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Yash  - Burrp User


June 21,2013

Hangout Time

Superb place to hang out with friends And Always its a Full House...The latest music also keeps the mood upbeat and also a good place for happy lovers.The food is Tasty and Finger licking. Specially the corn bucket and the choco cake is delicious. Situated on the main road and close to 4no. tank and Lake town footbridge, it gathers lots of attractions and If anybody has free time,its a perfect place to make the Tummy happy...The scenery is also good and we get a breath-taking view of nature there and the decor inside is also very good. It has wind chains,photo frames e.t.c. Price is also reasonable and Would cost around Rs 500. for two. So Its a Must try.
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Sammya Brata - Burrp User

Sammya Brata

August 28,2012

A welcome respite!

Quite a productive venue if you are in for quality time pass, when you have friends and acquaintances for your liking, this is where you would love to spend an evening. Located at sector I, the Bon Appetit didn't make a mark on our minds on the first visit. But on the Photography day when we were out on the streets capturing our minds, Bon APPETIT made things easy. The wonderful coffee and mousse that they served to us, came as a welcome respite in the grilling heat of Kolkata! The ice-creams bathed in care and grace was awesome to say the least! The cost is pretty reasonable compared to the tagged coffee-shops!
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Pranaadhika Devburman - Burrp User

Pranaadhika Devburman

February 05,2012

Excellent, Affordable and Flavorful !

As one of the cafe's oldest customers, I can safely say that the experience at Bon Appetit only gets better as time goes by :)
The snacks on offer can easily pass for mini-meals, the stuffed parantha is recommended for those who want more than a light bite to eat.
Also on offer is an impressive array of flavored drinks, from iced teas to smoothies and sodas.
Prices are incredibly affordable, and the cafe takes the trouble to celebrate special occasions with appropriately-themed items and drinks.

Top picks would be -

Chocolate Avalanche
Chilli cheese sandwich
Watermelon/Vanilla iced tea

Valentines Day visitors are promised special cakes which can also be ordered on request !! The menu can be viewed on this page.

Good Job Rahul ! [w ;-)]
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a.ditto89 - Burrp User


February 01,2012


I've been goin to Bon Appetit for over 2 years now.. Possibly the choice of items and the quality of food keeps on taking me there.. I love the orange ice tea ( I've taken bottles of it back home), the chocolate avalanche.. the mushroom on toast.. and the special winter cakes :)
Apart from being unreasonably pocket friendly ( :P ) , I love the way it is decorated and the general crowd also... :)
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Avinandan Kundu - Burrp User

Avinandan Kundu

December 26,2011

Brilliant for the price!

For what you pay, it cant get any better. Extremely pocket-friendly especially for students who rely on pocket money. The incredible chocolate avalanche is priced under Rs 100. The coffees are really good too. But my top picks would be the Cafe Mocha, Kiwi Shake, Chilli Cheese Sandwich and the mind-numbing, huge Chocolate Avalanche.
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