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Food Trends We Hope To See In 2017

Tanvi Juwale December 30, 2016





Move over 2016, but let these food trends stayback!
The year seems to have passed like a blink of the eye but there's much more to it than just Trump winning the election and the Brexit. There are food that evolved, trends that made it big and some that subsided over the year. Here are some we hope to stay around even in the New Year.
Nostalgia Driven Comfort Food 

Skewers Ke Bacho at Hitcki, Fort

Food has always fascinated us, especially how rewarding or comforting it can be. While this has a complex science behind it, food that gets one nostalgic is something that seems to be a trend catching up soon. Hitchki is one such place that gets you nostalgic with their custom postcards that you can send loved ones and eats that take you back in time.
Creative Cakes
Now, this trend has been around for a while, having said many a bakeries or cakeries, that so have established their footholds are now freely letting the creative juices flow and being experimental with their cakes.
Extreme Indulgences 

Milkshake at 145, Kalaghoda

Who said less is more? It's time that more is less. Freak shakes and Death Wings are among the things that take your palate to an extreme taste. This trend din't start in 2016 but it sure did find itself in a lot of restaurants and cafes.
Japanese Food


Japanese cuisine has been savored by the patrons for a while now, but  it is only recent that new eateries this lovely cuisine beyond Sushi and the new Izakayas (Japanese casual dining restaurants) along with the delivery places are changing the scene
Local Produce

Chettinad Prawns “Ali-Yolio at The Bombay Canteen

The Farm-to-Table trend has been growing and we think that it'll sustain in 2017. We sure do enjoy our Norwegian Salmon and Wasabi but it's only recent that we've started to relish local produce. With adherents such as Chef Thomas Zacharias of The Bombay Canteen, we see this trend blossoming. Another such example is The Table, they grow their veggies at a farm on the outskirts of the city.

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