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  • Nearly everybody would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Mutton chops
  • Few people mentioned Wife

Additional remarks from reviews:

Definitely need to improve their service and food
Mosquito repellants must be arranged
Smoking on the tables should be prohibited.
Kamsa - Burrp User


December 23,2015

Malika Spice

Food is not upto the mark.... as name is so famous but food is ok ok type
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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 30,2015

Exotic Food

Our love of exotic food is fulfilled at Malaka Spice.Well moulded to hit the sweet spot between authenticity and localisation. Great variety of malay, Vietnamese n thai food along with some more fusion varieties. Food was super. Very light tasty and quick service.If you are craving for some spicy curry with coconut milk, its the Thai chicken curry. Chicken in Pandanu : The chicken was marinated perfectly . It blended very well with the Side Sauce. highly recommended. Nice place for trying different type of foods.
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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

April 19,2015

Best localized malay food

Nice restaurant serving South East Asian food that is quite localized.The thai curries with the roti jhala are a must-try here .Quite loved the starter variety and their Malaka special ice tea was a hit and most refreshing for the hot afternoon. Great location and nice seating comfort particularly in the open and service standard is very good.Service is good. Valet parking is good to save from parking hassle.
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gourmet9 - Burrp User


March 25,2014

Overhyped!! Not Recommended

The chef out there suggested us a dish, it was some chicken wrapped in leaves - I sure would get better and tender chicken at a roadside dhaba. The chicken was difficult to chew. I don't know why this place is so very overhyped. While Reserving our Table we were told by the receptionist that there are 4 to 7 Offers available on a Saturday. We were later told that the food and drinks will be sold at the regular price. I would not recommend people to visit this place...... Bad experience @ Malaka
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Lavanya Ambika - Burrp User

Lavanya Ambika

March 24,2014

Awsome Ambience

I would give ten on ten for the awesome ambience they have set up....If you love Thai food, this is right place for you, though they serve Indian food...
It's not really expensive as well...
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bhakti000  - Burrp User


March 14,2014


Malaka Spice a beautiful place, where you are mesmerized by the ambience , the twinkling lights and lanterns.. Having Heard a lot of good things about food in Malaka Spice, I went with loads of expectations. And I was really disappointed with the overall taste and service. The fish satay was really smelly and not quite tasty, the veg paneer crispy was ok, the chicken in the leaf preparation was bland. The service was not quite up to the mark. The waiters In spite of repeatedly telling the order were not getting it. I have been to Malaka Street couple of times and I love it. They do have some items similar, which we had ordered and were disappointed. I do not know whether this was one of the things or a bad day. But all in all I was disappointed . Didn't match up to the expectations. I prefer to go to Malaka Street although it doesn't have very good ambience like Malaka Spice, the food is consistently tasty. Only saving grace for our dinner was hot choco brownie with vanilla ice cream. It was superb.
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Sneha Mittal - Burrp User

Sneha Mittal

March 07,2014

Beautiful Ambiance, Bad Food

Ambiance :
The ambiance of the place is nice. With beautiful stars put up on the trees, to beautiful lights above your table. The ambiance of the place is pretty cool.

Food :
I liked the Thai Curry with mushrooms in it. the starters we tried were okay, nothing great. For desserts we had the apple crumble and the chocolate brownie. The brownie was hot and with ice-cream, it tasted even more delicious. The apple crumble was okayish.

Service :
The service of this place is awful. They take too much time to serve, and the waiters don't know properly about their own menu.It is disappointing,and they definitely need to improve their service and food.

#Value For Money :
Not Value for Money for me.

Overall, an average experience.
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jiggy23 - Burrp User


November 05,2013

Always Amazing!

Malaka Spice just never disappoints! The food, the ambiance is always just awesome. That's the reason I don't mind being in waiting to get a table on weekends! Also the offers going on drinks gives me and my friends yet another reason to land up at M Spice! For appetizers We Tried out their Top Hats, Chicken Momos, Grilled Chicken in Sea leaves and Thai curry along with coriander Rice for main course. We also had beer and white wine to go by. What really surprises me is the fact that it can deliver amazing quality every time.
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Rohit Khopkar - Burrp User

Rohit Khopkar

August 18,2013

A Tropical Paradise

If there is a place you want to go on a date/take your visiting family and friends its got to be Malaka Spice!!! The food cuisine is centered around flavors from the exotic orient and is as authentic as one can find. The variety of dishes is excellent! They also have a special menu centering around dishes that are a bit more exotic. These are meant for the adventurous food lover. All said and done the food and the food quality is excellent!

The ambiance is better outdoors than indoors.Sitting in the outdoors one gets a wonderful tropical feel, they even have mist sprinklers that go off every couple of minutes to further enhance your experience.

The service is prompt and attentive, most of the staff there have been working for years, and are very knowledgeable about the menu. They can recommend dishes with ease for you. No matter how busy the restaurant is (they are busy all the time, therefore I do suggest you make a reservation before going) they are always patient and guide you through the menu.

They also have a wonderful selection of cocktails and mocktails which come in fancy glasses, which make the drinks more appealing.

Go to this place because not only is the food great, the service amazing, but also because of the ambiance! It is visually appealing, a place to satisfy all the senses.
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Priya Nair - Burrp User

Priya Nair

August 18,2013

Nice :)

I have just started being a Pune-weekend visitor :) The city of Pune has its unique charm which is brought alive further with its array of good restaurants. One of my favourites is Malaka Spice, in lane 5 of Koregaon Park. The first time I visited Malaka Spice was about 10 years back and its still the same! The place serves oriental food and doesn't disappoint. They have quite an extensive menu and you may take a while to go through it and decide. Their Thai red curry is tangy and zestful and is a sure shot winner. There are also several kinds of dim sums here and I've tried quite a few and enjoyed each kind. Another item on the menu that I enjoy a lot are their soups. Each soup is hearty and delicious and a definite on my list each time I eat at Malaka Spice. I especially like their 'Top Hats' - sprouts with chicken in rice cups- something really different.
The ambience is very warm and the staff are friendly and courteous, service is excellent. I prefer their outdoor seating and the unique introduction to your server which is a caricature of them kept on your table :) It's the perfect place to kick back with a pint of beer while relishing some very, very yummy food.
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Soni Singh - Burrp User

Soni Singh

July 29,2013

Malaka Memories

One of the finest places to dine in. Authentic Thai food served in the most quickest way and by the most humble staff. Moments stolen from time for yourself !! Cheers!!
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vikashbindra - Burrp User


July 07,2013

Why Not In Mumbai Malaka ?

Want to say it aloud, this place is absolutely BRILLIANT, from the service to the food, not to mention the decor and the attention to every single detail. (the menu is so great that I read it with greed )

We were in Pune for two days and surfing on burrp where to go in koregaon park. We gave a try to Malaka Spice and after reading most of the reviews we decided to give a try .
The ingredients used here are very fresh. The spices are combined to the food with such finesse that it expresses for me the quintessence of south east Asian food: colorful, vivid, delicately spiced and tasty.

Try everything (the tangy green papaya salad, the soups, thai curries, and so on).

More than a great experience for the palate, we enjoyed the ambience (eat outside please!), and the numerous "personal touches" that make this restaurant unique!
I signed up on burrp! today to be able to comment on Malaka Spice restaurant.

One last thing: why not in Mumbai Malaka ?
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manali777 - Burrp User


July 06,2013

Lotus stem & boneless kababs was the show Staler

The Ambiance is just mesmerizing .. Perfectly lighted place, it has two places to sit. One is the AC room while other is in garden. AC room is nice but the one in the Garden is the best .. On the table you will a Candle which just adds to mood .. but please the mosquitoes may be lurking around to suck your blood out. Management: please arrange for some mosquito repellants.
the staff helped us in proper selection and they were really helpful.For starters, we ordered Lotus Stem Tango, which was undoubtedly delicious, fresh and properly cooked and Top Hats, which was good too. but, Lotus Stem was the show stealer.
Chicken in Pandanu - Boneless kababs marinated in herbs and thai paste, fried wrapped in pandanu leaves.
exhibitions by various artists every few days and have monetized on wall real estate. Great idea and gives an artsy feel.

May go again, especially if they have a southeast Asian food festival ;) cheers
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Chetna Chakravarthy - Burrp User

Chetna Chakravarthy

July 03,2013

Extremely Disappointing

For all the great reviews I've read, I'm guessing their standards have been pushed off the cliff. I haven't had such bad Thai food in a very long time. We ordered The mutton chops which were partially raw and served cold. We told our server about it and although she offered to replace the dish, we politely declined since we had eaten quite a bit. We then ordered the Prawn Satay. This was tasty but again it was served cold in spite of telling them to ensure it is served hot. For the main course we ordered red Thai curry and steamed rice. It has to be the worst Thai curry I have eaten in a while. The only thing I enjoyed that evening more than the ambiance as the Kaffir Lime Mojito. Interesting twist to the traditional cocktail. For three dishes and four drinks we paid Rs 3,500 bucks. So not worth the money.

Unfortunately Malaka Spice is not a place I would recommend to anybody. Right now all they have working for them is their ambience and a good reputation considering they must have served great food once upon a time.
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Ruchi Thakur - Burrp User

Ruchi Thakur

June 29,2013

The Best But ...

Ambience: It was a warm, pleasant night and we decided to sit out. A short walk led us to the open area which reminded me more of an Italian al fresco setup - the tables were smallish and made of tiles and without cover sheets and garden variety seating. They had set up many hydromisting fans (+). Dessert counter on one side and bar on the other.

Mutton chops is the best dish on their menu. Its to die for.
Being a graphic designer their menu card and restaurant graphics attracted me more.
Not many places in India usually serve authentic South Asian food. Its always ‘tweaked’ to suite the Indian taste buds. But this cosy place in Koregaon Park, Pune called Malaka Spice is leagues apart. The best thing about Malaka Spice is that it doesn’t compromise on the authenticity of the food. Also enough information is provided in the menu card (one of the best menu cards I’v seen) about the dishes; so first timers need not worry. They have dishes from every part of the Orient, be it Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Burma or China. ;)
Only part I felt bad was, I noticed that many diners were smoking on the tables so inquired with the staff as per the smoking policy. She apologized for the inconvenience and informed me that it was permitted outdoors. Now that was surprising! I thought the recent law does not allow smoking in any part of the restaurant, or even office balconies. So, are they flouting that?
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jiggy23 - Burrp User


June 27,2013

Always Amazing!

Malaka Spice just never disappoints! The food, the ambiance is always just awesome. That's the reason I don't mind waiting to get a table on weekends! Also the offers on drinks gives me and my friends yet another reason to land up at M Spice!
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Nikhil Deo - Burrp User

Nikhil Deo

June 19,2013

Everything Is Just Perfect

I had been to this restaurant number of times and everything is just Perfect here . Loved the food , ambiance , and excellent service . The best pan Asian food in town . Cheers to malaka ;)
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akrahgu - Burrp User


May 11,2013


What can I say about Malaka Spice that is not said already. This place is a legend, super food super service and above all what a great ambience. They have some great deals on food and booze and its amazing how they do it. Try the Basil chicken and the Pandan leaves chicken- great. Just dont miss Malaka, whatever you do!
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manali777 - Burrp User


May 03,2013

Wonderful experience at Malaka Spice

It was my hubby's birthday and we decided to celebrate at Malaka Spice. It was the perfect decision ....the food was awesomeness as usual. We tried Lotus Stem Tango and wow it was so good, ambiance and special mention about the service which was very fast ..thanks Malaka Spice. Keep it up!
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miki123 - Burrp User


March 02,2013

Exquisite place.

Nice ambiance, nice food, nice service. Authentic food. Took me down the memory lane with that freshness of south east Asian spices. Must must try place. And they have Stella Draught!!! Not very cheap but worth every penny!!
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priyanka chougale - Burrp User

priyanka chougale

February 06,2013

nice restro

good place to sit and chat with friends and enjoy the tasty food. should try once :)
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priyanka chougale - Burrp User

priyanka chougale

February 06,2013

beautiful restro

very nice ambience and great food. really should try once where we can sit and enjoy with our friends. cool one !!!!
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Suhit Saha - Burrp User

Suhit Saha

January 06,2013

Amazing Experience

Such a great ambience with such good food, made our night. :) the Thai mutton chops were simply fabulous. A must go if you are nearby, and looking for a place where you can chat with your old friends, have couple of drinks and eat. :)
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sailajabhagwat - Burrp User


December 04,2012

beautiful place

Its a place covered by beautiful ambiance and some extra marvelous delicacies. A great place to relax with your friends or family and spend a lovely time with them. A must visit :)
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ryan1985 - Burrp User


November 24,2012

Awsome place!!!!!

Great ambience, a must try place. The food is lovely..specially Chicken Top hats, Squid rings and Mutton hats......and many more. Excellent food.
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Genelle Keswick - Burrp User

Genelle Keswick

November 23,2012

perfect ambience and food

My favorite sunday hangout - most food lovers who know what their palate is yearning for would have a pre-decided menu when going yo Malaka Spice.
Enjoy a perfect Sunday afternoon with Thai Mutton Chops and a Malaka Prawn Tom Kha Soup - not to mention a mojito to complement the experience!
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Prajakta Chakravarty - Burrp User

Prajakta Chakravarty

November 22,2012

great pan-asian food and experience

Malaka Spice is my no.1 choice for pan-Asian food when at KP. The menu is elaborate with some great Chef's special. The prices are also fine, quite value for money when you factor in the nice buzzy, ambiance. Will be there more and more. I love the lamb there and the Papaya salad.
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Dwaipayan Chakravarty - Burrp User

Dwaipayan Chakravarty

November 21,2012

Consistantly Good food, great ambience

Malaka Spice has beena fave dining destination of mine for the last 7 years. Feeling a craving for great pan-asian cooking in the foodie lanes of Koregaon Park? Look no further. Malaka Spice offers a dazzling varied menu from many corners of Asia, in a plesant, indoor and outdoor decor. You'll find all your typical, known favourites, but also some Chef's twists that are great to eat. If you have a slightly adventurous streak, go for those. Pricing is competetive, and you can have drinks to accompany your food. Try the Papaya Salad, Prawn Bang Bang and the Duck dishes! I'll be going there again.. and again... and again...
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Philipmathew85 - Burrp User


November 21,2012

A great place to take your friends

The food is just grate especially the sea food dishes and their mutton chops is the best dish on their menu.
the ambience of the place is grate and well decorated with, class wooden furniture
A nine place to have South-Asian food in Pune.
But the best part I like is the frequent art exhibitions which are conducted their
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Neha Srivastava - Burrp User

Neha Srivastava

November 21,2012


A great place which gave me great memories to live with. the food is way delicious.
Mutton chops is the best dish on their menu. its to die for.
Being a graphic designer their menu card and restaurant graphics attract me more.
A great South-Asian resturant in Pune.
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sheetal_doctor - Burrp User


November 20,2012

Food at Malaka Spice

the restaurant is basically for non-vegetarians.Being a vegetarian i was very hesitant.the reason for giving it five stars is that the dishes that we tried were ALL veg and still were unique and very tasty.there was a personal touch to the service as each table had a specific person. I tried Thai noodles suggested by the person serving our table and i did not regret his choice.they were spicy and just yummy.Worth a visit even for vegetarians.
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Chandan Joshi - Burrp User

Chandan Joshi

November 20,2012

Spicy Malaka

The decor, the ambiance, the paintings displayed and above all the food - superb experience. We went on our anniversary and it was well worth it!
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farshos - Burrp User


November 19,2012

Malaka Spice

Malaka Spice got a good ambience and good food . The Thai curry out there is awesome . Nice place to visit again and again.
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sachinkm77 - Burrp User


November 18,2012

good food

The service is brilliant and the staff is polite.
the desert is also good
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shweta_hardikar - Burrp User


October 11,2012

Magical place

I am a regular at the Malaka Spice and in absolute love with their menu.

I started with Chicken Satay, which is amazing, only second to the one I had at The East Street Cafe. Tops hats are mind blowing and these days we end up ordering two plates of Top Hats when it's just I and my husband eating at that place. That is one thing I have never had anywhere else in the town. So are the Fire Cracker Prawns. I must say that Malaka Spice is one of the very few places who know how to cook prawns or rather how not to overcook them. They are subtly cooked and when you bite they have that thing, not chewy, not rubbery goodness.

My husband is not a fish eater regularly but he digs the Grilled Fish in Banana Leaves like nothing else. We almost lick off the sauce served with the fish with our fingers. It is that good.

In the main course, I have always had Kari Kapitan and Coriander rice. I tried the Thai Red curry recently but I did not like that the vegetables were not cooked in it. I understand al dente but I do not like half cooked veggies in my curry. I preferred Kari Kapitan then.

I never try any of the desserts as I usually have a glass of wine or a beer, (of which they have nice variety) so cannot talk about that much.

Overall. Great Experience, good place to take friends if they like flavors more than just spice.
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lastorphan - Burrp User


September 03,2012

Indeed the reigning king of SE Asian Cuisine

Been here last Sunday with my wife and my wife just loved the ambience. We dine a lot outside and also internationally, but Malaka spice has a very non-intrusive, calm, tasteful feel about the whole place. The entree, main course and dessert were amazing as usual. Our server was Neeta and she was awesome as well as quick. A wholesome and wowwww experience. A sunday well spent and also as it was Jack Daniel's Birthday month, got to win some stuff from JD marketing female there. Not to forget the usual Malaka touch which makes the place special is the attention by managers and operations. Many many more years lurking ahead...
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Aditya Kakodkar - Burrp User

Aditya Kakodkar

August 23,2012

Best South East Asian food

To call Malaka Spice the restaurant serving the best South East Asian food would be an understatement. The sheer variety of food they have to offer is minboggling. My personal favorite is the Chicken in Pandanu and I haven't had a better Chicken Satay anywhere else. The food is affordable but the drinks aren't. The ambience is qiuet so is amazing for family dinners. Wait on weekend is long if you havent booked a table . Also do try the amazing range of dessert they have.
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critreviewer - Burrp User


August 22,2012

Nice outdoor ambience

Good food and nice outdoor ambience. There is also an option for you to sit inside but I would suggest sitting outside. The food was good.

We had an offer where we could be pay for either booze or food, whichever is the highest. You must try their Top Hats Pai Tee. It is just wonderful. We ordered about 3 of them and couldn't get enough of it.

We had a very friendly steward called Veeru and he suggested some really nice starters and main course.

Give it a try and you will love it.
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Amita Moghe - Burrp User

Amita Moghe

August 14,2012

'No smoking' please

We visited Malaka Spice on Sunday with some friends for lunch. My two and half year old son was with us. Since it was drizzling, we thought it would be nice to sit outside and my son would also have some open space to walk around. Little did I know that we would be inhaling passive smoke throughout the meal. I noticed that many diners were smoking on the tables so inquired with the staff as per the smoking policy. She apologized for the inconvenience and informed me that it was permitted outdoors. Now that was surprising! I thought the recent law does not allow smoking in any part of the restaurant, or even office balconies. So, are they flouting that? Anyway, the food was excellent but I was waiting for it to get over as I did not like my son to be exposed to the cigarette smoke.
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Praveen Gupta - Burrp User

Praveen Gupta

June 19,2012

Whole Experience is Commendable

Date of Visit - 15/06/2012

I went there with a friend of mine upon her suggestion. We chose the table outside, near the bar. The ambience was perfect, as it was drizzling. The Occassional sprinklers made sure that the ambience does not hot up and make the guests uneasy. It was indeed amazing idea. For starters, we ordered Lotus Stem Tango, which was undoubtedly delicious, fresh and properly cooked and Top Hats, which was good too. but, Lotus Stem was the show stealer. Also, ordered Veg Manchow Soup which was good too. For Main course, I tried Penang Curry with Brown Rice.. and both tasted very nice upon mixing up; not if taken up separately. In the end, we ordered ginger garlic tea which was refreshing and the concoction was smooth. Overall, it was a lovely experience. Would like to go back again anytime to try more options on their Menu.
P.S. They have got a vast variety of food.
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sspradhan - Burrp User


June 02,2012

South Asian food at its best

Situated at Koregaon Park in the heart of the city, this is one of the finest places for having South Asian Food .. The Ambiance is just mesmerizing .. Perfectly lighted place, it has two places to sit. One is the AC room while other is in garden. AC room is nice but the one in the Garden is the best .. On the table you will a Candle which just adds to mood .. The food is just too good ... and with such great Food and lovely Ambiance , having Wine is must .. The service is prompt, the food is just fab. the prices are slightly on the higher side .But you dont expect a Ferrari at the price of Maruti ... It is totally worth it .. Give it a try ...Believe me you wont repent your decision. The place is must for Romantic Dinners .. Just Fly into Heaven @ MALAKA SPICE
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akash1508 - Burrp User


May 16,2012

Nice food, Good Ambience

Tasted the South East Asian Cuisine for the first, Malaka Spice will not disappoint you with the food, the food tastes great with the ingredient giving a unique falvour to your senses. The ambience is also good, candle lit and perfect for a romantic outing.

Pros: Great food, Good Ambience and good service.

Cons: Beware if you are sitting outside, the mosquitoes may be lurking around to suck your blood out. Management: please arrange for some mosquito repellants.
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Amitsingh Chouhan - Burrp User

Amitsingh Chouhan

March 13,2012

Try Top Hats with Beer.

Service / Ambiance is cool. Top Hats really gets hats off ,a must try starter.
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nikhil.rao - Burrp User


February 23,2012

Worst. Experience. Ever.

I cannot believe a restaturant recommended by the Times Food Guide has sunk so low. The service was terrible (on a Wednesday night). Extremely slow service, no response, had to call stewards multiple times to get at least some food on the table. And the food ! Here's what we had :

1. Tom Yum Soup - standard right ? Wrong - hot as hell. Full of finely chopped green and red chillies, impossible to remove. We consumed more water than soup.
2. Irish coffee - cold, served in the wrong glass. Steward insists its supposed to be cold. We ask for 4 more, hot coffee, and they come to the table luke warm. Very less coffee - mostly Bailey's and whipped cream. Bartender - please check up your recipes!
3. Lotus stem starter - HOT. tasty, but HOT
4. Spring rolls - Oily and greasy. Had to be wiped with napkins
... various other starters which were passable...
5. Entree - hakka noodles - served cold, bland. No amount of sauces could help this dish.
6. Pad Thai - if you cannot get this standard dish right, stop calling yourselves a Thai restaurant !! This one was SOUR ! Steward informed us that this is the correct way - its tossed in imli sauce ! Sent it back...
7. Fruit salad with ice cream - looked tempting, served in a green coconut shell, with ice cream on top. Nice! After eating the ice cream, discovered that the only fruits in the salad were apples ! Yes - a fruit salad of only green and red apples... nothing else. I have never seen a fruit salad with only 1 type of fruit, not even at a thela / tapri...

After a lot of complaints from our 12 member group, the head steward (?) apologized profusely, and brough a cake to our table, on the house (we were there to celebrate sister's b'day...).

The real cherry on the cake was when I discovered that Valet parking attendants had helped themselves to diesel from my Vento.. and drained almost half the tank. When I started it to leave, the fill fuel light came on and it showed only 55 kms to empty. This was the absolute last straw, and Mallaka Spice is now blacklisted by my and family and all my friends as well. We will take our business elsewhere.
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avinash.goenka - Burrp User


February 12,2012

Great food

great starters... loved the starters completely... main course was also very good... but the specialty here are the starters i should say
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Rajat Khare - Burrp User

Rajat Khare

February 08,2012

Superb Food and Ambience

This place is not for people who wants to eat regular Dal/Chicken -Rice.

This is oriental place. Food is really good. Sit out side to enjoy weather.

Service is good. Valet parking available.

They also have opened the offshoot in Phoenix Mall, Pune
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Anshita Koul - Burrp User

Anshita Koul

January 30,2012

Okay !

I did not like the food here. Ambiance is good but the food just did not tickle my taste buds at all. I am non vegetarian so can still manage with Chicken but I wonder what do poor Vegetarians do!
Some people may probably like it if they are very fond of Thai and Malaysian Cuisines.
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Husein Upletawala - Burrp User

Husein Upletawala

January 26,2012

Winter menu @ Malaka Spice

When you think of winter dishes, you think of hot, hearty, well-spiced meals that warm the cockles of your heart. Now because winter menus are more of a western phenomenon, we've come to associate typical winter dishes with those using cinnamon, cloves, etc. But owner / chef Cheeru Chandavarkar and her team of talented chefs at Malaka Spice give it a smart Asian twist using authentic south-east Asian herbs and spices like galangal, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, thai chillies, basil etc.

You enter the gorgeously candle-lit alfresco dining area of the restaurant decorated with lanterns . Well-spaced out tables and interesting world music give the ambiance a rather soothing and plush feel. They also have an indoor dining area but alfresco one is more popular and pleasant, especially in the evenings and during winters.

The restaurant has a rather comprehensive drinks menu comprising of a wide variety of beers, wines, spirits, cocktails and mocktails. Their tie-up with Vallone, one of India's finest wineries is indeed good news for those who enjoy wines with their pan-asian cuisine. Of the cocktails, we tried the red wine sangria and the green apple martini. The sangria came with a spike of citrus - it had sliced oranges which gave it a nice refreshing taste. And their martini has always been my favourite cocktail, a must-have on my visits to the restaurant.

We'd intended to sample their winter menu which had a reasonable selection of meats, sea-food and vegetarian options. For starters we went for marital prawns {crumb-fired with minced chicken and spices}, duck momos {from the regular menu, served with an insanely awesome accompaniment} and kari leaf prawns {fried in an egg batter and tossed with curry leaves and chillies}. For the mains we tried sumantran slow duck {green sauce, thai herbs and spices}, king fish labor curry {Malaysian thick spicy curry} and jasmine rice. Although it's tough to pick favourites at Malaka, we thought the marital prawns, duck momos and the labor curry were particularly outstanding. Desserts were apple pie with ice-cream and royal chocolate mousse.

Other dishes that were included in the winter menu and demand a re-visit were ginger and scallion lobster, pepper crab, scampi, filipino paella, lamb shank, kaffir lime and lemon grass mousse etc.

The service was great as usual with well-informed and courteous waiters. Also another change I noticed this time was that the floor managers seemed to be more involved asking for our feedback on the food more than once, making us fill-up a digital customer satisfaction form on an iPad and even offering their personal visiting cards for future reservations and inquiries. I may be wrong, but the entire floor team seem to have been additionally empowered. Way to go.

The Winter menu is on till March and simply not to be missed. 5 stars!!!
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Ajinkya Naik - Burrp User

Ajinkya Naik

December 04,2011

very bad service

Was at this place on 24 November with my close friend. Heard that place is really great but it is not. Waiting for 20 min for some one to take order. Then the it started like this...
After finishing the starter he served main course in same dish in which we had starter. He served curry and roti in same "SMALL" plate. It was such a mess in my dish, dint know what am i eating. He served so much that food was out of plate.
After some time waiter standing next to us dint bother to serve even after telling.
I was so angry with him. When I asked for manager, got an answer that he is not there today.I told that i wanna complain then he apologized and says "Sorry for that but manager is not there".
Worst part stars now . He came with ice cream and sweets which was not ordered and placed on table. Told him that i dint order the after 3 min another guy comes and says that its complementary. I refused that totally. Then he comes up with so many discount coupons and spa coupons and all. I refused that as well because when he said '' managers is not there so take this ''. That was so insulting . Yet the story is not done. When he realized that i am very angry to built rapo he started "Sir where you stay" . Don't know what was he trying to do.

I have been to so many places in life but this was worst. The most insulting was when he said that this is how is served everywhere as though that was my first time in life. I really when some one gives me coupons after such service. I expect good service not coupons.

Bad Bad Bad service
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indianfoodie - Burrp User


November 24,2011


Ordered for home delivery from tasty khana. Food was delivered promptly. Having read all the good reviews had high expectations but was disappointed. The Thai curry had an overbearing sour taste. The papaya salad was good though. The Tom Yum soup was average and did not have the hit in your face appeal.Maybe this is more of a dine in place or this may really be aberration
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Mrugen Deshmukh - Burrp User

Mrugen Deshmukh

November 22,2011

Excellent Meal ,, Great Experience

Lunch at Malakka Spice with my team was a great experience. We enjoyed the lunch , savouring the various Authentic South-East Asian(read THAI,North Malaysian)Chicken dishes. The food was great and service was excellent.
The staff seems to be well trained and we found them to be quite knowledgeable about the dishes.They could suggest excellent dishes out of vast array available in the menu.
The restaurant has excellent ambience I would like to visit the restaurant once again to explore more of those mouth-watering dishes.
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Sagar Gamé - Burrp User

Sagar Gamé

October 31,2011

Great experience

Malaka Spice is one of the best places to have great food and a wonderful dining experience. The ambiance is good, candle light, quite and peaceful. If you ever need to take someone to a really impressive place for dinner, I would recommend this. The cuisine is mainly Thai-Malay-Vitnamese, and it does really taste good.
It was my first experience with all the food from Southeast asia so the staff helped us in proper selection and they were really helpful.
All in all a great place to go for a beautiful dinner.
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rohan.vangal1 - Burrp User


October 08,2011

Luving it

I am a regular visitor of Malaka Spice and love it even more, on my every visit !

Great place, great food and nice ambiance.

1 star less for their service - which needs to be more attentive and quick.
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Vikas Plakkot - Burrp User

Vikas Plakkot

September 01,2011

THE place!

Malaka Spice is easily one of THE best places to eat in Pune. The service is just as good as the food. Great South East Asian food and they serve actual SEA stuff unlike many other restaurants which merely boast of it. Even the vegetarian food was excellent (Spring roll is what I tried). Prawns and Chicken dishes were great and so were the thai curries (red and green). Spectacular ambiance! And if you need your caricature done, they have a specialist who will do it while you eat :) Great experience.
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kul_ritika - Burrp User


August 13,2011

Bad Service...Not at all Spice

Ambiance is Good especially but the Customer service is Pathetic.Needs a lesson on Hospitality and customer service.
Before even booking asking how much should be the bill and food is horrible
There is too much delay in the customer service and you have to wait for eternity for your dinner.
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binalzg - Burrp User


June 20,2011

Great vibe

I love the vibe of this restaurant. Hip crowd, affordable prices, efficient service...and killer cocktails. Try their watermelon martini or a mai tai...spectacular. The food is nothing to rave about but it's not bad either. If you're okay with eating Indianized Pan Asian but want a chilled out evening with good friends and some cocktails, without paying an arm and a leg for it, this is the place for you.
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abatburrp - Burrp User


June 17,2011

best southeast asian food i ever had

man d food here is awsome
the best part is it has its unique dishes which you wouldnot find anywhere else
if u are bored of having the same food again and again then this is the place for you
dey also hav good collection of wine and alcohol
i hardly get to see such unique food in pune
in delhi n hyderabad they hav d unique stuff at some places
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doublehelix - Burrp User


June 09,2011

Nice experience

I took my parents there for dinner. It was my mother's B'day. Generally, my parents are not adventurous when it comes to food and they were initially reluctant to go to MS. In the end they were happy we went there and thoroughly enjoyed the ambience and the food.

Ambience: It was a warm, pleasant night and we decided to sit out. A short walk led us to the open area which reminded me more of an Italian al fresco setup - the tables were smallish and made of tiles and without cover sheets and garden variety seating. They had set up many hydromisting fans (+). Dessert counter on one side and bar on the other.

Two small unhappy things here: First, I had a misting fan right in my face so I felt I was taking a shower while sipping on my beer. They shifted the table away a tad bit for us after I made a request. A little while later an American couple sat next to us and had the same experience with the fan, and so an attendant came along and shifted the fan away --straight into my face again. We had to repeat the table move procedure only after I complained again. In an excellent restaurant when moving such a fan is necessary the attendant should check that no (current) customer is inconvenienced by the move.
Also, a largish "mgmt from Europe comes in to meet and greet Indian staff" dinner was on at an adjacent table. Given they had come piled in three Mercs they were fawned upon and I ended up waving manically to attract attention and have a harried waiter explain a dish to me (always looking to see if the larger party needed anything). That's a no-no.
Overall, the ambience was good since I prefer not to dwell on the negatives at that moment.

Drinks: Save my Dad's regular and my beers I decided to order a cocktail for my Ma. I ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri. They brought in a Kiwi Daiquiri and we got into a small discussion before the correct drink was brought out and my mother thought it was terrific! Dad took a sip and loved it too.

Food: Topline here is what I'd say - The food is 'kinda authentic', a little bit of an adventure for someone that has never ventured beyond maa ki dal and paneer tikka and butter chicken but if you're a true foodie having worked your way through street food in Hanoi or Chinatown in SF you won't find much of an adventure here. I liked most of it without loving anything in particular.

We decided to try the most uniquely flavored appetizers and stay away from entrees as much as possible.

1) We got 'three aunties & three grandmothers' - a veggie stir fry that was to have exotic Asian mushrooms and some regular veggies. It was very heavy on 'baby corn' and light on the mushrooms. I should have thought of it but didn't (baby corn is way cheaper than exotic mushrooms). When I pointed it out I was simply told to request it a certain way. Sorry I didn't foresee this one!

2) Chicken in Pandanu - Boneless kababs marinated in herbs and thai paste, fried wrapped in pandanu leaves. Now that I think about it this was a standout. Very tender and strong deeply marinated flavors

3) Hawker Prawn Dumplings - Did not stand out.

USP - They have exhibitions by various artists every few days and have monetized on wall real estate. Great idea and gives an artsy feel.

May go again, especially if they have a Malakan street food festival.
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snehaei - Burrp User


June 07,2011

Nice Ambiance with great food

My friends had always recommended me to go to Malaka Spice but i was always reluctant.This time they dragged me there and i was surprised with the nice ambiance at first glance.

The food is rocking and red curry and herb rice has become my all time favorite.

I would recommend to go there at least once to try out different food
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Diptiie Kattii - Burrp User

Diptiie Kattii

May 29,2011

Overall a nice experience

Love this place - for the ambience, service and of course the amazing food. The veg options are quite less - Thai red curry n herbed rice tops my list of favs at this place - some amazing non veg starters too. Right from the time I first visited the place till more recently - its always a pleasure to dine here unlike a few restaurants in the same vicinity which have lost the charm over time. Cheers. :)
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darshan85 - Burrp User


April 29,2011

Great Place

Have been here on more than a couple of occasions. A huge place, very chilled out and great food. The menu here is unique and its great if you want to try out new south east asian food. I personally love the food here. The yellow thai curry and the pad thai is great.
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elusion - Burrp User


March 18,2011

Can never go wrong!

Love love love Malaka Spice! Been visiting for years and the quality is always consistent. The extensive menu always makes you keep trying out more. The amazing collection of infused drinks makes me trying out more than I should. The outdoor seating is fun, especially during the bazaar times in the evening. Also loved the free Christmas Cake on 25th Dec!
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7 good friends Fat gang - Burrp User

7 good friends Fat gang

February 06,2011

Visit them for value

Well, for us, it is not to be easily pleased by a place which doesnt serve typical Indian food as most of us do not enjoy anything except Indian food. But, a chance visit to this place has made a lot of us visit this place again and again. Malaka Spice is actually a place which gives you alll the value that you always wanted to have.
It has an amazing ambience which will surely value your time and privacy.
The service is fast and prompt
The food is unique, mouth watering and great taste. It brings the south east asia on to your dish and I think thats one of the best that you get in the country.
And all this for a reasonable price.
If you dont mind experimenting, go here once before you become a regular :)
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Pizza10 - Burrp User


December 18,2010

Tasty food

The chicken satay is to die for. Thai red curry with basil rice is equally yummy!
South east asian spread is worth trying.
How ever.......they do not deliver food,except through some agency........which is :(
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Aniket Pargaonkar - Burrp User

Aniket Pargaonkar

November 14,2010

Trip to South East Asia :)

Not many places in India usually serve authentic South Asian food. Its always ‘tweaked’ to suite the Indian taste buds. But this cosy place in Koregaon Park, Pune called Malaka Spice is leagues apart. The best thing about Malaka Spice is that it doesn’t compromise on the authenticity of the food. Also enough information is provided in the menu card (one of the best menu cards I’v seen) about the dishes; so first timers need not worry. They have dishes from every part of the Orient .. be it Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Burma or China.
We opened our innings with the Malaka Tom Kha Phak, a very spicy Thai soup superbly flavoured with galangal which had us asking for more. After that we went for 2 starters; Stuffed Mushroom Parcels & Thai rolls. Both good but the mushrooms could have been a bit spicier (please excuse my Indian taste buds). Main course was Vietnam Topaz Curry (superb) with Roti Jhala (a net like crisp crepe which was frankly a bit difficult to eat with the curry, but tasted nice anyways) and Pad Thai with crunchy peanuts. We ended with apple pie with ice cream which was again really nice. The whole thing set us back by around a thousand bucks so wasn’t bad at all. In all it was a very satisfying experience and am sure we’ll be going back there a lot more times.
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Vinamra Pandiya - Burrp User

Vinamra Pandiya

September 20,2010

Malaka Spice Home Delivery service exp.

I'm a regular fan of malaka spice and I stay in Chandni Chowk but still I never had problems with the private agency that Malaka Spice has tied up with (www.tastykhana.com). They are right on time and keep us updated in case of any delay. Worth trying guys!
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rohanshett_y - Burrp User


September 20,2010

Excellent food

By far the best pan asian restaurant in Pune..unfortunately they do not deliver..only through some private agencies. which is a negative. The new space they moved into is much larger and swankier than the previous and overall a better experience. Good luck !
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khavayya - Burrp User


August 12,2010

No good home delivery !

Since i live in Koregaon Park, we order for their home delivery on many-a-occasions; Except for their prawns fried rice, i found that their other chicken and mutton dishes, especially in the chinese category, were not at all upto the mark, portioned miserly, watery, and mixed with more groundnuts than chicken !
Even the kebabs were half-cooked, and for their exhorbitant pricing, the food didn't match either the quality or the quantity.
Quite unreliable for a home delivery ! Looks like one has to keep his fingers crossed to hit the luck of having good food,in the comfort of your home !
They absolutely need to revamp the service, the quality , so that the regular customers are not lost.
The Great Punjab in the same area, is atleast more honest on this account.
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ghoshps - Burrp User


May 14,2010


I went for a quick lunch. Service was good, waiters were suggestive. It helped. Ambience was very nice. I liked the quality of food. It was good and tasty. Quantity is sufficient. It's also reasonably priced. I should not say cheap, but didn't mind paying for value received.
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Sharad Agrawal - Burrp User

Sharad Agrawal

March 01,2010

Visit 2 njoy ur evening

It was an awesome experience.. the ambience, the food and the service was all good.. the items on the menu looked so pleasing... surely visit dis place if u plan to impress someone.. :)
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KR  - Burrp User


February 13,2010

How this place has grown

From a hole in the wall to a huge indepedent house and big restaurant.

Clearly reflects the popularity of this place - thankfully the food tastes as good as before. Actually exceptional - be it veg or non-veg.

The one problem of this growth is that the service has gown a bit downwards - possibly bcos of the number of new waiters around.

Highly recommended!
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drmike4u - Burrp User


October 07,2009

Best South East Asian food ever!

I signed up on burrp! today to be able to comment on Malaka Spice restaurant.

I want to say it loud, this place is absolutely BRILLIANT, from the service to the food, not to mention the deco and the attention to every single detail (the menu is so great that I read it with greed for half an hour).

We were in Pune for 2 days and were staying in Lane 5, we gave a try to Malaka Spice as we were walking past it and were..hungry! We were so enthusiastic that we came also the second day of our stay.

The ingredients used here are very fresh, the spices are combined to the food with such finesse that it expresses for me the quintessence of south east asian food: colorful, vivid, delicately spiced, tasty...

Try everything (the tangy green papaya salad, the soups, thai curries, and so on).

More than a great experience for the palate, we enjoyed the ambience (eat outside please!), and the numerous "personal touches" that make this restaurant unique!

One last thing: why the hell aren't you opening a new joint in Mumbai??!!!
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shindec - Burrp User


September 04,2009

Good Food

The place is big/roomy as compared to the earlier location. The food quantity is fine, but it is cooostly. Good for once in a while!
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Siddharth Bhowmik - Burrp User

Siddharth Bhowmik

August 10,2009


If you are a real foodie then you must visit this place sure. It may be with family, friends or just simply someone special. To begin with, the starters are simply superb. There is a starter, cannot recollect the name, it's got chicken sausages in a stick. Awesome. The alcohol menu is also good. The main course is really delicious. The red thai curry out of this world. For me, the taste will remain for the next 12 hours. Yumm!!! The portions are really good. They don't stinge on the quantity. Its complete value for money.
The good thing about this place is that even if you enter this place at 3:30pm, they still serve you. You can easily lounge around there with your drinks till evening. No one come up to you saying that, it's 3:30- kitchen closing time place your order.
The staff also is very helpful and well versed with the menu.
This place is a must visit.
Average cost for 3 covers - Rs.1900 that included starters, beer, cocktail, Bacardi, main course and of course the desert.
For desert do try try vanilla ice cream with a hot chocolate brownie. It's simple yet delicious.
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vjfrogy - Burrp User


August 08,2009

The Best Southeast Asian Food

Just one word - Awesome.

The Monsoon Menu - To die for

Keep it up guys. You rock. I luv the place.

And hey Burrp - U need to change the address Malaka Spice has moved to Lane 5 to a fantaastic location in doors and out doors.
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sourabhdx - Burrp User


August 04,2009


I have been to malaka many a times when it was at lane-6.
Last saturday was the first time i went to its new location in lane-5.
In Malaka you usually expect to be served with fresh exotic dishes from south east asia.
But what i got was nothing that i had bargained for specially the mutton dish, which felt as if i was chewing on my leather belt and service, i had to wait a full 25 min for the next round of "roti Kanai" to come.
For me Malaka has lost its lusture.
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deedust - Burrp User


June 04,2009

Nice S.E.A food

S.E.A = South east asian

It was a Wednesday nite and decided to go to Hardrock cafe..jam packed so decided to go some place else..as it was around 10.30, drove around KP and decided to visit Malaka spice..
It was great as the waiter told us that they are open till 3 am.Last orders for food till around 11..we were hungry and decided to quickly order a starter and maincourse..we ordered a chk Top hat starter(Rs175) and couple of ice tea's.the starter left a nice taste in our mouth...ice tea was ordinary..nothing special.. i ordered a kaffir lime-n lemony chk stir fry(195), duck chilli(225) and padthai noodles(190) to go along..the food was delicious and was served fast as we were maybe the last table..overall thumbs up for the food..will visit again and try something different..

Ambience: we decided not to sit outside which was packed on a Wed nite..looked like a well maintained garden...inside was spacious and well lit..minimalistic decor or ethnic feel..bar looked well stocked up (didn't drink coz had to work the next day :().

overall was a good experience on a weekday..total bill around 900 for 2..not incl alcohol..
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punekar777 - Burrp User


March 12,2009

Definitely Overrated

I was at Malaka Spice earlier this week for lunch and decided to order some of the Thai specialties on the menu.

So first to quench my thirst, I asked the waiter if they had Thai Iced Tea. He said yes and brought me back something totally different. It was not what you would expect a Thai Iced Tea to be (and I've eaten at many Thai places before) - it was a mocktail that had coffee and some syrup and crushed ice.

Ok so I figured at least the food should be decent since the restaurant is recommended in many reviews. I ordered Pad Thai and a Red Curry - pretty standard Thai fare as main entrees and the mushroom pockets (a Japanese dish they claim on the menu) as a starter.

Soon the mushroom pockets arrived and they were over-fried but low on salt and high on oil. Not too tasty!

Then came the entrees. The Pad Thai was green in colour - I've never had a green coloured Pad Thai in my life before! and the Red Curry looked tolerable.

I served myself - the waiters were too busy gossiping among each other to pay attention to the customers. The food was tolerable but the experience was not.

I came to the restaurant with high expectations and the food did not taste good. It was not a satisfying experience so it will take some real enticement to get me back to Malaka Spice again. Definitely overrated and overhyped. Or maybe they were just having another bad day!
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Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay - Burrp User

Completely not worth the hype

So, here's the take - this place isn't worth the hype at all. The menu card is fancy (in fact it is so fancy that at places it shrieks out implicitly "go away and order something uncomplicated"), the ambience is nice and, there are plenty of folks to wait on the tables. But, it is so not worth another look-see.

Here's a quick run down on what was ordered:

* Stuffed Mushroom Parcels - probably a good starter to order. nice and crunchy although completely lacking any sort of texture
* Tom Kha Veg Soup - sticky and of a horrible color leaving one to wonder if anyone does order it
* Sweet and Sour Veg Tofu - average stuff
* Thai Noodle (Pad Thai) - it was so-so, not great or to rave home about
* Thai Iced Tea - it certainly wasn't Thai Iced Tea, it might have been anything other than it
* Steam Rice - sticky rice without a fragrance which was really odd

Visit it if you have run out of options or, just want to spend some time out in the open having food. Else, give it a pass.
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ktolwal - Burrp User


December 16,2008

Malaka Spice


Been to this place with the Mrs some weeks back, It was close to 11 when we reached there and lucky for us they let us in as they started taking last orders around that time.

As usual the whole candle light dinner thing brings out the mushy side and we kept on talking without thinking about ordering. The waiters were patient enough and after we realized, we were just scrambling as to what to order.

My wife being a staunch veggie, I had to budge and order a full veg fare (god). Anyways, it did not turn out to be a dampener. I took suggestions from a guy who was sort of a manager or something I guess. Pretty decent guy, he suggested us what would be good. So here it goes

Grilled Veggies Javanese (starters)
Veg Kari Kapitan (curry )
Garlic roti
malaysian herb rice
(and no we are not into the hard stuff so you wouldn't find any in this review, but I heard that they server good wine.)

Yes we had to order this in one go, as I said earlier it was the last order. Anyways we went back talking to where we had left it. I'm not one of those people who want the order to come in minutes, 'coz I feel that if it comes within minutes then it is not fresh.

The chef should take his time in preparing the food, then and only then the food would turn out to be good. And I was not disappointed, our starters took some time but boy oh boy when they were in we just LOVED it, it was served with peanut butter.

The roti and the veg kari kapitan followed next, I dont need to explain about roti, but the kari kapitan was reddish, maroonish in color (can't tell the exact color in a candle light can we), with lots of fresh veggies and cashews and it was supposedly done in coconut curry. Bottom line it was well worth the money and the taste.

Same goes on with the malaysian herb rice, the menu stated
it was done in fresh shredded mint, basil, corriander, celery , excotic herbs tossed steam rice. And it was every bit of it.

Being a slow eater it went long, and by time we looked around everyone had left and we were the only ones remaining. Remember the nice manager guy who helped us in ordering, he saw us trying to rush into the food. He told us not to worry and take our own sweet time to finish the food , which we did.

It was a extremely good experience foodwise, ambiance wise, the friendly manager guy who let us enjoy every bit of the time and the food. I would say its well worth it.

Advise to anyone visiting, kindly book your seats in advance as the place maxes out over the weekend. And you would have to wait for anything from 30-60 min. We had to leave empty handed on a couple of occasions prior to this just because of the waiting period.

their website - www.malakaspice.com
phone numbers - 26151088,26156293
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Chirag Tanna - Burrp User

Chirag Tanna

May 02,2008

reverberating the palate

A visually appealing menu card; one which entices a patron to actually dissect the varying options - is a job half-done. This one an Malaka Spice is neatly embedded with general trivia about the locations of whose food they cater. Knowing your food definitely did no-one any harm :)

They proudly exhibit themselves as an outfit enabling a 'culinary journey through southeast Asia'. This ensemble of varying cuisines incorporating flavours from Malacca, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia China, Indonesia ensures a neat (read as 'non-comprehensive') mixture of starters, stir-fires, soups, mocktails, rice, noodles, salads, curries and deserts.

A cosy-eatery, frequented by connoisseurs of good food, tucked in a by-lane in Koregaon Park offers both -open-air and air-conditioned seating. Drinks include wine and chilled beer.

Neither the service, nor the food (portion-wise and taste-wise) falter; be it any weekday or any weekend - the place almost always has a queue of patrons lined up.

I have had a range of dishes on numerous visits, the most frequently ordered being:
1) Lotus stem tango (Rs. 140/- for sliced crispy lotus stem stir-fried in a tangy sauce)
2) Chicken sausage satay (Rs. 190/- for 8 sausages on skewers and sauted to perfection, accopmanied with peanut sauce)
3) Stuffed musshrooms (Rs. 140/- for 8 big mushrooms)
4) Chicken in pandanu (Rs. 190/- for tender kebab chunks accompanied with a sweet sauce)
5) Malaka veg thai red curry (with oodles of veggies)
6) Roti jhala (Rs. 40 for 4 nos. - crepe-type roti interspersed with holes)
7) brown rice (perfect accompaniment with the curries)
8) chicken kari kapitan (Rs. 155/-)
9) Chocolate sin mouse cake (Rs. 70/-)

'Brilliance' is an understatement whilst describing the various flavours inseminated in every dish. 'Huge' is another understatement whilst describing the quantity of portions served.

It is not always about the grandness of the ambience, nor is it about the number of dishes that your chef purportedly manages to conjure; sometimes its just about the perfection that a joint exudes - be it the innovative menu, the attentive staff who 'know' their food, the minimalist decor heavily laden with paintings-for-sale adorning all their cemented ramparts - there is a definitive class statement about this place.

My Advice: Guzzle down chilled beers along with starters to enjoy a comprehensive laid-back evening, and rest assured about any item off the menu that you wish to order.
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Deap Ubhi - Burrp User

Deap Ubhi

April 08,2008

Inventive menu, youthful vibe!

I was really looking forward to trying this joint after hearing good things about it on burrp! and from friends who frequent Pune more than me. The wife and I planned on spending a good 2-3 hours, taking it slow, and trying as many small things as possible to get an expansive flavour of their menu. The menu itself is a well-crafted, witty piece of work, with "did-you-know" type facts and other tid bits littered throughout. This place is a self-proclaimed South East Asian joint, and boasts representation of most all South East Asian countries, ranging from Indonesia, to Vietnam, to Thailand, to Singapore, and everything in between. I must say that while I have not been to most of these countries, and cannot verify the authenticity of the cuisine, it tasted damn good!

We started our meal with a bottle of Ivy Malbec by Chateau Indage - not bad for an Indian wine. You're dealing with wine snobs here, so I can't give kudos to a vintner who is not yet at a level where they can compete with quality labels internationally (albeit a big difference in consumer tastes and expectations in India). We ordered a few starters, one a peppery grilled kingfish and a more traditional chicken skewers served with peanut sauce. Both were excellent, especially the spicy grilled kingfish. For main course, we simply opted for a fragrant basil rice, along with Green Curry Vegetables. I've had better Green Curry here (Seven Spices in Park Plaza, Goregaon); but it was still a valiant effort, and we enjoyed our meal.

We finished off with a few glasses of Muscat (white dessert wine) along with some light chocolate mousse (not the deep, dark, dense mousse, if that's what you're looking for). All in all, a great dining experience. There was a lack of continuity with respect to service (we had three different order-takers during the course of the meal), so I subtract some points for that. Also, the staff wasn't terribly helpful in suggesting the more popular stuff, even when we were very specific about what we like and what we don't like. All in all though, we had a very pleasant experience, and would definitely go to this place again the next time I'm in Pune.
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taste_master - Burrp User


November 24,2007


I dined here and had a mixed reaction as the TOM YUM soup was off and totally not what a genuine TOM YUM is. But having said that, the Pad Thai and the Kafir Lime Chicken dish was pretty good and the wine was really good. The trick was to ask them which bottled was opened today itself. For the record I had the Chantilli Cabernet and it was ..ss...mm..oooth!
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Deepa Shah - Burrp User

Deepa Shah

September 12,2007

Excellent food and ambiance

Small restaurant but outstanding food.

To start of something i remember very well is an interesting dish: sugarcane skewers. Padh-thai is my favourite. Nevertheless the Green Thai Curry or the Red Thai Curry are great. Pair them up with either the herbed rice or brown rice for a great combination.

They have an outside sitting and within the gallery. Sometimes the gallery gets too cramped. But sitting outside is nice as most of the times pune weather is very pleasant.

Also check out the menu card, its done up very nicely.

Its one of the nicest place in pune to have a long and a great meal.
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Soumya Konar - Burrp User

Soumya Konar

July 02,2012

Best Cocktails ever had

This is a perfect place to have cocktails and starters.
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sparklingfisher - Burrp User


September 19,2007

another great place

Did a 3 hour lunch on a sunday. Completely enjoyed.
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Miguel Angel - Burrp User

Miguel Angel

December 31,2016

one the best places to eat

very good to eat with the wife, with the family, friendd, your boss
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