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Food & Much More: Go To These Cafes For An Experience!

Tanvi Juwale January 13, 2017





Cafes aren't only about coffee and food, you know?
 Prithvi Café, Mumbai
Drama and food, what else does one need to unwind? Not far from Juhu beach, amidst several buildings, this café is just next to the iconic Prithvi theatre. Chow down some yummy Spaghetti Aglio Olio or Parathas with the lovely Sulemani Chai or a thick Bailey's Irish Shake as you catch up on the theatre.
Tihar Food Court, Delhi
Ever wondered what lies behind the high fenced walls of a prison? Ever imagined a prison like it’s shown in the movies? Here’s your chance to have a one-on-one interaction with an inmate while you chow down some great food. Intriguing how this lovely eatery is set in the sprawling Tihar (Asia’s largest) Jail complex. Even though it’s not exactly a café, it is a one-of-a-kind place in itself that serves some delicious comfort food made by the inmates such as Papdi Chat.
The Biker’s Café, Kolkata
The Biker's Cafe, Kolkata

The Biker's Cafe, Kolkata

Remember your college days when you’d set off on impromptu bike trips? The Biker’s Café celebrates the exact same spirit where the bike rides are liberated and provide us with that much needed break from the urban jungle. Come here to savour some delicious Chicken Wings, creamy Pasta in White Sauce or if you want to be simple on your palate, try their minimalistic Aglio Olio.
The Yoga House, Mumbai
The name says it, doesn’t it? Based on the concept that Yoga is one of the most important Indian inheritance and a way of life, this café hosts Yoga sessions and offers an array of healthy food, based on the ancient dietary wisdom. Once here, chow down some wholesome vegetarian fare like hearty Millet Burger or an uber healthy Quinoa Upma and wash it down with Pink Juice a mix of pomegranate, water melon and rose water.
The Brooklyn Shuffle Diner, Pune

The Brooklyn Shuffle Diner, Pune

Ever wondered if life in The Big Apple is any different from life in Pune? To check this, step out and head to The Brooklyn Shuffle Bar. Walls of this café are adorned with blue and white colours and American murals that add to the theme. A visit here is your culinary ticket to the United States. The menu here comprises of classic American food such as juicy burgers and delicious cocktails such as Cold War, classic American isn’t it?
CICLO Café, Chennai

Ciclo Cafe. Chennai

Bicycles remind us of childhood when we first learnt to ride and compete with our siblings or friends. Ciclo Café is a bicycle themed café, a rage in European countries, yet one of its kinds in India. Intriguing and nostalgic this café serves a tiny bread basket which comes with a tiny bicycle in its front. Visit this café on your bicycles and warm up with some yummy tomato soup with undertones of basil.
Cable Car Café, Bangalore

Cable Car Cafe, Bangalore

Ever wondered how a cable car ride would be in case you haven’t been in one? Head to the Cable Car Café in Bangalore and you’ll experience it firsthand. Plunge into an array of pure vegetarian Indian and Italian delicacies at this café. Try their lovely gourmet pizzas and mouthwatering parathas or chat over a plate of Chat-e-Khas.
Ohri’s Gufaa, Hyderabad
Fancy a meal in the cave? Ohri’s Gufaa in Hyderabad is just your place. The place is so well designed it looks as though it was a set from a Wes Anderson movie. True to its nature they serve you some delicious Indian fare to gorge on to. Try the yummy Chaman Curry with a Mint Paratha or bite into some juicy and succulent Prawn Mehrunissa.

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