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Anand Shetye - Burrp User

Anand Shetye

April 15,2014

Great for Waffles and Pancakes

Its a really nice place to eat waffles and pan cakes. I had chocolate waffle (half size) and it was enough to fill you up for long and satisfies the urge to eat hot chocolate waffle. Waffle was nice, spongy, and thick. Even half a portion is big.
I had also tired waffle with blueberry and vanilla ice cream. I must say it is delicious. Some say.. Waffle with blueberry goes well. I also had pan cake with maple syrup and hot chocolate syrup. They also add butter to it. The pan cakes are cooked well. Spongy, thick and pretty decent.
This Peter Pan is of a decent size with 6 to 7 tables. There are some issues like the seating area wasn't clean when I was there plus the plates weren't cleaned well. Worst of all, in the evening there are plenty of flies hovering around and many of them stick to your hand. It really irritates. I hope the management takes all these into consideration.
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Sneha Mittal - Burrp User

Sneha Mittal

March 18,2013

good pancakes

Ambience : 4.5/5

The ambiance of the place is good...Beautifully done walls and amazing choice of colors

fOOd : 5/5

The pancakes and waffles here are very tasty ...A good place to chill out with friends and hang out with them.

It is a little over priced but totally worth it...:)
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atul627 - Burrp User


December 29,2012

I am Peter's Fan !

Peters Pan..... uhhhh !! Good place for food and hangout ! specially on crowded FC road. I am Peters Fan now :D
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9punekar - Burrp User


December 26,2012

quick bite

I was struggling to find a place on crowdy sunday eve on FC road & i came across this one. Thought of checking in for a sandwich & eventually ended up eating loads of other stuff as well. Whoa!! it s worth it,. service could ve been better but self service helps :)
try those pan cakes n special egg omelettes, u ll like it.
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Ankit K - Burrp User

Ankit K

August 29,2012

Best pan cakes in the town

Well, this outlet is new outlet of Peterpan. The pancakes here are good but there is a little change in menu as compared to it Wanowrie store.There is also a relaxation the price of the items but that also includes cut in the items. For eg: The Blueberry Pan cake which is present as three stack of pancakes at Wanowrie store is just 2 stacks here at the FC Road store.
Never the less, the Pancakes are the best in town! GO FOR IT!
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Shailesh Lokare - Burrp User

Shailesh Lokare

July 22,2012

great place for breakfast

great place ..nice the ambiance...fast service...love the food..
its a place where u would love to try some thing new like pancakes or waffles if you never had them.
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Sagar Gamé - Burrp User

Sagar Gamé

March 20,2012

One of the best places for breakfast or brunch.

Peters Pan is one of the best places on FC road if you are there around breakfast time.

Although I miss Manmeet(which I liked more), this is a totally different place.
Ambience : I liked what they did with the place. Far better than the previous occupants.
Food : Famous for its waffles and other breakfast items, it also serves italian. I had a Pasta with iced tea and Blueberry Pancakes. The Pasta was very less in quantity and can say that Dominoes does a better job. Pan cakes were good, but didnt taste like blue berry. I had to pay extra for maple syrup but was worth it.
I dont mean that the food is not good, but for the price you pay, you are not getting its worth.
Attitude : I wasn't there at peak time but in general the staff was helpful and prompt at their job.
Finally : I would recommend this place for its menu but only once in a while(when you are out to explore). Have fun!
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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

January 14,2012

Another junk food paradise

Peters Pan is famous for its waffles and American food.

Its opened on the ashes of what used to be Manmeet Chat which a lot of folks swear by for the truly authentic chat joint.

Being aware of the fact that this joint was opening in the new year, i took a chance and landed at Peters Pan. For some strange reason, they dint allow any vehicles to be parked in front of the car inspite of having a lot of open space.

There is not much to say about the decor. Its majorly painted in pink, yellow and white.There are intricately arranged picture frames of food and its ingredients on one wall. The ACs blow at 23 degrees or even less and no they dont swivel for some strange reason. There are about 8 - 10 tables on the ground floor and the same number on the top, but thats generally packed by the love birds.

The shortage of trained staff when the store opened was obvious since the owners were making the orders for the customers.
It took them about 15 minutes just to take my order and another 20 minutes to deliver it.

A lot of items on the menu were not available for the shop opened that particular week ( 7-1-12 ). I had a chance of having a look at the flapjacks being served, they dint look appealing and looked very small for the price they were being sold at.

The crowd is the typical Justin beiber loving one from across the road ( FC ). Not a calm place to eat at all with the sudden spikes of screeching from the girls and mindless giggling by cheesy guys accompanying them.

My order was farmers omelet which boasted of chicken ham, chicken and some other meat - but the meant portions were meager as compared to the rest of the omelet. It came with 2 very small portions of bread which were more of a decoration rather than a side dish. I was expecting atleast 2 slices, but i got 2 pieces of 1 slice

The liquid part of the order was peach ice tea which was charged at 55 rs for less than 150ml. The ice tea was the typical nestle ice tea which retails at 5 rs a sachet. For the amount charged, the quantity was totally unjustified.

The other items on the menu looked good on paper, but seeing the amount being served, its not a place students will hang out more often.

given the fact that it was their first week of operation, it was expected for the folks to slack someplace. probably i might give it another shot just for their waffles.
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