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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

April 30,2015

Romantic place

The dim lighting and Shamianas makes this place so peaceful and romantic. The place does not serve any alcohol at all and the menu is a good spread of Indian cuisines and Mocktail's etc. We ordered Aloo Aachari and Shami Kebab, both were simply delicious.

Matki Chicken with gravy and Kajoo is a must try.

The staff is well mannered, courteous and ever smiling.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 04,2015


This is an amazing roof-top restaurant.
If you are waiting to get the table, you can enjoy the sea view from a bit elevated platform. Ambiance is just perfect with a rooftop shamiana setup and dim light.
This is a very beautiful place for all kind of occasions, be it friends, family or a date! They serve delicious food.
A full paisa vasool experience. They have a very narrow entrance and you need to climb around 4 odd floors to get to the top. But it's totally worth it. Food quality is excellent, service is fabulous, staff is polite.
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Navya P - Burrp User

Navya P

March 01,2015

amazing food!

Great place to go with friends, family or even date or special occasion. Quite expensive but the view is amazing, ambiance is so classy and service is super efficient. I love the Dahi lasooni chicken and Tandoori chicken –both are classic dishes and must have on every visit here. Also try the murg tikka masala and their specialty of Cheese Naan which go fantastic with each other. In dessert the ultimate indulgence is Phirni.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 31,2015

Amazing place

I liked being here with some of my friends as the food and service here is excellent. chicken platter is great, biryani is a favourite, Kathi roll is amazing, masala papad was great too-we sat and chatted and chilled out for some hours and it was not as expensive as we thought either! Loved it and will definitely go back1
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Nicholas Dias - Burrp User

Nicholas Dias

January 18,2015

Anything Grilled

What ever you order, order it grilled. the place is good the service may be not that great.

the pricing is good but the food is absolutely delicious, the biryani is spicy but good and the chicken kebabs are juicy and yum
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  • Kaizer Ethnique Cuisineimage
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Ruchit Rathod - Burrp User

Ruchit Rathod

May 13,2014

Allert for vegetarians

Guys its a nice place but not good for vegetarians bcoz naan also contains egg so only option left is having roti I suggest them to make veg naan and romali roti ambience nice but sitting arrangements not tat goot expensive compare to more other good restaurants. ..
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Nirali Naik - Burrp User

Nirali Naik

February 28,2014

Nice Ambiance

The ambiance will woe you to this place again and again. Being an open air restaurant has its perks. The indianized seating and comfy cushions provide the ethnic feel. The food is delicious though I am quite sure I saw a few rats.
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sujitdoshy - Burrp User


February 08,2014

Good ambience but POOR service

Visited first time good ambience as its feb winter time.. Food is quite good.. Nawabi mushroom tikka as starter . Main course paneer tikka.
mocktails are ok. But poor service. Hot water request was made it arrived after several reminders.. Music was lacking may be because we arrived after 10 pm.. on saturday.
I am sure if management takes care of service then KOYLA can go long way. ..
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Neehar Kundurti - Burrp User

Neehar Kundurti

January 30,2014

The reasonably-priced Arab

Andheri's Koyla has been around for quite a while but I never quite got to visit the place mostly because I like Colaba better. Nevertheless better late than never. We decided to go for it on a friend's birthday.
Just like the original, this Koyla is a rooftop Arabic lounge situated on the third floor of a building that's on the lane right opposite the Tanishq showroom. We reached on a cool winter weeknight, which is ideal for such rooftop restros. It has a very Arabic feel. The red and yellow lighting with the traditional Arab lamps and the shamianas. We booked a shamiana but since we were 15 of us, it was difficult to fit us all in one so we decided to occupy the elevated centre table. They played Arabic music throughout the night to add to its feel. Now the Colaba one has a lovely seaside spread whereas out here all we can see are buildings and a concrete jungle. I knew that the starters are to die for so we ordered multiple plates of some of their most delicious appetizers. We relished the Nawabi Mushroom Tikka, Malai Chicken, Lasooni Chicken the most. Even the Paneer Tikka was quite good. We stuffed ourselves with starters so much that we ended up having cheese kulcha and the fragrant Biryani as the only main dishes. Both were delicious as well. Service was relatively quick. All this and the bill managed to come out to be a little over 6000 for the entire group. Very VFM.
So burbies who do not wish to travel to town, you can very well visit this beautiful rendition of the Middle East in Lokhandwala.
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rangolivaidya - Burrp User


December 19,2013

Nice Place to chill!!

Its a great place to hangout with your friends or even for a first date. The food was quite good and so were the beverage. The beverage selection was quite vast.
Thought its a tad difficult to locate the place, but its not that annoying.
The service was quite good too...will definitely go again.. not for the view but for the food.
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Anjum  - Burrp User


May 06,2013

Good food, excellent service!

My cousin got married over the weekend and one of the smaller ceremony was organised at Koyla.
The decoration was perfect and the staff was very co-operative. They promptly helped us out with all our last minute requests and never complained. Everything was as requested by us.
We didn't really have choice when it came to the food since we had a set buffet menu, but of the dishes we tried, the Murg Kothmiri (I hope I got that right) was the best. It was a yellow coloured thick gravy with boneless chicken pieces and a hint of kothmir, saffron and garlic.
The chicken biryani was different, only the word 'yummm' can describe it. It wasn't oily or loaded with the garam masala.
The ras malai was good too, not the best, but good.
And the star of the night (when it came to the food) was the fruit punch. I have no idea what fruits went into making the mocktail, the sweet and tangy flavour of the drink was divine.
I'm definitely going to go back someday just for the food.
And in terms of organising a party, the place is really good too. The 2nd floor banquet hall (where we were) can house around a 100 people comfortably.
Thumbs up for Koyla! :D
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Jude Pereira - Burrp User

Jude Pereira

February 23,2013


I visited this joint couple of days ago..The food , service are all good. even the staff around are v polite..But I think their prices are up by around 25 - 35 %.There are so many here better options in the vicinity like Caves. cave serves excellent buffet for just 480/- wth desserts and ambience of cave is good too..but Koylas's u get 1 Tandoori Chicken for 550/-...the food is quite good,but not worth the price at all..
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anxxx - Burrp User


July 08,2012

Rooftop gone. But the food is great as ever

The monsoons are tough on rooftop restaurants. They are forced to build an artificial roof or move to a lower floor. That's whats happened to Koyla. They've moved to a lower floor. As a result, you wont get anything close to a rooftop feel. It feels more like a sindhi-punjabi sangeet party venue, carpets shamianas, low couches etc etc. I had my apprehensions when I came out of the elevator and saw the 'new' claustrophobic Koyla, but decided to take the risk. It paid off well. The food is better than ever and the service can compete with any establishment in the Oshiwara-Andheri-Lokhandwala belt. The chicken kebabs were tender and succulent, the buttermilk was super tasty and the chicken tikka masala had a great flavour without being spicy. I hope they move back to the rooftop soon, but this will do for the time being. Go there if you want great food and service.
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Neeraj  Bijlani - Burrp User

Neeraj Bijlani

March 09,2012

Great Service

i went with my extended family to this place, we already had a reservation an early one at 830 pm and we received a call from them at 815pm asking for confirmation. we were having two babies so proper care was looked after us a special chair for the baby isolated sofa seats. After many days i had been to a place where the seating were distant unlike all cramped up and noisy restaurants in mumbai. We were very particular about non spicy food and it was very nicely taken care of. We had a full meal soup, butter milk, starters, main course and desert and the bill came to approx 3000 for six adults and one baby. we will highly recommend the mushroom nawabi tikka which was cheesy and nice and the dal makhani which was very well made. the subz kadai and the chicken starter (some nimboo garlic) thing recommended by the waiter was perfect. I will surely recommend this place.
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Ritesh  Fernandes - Burrp User

Ritesh Fernandes

February 17,2012

Very Nice

I been there for Sat. Night Dinner With my Wife, food ws gr8 but frankly which cost they take as per that they r not providing quantity so just make some improvement in quantity & it will b gr8 combination of Food & place & cost :)
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Upasana Rathod - Burrp User

Upasana Rathod

December 22,2011

Awesome Hetric Experience !!!

I had heard a lotta buzz abt this place... First time, went there with my close friend.. and it was totally superrrbb expericne... They gave us one of those Shamiana and it was small personal space which was just Perfect! Must admit, Staff is very well behaved and very courteous! Koyla scores highest on the Food... I am a veggie and have loved the food taste out here..

We were so happy with the whole experince that we ccelebrated a friend's bday too here... each one was superrly happy with the Bigger Shamiana that we got... also, the food was undoubtedly appreciated but the humble staff service could not go unmentioned...

Also got the chance to take my family for a Diwali dinner. However, i reserved the place a day in advance.. I was expecting tht i will have to wait as its Diwali. But was given my table d moment i arrived there.. Every good thing has a bad side too so Koyla's Sheesha is just something I hated.

All in all.. a decently good place to visit for Dinners... Scores more on Ambience!!
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G. S. - Burrp User

G. S.

November 14,2011

among the better places in the suburbs

Was looking for a comfy place for me and 10 other guys for my birthday. Had called a couple of other places for a reservation (sheesha sky lounge, petra, mocha) and nobody had the courage to say (on phone) that they were serving hookah. Then I called Koyla and the female said she could not confirm (about hookah) on phone due to *security reasons*. lol! I took the cue, and reserved.

We reached there at around 8, and I must admit I was impressed by the place and the crowd!

I've always had a thing for rooftop places. Couple it with some neat cocktails and classy, bassy EDM/trance music - and you'll own me.

Was extremely disappointed when I learned that there wasn't going to be any booze. crap! my bday and no booze?!?!

Whatever, we continued to sit and talk and enjoyed the ambiance. hookah+food arrived and all i'm going to say about them is that both were very, very good!

The hookahs (rs. 550 per pot) although amazing, were below the standards set by Dhuan. 8.5 on 10

Food was neat (esp. their chicken biryani), and priced a little bit on the higher side. 8 on 10

Service was prompt. not exactly spectacular, though. 7 on 10

Yeah. That's about it. The whole experience was really fun, but not memorable. maybe due to the formal feel of the place, or the lack of booze ;)
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Kinjal Panchal - Burrp User

Kinjal Panchal

October 01,2011

Koyla- Andheri

I have visited Koyla Andheri last week, the food was great & though service could have been better. The taste of the food far away lakes of service & the ambiance & the music was up to the mark. If you are in the roof top restaurant then don't miss it!
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ayushbajaj - Burrp User


September 26,2011


Koyla's is one of the most beautiful places in the city...
really beautiful decor with the curtains... the shamianas,... the sand floor...

food was great although a little expensive
service was amazing!!

worth it!
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Dipesh Bablani - Burrp User

Dipesh Bablani

July 13,2011

A nice place to hangout with friends

With all this Hukka licensing and scarcity of nice places with food and Hukka, Koyla comes as a good surprise. Good Ambience, Nice hukka, Roof top hence nice view. They dont provide hukka in one of those tents which is a bit sad. The food I wud say is average. But if u wanna hangout with a group of friends, I would recommend Koyla.

PS: It is a bit on expensive side. Say 500 bucks per person.
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Amit  - Burrp User


April 11,2011

I take my words back

I had ordered a mint hukka with sprite base...n when the bill arrivd, i saw that i ws charged 300 extra just 4 sprite. On enquitry, they told me dat the base took 4 bottles of sprite that cost 75 each. Now isnt it their duty to inform this....n i din force them to bring such a big hukka.....i was appalled.
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Amit  - Burrp User


January 14,2011

Worth the visit, tho sum lack of servc

The food is amazing, though some paneer starters are bad. Service is ok...but if ur sitting at the corner then please clear your throat and come. Coz ull hv to call them often. ...hukka flavor burns fast sometimes...but great view and seating...do reserv n go to enjy a gud seating
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hugefoodie - Burrp User


January 06,2011


I love this place, had one of the best dining experiences...!!!
The ambience is awsome...the food fabulous..!!!
Try sitting in one of their cottage/tents, whatever they call it...n that too ones wid floor sofa sittin arrangements..!!! abs. fab..!!!
Will definitely go there often..!!!
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Tusharr  Mehta - Burrp User

Tusharr Mehta

January 06,2011

sort of boring

This one also at the rooftop jus lyk its brother in colaba. Well but here u dun get to see the beach nor the taj hotel nor gateway. You jus gt to see under construction buildings. But the the ambiance is just lyk arabic movie. Nyc comfortable sitting, properly lit btr dn colaba, atleast u dun have to strain ur eyes.

Had ordered huka and some starters. The huka which had come was nt proper air was coming in thru d pipe, so told the waiter and he did sumthn bt still the problem still persist. So i thought we will have to continue wid the damaged huka, but to my surprise he bought a new huka which was much btr :)

To the starter part had ordered peshawari alu, tandoori mushrooms. Both of them wer jus mind blowing. Luvd it. Bt to the sad part the quantity is jus so less for the price they charge.

To the sad part now, the music which they play feels lyk u shd gt ur bed along with it. Such lousy music. hope they change to sum btr music for both colaba and here.

Damages dun 750. A bit on the higher side.


happy eating
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rinks1811 - Burrp User


January 03,2011

Fully disappointed on 31st Dec ... Maha Boring :(

I agree with you Shanaz, We were der on 31st night. Ambience, food was extremely good. Music was damn slow and boring.. not at all appropriate to welcome new year :( :( worst was at 00:00 hrs.. there was no music at all!!! and fireworks were good but was late toooo... Crowd on 31st mostly were the in house ppl :( :( Big No if you going for rocking evening... For peaceful and calm evening should try otherwise Fully disappointed with 31st experience :( : (
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Shahnaz Halai - Burrp User

Shahnaz Halai

January 02,2011

Koyle mein pak gayi!

I was there yesterday and I must say I didnt find the crowd as expected.....the food is good u can say- avoid if u r going there for some fun wd frds as they dnt serve alcohol u see :).

Also, when I was there on Sat night, we mostly found families and coll kids.........so hd to move out after a few bites of starters...

All in all main pak gayi!!
However, I hope u find good crowd at sm other time.......
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rajthelucifer - Burrp User


December 23,2010


Amazing place to go , sit, relax and have great food. Kpyla andheri isthe best in terms of ambience, which is next to dream landand then the food...I suggest everyone to go and experience and trust me 1 cannot withdraw from it. Cheers
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jaymanpandya - Burrp User


November 07,2010

Good Food... Good Ambience...

We went for the Diwali get-together with friends. The food out there was awesome and amazing... Do go ahead and try it out.
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Aayush Chokhani - Burrp User

Aayush Chokhani

September 29,2010

Welcome to Andheri

So - the famous hangout from SOBO comes to Andheri. I had gone to this place ealier too - but then it was only for the sheesha... this time around it was for the full meal.

Sunday evening - was a crowded one at Koyla. I called up for reservation but was declined - saying it was full! However - he said that I would get a table if I would wait for 10-15 minutes. ????????? I went at 8 and got a table immediately! How lucky!!??!! -1 for not handling reservation well.
And then we wanted one of the more fancy lookin seating area - but were declined :(
Oh - that brings me to ambience. Located on the top floor of a shabby building - the place is good. The sand flooring gives it a very grounded look. Lighting is perfect. Since it is a rooftop - it does get hot at times.

Food is alright. The vegeterian menu has too much of Paneer. Some addition in terms of variety is required. Paneer Chilly Garlic and Amritsari Tikka for the starters were good. The recommended Blueberry flavour of sheesha was nice too. Achaari Paneer for the main course was too much of gravy and less of paneer! Kachumber raita was tasty.

Service wasn't great. May be since it was a weekend. While the coal for sheesha was being changed frequently - there was a problem with the captain coming to take orders and usually it took very long for the food to come. -1 again

Damages 1275. Verdict - will go again - and look forward for a better service.
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chintz2611 - Burrp User


September 10,2010

nice n decent place

this place is decent n nicely decorated..but better if u come wit ur group rather then coming wit ur partner bcoz the centre of attraction is the shamiana which is at the centre as well as at the sides of the restaurant..which is jus superb to relax wit ur frends ..and the table for the twos are in the corners which is bit disappointing...bt the food was simply awesome so tht covers it all and makes ur mood pleasant n relaxing.
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Pradosh  - Burrp User


May 28,2010

Strictly a Dinner Place

Being a suburbs person, I havent checked out the Colaba version of Koyla, so I cant make any comparisions with the town version. But I will try to give you a honest opinion of what you can expect at the Andheri one

The ambience - very impressive, looks fabulous, especially on first view. There are two seating options - regular chairs/sofas or the draped 'shamianas' which has floor seating with cushions. I'd personally recommend shamianas - they can seat 8 people easily, the entire floor is one huge supersoft cushion and it just feels much nicer. The catch is that you cant smoke hookah's in the shamianias - and I dont think they would let groups of less than 6 into a shamiana.

However, the cooling left much to be desired - there was one measly wall-fan for each shamiana. Visiting strictly not recommended now. You are going to die of humidity if you go now - wait till its cooler - or till the management installs better cooling.

Food - the menu was regular Indian cuisine where nothing really stood out. Nothing was bad either - but if I had to describe the food in one word, it would be mellow. None of the dishes we tried had any strong or sharp flavour - it was all mild and safe. However, their famous garlic cheese naan was disappointing - it had a little too much garlic to be palatable. On the other hand, biryani was deemed good by my colleagues (I didn’t taste it)

Drinks - they do not have serve liquor. They offer some mocktails, but my advice is to not touch one even with a bargepole. Stick to Diet coke - or fresh lime soda if you are feeling adventurous. Our group of 8 tried out 7 different drinks - each one disappointing! The bartender seems to be hoarding sugar - all their mocktails sorely lacked sugar. So much so, that we had to order sugar syrup and add to all the drinks.

Didnt have the patience to try out the desserts, because it was too hot. Service wasnt bad - though slightly slow.

To sum up, try it out strictly in cooler weather only - and big family types will enjoy the place (they have quite a few large 8 seater tables). The ambience is very good as it works very good as a pure dinner destination. As long as you keep these limitations in mind, you will like it there. If you are a group of young people hoping to have a good time after office, you will be sorely disappointed
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Jayshree  Iyengar - Burrp User

Jayshree Iyengar

May 28,2010

Bought 1, paid TWICE!!

Sharing a harrowing experience leaves us with a social responsibility of making people aware about certain things. The more things are hyped the less they meet our basic expectations or atleast thats been the trend these days! We (myself and my love - Atul) had been to the newly opened restaurant “KOYLA” in andheri-west almost a week ago. Atul is a total foodie and loves exploring new places all the time. He was very excited when he saw the news of Koyla opening in andheri, as he likes the original one in Colaba.

We arrived for dinner on 19.05.10 (Wednesday) @ 8pm. The ambience is good with arabian music which added to our excitement. When asked for a table one of the attendants showed us a table with chair arrangements. As a couple, we prefer to sit in a sofa/couch side by side, if the restaurant is less crowded. Hence we requested them to give us a table with couch or a sofa. However, to our disappointment they said that we cant sit in those tables as it is meant for a group. We would have completely agreed had the restaurant being full. Finally, after 15 mins of discussions and requests with their manager we got a table with sofa.

We ordered for food and it was pretty average, though not reasonable as it was mentioned in the newspaper. Service at tables was pleasing too. Here comes the real highlight of the evening. Post our meal, we requested the bill and made the payment through Atul’s credit card (ICICI). He has a facility of getting an immediate intimation through sms on any credit or debit transaction. The attendant returned with the credit card and got the copy of the credit card bill for Atul’s signature. After signing that, he received another sms of the same amount being debited from his credit card. Neither the attendant nor the manager / the cash person came forward and informed us about the amount being debited twice. Atul immediately raised up the issue and called the manager. The manager came to our table after 10 mins and took the bill from us and went back to the cash person. Again, after waiting for almost 20 mins he returned and told us that they will pay the cash back for the second debit which was ridiculous & utterly annoying. These days people generally don’t check their account statements, however, this surely serves as an eye-opener of sorts!
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vibzaki - Burrp User


May 23,2010

Naam Bade Darshan Chote

Wrote the facts of their services in the very first week of inception, but my review got automatically deleted thrice coz it violated their terms and conditions in ways best known to them. Service was exceptionally poor, Manager didn't know what is on his menu, Whatever we ordered for we didn't get, the server didn't know what he was serving. The reason for all the above WE ARE NEW!!!!
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mayur28 - Burrp User


May 22,2010

Below Expectation !!!

I am a fan of Koyla Colaba, their rumali roti and dal tadka was to die for.

Heard about the new outlet opening on Link Rd, Andheri-W. Was there on 20th May 2010, thursday. Got a table in the middle with no fan.

As soon as we took our table, the Manager inquired about Mineral Water or regular. We asked for Bisleri and he said they had aquafina, for which we agreed. 15 minutes passed and no water. The person taking the order comes it to ask about the order, we asked him to give us a menu. He inquires about Water again, which we mentioned we need Aquafina regular water not chilled. Placed an order for Papad roll, crispy masala roomali, koyla panner mahakani, jeera rice, dal tadka, roomali rooti and garlic naan for the second round.

They bring in chilled aquafina. We get the papad roll and soggy masala roomali. Then comes in the main course panner mahkani, jeera rice and roomali rooti all cold. The person forgot to place the order for daal. We then have to wait another 15 minutes for the daal to arrive by the remaining food is all cold. They take everything back to warm, and get things right the second time around.

Overall mediocre food, poor service and nothing to boost about ambiance.


It took them another 4 reminders to get the finger bowl and 3 reminders for the bill.
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anupama bose - Burrp User

anupama bose

May 21,2010

much ado about very little

read the review on burrp and went with lots of expectations. Frankly, their tandoor is quite OK (we had hazari chicken tikka) - succulent, juicy.
But the meal was BELOW average. Rumali rotis which crumble like pappad, mutka chicken which was rubbery and seemed as if they had thrown in the pieces into a 'one-size-fits-all' gravy, and a raita which only tasted of the red mircha powder which had been used as a dressing!
but the WORST part was this sour faced manager who insisted on making us take the worst seats in a near empty restaurant claiming they had major reservations (they were still empty when we left at 10:45pm!), and a nervous staff which didnt get you cutlery even after the food had been laid on the table and strange men who floated in to leave your starters to cool off on the service tables while they hung around settling petty differences with eachother and , of course, the manager !
This Koyla to me is a Dud - like its filmy namesake (yet another Rakesh Roshan disaster!)
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Roanna Fernandes - Burrp User

Roanna Fernandes

May 17,2010


When you head up to this place, you might be a little skeptical, may be even a little afraid! Located in an industrial area that's bang opposite Citi Mall in the Mongini's lane, the Koyla building seems more residential and dingy than anything else. Once you ride the elevator up to the roof-top, you are amazed. You take in the fresh air, the ambience, the softness of the decor and the lighting. It looks so pretty and has Greek+Mediterranean influences. Once seated at our table (every enclosure has Wooden and Cane tables and seatings in sand with a black chandelier on top), we browsed through the menu and decided to narrow upon the chicken papad rolls, parathas and a cashew-nut curry whose name evades me now. The food wasn't bad but we were more blown away by the place and ambience! For dessert, we had the Dark Chocolate Mud which was yummilicious! I wished the serving wasn't so miniscule. I loved it all! Would wanna go there again on a romantic date or a nice evening with friends! :)
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Ruma Malia - Burrp User

Ruma Malia

May 14,2010

Go For The Ambience

When the famed South Mumbai rooftop restaurant, best known for its harbour view comes to suburbs, one wonders if it’s possible to re-create the magical ambience. Located in an unassuming, dark lane on Link Road with construction all around, one is almost convinced about the opposite; only till one takes the elevator to the third floor and is transported to a Moroccan world replete with white sand, white walls, cosy canopies and a gushing fountain. You opt for a cane seating right opposite the fountain. With just the right lighting, some Sheesha in the air, East European fusion music playing in the background and white sands to sink your feet in, it does help you forget the two-hour long evening commute from Matunga to Andheri.

However, for those who have been to the Colaba outlet, there’s no comparing the view. For if you do look beyond the beautiful setting and canopy drapes, giant under constructions jutting out into the vastness of the suburban sky instantly remind you what a sorry world it is outside this East European heaven. But for those with easier access to the suburbs, this one’s definitely a winner with its theme. The only hitch being the lack of breeze, especially in the month of May, even though each table has been quipped with a wall fan. You're more than happy to avoid the afternoon sun, as the place is open only for dinner.

Moving on to the service, the waiters are not exactly familiar with the menu, but are courteous, prompt and believe in checking with their manager. So when you ask them for a request that’s off the menu (Pudina Paratha), they are quick to inform it’s not available. What’s more, the manager makes up for the lack of his waiters’ knowledge by well explaining the difference between Reshmi Parathas and Laccha Parathas to your friend who’s no expert on Indian breads.

After going through the quite extensive menu, especially the non-vegetarian section, you settle down for Chicken Papad Rolls as starters and a Nawabi Tarkari (vegetables in cashew gravy) for the main course. You save the hookah (reasonably priced at Rs.300 considering there’s no time limit and you can smoke and gaze at the stars until 1.30 AM) for another day when your hunger pangs are under better control.

With the restaurant being little occupied and most guests settling for hookah, you would expect your food to arrive in a jiffy. But just like the music, the orders flow here at a relaxed pace. So if you are really hungry make sure you order right upon arrival and press for quick service. Over weekends, go at your own risk.

Nevertheless, the food doesn’t make you regret the wait. Crunchy, spicy and just the right balance of chopped veggies to go with the chicken pieces, the Chicken Papad Rolls @ Rs.220 are heavenly. With six decent sized rolls, the quantity suffices for two and perhaps even three. While both the Reshmi and Methi Parathas are soft and not bearing the slightest traces of oil or ghee, the portions are nothing to rave about. On the bright side, the prices (Rs.30 for the Methi Paratha and Rs.55 for the Reshmi Paratha), justify the sizes. The Nawabi Tarkari again is smooth and though done in cashew gravy, is not sweet but just creamy enough to compliment the taste of finely chopped vegetables.

The only bit of disappointment comes in the form of the dessert which fails to leave a lingering aftertaste. After much contemplation over Rabdi and Dark Chocolate Mud Pie priced at Rs. 120. What arrives is a portion that’s appealing with loads of Dark Chocolate Sauce but just not enough cake for two. With no dearth of dessert shops in the neighbourhood, you decide to wrap up the beautiful evening right then to avoid further damage to your wallet.

PS: We did not encounter any mosquitoes in spite of no coils until 10:00 PM!

(burrp! reviews anonymously and pays for all its meals)
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