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Niraj Thakkar - Burrp User

Niraj Thakkar

May 06,2017

Why to go to this restaurant? were you and your parents does not get respect ??

As owner think that people are coming to him for quality of food if he dont give respect to customer then also they will come.

It was also my favourite restaurant but from today its better to go to other restaurants for south India like cafe maysore, ramashraya, mani's...

Owner does not give respect to senior citizen I think times food should not give awards on the quality of food but also the manner of owner. He speaks very ruf and i dont recommend this restraunts to people. Owner doesnt have Courtesy to talk with customers....
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rohanpathak21 - Burrp User


July 01,2015

Amazing Dosas

The cheapest and the best Dosas ever. In a small outlet, you will get the best and the most authentic South Indian food ever in your city. Stop having any other Dosa and come straight to Madras Cafe.

Apart from the Dosas, try the idlis and don't forget to try the filter coffee.
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dreamingbird - Burrp User


June 12,2015

Simply amazing

if you are in mumbai and u have not been to this place, you are definitely missing something...a must visit for every mumbaikar...not a high end posh place to do your dinners and lunches, but the authenticity it provides in its food is mindblowing...a typical south indian small eatery with all the walls ornated with various certificates and accolades they have received over years..despite being so famous, they have not tried to make it big or charge bombs for their food offerings...very reasonably priced food...must visit place...and pls dont leave that place without having their filter coffee..it is a coffee that will make you experience heaven...
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May 27,2015

Filter Caffi with some idli...Wat a combination

Sunday Afternoon a wait of 25 mins in the scorching heat just for brunch at Cafe Madras.....the guy out there probably the owner calls ur name so loud that u r definitely in the limelight.....Cramped place but mumbaikars adjust anywhere......Butter IDLI Podi to start with lip smacking......Thuppa Masala Dosa was soft n delicious.....last but not the least filter caffi which i was waiting for since long....typical south indian blended caffi.......the place is worth...Patience gives u good food keep chanting while u r waiting outside.....
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

April 29,2015

Best south indian food

Bang on the circle in Matunga you will find Cafe Mysore. Simple, unpretentious eatery that serves delicious south indian fare. You cannot go wrong with the dosas, vadas, idlis there.Pineapple sheera and idli molga pudi are absolute delight here.Khoto Idli which is given steamed in a jackfruit leafis a speciality to be tried out .the sambar here is very tasty and you get in abundance.
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- Tarang - - Burrp User

- Tarang -

March 31,2015

Everyones Favourite!

Cafe Madras is the best south Indian restaurant among many youngster and friends outside mumbai city... its ambience is ok. It is not so costly. Its idli and upama are very good. It is always crowded. Sunday morning people come here for Break fast. Its starts from morning till night place is not so hygienic but people enjoys its food. Dont miss the coffee!
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Kalyani Linge - Burrp User

Kalyani Linge

March 13,2015

Delicious Masala Dosa

Cafe Madras is one of my favorite place. Have been eating here since my childhood. Masala dosa is very crisp to eat and the chutney is delicious along with mouth watering sambar.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 31,2015

delightful place for south Indian

this is a little bit far from my home but I come here often because the food is so good here! I love the Neer Dosa and Ragi dosa and never have it anywhere else. Medu Vada, Rasam Vada, pineapple Sheera and Filter Coffee are also must have here and the best part is it is so easy on pocket even a small child can afford it all in pocket money! Especially the chutneys are so good I have to mention them! Try the Mulga Podi chutney which is the best!
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

January 23,2015

Best south Indian food in Mumbai

Café Madras is an institution and one of the most famous places and my most fav place for south Indian food. Food here is not like served at restaurants.it is very homely as if a grandmother prepared it for you! Very simple place with tables and benches kind of set up,always crowded and in evenings you have to wait to get it! Idli, vada-both with rasam are exceptional. Also try the Neer dosa which is simply the best ever! Very healthy and tasty Ragi dosa is amazing too and ofcourse end it with filter coffee which will make you wanna stay here only forever!
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 15,2015


Loved loved the dosa here! If you are someone who loves the dosa this place is a must try! The pineapple sheera is also very delicious and kinda melts in your mouth! Reasonably priced and decent service.
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December 31,2014

value for money

Southern cuisine at its best
Authentic south indian food. Excellent quality, reasonable price. Best on sunday mornings
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  • Cafe Madrasimage
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July 10,2014

One of the best South Indian meals

Café Madras is an institution in itself for South Indian food in the city. Very little can be said about the place that has not already been said. It is strictly a no-frills eatery (read sparse wooden tables and benches tightly squeezed into a small place at Matunga) with good food and quick service being the USP of the place. My favorite here and probably their best seller is Idli Podi with White Butter. This heavenly combo of soft steaming Idlis served with coconut chutney, homemade butter and a generous sprinkling of mulgapodi (that fiery spice mix, also known as gunpowder) is not something one would want to share - so better to order an individual plate for all. Another brilliant dish on the menu is their Rasam. This can be had with Idlis also but I prefer it with their wonderfully fried Vadas. Well spiced and balanced, it is a perfect comfort food one can have here. They serve a variety of Dosas (many of which are not found on menus elsewhere in the city), all of which I have found to be crisp and tasty. The Pesarettu Dosa deserves a special mention. A slightly thick dosa made of moong lentils enclosing a spicy onion mix, it scores both on texture and taste. Ragi Dosa is another good and unique option. Their creamy and silky stew goes well with both Neer Dosa and Steamed Rice. This is one dish which is not always available and one can get it only with some luck. For dessert the Panpoli, a Sheera like mix with oodles of nuts, raisins and coconut flakes steamed in banana leaves, is good on taste though a bit heavy on the stomach but better to share the same. The service here is extremely quick. Being a no-frills place, its very easy on the wallet. In simple words, a fab place where food does all the talking.
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November 23,2012

Best dosa,good filter coffee,rest was sad

Started with the rasam vada-which was rasam served with vada....such small vadas were served and the rasam being average in taste...then came in the ragi dosa-the star of the lunch-superb!!!! easily the best ragi dosa i have eaten ever,the sambhar and chutney served with it were less in quantity!--then came in the pineapple sheera which was sad!,ended the meal with the filter coffee which was at home temperature!!!!!!,taste was satisfactory though-after i finished,i ordered for another one and it was not available,service was pathetic,there is nothing such as an ambience here,you may have to share tables as well. And they dont even know their mathematics-they calculate on their own,make mistakes,thus be careful of being charged extra....this happened with me...i made him then calculate.Food is very reasonably priced though.
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Knead_with_love - Burrp User


November 16,2012

Idli heaven!

I tried cafe madras as a part of a Matunga breakfast trail I had organized along with my friends and we ended up eating in around 10 places in Matunga but the Steamed idli with white butter from Cafe Madras stood out!! it was melt in the mouth and heavenly delicious!! and enjoy this idli with some pudi (south indian masala). Yumm!!!
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