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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 28,2015

World wide cuisines

It is situated right on the main street and is very easy to find. It has ample parking space too. They serve world wide cuisine .Best place for chicken lovers.-Taquila chicken stripes were just awesome and Chicken patiala was amazing. The paneer tikka masala was also great with respect to the consistency and the quantity. The sundae was also delicious. The only problem is the lack of light in the outdoor seating.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

April 28,2015

Perfect place

This is one of the best restaurants in pune. Very spacious and good seating areas, huts and special couple tables are beautifully placed around the water. Specially the hut area and it's low light effects are beautiful. Different sections for family and group dine, ambiance is quite romantic and if you lucky enough to get a table next to the fountain , your day is made. I found the drink rates pretty high. Also the food too is a bit heavier on the pocket so one point goes down for the same.
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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

April 27,2015

All rounder place

The place was on my wishlist for a year. Even with this ample seating area, the place is full house on weekends. The ambiance makes this place stand out. The dim lights, cozy seating and light music really help calm things out.The menu is an all rounder. You get everything from Chicken tikkas to Shitake mushrooms to burritos.. The food is upto the mark and so is the ambiance and service.
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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 19,2015

Goan style

This is awesome place to be with your friends specially when there is a Tent arrangement and waiters dressed in Goan style and and serving water in wine glasses.t's a mind blowing restaurant in terms of food and ambience.Copa Cabana has a huge seating area with both indoor and outdoor options.Very good variety- Indian ,Mexican ,Thai etc and Very good Deserts. Bit costly but awesome restaurant.
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glutton9 - Burrp User


February 01,2014

Good Food...Good Ambiance

I really like this place...Their food is really good as well and the ambiance is pretty nice. They have a good menu and serve almost every thing..That is the best thing about this place and everything they serve is pretty decent. Perfect place to go out with friends as well as family.
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Rookie Foodie - Burrp User

Rookie Foodie

December 14,2013

Hawaiian Abode at Pune.

Now, this review is for two of my visits. The first one was a huge; family gathering to celebrate my sister’s birthday and that includes two 2 and 3 year old kids engaged in turf wars at the premises, both my loving nieces. I will come back to the second one later.

So with prior reservations we arrived first at the venue. Parking was smooth (they have their own well-guarded parking area). As we entered, we noticed a lovely outdoor seating (sheltered) and a nice bakery. Stewards are dressed in really cool Hawaiian shirts. As you venture inside, you also notice that there is a flight of stairs which lead to an upper hall where one can have private celebrations for friends and family. Next to this is an air conditioned seating area. The restaurant is very spacious and they put on some nice soothing music all the time. Further inside is the real surprise, a lovely open area seating. There are candle lit tables for couples and also for those who do not find tables :)! However, this is on the pathway and some may find the thoroughfare a little irksome. Then there are lovely tables for 6 odd people. Chat away to glory. On the periphery, you have these canopy type low seating. Can get a bit nippy in the winters for sure. Take a pick. The restaurant is usually bustling with guests so it would wise to make a prior reservation.

And now my personal favourite, their bar area. Oh, the Hawaiian feeling was so in the air with the resplendent lighting and beautiful decor here, of course with an Indian touch to it :). Ok, no more wisecracks. Only thing missing was the sea! Always wanted to sit on the bar stool and order a nice cocktail and sip away to glory.

Since we were quite a few in no, we settled for the outer sheltered seating area and sat comfortably. Their menu is exhaustive and a delight to go through. And so it began, mega family dinner :), lots of snaps in various configurations, kids on lap, wailing kid on lap, kids being cootchi cooed, me left etc. Of course never intending to be loud / disturbing co-diners. But the chaps were a big sport and it was real fun.

Coming back to the point, we ordered in piri prawns, honey chili corn potato and herb spiced cottage cheese for starters. Way too good. They also had an offer of buy one get one free on the beer. A few beers, cocktails and some merriment later we ordered for the main course which was an assortment with three treasure vegetables Hunan style with rice , enchilada , a classic Mexicana sizzler , baked pasta, Thai green curry/ rice in vegetarian and a carne sizzler, hunter cube chicken sizzler in non-vegetarian. One of the elders in the family wanted his sizzler made as per his requirement and the chef was kind enough to do just that.

I tasted everything because I was one of the youngest and hence was given the usual "Oh, I am sure you can help me out beta"! Of all the good things served on our table (loved each one of them), I really liked the sizzlers, ample in quantity and made very well. Personal favourite: Mexicana..the smell and taste of burnt rice is just too alluring (do not know how to describe it, but this is how it was). Take a pick from anything in the menu, I am sure you will love it.

All in all that was a wonderful evening with family. The kids loved it as well. Lot of open space and greenery to run around and have loads of fun and frolic. We, very heartily tipped generously as well.

The second visit was a quiet evening with wifey. We had sizzlers and loved it to the hilt. A nice candle lit table was a bonus.

Will definitely be looking forward to visiting Copa Cabana again. Cheers.
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om om - Burrp User


November 24,2013

Tropical Paradise

Was recommended this place by a friend.
Getting to the place was easy as it is located on the main road. Downer... traffic. There is ample of parking. On entering we were greeted by a smiling staff. At first look, the decor stands out. It is tropical with the staff dressed to match that experience. The place is casual.. You can walk in wearing shorts and still feel comfortable.The place is very spacious, well lit, and has great ambiance. The staff was very hospitable and the service was quick. You can try different continental dishes, from sizzlers to a wide range of Thai dishes. Almost every item is worth trying once..Mind it has over 300 dishes. Vegetarians have a sizable choice apart from the routine.

My pick would be Thai curry and rice which makes it an absolute fulfilling gastronomical extravaganza.

This resto is definitely better than others and you feel like visiting this place again. Trust me, your taste buds would compel you. Overall, a delicious experience

Other pros:
Large parking
Varied sitting options
Huge menu
Romantic place

Crowded on weekends

Sum it up... 4 plus out of 5
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manish saini - Burrp User

manish saini

November 24,2013

The Worst and Rude Staff Ever Seen

I had a very bad experience at this Restaurant. This is not due to food or drinks quality/standard. It is mainly due to the rudeness of the CopaCabana. The manager was literally out of his mind and upon asking for a garden seat he shouted at us. When we tried to complain about him he told us to meet him outside so that he can teach us a lesson and this too when our wives were with us (two couples). Upon asking him about his rude behaviour he said I am a Manager here and not a waiter (I guess he thinks that waiters are guys to be looked upon with down eye...WHAT A MANAGER) I would suggest not to go there because you never know when this will happen to you. But ambience is no doubt good but then there are many other good options in Wakad, Pimple Saudagar and HInjewadi.
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piyush `K - Burrp User

piyush `K

November 04,2013

Coupé in Cabana

Went on Diwali night with family since heard a lot about it. We ordered Mexican bean soup which was very thin and more like an Indian rasaa. Won't order it again.

Greek salad was pretty looking ,crunchy and juicy but missing chunks of feta cheese.

Shashlik sizzlers were just paneer butter masala on rice with huge pieces of cauliflower and potatoes, another disappointment.

Melon blast Mock-tail of which I had few sips was amazing minus the seeds.

In Chicken angara instead of tequila he poured brandy for flames.

The service was inconveniently fast. I had a few sips of soup and to my horror, salad n sizzlers were already there on the table

The ambiance was the wow factor of CopaCabana. The surprising finishing touch were the dark chocolate cubes which where complimentary.
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Ruchi Thakur - Burrp User

Ruchi Thakur

July 20,2013

lavish continental and maxican dinner

Yesterday i had been to this place for dinner, this is the best restaurant @ wakad. Ambience is excellent. The continental food here is to must try . Food was awesome. Lavish experience at this restaurant.
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Supria Shinde - Burrp User

Supria Shinde

June 23,2013

Totally Disappointed!!

I visited Copacabana yesterday and was excited to check the place out for all the reviews seen earlier, however I was really disappointed with the place. The food was a complete turn off.
We ordered for simple fried potatoes with Mexican sauce and cheese, but were utterly disappointed with the french fries with a cheap tomato sauce (which was the Mexican sauce) and some mustard sauce for cheese. Looking at the starter, we decided not to experiment and order standard Indian food. We ordered for Chicken do pyaza and chicken biryani and all we got was some ugly looking yellow chicken do pyaza (i always thought that this dish was red in colour) and the Biryani was the biggest disaster of it all. All we were served was Chicken in gravy with boiled Rice. We couldn't eat the food served to us and had to get out of the place hungry.

I really can't rate this place.
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manali777 - Burrp User


June 12,2013

The Best & Biggest Restaurant At Wakad

This is the best restaurant at wakad i have been to. This restaurant has a big menu from japanese to indian to thai . The food is fantastic and yummy. Ambiance is excellent, friendly atmosphere but one drawback is they don't have offers so its a bit costly .
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Rohan Dighe - Burrp User

Rohan Dighe

February 09,2013

Worst Experience

This is the WORST PLACE EVER. I recommend never ever going to this place! I went to the restaurant to book a hut for my friends birthday (since i love this place) and called them up to confirm if it booking possible. They asked me to come over and pay the advance. I travelled 20+kms and the manager was so rude and told me that they won't take my booking because we were just 3 people and that its a saturday and he was kinda hinting that they get much more money per table and that is not profitable for them.

I offered them to pay money for 5-6 people or whatever they want ie. if they want me to do a bill of amount X. Still he was arrogant and denied completely.

I really used to like this place and lot and that was the only reason i went all the way to book, i did not expect this from COPA CABANA. I am never ever going there again and with this kind of customer service its not long before they shut down completely! Commercialization is understood but this is outright rudeness!
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Prashant Singh Rana - Burrp User

Prashant Singh Rana

February 08,2013

Hygiene, taste ,ambiance & hospitality at its best

I was there with my girlfriend recently and was very pleased by the ambiance and the hospitality provided by the staff. I ordered Shorba (A non veg stock, not to be confused with soup) and found it average, however the price paid for the Shorba was really high. Then we moved on to the mutton biryani and it was non-spicy but delicious. Perfect blend of spices and essence, it was nothing less then perfect. Then v ordered a desert (I am unable to recall the name, however I am pretty much sure, it was the last dish in the desert section). It was so presentable that v could not wait to have it. It was a mix of ice-cream and fruits. Looked good, tasted great. Over all it was a great experience. If u r a foodiee, u should be there.
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Retika Gupta - Burrp User

Retika Gupta

December 31,2012

Likes the ambience

Ambiance is good.Food is bit costly.But it is good.Worth visiting.
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Damian Fernandes - Burrp User

Damian Fernandes

November 25,2012

Good Goan Food

Copacabana is situated at the border of Wakad and Vishal Nagar. Its the perfect place to unwind after a long days work. The service is very prompt. They have an indoor and outdoor seating area. The outdoor seating area is interesting with a lot of greenery, a pond a bar ( If you alone and just wanna have a Drink and leave). There are also special it’s definitely a date place, especially if you work at Hinjewadi most convenient.

Oh the food, this is the most surprising part you'd think a place that has such good ambience is trying to compensate on the taste and quality of the food. The food is sooo awesome. If you like goan food you must try out the goan cuisine here.

Its expensive but if you love good food im sure you wouldn’t mind.
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niraj13kumar - Burrp User


November 22,2012

Amusing experience

Lovely food and ambiance both..... had a good time with family.
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punefoodie555 - Burrp User


October 03,2012


Went here the other day for lunch and to my surprise it was good food. Generally such good ambience restaurants disappoint me with the food but not in this case. I tried the minestrone soup whivh was so refreshinh and authentic. Prawns tandoori was a delight too but low on quantity. They serve wide range of cuisine so we tried the Goan dish Chicken Vindaloo and it was almost as if I was in Goa. Tasty! High on pricing but good to go once in a while.
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Foodie Lover - Burrp User

Foodie Lover

June 20,2012

Nice place around

Good place. Since it has an open garden too, one might be lucky enough to get some mosquito bites for absolutely free!
The service and quality of food are great. Food presentation and portion is good too.
Nice place, nice ambiance and overall a good place to visit.
Pricing is premier.
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Victor Sharma - Burrp User

Victor Sharma

May 08,2012

Improper Info On Burrp

I would like to highlight that on Burrp it shows Home Delivery is not allowed in Copa Cabana.
However this facility is available.
Please don't mislead foodies.

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Praveen Gupta - Burrp User

Praveen Gupta

March 14,2012

SuperCabana... Definitely Stunner

Ambience - 4/5...Dim Lighting, with table and chairs arranged near small pool.
Food - 5/5... Dal Bukhara, best one i ever had in Pune and Paneer Chop Masala was too awesome.
Staff - 4/5 ... Very Courteous, helpful and hospitable. They need to be more prompt in serving the food, as we had to wait for 5-10 mins for the rotis to arrive. Manager, Mr. Jackie (or Jack Sparrow, as he called himself) was very cooperative and friendly.
Definitely i'm gonna go there this weekend and its HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!!!!
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Raj Kumar - Burrp User

Raj Kumar

February 19,2012

Great cocktails and amazing food

Me and 3 of my friends had gone to Copacabana for dinner to finally and at long last celebrate the New Year:):) And let me tell you, the place was worth waiting for. We bypassed the restaurant and went up to the Lounge "Bongo" on the first floor. The lighting is suitably subdued (but not so dark that you would bump into the furniture!!!) The seating is amazingly comfortable - and I assure u, I am a big enough guy to really understand what good seating means!! There is a TV, set to the sports channel.

We ordered Paneer Tikka, Chicken Reshmi kebab, Nachos with beans and corn & Bruschetta. Surprisingly all the items were wonderfull. The Paneer was so soft that it broke off while we tried to fork it into our hungry jaws!!! The sour cream condiment was perfect. The Chicken Reshmi kebab was cooked to perfection and the spices were exactly correct. The pudina chutney was a whole lot better than I have had in most places and for the first time I actually finished all the chutney before the kebab! The Bruschetta was okay with ample toppings. But the real king of the table was the Nachos. The crisp nachos with well cooked beans and corn, liberally doused with melting cheese was absolutely perfect. We ended up scrapping the bowl clean and wondering if we had space for another - maybe next time!!

My friends played safe with the drinks and ordered Gin and tonic & Vodka and Sprite - boring I know:):) I being the adventurous type went all out and ordered the Long Island Ice Tea. IT WAS OUTSTANDING. I have only had a better drink in New York! The bartender did a commendable job mixing all the different liquors together and topped it off with just the right amount of Coke. I got another one just to make sure the first one wasnt a fluke and the second one was equally good!!

For the main course, after a lot of agonising we ordered a bowl of "Lo Mein" for one of our friends who has a bit of a delicate constitution! We got a steaming bowl of noodles topped with a generous helping of steamed veggies all tossed together in a delicious sauce. The rest of us were not too hungry and so finished off the dinner with a couple of pizzas. The pizzas were quite good with lots of veggies, olives and cheese. The only thing to remember is that the pizzas are thin crust and about 8".

The DJ probably sized up the crowd to be above an average age of 28 or so since he played a lot of Metallica, Cold Play, Linkin Park, Guns N Roses & Pink Floyd. Music that was all the rage when we were in college so it was a lovely nostalgic trip down the memory lane. We spent time reminiscing about audio cassettes and walkmans which were our only connection to Rock and Metal music in the late 90s. The DJ was kind enough to take requests and play some of our favorites - One (Metallica), November Rain (GnR) etc

We wound up at 11.30 and felt that the evening was over all too soon. We had an amazing evening with good food, good drinks and good company. Life cant get better!! And as for Copacabana, in the words of The Terminator - "I'll be back"
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manisha.foody - Burrp User


November 23,2011

Good VFM Place

We went there for want of options on a saturday night since most well known places were booked. Did not regret a bit as the food and service was par with many well known brands. The open air portion had a good breeze and spacious enough to feel at peace. The starters as well as the main course was delicious...service was prompt.
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Sukumar09 - Burrp User


October 16,2011

Its Different

I like the way this restaurant has been designed and its ambiance. The food is great. The service is good.Oh and I almost forgot the music is great!!
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Satchmo - Burrp User


September 29,2011

Good but service is like an Udipi restaurant

I visited CopaCabana for the first time on 23rd September and was there for lunch with a friend. The ambience is excellent and they have a very varied choice of dishes on the menu to cater to everyone. We focused on Oriental cuisine and the quality of the food was quite good. However, what spoiled the experience for us the over-eagerness of the waiters to serve the next course even before we finished the previous one - sort of like a fast-food Udipi restaurant that brings food to the table as soon as it is ready, rather than waiting for the person to finish each course. I pointed this out to the management and they apologised but the hurried attitude still persisted with the waiters eager to refill our plates during the main course even before we had finished eating. There was no one else waiting to take our seats - it being lunch time on a working day and this quality of service is not expected of a pricey restaurant like CopaCabana
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akshuu - Burrp User


August 22,2011

great food..

been there twice now..and absolutely love the food there. It is a bit on the higher side as compared to the location it is in, but the ambience and service is above par.

we did find a hair in one of the dish and they gave us a complimentary dessert.
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Dhananjay Javalkar - Burrp User

Dhananjay Javalkar

August 14,2011

Great Ambience & food - except mutton dishes

Had been to Copacabana for lunch. The place was very well kept, had good amount of parking place. The interiors are very well done and has excellent ambience. The staff was good with average knowledge of the dishes prepared. They definitely lacked the language finesse.

Overall service was very fast. Options were many and the food quality was excellent apart form the Mutton dishes that we had ordered. The mutton was NOT prepared well, it literally was stinking. The chicken dishes and the veg dishes were really good.

The overall rating in terms of cost - it is expensive place.

But would still recommend it if you want to try out something different.
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Ricky  - Burrp User


June 03,2011

Worst Experience Copa Cabana Pune

I had really worst Experience Copacabana Wakad Road,Pune

Recently we went to Copacabana. The food was horrible salty, and chicken was not fresh. We have ordered imported vodka but quality of vodka was so cheap like local vodka. If you want go then sit in lounge and make sure the bottles if they are serving quality alcohol. I always prefer restaurant with best food and quality stock of alcohol. Once you eat food there you will know what I mean here. We went for my Girlfriend’s Birthday party we waited long for table and then this place spoiled our joy and evening by horrible food, alcohol, drinks and service:(
The Manager and waiters were rude. Copacabana is worst place I recommend do not go to there unless you want to waste your money.
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Hemant Tiwari - Burrp User

Hemant Tiwari

May 25,2011

Nice Ambience, Good food

Had a lunch on Saturday, 21st May, 2011.
Ordered 5 starters
1. Fish Fingers - excellent
2. Chicken Satay - Great
3. Nachos - gooey and yum :)
4. Pasta (Fussili) - Ok
5. I dont remember this one (^_^)

We then ordered 2 sizzlers
1. Chicken Shaslik
2. Carne (includes bacon) --- the bacon was not well cooked :(

The server was well versed in all dishes and ingredients and was able to answer our queries.
The cost came to about 400 per person (5ppl).

The ambiance was good, nice slow music ... we loved it.
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Swapna Khade - Burrp User

Swapna Khade

April 28,2011

Perfect Dating Place

Very relax & romantic place. I was celebrate my birthday there, it was very good experience to spent some time at nice place. Food was very delicious.. Its very far from place but I love it....
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Vikram  - Burrp User


March 29,2011

Perfect Dining Experience.. Guaranteed :-)

Copa Cabana has an amazing Ambience & the Quality of food is truly SUPREME !!
The service is informal & this fact makes it a cozy place for sure.
One can cherish anything from Soups to Sizzlers & sign off with a Sizzling Brownie.
Importance is given to cleanliness & the staff is very friendly.
Placement of tables makes this place uncongested & the outdoor seating is totally calm & serene.
A Lunch / Dinner at Copa Cabana will be a memorable and special experience !!
Cheers to the amazing team of Copa Cabana !!
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Chiragh Kirpalani - Burrp User

Chiragh Kirpalani

January 24,2011

Hawaiian experience with blissful space

Welcomed by waiters in Hawaiian Shirt carrying gadgets to place your order. This place has ample of space that gives the added points. The location even amidst residential complex do not bring the housey feel to it. Small ponds with water flowing is the relaxed and soothing factor.

The Barbeque's Chicken is not to be missed while the rest is just good. Banquet space too is available along side the bar which captures most of the wine and needs of alcoholic consumers. Good place to take a date, lightings of the venue is so smoothly done that it doesn't over do nor does it over shun's. With cabinet's, shacks and hammock placed, it feels like your in one of the islands with a feast happening around.

A kids friendly place with receptionist and waiters as friendly as you want them to be with quality service as per needs. Overall I rate this place a visit once a while.
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Raj Singh - Burrp User

Raj Singh

January 10,2011

Superb . . . . .

Copa Cabna is a great place for congenital food. The people there were Hawaiians colour full t-shirts and Bermuda pants which is a quite funny.

We start with soups. The Tom Yum soup was Yum and the Hot and Sour was ok but not soo good. We then tried a platter which had most off the kebabs on the menu. It was quite ok but everyone didn’t get everything. E.g. My dad, sister and got a green coloured kebab which my mum didn’t get. But it was not too heavy that we could eat any thing more.

For the main course I wanted to try the pizzas and pasta but no one else wanted to. We tried a chicken curry but the waiter said it wasn’t there but after some time he said it was and he looked toooo confused. When that curry came it was absolute bland and yuck!! It didn’t even dissevered to be on Dhaba menu. We some hoe got taste by adding salt, pepper kept there. Thought the starter were great I think we should have either bought normal butter chicken or something or pastas and pizzas.
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Jashan Joshi - Burrp User

Jashan Joshi

January 04,2011

one of the best places

if you want to treat your family, friends, anyoneeeee
this is the place

awesome ambiance, excellent food, amazing service

place to visit
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Srinivas V - Burrp User

Srinivas V

December 27,2010

Awesome Experience

Awesome place to have a great time and superb food.
the food feels like there's something new about it.. a real treat for the taste buds.
the place is comfortable and well lit. the decor, ambiance and the soft music give the place a modern look.
the service too was quick and courteous.

Back to the food...
we had ordered Vegetable Satay, Spaghetti Primavera (really cheesey) and Kung pao with jeera rice...
the kung pao was the best, perfect blend of vegetables, spices and sauce..
at the end, loved the small bites of chocolate with the bill..

a real must try...awesome place
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Pizza10 - Burrp User


December 18,2010

Great place..but

Copa Cabana rocks!!!
Awesome ambiance plus a good variety of cuisines!

STRANGELY ENOUGH THEY DID'NT HAVE LASAGNA on their menu !!!!............. which was a little turn off for me,as I luv lasagna.

Up-til now I have been to this place twice.........they botched up my bill last time.........swiped my credit card 3 TIMES !!! and then my debit card 1-2 TIMES !!!! ..........since their machine wasn't working .............

However their manager thankfully came up to me explaining the botch up and gave me a cheque of the over swiped amount.

Would luv to visit again but highly apprehensive whether I should use my card ??
Please carry cash to be on the safer side.
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Bidisha Mukherjee - Burrp User

Bidisha Mukherjee

December 13,2010

RRR - Relaxing, Romantic, Refreshing

Had used the Kalyan Mandapa on the same land as a landmark, before this place came up. So after 4 years when I returned to pune and by chance crossed the area, the Copacabana was a surprise... have been to Copacabana twice.. will put down my impression for both times -
Visit 1 @ July 2010 : The place had newly opened and we observed it the first time .. construction and landscaping around the cabana's were in process... spent time in the lounge area upstairs... the drinks were amazing and did justice to 2 R's - Relaxing, Refreshing.. the fish paturi was great...the kebabs were tender inside and smoking outside.. well cooked and yet juicy..... the starters and drinks were a huge success..! I would rate it 3/5
Visit 2 @ November 2010 : Just after a birthday, so decided to try this place again...the landscaping was completed..the cabana's were done and i must say were pretty impressive..but what bowled us over was the small water fall and the cozy intimate white sitting area around it...we got a place near the cute spring... food as previously was awesome ..we went for the Italian cuisine this time..the bruchesta's for appetizer set the mood rolling ,risotto and pasta made for a taste bud treat ..with a killer dessert ending the three course meal.. The two R's as the previous time was easily achieved..we added the third R- Romantic on this trip. Rating: 4/5
General impression: the place is a must visit as it has the potential to grow into one of the best places around in pune. What amazed me was the charming amalgam of a thriving and jazzy lounge and a intimate romantic restaurant ambience..Both under the same roof.
Unlike most restaurants I have visited where with ageand growing popularity the rating of a place easily slides down from 4 to 3 and later to 2…this place actually went up from a 3 to 4. For my next visit I am hoping for a 5/5 rated experience there… hence my final ranking - 5/5 for C&B

Found one small little turn off though: our 2nd visit was a quite dinner for husband and myself, but we were suddenly surprised by two saucily dressed girls approaching hubby dear to offer a free packet of Marlboro as promotion… I accept we were in a smoking zone, and hubby was smoking..and no doubt he welcomed the interruption with the biggest grin I ever saw..but on the wife front ..well I won’t elaborate as exactly how I wanted to disrupt the peaceful waterfall then …. Another R – violent Reaction , was controlled half way thru ……… !!!
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Neha Kapur - Burrp User

Neha Kapur

November 26,2010

worth the experience :)

I have visted this for now about a zillion times, n thought that it required to be talked about on this forum.Its one place where you will find a fine/beautifull mix of all cuisine's possible.

This time we ordered for veg bruschettas, chicken wings and barbeque pizza. Mouthwatering, savory, mind-boggling ..... n i am now short of words. Thats hw it wazz. To top the whole experience I had orderd for Caprioska ...

Try this place out you won't regret the experience. :)

P.S: have uploaded sum pic's for your eyes only...
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pranjal - Burrp User


November 08,2010

Awesome place

Hey I had been to Copa Cabana with my friends in November we were sitting at the Lounge,good decor,Efficent service .....U must try the Caprioska and the Chicken Hot wings it's just mind blowing....
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Joe  - Burrp User


August 25,2010

Good Hangout !

We had been to Copa in July & August 2010 with office staff, enjoyed the lounge & inside, its a place to be warm and cozy - with family & friends to hang out for a quite & nice dinner- all non veg stuff - mouth watering & tasty, with music at back ground playing its part. We all liked the food , service and ambience's to cherish memories all time. I can't forget Sukant, who served us with good menu tips to order and have our evening pleasant.

Cheers to Copa Cabana Team !!
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cookie1234 - Burrp User


June 27,2010

lovin it

Nice grill on table concept. Chicken melts in the mouth.Excellent food. Great ambience.
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cookie1234 - Burrp User


June 24,2010


Great place to be with freinds and family. Had tasty biryani after such long time. Awesome lounge also.
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narayana225 - Burrp User


February 25,2013

very good

food is very good . must try . but a bit costly
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