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We Visited These Restaurants In The City & This Is What We Have To Say

Tanvi Juwale October 09, 2017





Hitchki, Powai

We'd visited the outlet in Kala Ghoda and were looking forward to the one in Powai knowing the one in the art district was shut now. So, on a bright sunny (and hot!) day we made our way to Hitchki in Powai.

Hitchki, Powai

Spread over two seating areas this outpost is definitely more spacious than the one in Kalaghoda (which is now permanently shut) and we appreciate the effort put into the interiors. We liked how their use of blue colour cuts across the monotony of neutral shades. The decor uses hues of blues, browns and black, the interiors put you to ease as soon as you enter.

Minions at Hitchki

We started our meal here with Crispy Chicken Khurana a delicious snack/bar food which with goes well with the cocktails and mocktails on the menu here. We washed it down with the Minions, their guava watermelon mocktails which didn't resemble the minions neither had a slight shade of yellow but we didn't mind.

Ghee Rice with Roast Chicken

We pondered and debated between Savji Mutton, Laksa Prawn Dum Biryani and Ghee Rice with Roast Chicken. Finally relished a hearty plate of Ghee rice with Roast Chicken. Ghee rice has been an example of comfort food and that along with sumptuous Ghee Roast was a culinary trip to Mangalore.
Our dessert was Banofie Bomb. This sinful dessert came encased in a chocolate shell that melted away with warm syrup. The bananas were supple and the toffee gooey just the way it should be. Modelled over the concept of eliciting nostalgia, this restaurant is sure does that. With menu replete with dishes inspired by regional cuisines

Hello Guppy, BKC

There's something about sushi and Japanese food that intrigues us and we waited for a while until we could check out one of the city's newest offering: Hello Guppy.


Located in Godrej BKC, a bright neon sign is what grabs your attention. We walked into a space done up with bright shades. This technicolored palette which is something we aren't really fans of or no one usually perceives to be a Japanese Izakaya but we have to appreciate their attempt at kawaii evoking decor.


Spicy Salmon Roll, Prawn Gyozas and Sake at Hello Guppy

 Because we appreciate Japanese spirits we stuck to Sake and Sochu through our meal and it was great. However, a number of them listed on the menu were unavailable. As Sushi aficionados, we started our meal with  Prawn GyozaSpicy Salmon and Avocado Cucumber and Cream Cheese Roll. While both the sushi were alright something we really couldn't ignore was the dry sushi rice on the outside of the roll. Delicate fish was great while the carrots replaced avocados in cream cheese roll. There was a certain room for improvement that could be had here. The Prawn Gyozas were pockets of happiness were comforting and delicious!


Tomato Scarmoza with Balsamic Teriyaki

We moved onto our mains with Tomato & Scarmoza with Balsamic Teriyaki Sauce Donburi Bowl. Weirdly enough it came without rice served in a flat dish, roasted tomatoes were slightly raw Scarmoza, however, was delicious.

We really looked forward to Raindrop Cake but due to unavailability, we had to settle for Mango & Raspberry Parfait. It was served with homemade ice cream and that was probably the only part of our meal we relished.

As Japanese food enthusiasts, we looked forward to a bona fide Japanese meal but sadly there was something amiss. There's much room for improvement for instance inclusion of Okonomiyaki, Mochi and many such Japanese eats considering their location in BKC, having said that we trust Chef Vikram Khatri with this venture.

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