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juhi_damani1988 - Burrp User


May 31,2013

Great Place

A must visit for everyone. The thin crust pizza's here are awesome and worth a try.
Also other food items on the menu such a Garlic Bread and the pastas are great.
The hookah's here are good, specially if you are a regular customer. The problem being that flavour might not last long or may not be well prepared occasionally if they see you are new to the place.
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Saurabh Tibrewal - Burrp User

Saurabh Tibrewal

May 24,2013

It's A Happening place!

Friends took me to this joint and I am so thankful to them. Good music. Excellent ambiance.A must go place if you're planning to go out with a young group. The only problem I found was with the service. They were too adamant on serving fast, pushing the customers to complete and leave. I went probably went during the rush time which again speaks volume of this place.

Hukkah, Pizza, Music, Mock-tails and Ambiance are the USPs of this place. it's awesomely affordable. My advice : this place deserves a try ;)
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bharatagrawal87 - Burrp User


May 24,2013

Hookah Bar, Good food

Kiddies gathered around a table and puffing hookah has now become a ubiquitous scene. When another place called "Chai Break" came up, I gave it a go on insistence from the kiddies in my family.

I must admit I had a good experience. The hookah was the way I like it [though i don't advocate it and puff once in 6 months and the food was good.

New varieties of pasta, freshly baked pizzas and most importantly good service did work well for me. I loved the place and have been there quite some times.

Chai Break is a good break from other hangouts and worth a try "for sure".
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shilpa.burrp - Burrp User


January 02,2013

Good Food!

Walk into this cafe in formals or your pajamas, you can comfortably relax over chai or shisha at Chai Break. It is not a child friendly friendly cafe as most of the people visit this cafe to smoke shisha. Ignore the ambience. Menu is what should get your attention. Chai Break serves mouth watering delicacies. My personal favourite is the pizzas. Order for any pizza. The pizzas are thin crust- crispy and juicy. Risotto, Al Funghi Pasta, Aglio Olio and Bruschetta are a few other dishes that one must try here. Gulp down these with a fruity flavoured zoo-zoo; a crushed ice drink and sip on masala chai. As the name suggests, it's a perfect place for a break. And, it's very economical.
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Ruchira228 - Burrp User


August 31,2012

How I love this place

The first time I heard about Chai break, I was'nt quite sure what to expect because the name was'nt appealing to me. But I thank my friend who pulled me and brought me here and ever since then I hv just become a regular.
There are 3 separate enclosures, one in the open where they serve hookah( great when the weather is pleasant), another is the Ac non smoking zone(very small) and the smoking room where they maily serve hookah. The seats are comfy and you could just sit with friends and chat and would have no idea how time passed by.

The attendants are helpful though a bit busy all the time. There an open kitchen where the food is prepared and the favourite being pizza. They are huge in size and tasty too :).
The bill would. ome to around rs.400/500 for 2 people with hookah and drinks..
Hooked onto hookah, this is definitely the place to be in.
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Papiya Roychowdhury - Burrp User

Papiya Roychowdhury

August 30,2012

Beautiful chai and magnificent pizzas

Never knew it existed until I came upon an article in a newspaper and decided to pay it a visit. Truly speaking,I wasn't disappointed at all.the plush decor and the music playing enrich the experience. The service is good, the staff cordial. Now ,about the stock of  veriety of teas in their menu-- it's simply inexhaustible. Never knew tea can exist in so many forms. The pizzas were also great. I'm quite fond of no veg dishes , but this fully vegetarian outlet sure gave me very enjoyable moments!
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Rohit Sharma - Burrp User

Rohit Sharma

August 30,2012

2nd Home for a reason !!

Since my 1st visit to CBL in Nov 2011, the warmth of the staff, quality of the food and ambience has charmed me till date. Almost every alternative evening, while returning from office, I stop by to relish the best pizza in the city, along with other yummlicious Italian fare with either Best Out-Of-Dhaba tea or Virgin Mojito. Food ranks high on my list along with the behaviour of the staff who are extremely warm and helpful, espically Sultan and Vijay. Overall, I call it my second home for valid reasons !!

Keep it up guyz !
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Sammya Brata - Burrp User

Sammya Brata

August 28,2012

Variety and cost-effectiveness!

A Break that's what they call! And when the break comes in with such an illustrious surprise, you can never say NO! Ah when I was exposed to the variety of tea under one head, I was awestruck! Man! This is it...when you have so many different flavors of confectioneries and delicacies near you, would would hate to leave. It was Burrp where I actually learnt about this awesome food joint located near my MBA tution at Alipore and decided to launch and expedition to the newest place of interest in Kolkata and we weren't disappointed. Variety with low cost made the evening really memorable!
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Titas Kar - Burrp User

Titas Kar

August 28,2012

Tea with a different feel

A tea lounge in the midst of Kolkata is a different issue altogether. A rather new venture , I have had the opportunity to go in only once before . The list of teas on offer simply amazes you , such a large collection is here . And I can safely bet that most of the names haven't been heard by many people . It shows that tea is not necessarily something that cant be experimented with ! My experience was quite an eccentric one , because tea followed by pizzas don't occur every day, but I had this order of eating, and enjoyed it .the other thing is that , this offers vegetarian food . The place is a little pricey , but then , there are always takers for high class vegetarian food ! thanks to my friend staying abroad , who took me here, I had a nice experience!
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