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Street Food or Streat Food? Bite Into These Delicious & Quirky Street Food Dishes

Tanvi Juwale September 13, 2017






Street food is something we don't seem to get enough of. While we've had our fill of Vada pav, Chinese Bhel and Dosa, our search for quirky street food led us to these places
Cheese Burst Dosa@Pure Milk CentreGhatkopar
Cheese Burst Dosa at Pure Milk Centre

Cheese Burst Dosa at Pure Milk Centre

Are you cheesy just like us? Not the romantic one, but does cheese make you happy? Head to Pure Milk Centre and chow down the Cheese Burst Dosa. Oodles of melted cheese are ladled on your dosa so that you get cheese in every bite! We’re sure you love cheese in your dosa but this takes it to another level altogether.
Potato Twister @ Trendy Taste, Irla

Potato Twister Credits: Foodiepedia

On the busy Irla market street, at Trendy Taste, you'll find things you need to stock up in your kitchen, but on the pavement you'll see a crowd. They're queuing up to buy this snack while some tearing the potato off the sticks. This flavourful gaint snack, comes smeared with various sauces such as cheese, spicy, peri peri and more!
Chicken Vada pav@Balamia Lane, Mahim
Chicken Vada Pav

Chicken Vada Pav

Vada pav has been synonymous with street food in Mumbai but what else can be a variant? We spent some time in the quest and stumbled upon the glorious non-vegetarian cousin: Chicken Vadapav! A luscious potato mashed patty has bits of shredded chicken in it sandwiched between a pav laced with spicy chutney, need we say more?
Maggi Everything @Hungry HeadPowai
Maggi Pizza at Hungry Head

Maggi Pizza at Hungry Head

Maggi to most 90s kids, has a nostalgic value from being the first cooking experiment to satiate a hunger pang at an ungodly hour, we've all relished it. Hungry Heads in Powai, has many such kitchen experiments turned into delicious dishes. Our personal favourite remains the Maggi Pizza. It's crunchy and cheesy Maggi Pizza, and justifies our love for all things junk.
Vitamin Bhel@SoamChowpatty

Vitamin Bhel at Soam, Chowpatty

Vitamin and Bhel next to each other, in the same sentence? You read it right! We’re talking about a street food delight that pleases your tummy and tongue both. A mix of sprouts and lentils is laced with yoghurt and green chutney; it’s then tossed with veggies. It sure sounds fun for a humble street side snack.
Chicken Pav Bhaji@Pancho’s Pav BhajiPowai
Wolfing down Pav Bhaji with a dollop of melted butter - a crime most of us are guilty of. If you think getting your hands on some delicious Chicken Pav Bhaji is long overdue, head to Pancho’s Pav Bhaji. This delivery/ take-out place operates in Powai and they have other variants too!
Pizza Sev Puri@Shreeji Stall, Borivali

Pizza Sev Puri

Love chaat but Pizzais bae? We’ve found you a dish that combines both which is called Pizza Sevpuri. Flat puris with cheese and spices is heated and you get a mouthful of flavour when you pop one in. Head to Borivali, Shreeji Stall and you’ll find the dish everyone is raving about.
Photo Credits: Cryselle D'souzaRupa Iyer and Ankur Chheda

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