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Rajat Bhatt - Burrp User

Rajat Bhatt

June 11,2015


best hookah bar in pune ............... everybody must visit once in their life

Germany - Hookahs are available in many establishments in Germany, particularly in Berlin, Cologne and the Ruhr Area and areas, and it is not only popular amongst Turkish people.
Netherlands - Hookahs are now gaining popularity in the Netherlands, particularly in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
United Kingdom - In the United Kingdom, hookahs are most commonly found in "shisha bars" run by Lebanese, Pakistani or Egyptian people. Since a 2007 British ban on smoking in public places, Shisha bars have risen from 179 in 2007 to 556 in 2012, with claims of even bigger numbers.[4]
Spain - Hookah use has grown in popularity in Spain, especially among the young. As a result, many teterías (tea houses) have made hookahs available to patrons.
Russia - Some Russian bars employ a "hookah man" (кальянщик), often wearing an approximation of Arabic or Turkish costume, to bring the pipes to customers' tables and to light the tobacco.

In the United States, establishments akin to hookah lounges first opened decades ago in the immigrant quarters of New York City and Los Angeles, California. Patrons were typically men of Middle Eastern descent. The first establishment to call itself the Hookah Lounge, is in Las Vegas, Nevada. They registered the name and began using the URL Hookahlounge.com. They have two locations in Las Vegas. It was the first full service bar that focused its business around serving hookahs.

Many hookah lounges in the United States have chic or modernistic elements such as glass tables, plasma televisions, and oxygen bars. Most bars in the U.S. require patrons to be at least 18 years of age to smoke shisha and 18 years of age to purchase (exceptions are Utah, Arizona, Alabama, and New Jersey), however the laws in some other states require the patron to only be 18 years of age to purchase or possess tobacco, which in a hookah bar, the patron is doing none of these, therefore one is likely to find under age teenagers in many hookah bars in the United States.[1]

One purveyor of hookahs and shisha claims:

It's at its largest demand ever in this country...I don't think it's going away anytime soon. There's so much more room for the product to expand. Only a small percentage of Americans know about it.[1]

Over the recent years hookah in general has become increasingly popular for the young-adults; those who are just at the legal age to smoke in their state. It is not uncommon now to find hookah bars within short distance of college campuses and in the surrounding towns. This younger generation has revitalized the hookah market, hookah bars are successful and remaining open despite indoor smoking bans. For private hookah smokers, many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean markets now offer hookah products for sale.
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Sagar Kursija - Burrp User

Sagar Kursija

December 11,2011

hmmmmmmm nice

Ambiance was good, service was ok, music was not loud, food was tasty but the quantity was little less.

People who are hooka smokers then green villa is the good place for them.

This restro is not good for the people who dont smoke hookas and just come to have dinner like me.
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Abhishek  - Burrp User


November 06,2011


I have been here quite a few times. Wasn't able to explore all dishes, but from the few which one I have tasted, Cheese Garlic Bread is the best ! !

Mostly we hang out here for sheesha, and they are good. But they dont last long, at max 45 mins. I guess this is because they use small chillums. I suggest Green Villa to try bigger chillums, we want flavor to last atleast for hour and half.

Ambiance is good and music is not loud.
Pricing is moderate.

Overall a good place to hang out.
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danapani - Burrp User


February 05,2011

Comfort with Food

Lovely ambiance! And the food was fresh and tasty. I've had shawarmas in Dubai and this place comes close to pure Arabic shawarmas. No problem with the service. And the crowd was good. We had Hookah for a long time here. However, they make you get up if you've stopped ordering because this place is full nowdays :(
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Yash Sinha - Burrp User

Yash Sinha

November 14,2010


I'd heard about this place from a friend who'd heaped praises on the hookah and food. Unfortunately, my visit on a Sunday evening turned out to be pretty disappointing.

The place was nearly full but we got to sit immediately. Our main incentive was the hookah. We ordered Golden Mint which was quite decent and remained so for the hour and a half that we were there. The seating was comfortable and the ambience was relaxed. We were able to chat comfortably since the music was not loud and the seating was well arranged. But that was where the good part ended.

We asked for fries which turned out lukewarm, soggy and from what we suspect were sweet potatoes. When we asked the waiter to get a fresh batch, he said that this was what they serve and this is what we'll get. So we cancelled our order, no questions asked. This experience put us off from ordering any other food and we settled for what turned out to be good milkshakes. The iced tea unfortunately was made from the readymade lipton mix.

When we'd asked for the bill, the waiter got us some saunf. Within less than a minute, he came back and asked us in an arrogant manner to return the saunf since he had to give it to someone else. This was before we were done paying, forget about having gotten up to leave. This incident really pissed us off and I don't think I'll be going to this place again.
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lagna.das - Burrp User


May 24,2010

a must visit...

Ambiance- 3/5
Food- 4/5
i was on a short trip to pune with my friends.
We were looking for a place to chill and have good food.
burrp quite helped us with that bit. tucked in a galli in koregaon park, one can easily miss this place..we were greeted by a bunch of managers/owners who were quite welcoming.( i thnk they were not expecting anyone as all the tables and chairs were tucked away in a corner.)
the kebabs,shwarmas, paneer,hooka,baida rotis, rolls etc all...was amazingly made.
not too spicy or oily.
loved it all.dont expect it to be very fancy..
staff was quite attentive. price- priced well for the quantity.
definitely worth one's money and time.
ps- the ac section was still not sorted,it would have really helped if the ac section was functional in the hot summers.
the food made up for it.
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john888 - Burrp User


April 30,2010

quite good

the restaurant is pretty good, very nice ambience, terrific food but the hookahs arent any different from the rest of the hookahs served around pune. my uncle owns a couple of chains of hookah lounges in Dubai, the reason that they have been successful is that he uses a unique brand of molasses that is completely different called STARBUZZ, i recommend it highly to you as ive noticed only alfakher and afzal r used in all hookah places out here. this would give definitely give u an edge
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RAVI SHAH - Burrp User


November 12,2009


The Green Villa (Multi Cuisine Restaurant)Koregaon Park, Pune

Mughlai food is served & Hyderabadi food is a bit different from what u normally good
These guys serve Lebanese starters too.


Biggest disappointment was the Hooka (not as good as i expected)
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