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  • Nearly everybody would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: kababs
  • Nearly half the visitors mentioned friend

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The desserts are good and the main course is decen
.BBQ nation is for just for starters and deserts,i
The most satisfying meal you\'ll ever have! If you
Jitendra Wani - Burrp User

Jitendra Wani

January 02,2016

amazing experience

been to barbeque nation for first time and it was an amazing experience. the starter, and sweets were marvellous. main course is OK. but go to barbeque for starters. overall a very good food. ambiance and service is also nice.
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Puneet Yadav - Burrp User

Puneet Yadav

September 06,2013


Very nice place to visit for people who like buffets.You can find different categories of food at a single place.
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prerna21patil - Burrp User


June 27,2013

Amazing Meal!

If you really want to eat your heart out at your money's worth then this is the place for you. The most satisfying meal you'll ever have! If you don't have a good appetite, you'll really be missing out!
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Sneha Mittal - Burrp User

Sneha Mittal

June 21,2013

Good If You Love Non Veg Food

The ambiance of this place is good...Just like any other regular good restaurant...A lot of space is available inside the restaurant and on a weekend there is a long wait to get the table, so I would advise you to book a table before going to BBQ. The place and the people are very welcoming and they know how to deal with the crowd and so many people coming and waiting for the tables unlike Sohos and Toscana.

They have a buffet system here and almost every one in Pune has heard of Barbeque nation. Their service is in line with the reputation they have.

The place is very easy to locate if you know the KP area a little bit. Don't try finding the place through Google Maps, as it becomes a little difficult.

They have unlimited food veg in around 800 and non veg around 900.
I took the veg buffet. They serve hot starterson your table. The soya and the paneer starters are mouth watering but I am afraid they do not have a large variety of starters in Veg. Even though the starters are limited in choice, the ones which are there are very tasty indeed. The non veg starters are huge and very very tasty.

You get so filled by starters that you do not have space to eat the main course. The main course has a huge variety of choices available that you won't be able to try even if you were hungry for 10 days...:p

The main course is tasty and good and served well. The starters are served on the table while you have to go to and get the main course.

A huge variety of desserts are available and they are very beautifully decorated near the main course table. You wouldn't even feel like eating the main course when you see the desserts. I loved all the desserts I ate here.

The service is amazng and the people are very friendly. During the time we visited, they had some kind of festival going on, so we got big adivasi caps and got our faces painted, which was a fun experience. The waiters also stopped and danced on a song...All of them together which was very beautiful.

Overall loved the place, but I would like to see more variety in Veg starters...Rest is all good...:)
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June 06,2013

Please Go On An Empty Stomach

The spread is equally lavish for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. The food is great, service is warm and friendly and valet parking is available. So no hassles whatsoever. On a weekday afternoon it can be full due to corporate lunches. So check prior.
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manali777 - Burrp User


May 28,2013

Five Star BBQ Nation

Wonderful and one of the best restaurant's in india , food + ambiance + Service + cost spend as per quality all is satisfactory..tomato soup was delicious. We had asked kebab in starters and it was delicious .For main course we had asked chiken dum biryani and it was mouth watering. Next one of my friend asked for anguri gulab jamun and I simply loved it. I Almost had been to all the outlets of bbq and everywhere the quality is the same. Keep it up and thanks for giving us happiness.
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Vedvrat Shikarpur - Burrp User

Vedvrat Shikarpur

May 11,2013

Unlimited Food and this good!!!

So having visited all 3 joints, I can tell you that going by the ambiance, the one at Sayaji is the best. Each has the same quality wrt food, and that's good as the food here is amazing. You'll have a grill on the table and the food will be barbecued right in front of you. Everything from the fish, lamb, chicken to vegetarian starters are good. Though most would just hogg on the starters are forget that there is a main course, I would recommend you hogg the starters as much as you want, for you can never have enough. The desserts are good and the main course is decent with a few options and drinks are not included in the unlimited offer (for obvious reasons). A must visit, and if you are getting a treat from someone, this is the place to take them to. ;)
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Suheel Pandita - Burrp User

Suheel Pandita

April 26,2013

In love with BBQ's

Will simply say that "It is THE BEST", Having no match. I loved it.
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Harinbaxi786 - Burrp User


March 21,2013

check ur bill

They are a bunch of robbers,i was told to check ur bill but eventually forget to,they overcharged me with 2 pegs of antiquity ,2 fresh lime ,i mango rupture amount being 665 rupees,i even wrote in the feedback form that it was excellent but after going thru this horrendous exp. i promise willl never return to bbq nation,this happened at kalyani nagar pune....
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Aniruddha Gupte - Burrp User

Aniruddha Gupte

February 24,2013

Not Barbeque in any way, shape or form - FAIL!

Was at BBQ Nation Kalyani Nagar couple nights ago. Terrible food - not barbeque in any way, shape or form. Overcoooked, drowned in masala and cold! The table grill is a poor joke - it is too small, and just burns the food. Nor can you separate the veg from the non-veg. I ordered a daiquiri and got something closer to a Margarita (complete with salt around the rim). Then the place was too loud with people dancing and shouting (at our table, we couldn't hear each other speak most of the time) - okay in a bar but not in a family restaurant. FAIL!
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priyanka chougale - Burrp User

priyanka chougale

February 06,2013

tasty food

a very nice barbeque restro specially for non-vegeterians. people who have only veg may feel it not so great coz there are very less options. but its worth going once to feel the barbeque experience. we recently had a team outing where in we 10 members from team had been to barbeque and after that to phoenix mall for bowling.
one bad experience we had was soon after our lunch we were filling ourself with deserts and ice-cream till then we heard a sound of a girl vomiting in the restro entrance we all felt very dirty as we were just filling with the best part desert. :(
but the staff was so co-operative that within no time they cleaned it up and manager asked personally sorry for each and every table though it was not his fault. this was much relief for us with there good hostism. but we had gr8 fun.
for vegeterians i would suggest pineapple barbeque to be the best and must try
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EkBilangChota - Burrp User


January 30,2013

Truly you can "eat-as-much-as-you-like" buffet

If you want to eat at a place where you like to have a variety of choice in veg / non-veg starters, a top-class sumptuous buffet and desserts to kill for; you need to visit Barbeque Nation.

If you make a reservation, you will be advised to reach (and should reach) before 8 PM to get a table in the first lot. Otherwise, you will have to wait till first lot of table gets cleared.

Once you reach, you will be greeted with polite and professional staff, who will assist you to get a table of choice (if available) and then make you aware of the concept. You will be served starters in form of kebabs, cutlets, roasted varieties of veg and no-veg food. In addition to serving hot food, they will put a live griller on your table to let you grill and season the food as per your taste.

After you are done with starters, you can turn the flag on the table at right angle and they will stop serving you.

After starters, you can choose from the buffet served at the counters and you will get choice of veg/non-veg food (sea food included).

Make sure that you are not full after this whole meal, as you will be spoled with a choice of cakes and desserts available at the counter. A must-have is their in-house specialty "firni" (Something similar to Rice Pudding).

Manager will come and enquire about your food, if you need any assistance and if you are celebrating any special occasion. We were celebrating my son's 6th birthday and to our surprise, they brought a cake and sang birthday song for him. It was heart warming to see this type of hospitality.

If you leave your number at feedback, their head office will call you about the feedback at restaurant, which kind of gives you impression that they care. It happened with me each time, I have visited this place. :)

Enjoy your meal.
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Delwin Davis - Burrp User

Delwin Davis

January 16,2013

Perfect dining

Barbeque Nation has been a frequent eating spot for us, once in a month is a must here. Best of the prawns & fish available, apart from the regular chicken.Heaven for the non veggies. Start your dine with a drink (usually complementary at lunch hours), and then get your meal slowly and steadily. Make sure you get enough of the starters, for getting into regular food is a task once starters are set off. Deserts are yum with a variety of them available there.
A must go for every foodie!
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Retika Gupta - Burrp User

Retika Gupta

December 31,2012

Awesome starters and desserts

Barbeque nation is an awesome place for foodies especially for non-veg lovers.I have been there for several times.Loves the veg and non-veg starters.But if you go several times,you will feel they are serving more or less same starters every day.Main course doesn't tastes good.BBQ nation is for just for starters and deserts,if you are going for main course ,you will feel disappointed.
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nigams_25 - Burrp User


December 09,2012

Great place for food lovers

visited this place more than 10 times. Awesome place, excellent food, service everything...worth for price.. :)
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patilmanojk - Burrp User


November 23,2012

Average food

Have been to Barbeque nation 3 times. All three times with office crowd.

About Food:

Being Buffet place, somehow I always feel the quality of food is average. Does not offer are distinct taste.
The concept of griill at the table is nice. but it does not go beyond that.
The Chieckn is okay. Prawns are tiny and not very fresh.
Fish is passable.

Other buffet choices are very mediocre.

Ambiance: Good...mostly crowded by office public.

Service: Good.
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Ameya Khot - Burrp User

Ameya Khot

November 22,2012

One of the sexiest restaurents in Pune..!

Yummy and aroma at its best. one of the best restaurents in Pune..!!
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Chandan Joshi - Burrp User

Chandan Joshi

November 20,2012

Barbeque at its best

If you love kebabs and other tandoor items you cannot miss Barbeque Nation! Great ambience and superb food quality.
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sachinkm77 - Burrp User


November 18,2012

limited choice

The food is good and the service is also good.The food is worth the price, but a limited choice for vegetarians. costly too
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Tappu11 - Burrp User


November 17,2012

Average food but good desserts

Barbeque nation offers good starters for non vegetarians and the desserts are tempting too. Though I found the main course just about average.
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freelanceeater - Burrp User


November 13,2012

best buffet

barbeque nation i believe offers the best buffet in town.the ambience of this place is ideal for family dinner or friends reunion.the best part of this place are the staff and hats off to them.the staff is very attentive and very helpful.once you are seated they explain you their concept of serving food and the trademark barbeque.before serving the starters they place a barbeque grill infront of you along with a range of sauces and cute little paint brush kinda thing to put it on the starters.i have no idea about the vegetarian starter they offer but the non vegetarian starter was lavish.by the time i finished off with the starters i barely had space left for main course and moreover my sweet tooth dragged me to the desert counter.again the desert seems endless the mousse,kheer,tiramisu,ice cream,pastries etc etc made me drool over them.the main course was tasted by my friends but since even they were full;they skipped to deserts immediately.after loads of starters its quite difficult to gorge on the naan and rice but the aroma pulls you hard towards it.overall a good experience and if youl b lucky you might catch the barbeque dance they do.
Ps:prior reservation will save your wait for the table.
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Navdeep Soni - Burrp User

Navdeep Soni

November 10,2012

Good but just the starters

I go for barbeque just for starters .. rest of the food is average not worth the money
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Sneha Mittal - Burrp User

Sneha Mittal

September 21,2012

not veery impressive

the ambience is good...the starters and the desserts are good....the starters were very tasty so dint eat much of main course....but a lot of variety is there in the main course menu and the food is tasty....
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Mrugen Deshmukh - Burrp User

Mrugen Deshmukh

June 25,2012

Good Food

BBQ nation offers great collection of dishes in it's buffets.

Enjoyed a non-veg buffet and had real fun.

It's preferable to visit this place with an empty stomach to savor the large varieties of dishes.
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suyog.sawant - Burrp User


May 17,2012

Barbeque Nation = BEST

perfect management, excellent food, on-time n special attention to every customer n most important friendly n enjoyable environment...... Great experience

Paisa Wasool......................... !!!!!!!!
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Bhaveek Raval - Burrp User

Bhaveek Raval

April 08,2012

Elegance @ its Best !!!

Barbeque Nation was always on my mind for one the places to try... Just that being a Vegeterian was giving it a pass... but finally i got the chance to visit the place for a Team Dinner.

We visited teh Yerwada Outlet.

as soon as you enter the place it gives the whiff of the BBQ going on the tables, appealing at first but then it over powers you... interiors is decently done, however found a little space crunch.

Once Seated you table is transformed into a live BBQ and the Starters start pouring in on the Skewers, for us the veggies we had Oriental Veg, Lahori Paneer Tikka, etc. paneer was good and was the one to try out for.

Non BBQ starters, Cajun Spiced Patato & Spider Roll were average.

Over to Buffet again for veggies they had Pepari Lemon Grass Soup which we gave a pass.

On the Main Course, the usual Palak Panner, Birbal Ki Handi (assorted veggies in gravy), Sezchwan Noodles, Bhagara Baingan, Nargis Kofta, Aloo Tilka, Steam Rice, Dal Makhani & Tadka, Masoor Biryani.

Main course was good in taste one best thing no runny gravies, which usually we see other places where they have buffet.

Over all a good experience. However a few things do pinch,

1. Crunched Space,
2. Too Noisy Place.
3. there was a live performance however, the ambience noise suppresed the singers voice.
4. More Options for Veggie's.

Its a fact that the place is a Heaven for Non Veg. eaters offered a wide range of options. however the person who accompanies or wants to enjoy the same feel but the only thing that he is a Veggie. feels like you are left out alone to venture.
I would have felt a few more additions to the Veggie menu would have helped enjoying it after all its not that cheap even for pure vegeterians.

The Quality served i feel could have been more better against the price offered. looking at the price i would rate the place expensive.

Report Card:

Ambience : 2.5/5 (Too Noisy & space crunch)
Service: 3.5/5
Food: 3/5 (more options for veggie and this can be a 4)
Overall Experience: 3/5
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februarygirl - Burrp User


April 06,2012

Go here with an empty stomach

The starters are amazing..and you just get overwhelmed with all the food they serve you. The buffet is also nice followed by a variety of desserts. Very good service and courteous staff. I went Barbecue Nation at J.M. Road.

I found an eyelash in one of my desserts and the cook and the manager both apologized for that. They even gave me a small pastry cake to take away for the eyelash.
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tweety12 - Burrp User


March 26,2012

The Place to Be!!

If you are in a mood to hav lotza food ..Barbeque Nation is the place to be.
The ambience is rockin..The service is one of the best offered in the city.
I went to Barbeque Nation at Kalyani Nagar on 23rd March 2012 to celebrate a friends bday.I had bookd the table in advance.On reachin thr,we wer guided to a table and then started the starters show..The service was amazing and so was the taste of the starters on the grill.The best part was that while you are enjoyin the food on the grill,you are being treated with the non grill food items like kebabs (esp mutton seekh kabab) and other chinese starters.Surprisingly,the veg affair was equally tasty.
The food was at our table evn bfr we askd the waiters.
The main course was equally appealing with biryani,mutton rogan josh,kolhapuri chicken,naan and array of soups and salads.I loved the bean sprout salad and corn salad.
Then the best part..desserts..lotz of cut fruits,array of pastries and ofcurzz the yummy gulabjamun n Icecream..
Since it was my frndz bday..we got a cake and a complimentary drink with the waiters and the karaoke guy singing the bday song.

The only demerit was that initially wen i had visited the buffet fee included a drink which was not anymore.
But the experience was enthralling and am plannin to visit it again in near future.
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sweetsr2012 - Burrp User


February 09,2012

Good starters but now too expensive

Its an awesome place for die hard non veg lovers.. I have been there several times. All the starters are really worth the price. But the main course need to be improved. Desserts again are quiet tasty. Lately i have been there in december when the prices for lunch were already up from Rs 540 to Rs 600 and now i heard recently the prices are again up to Rs 700. I feel now Rs 700 would be really too much to spend at BBQ. Rather we could enjoy a good meal at some Five star Hotel.
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simi1910 - Burrp User


January 13,2012

awesome place

a very lovely place to go......very good for non-vegetarians.....and for the first time I am seeing so much variety for vegetarians too....perfect decor and ambiance.....and best kebabs........it deserves more than a try....
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Guest,
Thank you very much for your feed back, we will try our level best to meet your expectations in future too.

Neelanjan Datta
Barbeque Nation



December 08,2011

Good food Excellent service and Staff

Service at Kalyaninagar, Pune is very good, staff is polite, food is good. food tastes good. plenty of dishes. Big sitting arrangement, nice ambiance. Overall memorable experience.- Sachin Londhe, Pune
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IndiraMty - Burrp User


December 07,2011

wholesome experience

BBN is not about serene ambience and fine dining...its about rustic wholesome food and loads of FUN.. !!! dont go here expecting to have a quiet conversation over a romantic dinner... but if you are in mood for an evening of much laughing and sharing a good meal this is the place to be... more so if you are in a gang and even more so if everyone in your group is a die hard non vegetarian :P !!!
After much contemplation we did visit BBN, Kalyani Nagar on 3rd Dec 2011.... what impressed me is my Dad recommending this place and he is a hard man to please....
We were just the two of us , me and my husband....but we had loads of fun. One delicious starter after another, the grill warming us up, good beer to go with the yummy food and live band playing our favorite songs .... what more can one ask for ??? and the service made us feel like we were special... this is what makes BBN stand apart.. the service and hospitality... I have been to other restaurants where they serve buffets but the service is so shoddy, they almost make you feel guilty for ordering a second round of starters...and I am talking about some pretty big names in the business !!!!!! but BBN was different ...the captain was warmth and showed genuine concern in keeping the patrons happy...
we had two types of chicken, a lamb kebab, prawns, fish and CRAB!!!!! we didnt even bother with the veg starters *chuckles* ohh i lovvveed the tandoori crab...the crab was delicately flavored and well cooked...succulent and sweet, just like crab meat should be.. it was just a bit messy to chew up the claw bones but heck, who cares :P
I loved the main course as well....just that it was not as warm as the taste warrants.... but nevertheless, the main course was just as subtle in taste as it is necessary after those awesome starters.. and i was surprised to find myself wanting a second helping of the veg dishes in main course...
desserts are something that they can improve upon... the brownie was a little dense, and ice cream with sauce and gulab jamuns are a little cliche for BBN... you should try stuff like tiramisu etc ...maybe just 3 options in desserts but all out of the roof... see if you can try that on weekends...exotic desserts...i loved the mango mousse, the texture was silky and perfect, and the phirni was good...although too saffrony in color and the clay plates could contain barely a spoonful :P
we have made it a point to be there once a month at least .... trying to go on diet but the one time i will want to indulge myself, it will be at BBN :)
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Nikhil Deo - Burrp User

Nikhil Deo

November 21,2011

Kya Baat Hai ...

I have been to barbeque nation "kalyani nagar" sevral times and it alwase gives us good feeling that you are @ right place at right time... superb food, enjoyed kababs, kool ambience and good part is management is really take care of you and we feel like we are the "KINGS"

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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

November 06,2011

Shahi Dastarkhwan

I was at Barbeque nation yesterday to have a dekko at the Shahi Dastarkhwan ( festival of Kings as i recall )

Barbeque nation has always been one of those places which has wanted to do different things but somehow the delivery and execution of that idea which would project it much further ( to its actual capacity ) has been lacking .

I have been in and out of BBQ Nation for about 3 years now - regularly visiting the Hyderbad ( Banjara Hills ) outlet, the Sayaji outlet and most recently the Kalyani Nagar outlet.

The USP of barbeque nation is and always will be the starters but then the problem comes when someone has been visiting repeatedly would always want a change. This is wear the chain falls short of.

The last visit to BBQ was may be 15 days ago ( Sayaji ) - the menu of the starters was
1. tandoori chicken ( leg peice )
2. cajun potato crispies
3. chicken kebab
4. fish kebab
5. praws kebab
6. grilled vegetables
7. paneer tikka
8. Mushroom tikka

The main course was pretty normal.

The spread at Shahi Dastarkhwan was as below. The names given at BBQ nation and the names that a lay man would understand are also mentioned

1. Ghost ke shammi ( lamb chops )
2. Jhinga nee shah ( praws on skewers )
3. Zafrani macchi ( fish on skewers sans the saffron )
4. Tabk maas ( tandoori chicken leg peice wrapped in a aluminium foil )
5. Mugh junglepuri - ( chicken tikka )
6. Paneer Kalegi ( paneer tikka )
7. Nizami Boti ( hara bhara kabab )
8. Dhingri e khaas ( mushroom tikka )
9. Kebab e awadh
10. cajun spiced potato crispies
11. dahi ke sholay ( this was one amazing item on the menu )

The main course that i tasted was
dal bukhara
dal tadka
nizami handi
bikaneri rasgulla ki sabzi
paneer rogni
mirchi ka sala
Mahi Surk Korma
Chicken Dum Biryani
Dum Ka Murg

The chicken Dum biryani was disappointing. It was just chunks of chicken put in very nicely colored rice. It has no masala in it. it was not evenly spiced or refilled for that matter.When i was serving myself, the Chiken dum biryani was just coloured long grained rice with just one shred of chicken.

The Dum ka Murg was good , so was the Mahi Surk Korma.

I now clearly understand why vegetarians stay away from BBQ nation - for the lack of attention in preparing vegetarian dishes.
1. Mirchi ka salan was sweet and tangy ! It lacked any kick that i would get back in a properly spiced mirchi ka salan back in Hyderabad.
2. i did not find the veg biryani in the menu or may i might have missed it
3. The dal bukhara was good so was the dal tadka.
4. I dint know what to expect from a bikaneri rasgulle ki sabzi, but i tasted a paneer and not rasgulla
5. Sahi Sev Chaman had no presence
6. Paneer Rogni had nothing to write home about.

I looked at the desserts, i am sure the Kings wouldn't have vanilla ice cream for dessert but even after a second look at them, they dint force me to have a go at them.

Now in both the menu's the only difference for me was
1. dahi ke sholay - this was amazing.
2. grilled pineapple

According to me what goes wrong with BBQ Nation is they just rename the dish and don't really try to give a new dish. its like reinventing the wheel.

The waiting can get on your nerves if you reach after 8 as the place is packed. I would recommend this for a change, but unfortunately i cant eat the same food time and again.

All in All

Service was top notch - 5/5
Food was decent - 3/5
Innovation - 2/5
Ambiance - 3/5 ( they had a laser which i requested to turn off, bec it kept hitting my eye )
Overall Exp - 13/20
Satisfaction quotient - 65%
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vivek_viky - Burrp User


October 11,2011

Best Outlet

Amongst Outlet of Barbeque Nation in Kalyani Nagar & Wakad.. which is the the most preferred one?

Also any contact number to book table for 6-8 fellas??
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Vivek,

The best way to take a call I suggest would be basis your location, meaning where you would be travelling from, which part of the city.

Basis that would be more than happy to guide you and facilitate your reservation

Supriya Das
Barbeque Nation-India

pnqguy - Burrp User


October 02,2011

Good Option for One time

Dear friends, went to this place with a couple of friends on a Thursday, and must say that the place was buzzing with people for a weekday. Service was good very attentive, tandoori starters were fairly good do not expect anything exquisite in the taste.
Staff were polite and courteous, priced reasonably fair if you are a good eater, their main course sucks and whats worth the money is their starters. They should really improve on the taste and presentation of their main course which not worth it.
Deserts are terrible in taste. Their mango&cheese cake was nothing close to reality.
Must say that their taxes are pretty much lower as compared to other restaurants. Its worth a visit for first timers.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Sir,

Thanx for your honest feedback. We have taken your suggestion on the product extremely seriously & hope to give you better experience next time.


Supriya Das
Barbeque Nation- India.

mrschandra - Burrp User


September 15,2011


My sister in law's family and our family were there on the 14th Sept 2011 for dinner. And we all were just overwhelmed with the whole experience there.
BBQ Nation scores full marks on all areas. The Ambiance is great, the service is superb, the food is AWESOME, the staff extremely helpful and the price very fair. The buffet spread is really great and so are the starters. We had absolutely no complaints. Looking forward to visiting them again.

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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Mrs.Chandra,

Thanx for the kind words of appreciation. It will be our endeavour to live upto your expectations even in the future

For further updates do keep in touch with us on our facebook page.


Supriya Das
Barbeque Nation-India

Amante Foodie - Burrp User

Amante Foodie

August 27,2011

Strictly Okay.

By now I am thoroughly convinced that every other fancy looking restaurant in Pune can barely attempt to serve good food! Guess one should focus also on food menu than the ambiance and presentation.

This place is not as great as much it is talked about.
1. A lot of waiting time inspite of bookings,sets the base for your lovely lunch/dinner.
2. Attractive presentation of the barbeque on each table.
3. Too much crowded and cramped place. (Yerwada outlet)
4. Veggies, you have sadly lesser options on Barbeque items.
5. Non-Veggies, you guys can indulge in fairly tasty Barbeque items.
6. Rest of the Buffet doesn't give you any reason to write review about. Something
which is very ordinary in tatse and bunch of expected items (Pasta counter, very few
vegetables, not so good desserts).
7. Too expensive.
8. Not at all a value for money if you are visiting more than once.

Final Verdict: I am not impressed.
Ppl who love easting food will be disappointed.
Ppl who love having conversations over a meal will be disappointed.
Ppl who love trying out a new place would get lucky at first visit but there are many cons to enjoy the experience as well.

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Reply from restaurant management

Hi Supriya,

Thanks for reaching back and showing interest on customer satisfaction.
I could be reachable on 9561082611 or tejalrkulkarni@gmail.com


Albus123 - Burrp User


July 20,2011


I visited this place with by office friend
ambiance = GOOD TO BE AT

at entrance i found KIM very helpfull just go to her and say that you need help shw will get good place for you

AB (rromanticnights@aol.com)
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rameshbapat - Burrp User


July 04,2011

Need to Improve

I was a regular customer at this place... So much so that we used to visit it atleast 2-3 times a month for almost 6 months. But now the recent 3 visits have been terrible. 2 times I had an upset stomach, and the last time - even my son puked at the table itself. The food taste is no longer good and the food seems stale. I dont think I'll ever visit again.
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Anil Kumar - Burrp User

Anil Kumar

June 29,2011

Good Service , Excellent Food

I have visited Barbeque for my Wife's birthday. Ambiance is really good. Grill in the middle of both seats are really unique. Non Veg people can enjoy more than veggies.
They dont have chinese starters in the buffet. They have starters with Panner, Mushroom, Potato, Corn like that. Don't expect Veg Manchuria and Veg 65 like that. But quality of those starters are good.

I will give 5 out 5 for their service. Extremely concerned about the customer satisfaction.

Little bit expensive. Two Veg buffets costs me 1000 bugs. But we can pay that money for their service and food.
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firasta - Burrp User


June 19,2011

Hooked to its grills

First time I visited at BBQ Nation, there was Seafood festival going on. We have to wait for 30 min to get the table. Once we got the seat, then there was no stopping.

As we were wondering about the square hole in the table, a person appeared with red hot coal fire and placed it in the slot. Within no time the Kabab started pouring in.

The variety was fabulous. 3 varieties of Fish, Chicken, Sheek Kabab, Mutton, Crabs, Prowns, the whole seafood started pouring in. for vegetarians there were 3 varieties of Kabab. The taste was too good and the variety was so much that we finally stopped counting. Its best seafood party I have ever enjoyed.

We were almost falling till we finish Kabab course and finally literally have to send back the waiters who were enthusiastically serving Kababs.

That was not enough. There was a wholesome buffet waiting for our attention, with snacks like pav bhaji, panipuri etc. With 3 sweets and ice cream we were finding difficult to move.

Do try Gulab Jamun with heavy ice cream topping on it. It tastes wonderful.

I can vouch, BBQN offers best party place and awesome food. Ensure that you have at least 4 person in group (to match serving speed)

And prepare to go on fast next day.
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harsh_in - Burrp User


May 04,2011

Complete rip off

With mediocre kebabs & a main course that will kill your appetite, Barbecue Nation is one of those places best left untouched.
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Kranti krishna - Burrp User

Kranti krishna

April 11,2011

Excellent buffet - and great Starters worth a visi

Been to this couple of months back with my parents and friends :)

All i say in a single statement if you wanna try the perfect buffet in town it is the place to be.
1. Best food with loads of starters that are really yummy
2. Nice ambiance with great seating.
3. Live counters added to the menu - adds spice to the best buffet
4. Service is perfect as they have one guy dedicatedly catering your needs.
5. value for money we spend.
6. last but not the least variety of option s in the drinks list which are quite reasonable .
On the whole its worth a visit and makes one to be a frequent visitor.
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yeomanly - Burrp User


January 28,2011

Different but Excellent Experience

I have been to Barbeque Nation atleast 8-10 times till now. It has been very good experience each time.. Great variety of starters followed with the buffet menu.
Must try :)
Aloo Cheese (veg starter) used to be their (and my) favourite
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click_devil - Burrp User


December 05,2010


visited this place during their fest...
what an experience it was...
great food awesome service will visit on sunday again
among the starters asian chicken grill & rabbit barbeque on weber were the best...
only small complaint the hot gulab jamuns were 2 sweet...
but that dosent make any difference
great going...
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Atul Pundhir - Burrp User

Atul Pundhir

November 23,2010


Love this place.. Good food.... so many varieties of starters..good music...

True value for money...
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Navdeep Soni - Burrp User

Navdeep Soni

November 19,2010

Very Average

When you go to place with already some name. You have expectations. I had the opporunity to have lunch on sunday at this venue. To my surprise the food was quite average specially the barbeque food which i thought should be the big plus.

After my visit, couple of friends suggested that this place has this sort of problems specially on weekends.

Secondly, the waiters showed a surprising behaviour. The guy would come to me and ask if I need to change the plate.Before my response could come if he would start picking my plate, which was so annoying as couple of times I was not done.

To sum up I will not be visiting this place again.
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Sharp_Guy - Burrp User


October 16,2010


I went on my birthday and it was awfull, the service was pathetic, and they are giving tap water in the so called mineral water bottle.

When the waiter brings the mineral water bottle in front of you he will twist the cap and open the bottle and you willthink as if it was a new bottle but it's a already open bottle with tap water in it.

The paneer was of very bad qaulity.
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Ankur Borwankar - Burrp User

Ankur Borwankar

October 15,2010

My wonderful experience

On 6th of June, I visited with my family to celebrate my brothers birthday. The table-grill was something I had only seen before in Sigree, but the starters that followed I had not. A range of kebabs that could silence the most voracious eater and a knockout buffet were made complete by the 7 desserts. We ate for long, and with much gusto. And then, after desserts, a little on the hopeful side, I walked up to the floor manager and told him that it was my brothers' birthday. Perhaps they could arrange for a muffin with a candle for him. What followed has earned them my lifelong loyalty. 10 minutes later, my family was getting antsy because they didn't know why we were still around. And then walked in 5 waiters, with a frosted cake that was clearly too big for 6 overstuffed people. They sang a happy birthday that was unrehearsed, very spontaneous, and very very appreciated. And then came a bottle of Chantilli, very generously gifted to the group by the restaurant. Everything together made for a rush of excitement that left my family with nothing but praises. We walked out with a half bottle of India's finest, and I left after profusely thanking the manager for everything, who seemed to behave as if this was an everyday affair, nothing out of the ordinary. Barbeque Nation is possibly my favourite restaurant. Everytime I remember their fantastic gesture, I smile to myself and wonder if any other place would have done the same.
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Pratik Naik - Burrp User

Pratik Naik

May 24,2010


Gr8 place to hang out with friends or with family with verity of foods available.

Lunch time's rate is 310 and dinner rate is 510 for the buffet.

The starter with barbecue experience is very unique. And very wide choice foe non-veg lovers. But don't disappoint the veggie there are plenty of food waiting for you.

Must have is the desserts at the end of the food.

Must go!
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raconteur - Burrp User


April 17,2010

Food Paradise :)

Spent a lazy Monday afternoon here with the ladies. Lots of gossip, laughter and yes, fab food too :) I am about to launch into Burrp's longest review ever, so beware!

Let me begin with the ambiance. First look inside and it is pleasant & nice to look around. Nice decor, yellow/orange lighting. I liked it overall.
We chose a table nearer to the buffet to avoid longer trips :)

They have 2 buffet packages for lunch: 310/- (non veg includes chicken & mutton)
410/- (includes sea food like fish & prawns too)
Only difference in between the packages was that the 410 package had a fish & prawn starter extra. We took the 310/- package. The menu for that day is uploaded in the menu section here.
The entire deal was something like this:

1. Beverage: glass of wine/beer/iced tea (peach/lemon)/soft drinks/mock tails (litchi/khus/strawberry based)
we opted for peach iced tea, litchi & strawberry mock tails. All were great.

2. Starters:
2 non veg: chilly garlic chicken, mutton seekh kebab
3 veg: baby potatoes with olives, grilled paneer with capsicum, mixed veg

Sauces: Tomato, Mango, White dip
Oils: Chilly, Black pepper, Mustard

The non veg starters were great! They keep on bringing it and you have to beg them to stop! And then they grin at you and say "ok, this is the last one" and place it on the grill. :D
The chicken was a little dry but then I guess it is meant to be so that you can apply oils on it and cook it a bit yourself.

The veg starters were ok. Baby potatoes were bland and with the skin. So you really really need those sauces & oils. The paneer could also use a little more salt but the best part is it was really soft! It's hard to find places which can serve soft, melt-in-your-mouth paneer :) The mixed veg had mostly different coloured capsicums :( but they tasted good. Though I'd like some broccoli & mushrooms here.

Do use the oils liberally & grill your kebabs for a while. Do not hesitate to experiment.
To keep your kebabs from burning, start applying the oils immediately. To keep them warm for a while, keep the kebabs on the extreme ends of the grill. This won't burn your kebabs & will keep them warm till you finish off the others.

All 3 sauces were fabulous, especially, the mango one. That one just tingled my taste buds!

3. Main Course:
I have put up the pic of the main course & dessert menu here so do check it out.
To summarize: 1 veg soup, 1 non veg soup, 3 non veg dishes, 1 non veg biryani, 7 veg dishes,6 cold salads! phew!

The Lemon Corriander chicken soup was awesome!! So was Dhania Murgh. The chicken was soft & tender. Great pieces & great gravy. Mutton was good too. I tried the Crab Curry which was tasty but did not have the crab coz i was too skeptical :(
The chicken biryani was not too great. This is something they need to work on.

Malai kofta looked delectable but the koftas were tad too hard. Gravy was yummy though. The paneer dish was fabulous! It was the soft paneer again :)
They had a dish called Honey Chilli Veg which was great! Prepared in Chinese style, it consisted of broccoli, American corn, cauliflower & a few more exotic vegetables in an equally tempting gravy. This one topped the charts.
They also had noodles which deserve a mention too.

Then there were veg & non veg salads. All of them were chilled to perfection. They included a mixed chicken fare, sprouts, pickled vegetables & chilled cucumber, tomatoes etc. I'm big on salads & so loved all of them.
I didn't try rest of the dishes as I wanted to fill myself up with desserts :)

4. Desserts: 8 desserts on the menu tempts a lot! I tasted all of them so here's a peek at them:
a. Blueberry cheescake: This one was the best! And it had real blueberries! Most places just serve it with blueberry jam. But this one was great with the real berries.
b. Brownie: was good. Combine it with vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce :)
c. Chocolate souffle: melts in your mouth. Yum!
d. Assorted pastries: Vanilla & chocolate flavoured. Yum!
e. Phirni: was more of suji kheer. not good.
f. Gulab jamun: tiny ones & piping hot. Very cute.
g. Vanilla ice cream: combine it with the gulab jamuns or brownie. Or just top it off with one of the syrups.
h. Cut fruits: water melon, papaya, pineapple. Chilled to perfection.

They also had 4 different kinds of sauces/syrups for the ice cream (Khus, Orange, Mango & Chocolate)

So there, a detailed review of what I experienced & experimented with. We spent a good 2 hours eating & talking & having fun.
The staff was extremely courteous & ever ready to help. So it was a fabulous experience & I am going back for more :) and I'd recommend this place to every one. Do visit it at least once. It is one of the better buffet spreads in Pune.

Ambiance: 3.5/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value for money: 3.5/5
Overall Rating: 4/5
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Roshan  - Burrp User


January 30,2010

Must go there

Oh man !! It's nearly a week since we held a party there and even now people are still talking about the awesome buffet... seriously, at 510 bucks its just a steal for us.
Ambience : lovely with a live band playing soft romantic numbers and lovely seating arrangement.
Food : To die for.. the starters/barbeques are obviously the talking point here and they are too good. As you will see, many people tend to have just the starters and then move on to desserts.. it's not so much an insult to the main course as it is a supreme compliment to the wonderful array of starters.. including chicken, fish, prawns, mutton besides some wonderful paneer, veg kababs and corn. The main course after that comprised of chicken biryani, crab, chicken and mutton. I dont even know the veg section since I didnt have space for the main course but those who had it loved it. As for desserts, there were a variety of cakes, mousses, gulab jamuns and ice cream with some lovely toppings.
Service : 5/5. Prompt service even though we were finishing the stuff as soon as it was brought..
Overall : 10/10 from me. A great experience. Memorable for all who were there
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Richard Borges - Burrp User

Richard Borges

January 26,2010

Great Place, Awesome Starters

I had been there on 24th January for Dinner to celebrate my wife's B'day alongwith the rest of my family. This was at the Sayaji hotel that houses Barbeque Nation on the Terrace. It's an amazing location to dine out with family and friends. Thanks to the F& B staff for making our evening extra special. We had a reservation and were delayed by an hour and a half. The place was packed with guests waiting to grab a place. Apologies to them but hats-off to the staff. Our table was still kept reserved for us. The starters were amazing, the live music was good too. Somehow the buffet could have been better. My little daughter enjoyed the Kiwi Cheese cake. Fantastic place I should say.
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malvikas - Burrp User


January 24,2010


i have been to this place twice and cannot wait to go back again..
the ambiance is very romantic, their service is the best i've ever had and the food,well wat can i say..
i really liked their concept, something different than others.
the kebabs were out of the world, they were too yummy,and were very simple yet so different.i ate so much but still din get stuffed as dey were so light...
after the starters we had soup, great variety of salads and main course.
desserts were juz mind blowing.
i personally liked angoori gulab jamun and cheese cake.
guyz dnt miss to try this palce..
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symbolic - Burrp User


December 22,2009

Amazing flavors

I happened to visit their Wakad branch (Sayaji Hotel) on a sunday night. The restaurant is located on the 10th floor and provides a good view of the surroundings. The starters were excellent, the service friendly and the ambiance relaxing. I was stuffed after the starters and did not have enough space for the main course which did look quite tempting. However i did raid the dessert section and was impressed with the entire spread. For Rs510+ service tax , i must say it is value for money. On a passing note, alcohol is decently priced unlike some other establishments.
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Baishampayan Ghose - Burrp User

Baishampayan Ghose

December 14,2009

Fantastic Place for Non Vegetarians

We were a group of five and we had booked a day in advance (it's usually very hard to get a table on-demand, so make sure you book in advance).

When we reached the place the hostess seated us in a nice table. The waiters were courteous and they never tried to push us into starting the dinner as we waited for some of the friends to turn up.

For drinks we ordered a Mojito, Long Island Iced Tea (written as L.I.I.T on the menu) and a peg of Jack Daniel's. The liquor was very reasonably priced (Jack Daniel's was INR 175) and the cocktails were quite good.

And then the deluge of starters started :) We ate tonnes of Jumbo Prawns, Chicken Tangri Kebab, Mutton Reshmi Kebab, Fish Kebab, Potato Kebab, Mushroom Kebab, Paneer Kebab.

The choice was slightly limited for the vegetarian people but nevertheless, it was great. Then we went on for the main course. Many of us skipped the main course and went straight into the dessert (we were too full of kebabs :) The main course was very good too. There was a variety of salads, good soups, some Chicken Biryani, an interesting Crab preparation, a Chicken dish, etc. There was also a live Pasta and Chaat bar where you could get things made to order.

The dessert was fantastic too. They had fresh fruits, brownies, cheesecakes, gulab jamuns (the small, tasty ones), ice cream, fresh fruit cream and a delicious phirnee. We ate truckloads of those.

We spent three hours in the restaurant and it was a great experience. The ambience was very good and they had live music with the singers doing covers of some very popular Pop, Soft-Rock songs. The singers were excellent too :)

We paid 510 each for the food which is extremely reasonable. As a nice touch, I received an SMS from the manager Mr. Sandeep Shetty after we occupied the table thanking us for being the patrons.

Overall, it was a great experience; something very rare in Indian restaurants. I would highly recommend Barbecue Nation, Pune.

Visit it and have fun!
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PUNE FOODIE - Burrp User


December 05,2009

Over hyped barbeque- understated buffet

I am writing this review as I see BBQ nation as a highly overrated resturant - the concept is great but then the quality of kebabs and other bbqs on a weekday is pretty average and the service also is pretty okay - nothing to write home about.Selection is pretty standard and if you go hogging on chicken or non-veg ones - the service slowly stops.
Ambience is strictly standard - nothing great.
I liked the buffet spread though - limited but good in taste biryani and non-veg items.
This is a one time novelty stuff and yes pretty paisa vasool that way - but dont pin your hopes for great bbq stuff over here.
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Siddharth Bhowmik - Burrp User

Siddharth Bhowmik

November 04,2009

True Value for Money!!!

This place is a complete "paisa vasool" for everyone. Just been there for lunch. There are two options of ordering a meal. There is one for Rs.310/- & Rs.510/- (including taxes) I had opted for the Rs.310/- one.
There are 6 starters included. 3 veg and 3 non-veg, 2 soups. Main course consisted of Hyderabadi biryani (Mutton), Crab Curry, a chicken dish and a mutton dish. There was a vegetarian section but did not bother checking that out.
The Food:
The starters were kind of nice. The mutton starter was a Kabab which was too good. The chicken starter was kind of alright, but tasted more like a Venkys's Ready to eat kabab. The soup was outstanding. I had gone in for the sea food soup which was amazing. Had about two full bowls of soup. The main course was the best. Had a whole lot of crab curry, biryani. The mutton was scarce in the biryani. Had to fish it out. They also had a whole lot of chilled salads. The deserts were good. There was a chocolate cake, firni and hot gulab jamuns. The gulab jamuns were kept on a hot-plate so it was piping hot.
The starters too a little bit of time to come. But once they started, it did not stop! The place is well kept but the cutlery was a bit sticky including the tables.
Had been there during the day, so, the crowd mainly consisted of IT Professionals. There were people who were also celebrating a birthday.
Overall Experience:
Was really good. Had eaten for 1 and a1/2 hours continuously. So did not have dinner also that day, was too stuffed.
You can really pig out at this place.
Must visit if a true foodie.
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Hemant Lawanghare - Burrp User

Hemant Lawanghare

October 25,2009

Barbeque Nation - A must visit Place.

For the Non Veg. Kabab lovers, this place near Kalyani Nagar is a heaven. For the people, who eat non veg & do not love Kababs, they will start loving Kababs after visiting Barbeque Nation. When, I was in Chennai, I used to go to Barbeque Nation at T. Nagar But Pune Barbeque Nation is even better. Advice - Please ask for free glass of Beer / Wine (sometimes waiters do not inform) & eat more Kababs & less deserts. Here, speciality is Kababs & they are very testy, fresh & good for health. You can eat Deserts / roties / Biryani in any place but great Kababs can be eaten only in Barbeque Nation. Even though, you are Non Veg person, do try some veg Kababs also. They are good too.
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Amal Makwana - Burrp User

Amal Makwana

October 04,2009

Value for Money

Though the place is slightly on the expensive side(INR 510 per head with taxes), it is value for money, esp for the non-veggies( I am a veggie btw). Nice concept and good variety of food. Best place to throw a party, as people can gorge stomach full. The only negative was the plates, which seemed to be quite old and ruffed up. Worth going atleast once, as the menu may become repetitive after a few visits.
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farasha_50 - Burrp User


August 25,2009


this place is quite over-rated as nothing other than the BBQ starters are worth the money.....ambience is good though, but the price is not worth the taste on the pallet...
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gaurav.mittal - Burrp User


August 03,2009

Everyone Can Cook @Barbeque Nation

Auguste Gusteau wrote "Anyone can cook" in famous animated movie Ratatouille" but it wont be wrong if i say "Everyone can cook" after visiting Barbeque nation. Atleast one can boast with pride to others. Imagine cooking for yourself in a restaurant! Its fun. Its unique. Its involving. Its working. Its getting popular.

They serve starters from different cuisine about 90% cooked and rest you do yourself in the pit embedded in your table. So effectively you just contribute 10% but its important how to hit the iron when it is hot (It doesn't matter how you when it is not hot - it will only make noise). So make sure your contribution doesn't exceed 10% else you will eat more than 100% cooked food.

We tried dinner buffet there which is priced @Rs.450
They are serving you unlimited starters. In Veg i liked "Baby potatoes with mango mustard sauce". But it was Non-veg range which rocks! Indonesian Prawns" and "Fish tikka" were too good. Main course was equally delicious with no dearth of options from "Dal -e- dum" to "Jeera murgh". Dessert included variety of sweets, cakes and ice-creams. My favourite was "Angoori gulab jamun" Too good! Next time if it is present i will make sure to eat it more :)

The ambience is charming and peaceful,the stewards are courteous and professional. Drinks options are also there though we didnt tried it. I feel its a great place worth having dinner although veg crowd might feel jealous of non-vegs.

Keep eating ( and cooking)!
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imatotalfoodie - Burrp User


June 23,2009

it's the place to go!

I tried the lunch buffet,which i would recommend for vegetarians and those with a medium sort-of appetite.It's priced moderately at 310 INR inclusive of taxes.
Starters,very obviously , is barbequed
VEG- potato,paneer,a mediterranean veg kebab,mushroom
non-veg - chicken and seekh kebab.
these kebabs are cooked to 90% and are served to u.the rest must be done urself on ur table.
the rest of the buffet is nothing extraordinary though there's no dearth of options..As is the rule for every buffet, i suggest you browse through all the items once.
the desserts, a choice of around 7, surely steal the show!
Must try this place once with family and friends!
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batman - Burrp User


January 14,2009

barbeques and more


I visited Barbeque Nation on 24th Dec i.e night before christmas.
The usual rate is 450 plus taxes for a buffet with 5 veg and 5 non-veg startes.
Our dinner was a special christmas dinner and charged 550 plus taxes and had 7 veg and 7 non veg starters.

Once you get seated, a waiter comes and places a sinkable barbeque in the center of the table. And the starters are served on heating rods into the barbeque. there are some sauces, garnishings and chilli/pepper near the barbeque. And a small "painting " brush kept nearby to apply the garnishings to the starters.
Our non-veg starters included chicken, mutton and fish kebabs and 2 varieties of prawns. The veg starters consist of paneer, vegetables, mushrooms, and chinese veg preparations.
The service is bit slow and fails to keep pace with our consumption. So we have to request for the starters 2-3 times. And each helping comes as a assortment kebabs. So forget asking and getting one particular kebab.If you have patience ,you may get it.
The starters are followed by the usual buffet. Ours had crab sauce curry one chicken and one mutton dish. Rotis are served on the table but again make a point of ordering next serving quickly or it takes time.
The deserts were the usual pastries, icecream etc etc..
One glass of wine was complimentary to us as it was a christmas dinner and a turkey was also frying for those who wanted it.
In all a good eating experience, and worth trying.
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Pratik Batra - Burrp User

Pratik Batra

October 19,2008

Good ambience , wholesome food

Being Veggies I guess the starters were just OK , Food was pretty good ,Conceptually pretty good , great ambience , Service could have been better ( we never received one of the starters in spite of asking it for about 2-3 time )

Overall , good place to be ,when in a group , worth a visit esp. for the concept.
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