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You Loved Their Movies, Now, Try These Dishes Named After Celebrities

Tanvi Juwale January 17, 2017





Because even the celebs have an appetite
While, food for some is just a means for a living, for some of our celebrities, it is a way of life. When Xander Cage from xXx aka Vin Diesel came to Mumbai last week, with a massive appetite, two restaurants had curated two dishes in his honour. Read on to know more about these dishes and learn about few unique dishes named after some of the famous celebrities across Bollywood and Hollywood!
Chicken Sanju Baba
Chicken Sanju Baba

Chicken Sanju Baba. Photo Credits: Kalyan Karmarkar, Finely Chopped

Definitely for a cheat day in your diet, Noor Mohammedi is famous for its Chicken Sanju Baba. The legend has it that the recipe was shared by Sanjay Dutt and hence explains the name. Not too spicy on the palate but definitely a dish made to be relished.
Size Zero Pizza
When in Delhi, you can bite into a pizza topped with red chilies, low fat cheese and finely diced chicken known as the Size Zero Pizza. Designed after Kareena Kapoor’s size zero and her love for pizzas, this dish was just as lovely as her.
xXx: Xander Cage Barbeque Chicken Bucket
xXx Barbeque Chicken Bucket at Barbeque Nation

xXx Barbeque Chicken Bucket at Barbeque Nation

Not for the faint hearted, this xXx: Xander Cage Barbeque Chicken Bucket is filled with 12 pieces of grilled chicken in 3 amazing flavours – Peri Peri, Jamaican Jerk and Smokey Barbeque. True to its name, it comes filled up to the brim and is quiet a delicious task to finish it!
Om Puri Ka Mutton Saagwala
An omnivore’s diet consists of both vegetables and meat and this one is perfect. Om Puri ka Mutton Saagwala is made by cooking mutton in pureed greens. As much as we like our mutton, the greens make it healthy. It derives the name when late Om Puri visited this place often and then started ordering it frequently.
Jeetendra Thali
Back in the 80s our very own Jumping Jack: Jeetendra, in his days of yore and stardom, he enjoyed a culinary goal. A thali named after him at the Taj Coromandel in Chennai. No doubt the Thali was a super hit just like his movies!
XXX Xander Cage Burger
xXx Xander Cage Burger at Harry's Bar + Kicthen

xXx Xander Cage Burger at Harry's Bar + Kicthen

Delectable and daring and modeled after Xander Cage from xXx, this burger sits tall and loaded with meat, veggies and cheese. It’s delicious no doubt, it is quiet an endeavour to finish it too!
Did you know there are dishes named after these pop stars too?
Avril Lavigne Pizza
An ode from a restaurant in the singer’s hometown Ontario, Canada. This pizza comes topped with pepperoni, mushrooms and green olive pie.
Shirley Temple Mocktail
How many of us remember the ‘Little Princess’ Shirley Temple? Well, there’s much more to her than a cheerful little child we saw, she has a mocktail named after her too. The Shirley temple mocktail is a mix of grenadine syrup, soda topped with a maraschino cherry. It was made for her as she visited a Hollywood restaurant frequently as a child.
Lady Gaga Sushi Roll
Japan for one, is known for its unconventional food. While the wasabi Kit-kat and ramen burger are pretty quirky, a couple of Japanese restaurants across America designed a unique Sushi roll.
And here’s one after our favourite fictional character,
Felix Felicis from Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince
Fancied sipping on some Felix Felicis, a potion to set your luck in motion from Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince? A Mumbai based food blogger, Shirin Mehrotra turned it into a cocktail in her Literary Kitchen.

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