These Restaurants Dish Out The Best Modern Indian Treats

Tanvi Juwale January 20, 2017





Indian cuisine isn’t only about Tandoori chicken and naan you know?
Chettinad Prawns “Ali-Yolio”@ The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai
Chettinad Prawns 'Ali Yolio' at The Bombay Canteen

Chettinad Prawns 'Ali Yolio' at The Bombay Canteen

What do you wish for when you love seafood and crave spicy food? Chettinad Prawns ‘Ali-Yolio”! This flavorful dish at The Bombay Canteen is modern yet holds a very rustic charm. An eclectic mix of the minimal aglio olio herbs and the fiery Chettinad cuisine, this beauty is just as delicious as it looks.
Irish Malai Kulfi @MyxxMumbai 
Irish Malai Kulfi at Myx

Irish Malai Kulfi at Myx

The good old Indian kulfi we relish after a meal, meets Ireland at Myxx. Grab yourself a decadent Malai Kulfi with a dash of Bailey’s Irish Cream. This dessert is a perfect way to be high on life (no pun intended!) 
Panko Crusted Bharwan Mirch@Indian Accent - The Manor, Delhi
Panko Crusted Bharwan Mirch at Indian Accent- The Manor

Panko Crusted Bharwan Mirch at Indian Accent- The Manor

In one of Delhi’s most sauve yet sophisticated restaurants, you’ll find a dish which hosts a myriad of flavours. A Panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) crusted plump green chilly is stuffed with a creamy goat cheese mousse and then deep fried. Bite into it to taste the salty cheese oozing out of the slit. These lovelies come drizzled with chilli aam papad chutney which balances the flavour.
Kheema Aloo Pie with Bun Maska@Bombay Brasserie, Chennai

Kheema Aloo Pie

We’ve all had our fair share of Kheema Aloo from our closest Irani restaurants growing up; ever thought it could get a makeover? This dish is as close as it can get to Shepherd’s Pie. With mince cooked to perfection with spices and shrouded with mashed potato crust, this makes for a delicious snack.
Rasmalai Baked Alaska @The Pink PoppadomHyatt, Bangalore
Rasmalai Baked Alaska at The Pink Poppadom

Rasmalai Baked Alaska at The Pink Poppadom

Now, we all relish Baked Alaska, an ice cream in a meringue casing, but The Pink Poppadom at Hyatt brought it closer to home. They designed a dessert where oriental meets occidental: Rasmalai Baked Alaska. Poached milk dumpling meets a baked meringue and if you asked -what’s more? It’s flambéed! It’s quiet a performance so watch them perform it on your table.
Bekti Diavola@Threesixtythree – The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata
Fish is a huge part of Bengali cuisine and Betki fish reserves a special place in their hearts. Here at the Three sixty three, Bengal meets Italy in a plateful of Bekti Diavola. It is a delicate fish in flavourful spices and a lingering taste that you'll remember for a long time!

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