravy

We've all been to Bandra and passed this place at least once. This place serves an abundant number of dishes spanning over Asian and Indian food! We like
King Chilli, Santacruz
China Chowk, Sohna Road

Kung Pao Chicken

King Chilli is the mecca of Chinese food. Until very recently, they served Assamese food too but their Chinese menu is hands down a winner besides their portion size is great!

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