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Bhavya Nagpal - Burrp User

Bhavya Nagpal

May 11,2017


I had Visited THE restaurant yesterday after 2 good initial dining experiences l earlier But I must say I was In for a big disappointment.Compared to the earlier timely service Interest of the waiters in serving and Quality of Food All these were not at all upto the Mark.I ordered for a soup Which Took BEYOND 45 mins to arrive.On enquiring I was told The chef had made a mistake and was remaking the soup.was I not supposed to be informed about this delay instead of Keeping me waiting?Then Arrived Tanddori chicken.Neither did the masala taste Tandoori nor was the chicken felt as though our teeth were struggling to Tear The Tasteless flesh from the Bone.Can I mention How Pathetic Hakka Noodles tasted with overwhelming burnt omlette Taste?
Whats wrong with Your services and food quality?Looks Like all your chefs on vacation and their assistants have started cooking...I informed The waiter about all This But he looked helpless and said nothing.

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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

March 28,2015

An absolute delight

Its a huge restaurant with decent decor, comfortable seating and a good ambience. The decor of this place is impressive. It strikes you immediately. . The place is decent with good quality and yummy vegetarian food. Broccoli and almond soup is an excellent appetizer and healthy too. Cheese and jalapeño balls - to die for though a bit oily.
Veg lasagna - very dliciously cheesy. Must try Tandoori Bharvan Aalo. and Shaan-e-darbaa.Love the way services are provided her.This place offers the perfect fine dining experience: Great taste with more than sufficient amount of quantity,
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karishma15 - Burrp User


January 01,2015


Visited d restaurant on 1st jan15- big mistake,Not d right way to start ur year..We were made to wait for 1 hour with a bowl of Burnt garlic soup- which was extremely Strong literally hurting our throats. I had Requested them to expedite our main Course, however after asking them for Around 5 to 6 times, I was finally told Our order was given in d kitchen much Later after we placed it- no valid reason
Provided. Only to add to our misery an hour Later we r told our meal was burnt, n also Proactively offered to cancel our order- v weird!Something I have never come across!This kind of disgusting service will lead them Nowhere. Trust me they did not even Come fwd to apologise..I just wasted my time n money! NOT VISITING AGAIN! WORST EXPERIENCE.
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Prashanth CG - Burrp User

Prashanth CG

November 26,2013

Good place, but pricey

Ambience is rather arresting, and the food is fairly quality, but for the price, well... it remains an argumentative issue, as is happening with most metros. though they are all well meaning, the service does leave a bit to be desired - I really don't see what the problem is - slowness, mixing up orders, sometimes arguing with customers over how they want stuff made or cooked. BUT they're never rude or snobbish, always polite and respectful. They are all obviously primed to serve the posh clientele in Powai, it's that ticklishly overt... :)
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rvideaz - Burrp User


July 01,2013

Naam bade, Darshan Chhote

Red Olives is located at the Hiranandani Gardens, Powai. The first look of the restaurant is appealing. Warm lighting, deep wooden tones, and privacy curtains give it elegance and class. The artwork, featuring a golden profile of the Buddha hints of the restaurant's eclectic nature. Olives is a multi cuisine restaurant offering Indian, Chinese and Thai, Konkan and Muglai cuisines. We ordered vegetarian manchow soup and Subz Aur Cheese ki Sheekh for starters. The soup was just ok, it had one weird ingredient (which I couldn't identify) which just ruined its taste. The starter on the contrary tasted very good- a mince of vegetables topped with wholesome cheese. Infact the best dish among everything we ordered. A special mention for the 3 types of chutneys served along side, they are a must try.I must mention here that the menu had loads of non vegetarian and sea food options, both in starters and main course. Main course was strictly Indian, Dal Maharani (another name for Dal Makhani) and Panner Kurchan along with lachhedar paratha and roomali roti. The Dal tasted pretty good, if had an overriding flavour of cloves and cinnamon though. The Paneer dish was basically paneer and bell peppers cooked in a sweet tomato gravy, as for taste it was much better than the dal. I must add here that the portions are pretty big specially when it comes to the starters. We had to get half of our food packed. Overall Red Olives offers great ambiance (if you are ok with the noise) with ordinary food .Will I visit it again? Well chances are dim considering there are so many other options available in that area.
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Somnath Pal - Burrp User

Somnath Pal

February 18,2013

Very bad quality food...

They have no clue on how Yakhni Paya Shorba looks or tastes like. It was pathetic with smell of under-cooked condiments. Hakka Noodles was somewhat alright though is close resemblance of street food in look and taste; but the chicken in burnt garlic sauce was a disaster. They need to change the chef urgently and desperately. However, ambience, courtesy, valet parking, lighting, F&B service were above average. Pricing is slightly high but logical - only if the food was edible.
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pravin0208 - Burrp User


November 23,2012

can try once

A few good things worth mentioning like the decor, cozy and warm with tables fairly spaced out, very likable. Next, I enjoyed my my white rum cocktail, with a really tasty version of cheeslings that was served to accompany the drink.Will I go back? Mostly No. With so many options in Powai, something very drastic will need to happen or some strong, reliable recommendation on another cuisine, to drag me there again.Will I recommend? Yes, but only to the non-vegetarians as that menu looked very interesting & if someone is keen to try some other cuisine that they are serving and then tell me about it.
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RaDeN - Burrp User


July 06,2012

Good place to go with some perks

Been here only once, on a company sponsored lunch and was pleased with what was put in from of me to eat. Seafood is my weakness. I had the tiger prawns as one of the entrees and they were a show-stopper, absolutely brilliant. The thai read curry was nice as well. Moreover, there is this one special roti (cant remember the name) rajasthani style which went really good with the dishes. The waiters should be a little more attentive to the tables though, especially when there is a large group. Will I go there on my money? Sure, for the prawns I would, for others, it will take some time to patch up that hole in my pocket. Good food though!
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shakshi - Burrp User


May 12,2012

go for the starters..

enjoyed starters of fried babycorn and mushroom and a yummy chicken tandoori... service ws grt till this point bt then it gt really slow.. fr main course we order chicken rahra, mutton nihari and awadhi kofta.. which ws all very avg.. ambience is nice and recommended for outing with family..
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Eateratti - Burrp User


July 11,2011

Eateratti: Just about Alright

On a friend’s recommendation, we arrived at Red Olives and tried Chinese Starters with Thai Main Course. Firstly, I couldn't identify what was the exactly was this restaurant’s specialty. Is it Indian or Thai or Chinese or Konkani or Kerala cuisine, as it all seemed to be there. The starter was actually alright in taste but I found it extremely spicy,so stopped after chomping down 1 or 2 pieces of it.For the main course, we decided not to experiment too much and decided to go ahead with the traditional Thai curry and steam rice. I just can’t point my finger on what went wrong, but I ate it purely as I was hungry and not because I was relishing it.A few good things worth mentioning like the decor, cozy and warm with tables fairly spaced out, very likeable. To read more check out
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