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BABA PRASAD - Burrp User


July 13,2016


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Mainak Tarafder - Burrp User

Mainak Tarafder

December 24,2015


Huge buffet spread.. awesome good quality.. gastronomical excellence...
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Rony S - Burrp User

Rony S

November 27,2015

Greate Food and Great Buffet

Visited this place on occasion of friends birthday.. this joint serves excellent buffet with awesome taste and huge variety.. their starters are sufficient enough to make you full
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Santanu Bandyopadhyay - Burrp User

Santanu Bandyopadhyay

November 20,2015

Will Visit Again!!!

Love this place.. The food is awesome supported by soothing ambiance..The service staffs are also cordia and vibrant
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sandip Gupta - Burrp User

sandip Gupta

April 29,2015

good experience

Had visited this place on a friend's birthday and it turned out to be an amazing experience. We opted for Veg (unfortunately for me) as most of them were vegetarians. Overall experience was overwhelming. Though the grill makes one feel hot if kept for a long time as you just can't get over with starters, and the main course: its a history by the time you are done with the starters. Waiting for the next time to hog on the devilicious Non Veg starters. Who cares about the main course.
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khushal1975 - Burrp User


December 25,2014

The Food is excellent

O2 Hotel Restaurant is SUPERB. From quality, variety, taste to ambiance, everything is excellent and lots of Options to choose...From Starters to desserts Waiters are very kind and friendly...The Rest. is Decorative and Candle Light with sweet music played all time,Its Good to have Meal there and the cost is around 800 for two.
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kashifa89 - Burrp User


December 10,2013


One word that describes this place is excellent. From quality, variety, taste to ambiance, everything is superb. They charge approx Rs 750 per person and its worth every penny.
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Preetom - Burrp User


July 14,2013

Heart Full of Kebabs

Ambience is good. Service and hospitality of the waiters and managers is appreciable. Cost for two is around Rs 1500 /-.The buffet they provide is awesome (items may change in case of any festival). As appetizers they provide :-
Fruit kebab (innovative and not bad), paneer kebab(good), a dry preparation of smashed potato(very good),prawn kebab(very good),chicken tangri kebab(good), chicken kebab(good), basa fish kebab(good), mutton salami kebab(not bad) etc. In main course they provide plain rice, some veg items like mix vegetables, a fish item(gravy), mutton Biryani ( very good with tender mutton pieces), a chicken item ( gravy), a mutton item ( gravy). The side dishes often varies from time to time. The desert is also good : mango cream, strawberry cake, chocolate cake, different flavoured scoops of ice cream with chocolate sauces. The little gulab jamun is also awesome.
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Yash  - Burrp User


June 21,2013

fab food

Well,this rest. also includes in my All time Favourites...The Food is SUPERB and lots of Options to choose...From Starters to desserts - All 5 STARS..Telling abt the service it is also SUPERB and the Waiters are very kind and friendly...The Rest. is Decorative and Light music played all time,Its Good to have Meal there and the price is around 1500 for two and it is Perfect for a Foodie like me and all
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bharatagrawal87 - Burrp User


June 10,2013

Flag At Half-mast

Barbeque Nation catches the attention of a first timer and excites him/her. A live grill on your table with brushes which allows you to smother your food as it grills is an enjoyable experience, provided by none other [as per my knowledge] in India.

The flow of starters as long as the flag is up is an interesting concept. The waiters are generous too, who keep on filling the grill with choicest starters.

However the main course is disappointing. Not worth it all. The point is if you are a tikka and starters person, you will love it. But if the maincourse is what you are looking for, avoid BBQ Nation.

Ambience 4/ 5 | Price 3.5/ 5 | Food 4/ 5 | Service 4.5/ 5
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aditi2011 - Burrp User


April 21,2013

“Love this place!”

I love love love this place! They should vary their menu though. It's been the same for so long now, across cities too!!! But they are bang on with respect to everything else: food, ambience, service...just great!
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Sourovy Dey - Burrp User

Sourovy Dey

March 10,2013

best buffet with excellent service..!

went on a saturday( for lunch) 3.10.13 . the price-around rs 613 per head. food was delicious, mouth watering and yummy..! the people providing the service was the best...! the chef came to our table and asked us how we liked the food...! so very kind and helpful all of them were. brilliant hospitality.

We were recieved a good recetion with a welcome drink which we had to choose from their set variety -- iced tea or lemon water or soft drink or beer. I chose iced tea.. it was very refreshing and yummy...! then came our starters- huge varieties of starters were served... among them some of my favourites were - pineapple skewers , chicken legs, chicken kabab and succulent nice mushrooms...! we were also served "shark's meat" which was the special food of the day...!
the main dishes on the buffet spread was equally good . my favourites were chicken lung fung soup, mutton biriyani, the chicken salad , the mutton and the chicken gravy whose names i cannot recall.
deserts were mouth watering .. my favourited-- mud cake -which was nice and chocolatey, melt in the mouth gulab jamuns.. and the firni served in smalls pots..
great lunch ... im looking forward to visit this restaurant now atleast once in every 2 months!!
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Titas Kar - Burrp User

Titas Kar

August 31,2012

Good , very good food

Another of the city's must visit buffets ! You should be here , if you have the capacity to eat a huge number of dishes at a single sitting . Just the dessert items number more than 10. And you have the full main course before that, with chicken , mutton, biriyani ,nans to fill your tummy! But it's a different story altogether that at times , I've skipped most of the main course just to accommodate the starters , which are in a league of their own! The complete package of starters include chicken , fish, vegetables , and are just too good to be ignored. The flagging system , that signals the end of the starter session and beginning of the main course is a unique thing!
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Ruchira228 - Burrp User


August 28,2012


Judging by the location its a favourite haunt for corporate lunches or dinners. I had also been here for the 1st time from office. Its a buffet system where they serve ulimited kabas initially and then the main course.
Being a bad eater, I always jump to the desert right after the starters.
The food is really good and a treat for people who have a healthy appetite.
I would even rate the decor highly. If lucky, you could also hear the live band playing.
Go try it...
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Sammya Brata - Burrp User

Sammya Brata

August 23,2012

The Urban Delicacy!

When my boss declared "Well done boys, it's time for some celebration", we had made up our mind that BBQ Nation is the way ahead. The amazing kebabs and the rich variety and taste makes it THE BEST among the counterparts and the best part is, you can stop gulping.... I especially remember the CRAB kebab which managed to enthrall my boss to the MAX and the spicy PRAWN which flirted with my taste buds! A must must must visit!
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kankana_it - Burrp User


May 23,2011

Horrible Main Couse!!

Being a complete foodie,when I first time visited this place to satisfy my taste buds, I was completely bowled over by the wide range of items.Then the quality of each of the menu was awsome.The time I am talking about was around a year ago.But now the quality of food has detoriated to that extent that you can't even touch a single item of main course.I repeat the main course is horrible.The biriyani is the worst biryani in all over the world.No one can compete with that.Some veg starters are really good.But the seafood starters are not that up to the mark.The prawn preparation was not satisfactory.I though liked the mushroom starters.& the chicken stick kebabs are surprisingly so dry,I donno why.The only good thing is the dessert part.I love the gulab jamuns,custard and all.But paying 700 bucks for only the dessert items is something too much.
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hinilu77 - Burrp User


April 16,2011

awsome experience !

We went for a dinner at Barbeque Nation to celebrate Poila Baishak 2011. The ambiance was great and food and too good. You can have unlimited kababs of various types followed by main course buffet dinner @ Rs 645/- + 4 % service tax. This service tax seems to me too high, though the service was good but still some shortage of service boys when the place is packed up.

If the restaurant gives more attention on interior lighting and decorations, i think it will brighten up the atmosphere more and make it more lively. Also live DJ or music of dancing beat will make the atmosphere more enjoyable.

Leaving all these the food was really delicious and of good quality. We were too happy and will surely visit again
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johndoe - Burrp User


December 28,2010

Amazing experiences

I stay outside Kolkata but have all my college friends and family in this city. I have visited this restaurant only twice so far - once to have big get together with my college friends, another time to have another big family get together. Both occasions were really important for me, and on both counts, BBQ Nation made it so memorable.

Food - Simply awesome. The kebabs are tender, succulent, have variety and hey, they are unlimited. Main course and desserts were also great and once, they had a Pujo special spread where each and every dish was authentically Bengali and absolutely lip smacking.

Ambience - their new location has made the place much more spacious and the entire setup gives a nice, warm feeling. Our group of 15 people were very nicely seated.

Service - Impeccable. Very prompt and courteous.

For 525 bucks (plus taxes for non-veg buffet in weekends), with complimentary choice of beer/soft drinks, I thought this was total VFM and what better than having every friend/family member say that they had a fabulous time.

Thank You!, Barbeque Nation.
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Prithviraj Nath - Burrp User

Prithviraj Nath

March 03,2010

The unlimited kebabs are the best part!!

went there a couple of times..great place to go with friends....warm cosy ambience..food quality was not consistent..but okkies..desserts were good...considering that you get all that..unlimited kebabs, food, desserts, et al @450, might act as a clincher
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soothsayer  - Burrp User


December 22,2009


haunted this one today.
Had to wait a full 40 minutes before we could get a place(sez a lot about the place !)
Grill stuff and food galore... and tasty. For folks with abode in salt lake , this is sure the worthy substitute for 'Sigree flame and grill' in south city. No need to ride to south city mall anymore,...hurrah !
Normal meal = 300 Rs ( El cheapo...for the quantity you get)

special = 450 Rs ( with sea food ) + 1 bottle beer/or soda

Place is nicely built up. Food starts to disappear from 15:30 onwards..so make sure you have had your fill before that. and lights are dimmed at 15:45 hours, subtly telling you to scamper off now . besides that....an awesome value for your Rs 300 ! /or 450
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Ritwick Sanyal - Burrp User

Ritwick Sanyal

December 07,2009

This place has improved

Well last time I had visited this place, I wasnt impressed by the food. But this time the experience was completely different. The kababs were awesone. So was the gilati naan. I would defintely suggest this place for throwing parties.
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forsoham - Burrp User


September 27,2009

Worth the Hype...

Incredible!!!! The food (bouffet) is simply superb. Their concept is ingenious and their 'all you can eat @ 400 per head is more than godly. You can stuff yourself all kinds of meat and salads, from biriyani to pasta @Rs 400 only!!! And after that, their desserts are even better than their main meal.Their ambience is a little 'not so great'......

Suggestions : Buffet menu (all desserts, prawn, russian salad)
Rating : 4 / 5
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Chanchal Jalan - Burrp User

Chanchal Jalan

August 20,2009

Not tht Gr8'

Hey every one'...I don' find this place that great..atleast not much to talk about'......though will have varieties in buffet but hardly few items' tastes well...and please am sure kebabs tastes better in flames n grills'.....am sure I won't be visiting this place again.....it was a one time visit!!!!!
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Ritwick Sanyal - Burrp User

Ritwick Sanyal

July 29,2009

Not worth the hype

Barbeque Nation is one place which created a good amount of hype before its opening. People who have been to Barbeque Nation in Bangalore eagerly looked forward to the opening of this place. Well for starters, the buffet price is very reasonable. But the kebabs leave a lot to be desired. There are places in Kolkata where you can get better kebabs. Food was good but nothing to write about. Number of desserts were good but again the taste was disappointing.

On any day you should try out Sigree than this place
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Abhishek Kulkarni - Burrp User

Abhishek Kulkarni

June 08,2009

Lovely Concept

Go there for their Kebabs. They are just wonderful. And the best part is they are unlimited. Leave behind any of your dietary concerns and use all the oils they give you, keep basting your Kebabs and eat them hot as the grill right in the centre of your table.
The buffet was horrible. Neither did the food have any spice in it nor was it really interesting. But thats not what they run the restaurant on. It is the Kebabs Concept.
The desserts were also pretty good.

They have a fixed menu - Rs450-500 for dinner on weekdays
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Abhisek Biswas - Burrp User

Abhisek Biswas

May 08,2009

A feast of quality food @ reasonable price

I visited BBQ Nation 2 times and both the times my experience was quite satisfying. This is a new addition to saltlake sector V's food map and it's an instant hit among techies. The main attraction here is the buffet lunch and dinner. 2 types of buffets are available right now. One is for Rs. 275(+tax) and another one for Rs. 400(+tax). Both the times I went for Rs. 275 buffet and it was awsome. The buffet contains 3 parts : starters, main course and desserts. They serve the starters along with one drink(soft drink/Beer/mock tail) to ur table. The main course and desserts, u have to get them from the serving tables. They have one interesting feature for serving starters. There is 1 flag in each table and that will be standed up initially. They will continue serving u starters untill u bend the flag down. Starters mainly include barbequed chicken, fish and vegetables. Main course contain a variety of salads, rice/biriyani, naan, fish, mutton/chicken etc. Dessert section consists of around 10 items that include pastry, browny, firni, sweets, ice-cream, pudding etc. If you are a foodie...then you must visit this place. Barbeque Nation provides a large pool of quality foods in a resaonable price.
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