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#Throwback To The Restaurants We'll Miss In 2017

Tanvi Juwale January 01, 2017






We've seen what 2016 had to offer us, but as we step into the New Year, it looks promising. Brimming with hope and joy, we look forward to yet another trip around the sun, but here are some restaurants that will be a bitter-sweet memory in 2017.
The Captain's Table

Ika Mata at the Captain's Table

This lovely nautical restaurant was made with an idea of the prestigious Captain's Table and they served it just well. Of course, this restaurant was dedicated to seafood and the menu was host to myriad of flavourful dishes yet didn't leave the poultry eating or the vegetarians.
Me So Happi

Bunny Chow at Me So Happy, BKC

A restaurant that had an array ofof dishes the most interesting one being the Bunny Chow , was a great place for relaxed lunches, casual post work dinners and Sunday yoga sessions. In a rather languid setting we could gather around a table and share a good time over great food and drinks, Me So Happi, you will be missed.

Frutti Di Mare at Serafina

What do you say when one of New York's finest Italian restaurants closes doors in the art district of the city? Well, we do miss Serafina and the eclectic array of authentic Italian food we hope the one at High Street Pheonix is here to stay.

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