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New In Bombay - The Bandra Edition

Tanvi Juwale September 19, 2017





Jamjar Diner, Hill Road


Jamjar Diner, Bandra

We've loved dining at Jamjar in Versova and every once a while, we'd go there for the signature jaeger island ice teas, pulled pork sandwiches and other treats. We hoped it'd be close and we couldn't wait to get to its newest outpost in Bandra. So, on a quiet afternoon on busy Bandra Hill Road, we took a flight of stairs behind a teal door to Jamjar Diner's Bandra outpost.
We walked in to find the mandatory jukebox and the seating area spread over multiple sections. We love the use of pastels and wooden seats along with handwoven benches and the warm nonchalant air this place easily assumes. We also like a seating area in the loft for a large group well equipped with a gaming console, books and board games. The panelling on the roof lets in just enough sunlight to make it even more appealing.

Vietnamese Coffee at Jamjar Diner

We gave signature jargaritas a miss to see what new they had to offer at this outpost. We learned that apart from usual coffees, they had cold brews. Quite impressed with it, we tried their Vietnamese Coffee which is essentially iced cold brewed coffee and condensed milk. The coffee was smooth, though the condensed milk, however, could've been a little denser. We loved their Hangover Cure, this drink, like the name suggest is an effective solution power packed with nutrients.

Crispy Snapper Tacos at Jamjar Diner, Bandra

We admit we had a soft spot for Jamjar's barbecue ever since we first tasted it in Versova. So, we started out here with BBQ Pulled Pork Bennies. Guilty as charged. We weren't let down. Sitting atop brioche, the slow cooked pork was just as delish and the poached eggs runny on the inside made the flavours really come together. Hummus Royale was another start to our meal. Zaatar spiced pita bread anchored into a bowl of grainy hummus topped with crunchy chickpeas was great.

Baked Honey Yoghurt at Jamjar Diner

Next up was the Crispy Snapper Tacos. For those who know Gabrielle Iglesias - The Fluffy Guy, the tacos reminded us about his undying love for tacos. Softshell tortillas, slightly sour pickled slaw, crispy battered fish, zesty lime was a flavourful treat for sure!
After a long discussion over dessert, we decided to order Baked Honey Yoghurt. The supple consistency and the dense sweetness of the honey complemented they dried yet fleshy figs.
Jamjar Diner has had a special place in diner's hearts all across the city and we're glad for the new right-of-passage Bandra joint, we love it just as much as the one in Versova (perhaps even more for the cold brew coffee)!

El Toro, ONGC Colony

El Toro, Bandra

El Toro, Bandra

Even though the city offers numerous cuisines and culinary trends, it really hadn't been doing justice to Spanish food. Our curiosity and pursuit of finding great food took us to El Toro Cantina y Tapas at Reclamation, where once IBar stood.

We appreciate how they've done their interiors, complete in white and adorned with paintings (our favourite was a Frida Kahlo portrait). The furniture is sleek yet comfortable. The windows let in enough natural light during the day and in the evening soft yellow lights get you in a rather jovial mood.

Patatas Bravas, Croquestas Ibericas and Agua de Valencia

Patatas Bravas, Croquetas Ibericas and Agua de Valencia

We started with Croquetas Ibericas crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside the ham and cheese croquettes made for a great snack. Patatas Bravas was indeed a melange of textures of crispy cubed potatoes, tangy salsa and creamy creme fraiche. These dishes went well with Agua de Valencia suggested by Chef Onkar Samarth. Made with a base of Champagne and orange juice, it's probably the most fruity refreshing cocktail in the city.

Berenjanas a la Parilla at El Toro

Berenjanas a la Parilla at El Toro

We munched on Turkish Chicken with Hummus, even though an unusual find in a tapas bar, it was surely mouthwatering! Hummus has a supple consistency and the chicken well cooked with the flavours seeping right into the meat. We also tried Berenjanas a la Parilla slices of deliciously smokey aubergines topped with garlic cream cheese and smoked salsa. Gambas al Ajillo was something that we really fell in love with. Prawns in olive oil with garlic, herbs and red chillies. Crunchy yet well-cooked prawns doused in oil packed with intense flavour.

We're definitely glad that the city finally has a great place dedicated to comida mejor ( a great cuisine) the food here is so well made that it feels like very well choreographed bachata of flavours on our palates. There's a seamless uniformity in the decor, food which shows that this place was well thought through and that is what we like about it.

Cafe Bandra, Pali Hill

Tucked in a narrow Bandra bylane, this cafe is easy to miss if you aren't acquainted Bandra, having said that we wanted to see what they've done and getting here was a true test of our navigation skills.


Cafe Bandra

Once we got here, it was quite a treat, both culinarily and visually. Done up in neutral colours (mostly grey), this is Star Hospitality's second venture after Bhaijaanz at Carter Road. We liked the motifs made with wrought iron nails on the walls and the glitzy rose gold sign mounted a wall mentioning the pin code '#Mumbai50'. The seating is spread over two areas one of which is for diners and the other is for diners who'd want to savour a sheesha along with food.


Spaghetti BHuna Ghosht at Cafe Bandra

We started our meal here with Bouillabaisse - a french style seafood soup. We loved the creamy texture and the ample seafood it came with. It was comforting, something we could imagine spending a night in arched over a book and serving of this soup. We paired Cocolycious with Sriracha Prawns and Turkish Mint Falafel. Sriracha prawns came doused in the sauce as opposed to the description which said that they'd be grilled with a sriracha marinade. No doubt, they were well cooked and tender, perhaps this is why they lacked the smokey flavour. Mint Falafel was great. Crunchy on the outside moist on the inside, we loved how it disintegrated when we took a bite. The hummus that accompanied it, was uncannily grainy.


Paparoti at Cafe Bandra


Our mains here, after a lot of debate was Spaghetti Bhuna Ghosht.  the Spaghetti came with a lovely garlic blanch and had a generous portion of well-cooked Bhuna Ghosht perched atop. We decided to order desserts and were told a few weren't available and hence we settled for Papparoti. This ordinary looking bun is a Mexican snack usually accompanied by coffee. While unlike the original, this wasn't filled with butter and came topped with Nutella, it was a happy ending to our meal here.

We like how the Queen of the Suburbs of Bombay is celebrated in this little cafe, however, we feel that a little more thought should percolate in terms of food and service.

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